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on March 10, 2013
I'm very happy with the purchase overall, although I guess I was expecting the charm to be smaller.

A couple of things to note:

1) As others have said, the chain is very delicate. I actually prefer this type of chain, as the thicker ones tend to ensnare my hair. But the chain is not as substantial as the charm.

2) There is kind of a "right" and "wrong" side to wear the charm on. The first time I put it on you could definitely see the "made in China" stamp, which is stamped on the side but only visible if you're wearing it one way.

3) The clasp is flimsy. I wouldn't trust it to hold anything of sentimental or of actual value. After a few times wearing it, I kind of have to coax the clasp to hold on to itself. I'm assuming it will only get weaker over time.

This is nothing I'll keep and cherish for years to come, but it's definitely a good unobtrusive everyday-type necklace for now. One day I'll replace it with something sentimental or expensive.
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on December 25, 2015
UPDATE (May 2017): Over a year later and I still love this necklace. I wear it multiple times each week and still get complements. The rose gold color has faded over time, making the wishbone look more like a pale yellow gold. Photo with the white backgound is after 14 months of frequent wear compared to new in the photo with the black background. I love it and it was worth every penny!

ORIGINAL POST (Dec 2015): The chain has held up nicely to tugging children. I bought as a gift for my sister but found a different necklace and decided to keep this for myself. I'm so happy I did. This is a beautiful necklace - just the right balance of size and weight. The wishbone is about the size of a quarter and the color is a subtle rose gold. You could easily wear it with other yellow gold jewelry and it would look great. It is simple without being plain and will likely be an everyday necklace for me.

Other reviewers commented that the chain seems too thin or cheap, noting concerns it might break. While the chain is delicate, it has stood up to the test of my 9 month old's tugging. The delicate appearance is part of the appeal, when contrasted against the slightly heavier charm.

Bonus: There doesn't seem to be a front and back to the charm. The only marking is on the inside of the "bone" and it is so small I had to really look hard to find it. This is a plus for me as it's one less thing to worry about when getting ready.
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on November 11, 2015
I love it . The chain seem a little cheap but you get what you paid for . I like it tho! It might break if you don't take care of it but if it does the chain can be replace But for the most part very cute!
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on January 1, 2016
This is a simple, no frills pendant. It's beautifully made and the chain is very pretty as well. There is a family tradition my mom started with the wishbone at Thanksgiving many years ago. She would rig it so that the baby in the family would always get the biggest side. She passed away seven years ago in April and my daughter still mourns her as they were extremely close. She was the baby of the family for eight years so she would "win" the wishbone every year. This necklace was just the right gift for my daughter and now she carries her wishbone close to her heart.
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on October 3, 2016
While the pendant is beautiful, the chain, itself, while also containing a nice luster, is REALLY THIN. When I picked it out, looking at the size, in terms of the chain's width, I thought it would be at least like the last 2 silver chains I've bought in the past couple years - through Amazon, but ultimately coming from different vendors who both were Amazon "contractors" or however that works.
Whew - I'm really glad that my girlfriend is happy with it, but I still told her we could return it & get a better one if she thought it was too skinny. She saw how thin it is and so did I. It is REALLY thin. While it may be silver, that thing is so thin, I'm sure it weighs very, very little.
So, it is a beautiful design and all, I'll give 'em that, but this is really more for a child, I'd say - specifically, a 4-7 y/o little girl her parents want to dress up for a wedding or something.
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on December 30, 2013
I had just about given up on the Amazon Curated Collection. I purchased and received at least three poorly designed pieces that were overpriced and had looked like they had been spray painted by a kindergartner and then had glitter or fake stones thrown on for a final touch. Perhaps because this lacks sparkly things, this piece is more passable than others in the Amazon Curated Collection. I ordered this in silver and the color is uniform. The size is not too quaint. It is a piece that is unique and,for the most part, attracts positive attention.

The attention that it draws can lead to the two flaws. The first is that the word "China" is stamped on the inside of the charm. The word is not tiny. It spans nearly one whole side of the charm, so if you are at the right angle and have good eyesight, this stamp is very visible.

The second quibble, and this could be just a personal preference,is the size of the hole through which the chain passes. It is much bigger than it needs to be when compared to the overall size of the charm. From the front, the top of the wish bone seems small, but from the side, the hole extends much farther than it needs do and makes it look a little cheap, especially if it is also the side from which the word China is visible.

The chain is fine; It is light and does not take attention away from the charm.

All in all, I like the necklace. I wish the country of origin stamp had been on a part of the necklace that would be against the chest. The design could have been more attractive with a loop that was smaller and more appropriate for the overall size of the wishbone charm. It is a simple piece that would fit in with many outfits and would work for women of many ages.

I would recommend it.
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on December 22, 2015
I was really surprised when I received this necklace and it was so well made. It is a bit heavier and bigger than I expected which is a good thing. The Made in China stamp is barely visible as it is written in white on silver. I am very happy with my purchase especially at the price I paid (it was on lightning deal). It's the perfect length and looks great on its own or layered with longer necklaces.
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on June 29, 2016
I ordered the 18" gold plated necklace and I must say It far exceeded my expectations for the price I was paying. Its perfect for casual wear. The chain is thin and care needs to be taken to ensure it doesn't break. It doesnt look cheap and has a nice finish to it.
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on December 4, 2016
Very pleased with this necklace! Light enough where I can't tell I have it on and I wear it as a "everyday" necklace. Like most reviewers have mentioned when I received it, the chain was in a huge knot! As soon as I was able to work the knot out I immediately switched to a sturdier 18" box chain. At first I was going to switch to a 16" chain but realized a pendant this size looks best hanging a little lower. Overall, I am so glad I made this purchase. You can't beat such a cute looking necklace for only $19!
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on January 30, 2016
I bought this item as a gift for my mother, and have mixed emotions about it. The wishbone pendant itself is very pretty, and she loved it, but a few days after she put it on, the wishbone somehow fell off the chain while she was sleeping. The necklace was not broken, so she put it back on. Two days after that, the chain broke completely and I had to give her one of my own silver chains to replace it. The chain was very cheap, apparently. I know I only paid $20.00 for the chain + pendant, but it's embarrassing when you buy a gift for someone that breaks a week and half after you give it to them.
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