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on September 27, 2013
I had problems with the knives. They say they are dishwasher safe but after 1 month the knives were getting stain and rust marks on them. I contacted the company with pictures a month ago, have sent several emails since then and they have not gotten back to me. I would not be writing this review if they had gotten back to me and said they would replace them. Customer service is everything and this company has none!!!!!!!!!
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on February 11, 2012
I was initially pleased upon receiving these sets of flatware (I ordered two).

Everything was very polished, which allows you to literally see yourself in each piece; just like a tiny mirror.

These are thicker and seem sturdier than my last set. They will require a much greater effort to bend than I'm sure many people like myself have experienced. Who hasn't hand a spoon bend all the way down when trying to get some ice cream?

If i had any complaints it would, at least for the moment be restricted to the knife. I know it's called a butter knife generally, and I think for once that's basically all this one can be used for. It is not serrated which causes it to be very ineffective when cutting much. Do not plan on using it for much of anything other than in application of something like butter or jam to bread.

Overall I am happy with the purchase. Although my wife is a little weird about it because they are slightly larger than our last set of flatware. I would personally recommend them to anyone in the market for this product type.

Happy Shopping,
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on March 9, 2012
I purchased two sets of these about a year ago when I got married (Spring 2011), and we've absolutely loved this flatware for a year. They're solid, feel great in the hand, and look great after coming out of the dishwasher (unless we don't pre-wash them, but that's an issue with our dishwasher, not the flatware). I particularly like the clean lines of the knife, as well as the fact that it's not serrated.

I purchased an additional set the other day (Spring 2012) to add to our existing pieces, and was very surprised when I opened the box. The knife curves a bit now, rather than being perfectly straight on the back! There are small differences in the other pieces as well, causing them to not nest nicely when stacked. I called Gourmet Settings Customer Service, and the woman I spoke with said that they had a redesign about six months ago. I call shenanigans. If they're going to redesign it, they shouldn't have given it the same name! As it is, I won't be keeping this new set. I'm supposed to email someone at Gourmet Settings to see if they have any old stock, and we'll see if they're able to help me. I'll update back here with the results after this whole thing is resolved.

Don't get me wrong, the new set is fantastic, and I still like it a lot. It has the same great weight and feel, and if I had 3-4 sets of this new design, I would be perfectly happy. The new and the old just don't match though, which is why I've deducted a star. Check user photos to see the difference, particularly between the knives.

**UPDATE** Customer service with Gourmet Settings finally got back to me and said they had changed manufacturers or something, so the dies had been remade, which is why there are slight differences. They were great about it (once they finally responded), and send me two "new" sets free of charge to replace the "old" ones I had, giving me three identical sets. Customer service was great (if a little slow), and I still recommend this flatware highly-- great weight, and cleans up great in our (admittedly cheap) dishwasher. Don't hesitate to purchase these, just double check if you're matching flatware sets from 2011 or earlier.
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on May 5, 2017
I hate this cutlery. I waited a long time to submit this review because I kept thinking I shouldn't. However, every day that I use the stuff I regret even buying it. Whether you wash and dry it by hand or in the dishwasher, it is completely smudged. Every piece has smudges all up and down the handle and it looks as though no one washed it. It is embarrassing to use it for guests. I would never buy it or anything like it again.
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on July 19, 2017
4+ years of bachelor use, moved across the country 4 times, and I've had no problems with them. The silverware is heavier and holds up very well. The utensils seem very solid when using them and have a nice design.

The biggest downside is that the butter knife, like others have mentioned, isn't serrated. However If I'm cutting something I prefer having a real knife versus a butter knife.
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on February 3, 2015
Design has changed a bit over the past few years. If you're looking to expand an existing Strand set you may have issues as Gourmet Settings changed manufacturers and for some reason changed their molds at the same time a few years back. If your current set is more than a couple years old you may not be able to match the existing set. I did call GS and being the good company that they are they sent me a second new set of factory open stock Strand so that I would have the larger matching set I was going for. Note that the difference is not big at all, but the knives are the most different. If you lay the knives side by side you'll see the difference in the cut and curves.
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on May 12, 2015
I am disappointed with this product. The knives has absolutely no teeth so the only thing they are good for is really just spreading butter, etc. However the forks and spoons are good, they have a good weight to them and look very nice. I ended up keeping the set because we generally use steak knives for any dinner that requires cutting. But it's a shame the knives are just taking up space in the kitchen drawer and have no use for them. I would recommend this product only if you don't expect to use the knives. If I had known the knives had no teeth I probably wouldn't have bought them but I should have noticed that from the picture.
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on May 16, 2016
As previous reviewers stated this product is slightly different from the set I purchased a few years ago. Some of the large spoons have sharp edges. All of the pieces weigh less than my original set I assume the change in manufacturers was cost related and the product is not as nice as the original product. With these flaws I can say I am still happy with this purchase. The design itself matches my original set and I don't think will be as noticeable once in use. I think Gourmet Settings should call this Strand II and let purchasers know it is slightly different from Strand.
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on March 19, 2015
I had two sets of these originally from a store that I purchased about 8 years ago, I am going to say around 2007.

This set is similar in looks but more cheaply made. This set is much less heavy and seems thinner. So, Gourmet Settings company, if you are going to "change" your silverware, and make them more thin and cheaper, please change the name. I don't appreciate thinking that I can buy exactly the same item from the same company and get the same quality when I purchase online and then have it be so much less.

So it is not the Sellers fault, as they didn't make the item. But wanted people to know it is not the same quality as ones from at least 8 years back. ("coordinates with Strand serveware; 50-year warranty" ok -- but not in weight)

I am not totally happy but will keep them. Buyer beware, I guess.
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on July 21, 2016
I love the feel of this flatware, they're very shiny, and feel heavier than expected i love that the knives have no dents in them and i love that the only detail in the whole shape is just a curve on the handle, this makes them easier to clean and mor edifficult for any food to start getting clogged in any groove, definitely made my old ones look awful in comparison
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