Customer Reviews: The International New York Times
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on June 4, 2008
When I used to go to Europe I would seek out a copy of the International Herald Tribune every morning, and usually read it from cover to cover. It simply was a superior newspaper, covering not only USA news but world news, business, sports, etc. Coming back home I would actually feel a sense of loss at having to read our local paper.

So I was thrilled when the Kindle edition of the International Herald Tribune came out and I immediately subscribed. The IHT is as good as ever. Excellent, well written articles. In-depth analysis of world events. It's all there. My advice: try the trial subscription for two weeks; I bet you end up cancelling the Times, etc., and go with the International Herald Tribune.
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Since being offered on the Kindle, I've purchased one or two issues of the International Herald Tribune. It's a good paper, with a broad international perspective. Just be aware that it's mainly a compilation newspaper that pulls its stories and features from the world's prominent newspapers and news sources, including many you may already subscribe to on your Kindle. But if you don't already get items like the New York Times Latest News blog and some of the dollar-a-month wire service news blogs (or won't mind the slight redundancy in articles if you do), go for it. Like the handful of other Kindle newspapers I've experienced, the Kindle edition of the International Herald Tribune is laid out well, is easy to navigate, and features a generous allotment of photographs. I'd be tempted to buy it more often, or maybe even subscribe, if the subscription and/or single-issue price was just a bit lower. But, of course, that won't be an issue with everyone.

Note: Amazon frequently updates the presentation and functionality of Kindle blogs and periodicals, so as this review gets older, it may no longer accurately describe the current version of this product.
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on September 9, 2010
This paper is really good but the subscription is limited to the kindle. You can't read it on the App (could be Apples small mindedness, not amazon's), there is no way to get a link to an article to send to a friend. You can clip things to Twitter but once there it won't let you copy text to search else where -only in books, so the only way to get a link to the article is to go into search engine and write the info. Some small articles you can't find at all. As it morphs into the NYT when you do a search.

There is no index to articles so you have to blindly go through the paper one kindle page at a time though you can go from one article to another, but there is no big overview of titles of articles.

This is a great subscription but it needs an overhaul to really make it worthwhile. It is wonderful to have a newspaper in the kindle but they need to do some organization to overcome the small screen. If they could do this i would give it 5 stars.

I'm trying to find an article i saw on an upcoming transportation strike in France to send to a friend who is going there but i can't f ind it online & i have no way to send it from the kindle. Giving us a link to articles we can paste into kindle would help.. Or just automatically add a link to the article when we post an excerpt to Twitter.

Also add an index to articles would help enormously. I have an iPad and still find a Kindle great to have. It still has a lot of potential but these small features will make or break it as other competitors arrive. We have to be able to access info on the computer to share, and not just by tweets. I use twitter as a place to paste notes to myself on what i am reading. If it would hold links for later use it would be a great tool and a nice diary for myself of what I have been reading.

Also for some reason you can't save your place with a bookmark.

Otherwise it reads well and has some images. Kindle is easy on the eyes, it is a nice place to have a newspaper, so please kindle do an update.
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on July 4, 2008
This is a great newspaper, particularly on the Kindle. As others have stated, it has global reach. You won't find U.S. domestic issues here, but you will find a good deal of U.S. political/financial information.

Nicely laid out. Improvements that could be made have more to do with the Kindle itself than anything about the paper. There are a few photos ... just enough to be interesting. They are of medium quality but do break up the text.

Because it is so easy, I find myself reading on a much wider range of global topics. So I spend a lot of time with IHT, and sometimes struggle to keep up with the issues as they roll in.

I think this is a very balanced paper ... neither extreme right nor extreme left. I have not read anything in over a month of subscribing that made me go "ah hah, someone has an axe to grind here" ... something the parent company (NYT) often triggers in me. They seem to have taken a hands off approach to IHT, perhaps increasing emphasis on US content, but not (so far as I can see) injecting a lot of bias.

The one paper I would very much like to see on Amazon is the Financial Times. That plus IHT would give you pretty much everything you need to know about what is going on in the world. I also read Newsweek for a bigger picture overview - that fills in some of the domestic issue gaps. And I read extensively a number of well-known news websites and blogs, on my notebook.

Very worthwhile reading for the cost. It will broaden your outlook if you read articles that formerly would have been of little interest to you. The articles are well-written and brief enough for the reader to inhale a lot of information in a short period of time.

No crossword though :-(
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on August 12, 2008
I decided to try this newspaper because of the 5-star rating, and I end up canceling Time, US news and world report, and stop buying Wall Street journal by the issue (not everyday).

This electronic version is well laid out, has some pictures in it, and the articles are very easy to read. I have had this over 2 weeks and have not found anything being omitted yet, which happened in the other periodicals. For example, if a table or chart is indicated to show something and is omitted, part of the story is gone.

This newspaper also gives a more worldly view, but has enough articles regarding the US to keep the US readers reading. I look forward to turning on my Kindle every morning and see it delivered in the air! In fact, I was waiting for it to come this past Sunday just to realize that there is no delivery on Sundays.

I decided to add this after having the paper a bit longer... this is essentially the international version of the NY Times, published by the NY Times, I also have the NY Times Latest News (Blog) and some of the articles are almost identical. I found this is a 'more for your money' paper than the NY Times since is includes more international stories.

I absolutely recommend this to anyone looking for a Kindle periodical.
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on August 22, 2016
I have subscribed to Internat'l NYT on my Kindle for 2 yrs now. However, on 16 Aug 2016 delivery stopped completely. All I get from Amazon are daily automated messages apologizing for temporary technical issue. Ask them what the problem is, and all you get is the same automated message. I will most likely cancel subscription. Substandard service from Amazon.
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on July 21, 2011
I took the IHT home delivery for 20 years. Then I opted for the Kindle version- same content, less money.

When the NYT went to a pay-portal, they promised us full access to

March of this year email response:
"Subscribers to The International Herald Tribune on Kindle will receive full access to We are currently working through the technical requirements to verify Kindle subscriber accounts and offer access. More information will be available soon.
We plan to enhance our e-reader subscription options in the near future. Please make sure your e-mail address is up-to-date so you can receive the latest site news and announcements from"


Now, less than a year later, a 50% increase for Kindle subscribers. Amazing.
What a depressing legacy for once great paper.
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on August 18, 2016
Has anyone else noticed this problem? After subscribing to Kindle edition of the IHT since 2012, the last couple of days — Aug.17, 18, 19 and now 20 — do not appear to exist. Amazon's "help" desk has proved to be worse than useless — after an hour in "chat" sessions, I had to tell them the two editions appear to have vanished, rather than the other way around.

It's disconcerting to subscribe to something that appears to have vanished — even more so when Amazon doesn't appear to know what's going on.
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on September 23, 2010
This is my favorite Kindle periodical, in terms of content, layout, and value.

It contains all international and much of the domestic coverage of the New York Times, but at a fraction of he price. (The NYT is just too expensive to be worth it for the Kindle -- especially when you can ready it on the web for free.) There are more articles in this daily download than I can typically finish in an entire day. Even the sports section takes me over half an hour to finish! The layout is good and well-tailored for the Kindle. Articles are properly formatted and pictures display without issue.

If you want a good quality paper with decent foreign coverage, this is the one.
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on June 10, 2008
I was happy to have the New York Times, but I couldn't keep up with the amount of information delivered daily. The International Herald Tribune captures the information I need. I haven't canceled my New York Times yet, but I getting ready to before the next billing cycle.
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