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Format: Video Game|Change
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on January 12, 2014
First off the game came on time and was in really good condition. Bought and paid for a new game and that's what I got and I'm really happy. I decided to get this game because when Resident Evil 4 first came out my brother had it for the PS2 and it was really fun watching him play it. When I found it for the Wii I just had to get a copy for myself.

The game is fun to play and easy to learn the controls even comes with a booklet that shows you what buttons are for what. With it being a Wii edition things are a bit different and can be annoying for anyone that has played it on PS2 or on a different system. The only problems that I have are when it comes to aiming and reloading. (Haven't made it passed chapter 5 yet so not much more to say.) The graphics are still pretty good just like it was on PS2.

If you are wanting this game I say get it. The shipping was good and came on time like I said before. Was worth the money and wait.
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on July 16, 2013
What more can I say...? It's RE 4 and anyone who follows the RE series has already played this game in some version of the VARIOUS ports of it. It's 2013 and I can say that this game is as fun as it was in 2005 when I played it at my cousin's house. I only just recently owned this game for the Wii because I haven't exactly been keeping up with the series since RE 3: Nemesis. But anyway the controls in this game are perfect when using the Wii remote because aiming and shooting is so satisfying and it even vibrates; which I really like. I couldn't stop playing as I seriously got addicted to this game and even got the "gamer blues" when a great game is finished. However, replay is there because of the extras you get for playing the game over again(costumes, weapons) and the bonus modes that really add even MORE hours to this already great game. In fact, shame on anyone who calls themselves a hardcore gamer and doesn't own some version of this game or have even played it, it inspired many of third-person shooters people love so much these days, its just that good.

P.S. "LEON!! HELP!!!" - Ashley Graham
(you're gonna hear that MANY times)
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on June 30, 2016
My college roommate had this game and I played through it 3 times I enjoyed it so much. I'm not much of a gamer and do not play console games often, but I really like the interactive nature the Wii version adds to this already widely well-reviewed Resident Evil game. After nearly 7 years, I decided to buy it for myself and play through it again. It holds up. It is the best game for the Wii, in my experience, and unmatched in the amount of play time you get for your money. RE4 has an interesting storyline and much enjoyment can be found in the extras you get after you play through the game for the first time. I cannot think of many other games I was anxious to play through additional times after beating them the first time.
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on January 24, 2014
well, I never had the Wii but just bought the Wii U so I'll get to play it with the motion shooting controls that they didn't include for the upscaled PS3 version for some reason using the MOVE controller. So I'm pretty sure I'll like this when I get it same game that I bought on Gamecube, PS2, PS3 but with the added Wii motion based shooting controls. I don't expect the graphics to be much different than the original Gamecube or PS2 versions. But that's the thing, I repeat again I don't know why Capcom didn't offer the MOVE controller for the HD version on PS3, they just have no love or caring for helping Sony gaming out.

Anyway, the game is stellar. Challenging horrifying action, great level design and variety...erie soundtrack and insane boss battles. There are some great unlock items but I don't know if anything was different for the Wii, so I'll find out when I get it this week. On the PS3 HD version(i bought the Asia version from PlayAsia on disc) I unlocked everything except collection all the bottle caps? whatever...
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on September 29, 2015
This game is a blast. It was made in a time before developers forgot that horror games are supposed to be scary. Sure, there's plenty of ammo to pick up in the game, but weapon upgrades are expensive, money is earned in small increments, enemies approach en masse and take several bullets to die, and they deal a lot of damage with a single attack. The controls are spot on and aiming is pinpoint perfect. You can't move while you're aiming your gun, though, so mobility is key, even though it's a bit clunky, since movement is tank-style. A large chunk of the game has you protecting your companion (who is not a soldier, and has no combat background), so keeping an eye on her is essential, but not difficult to do once you get the hang of how enemies act and react to your actions. To conclude, it's a fun, scary, enthralling, satisfying game to play that you may not want to put down if you can help it.
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VINE VOICEon October 17, 2010
I bought this game a few years ago for the PlayStation 2 and hated it. I resold it quickly. I thought I would try it again for the Wii and play it on the large screen TV with the Wii Zapper. This time I loved it. This is a fairly scary game though so beware, it's not for the faint of heart.

What I do like about this game is that it is playable. You might have to try the battles over until you get them right, but the levels are fairly passable and even I can play it (trust me, that is saying a lot). Another good thing about it is that it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. This is an inexpensive game that you can play for hours and get your money's worth. The cost of games sometimes, on games that are not even fun or playable is crazy. With this game you can take a chance without making a big dent in your wallet. If it doesn't work for you, you haven't spend fifty dollars to find out. In this time of tightened budgets you can afford to try it and if you don't like it, you've not wasted fifty bucks of your hard earned money just to find out that it's too hard for you or that you just don't like it. Ten or twelve dollars is perfect for trying out a game and if you like it, it's like a bonus.

Resident Evil 4 is gruesome at times but then again, it is a horror game so you get what that encompasses. For Halloween, it's a fun game to play.

There is a good map feature that helps you follow the trails you need to go on and you can collect ammunition and weapons that can make it easier to do the battles that you come up on. Some of the bosses are pretty hard. There is a hard scorpion like guy that is really hard, but they are not all too hard that you can't eventually pass to move on in the story. There are tons of teenage boys that post videos of them defeating the bosses so you can look them up and watch them and then use their knowledge to try and pass the levels. With my limited game play ability, I was able to glean some good tips that helped me pass the levels. Using the Wii Zapper was fun with this game.

There is a lot of ground to cover and there are lots of areas to explore to gather stuff you need like herbs for healing. There is a merchant that you can buy things from the money you collect from killing zombies and finding cash stashed around the farms and lands you explore.

For casual gamers who might like to try a horror game to play, I would recommend this one. It's fun, you can kill the zombies, and you can pass the boss battles without becoming too frustrated where you just stop playing and bash the game against the wall and it's not expensive. This is a playable horror game if you'd like to give one a try I would recommend this one. It can get really gross and disturbing - I just want to warn you.
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on November 29, 2011
This game is a LOT of fun, once you know what you're doing.

Here's several tips:
When you first start this game and you are not used to the control yet, this game can be really really frustrating. I remember spending a whole hour dying in the game and having to play a stage at least 2-5 times in order to get through it safely.

First of all, when you start this game, don't be shy to die. Remember that you can always reload from the checkpoint, always use that. If you're a hardworker, you'll eventually get the hang of this game and you'll find this game to be really easy even with all the hard bosses and stuff. Don't be shy to look at walkthroughs on youtube too. Those really help.

I'm not really good at this game at first and I keep on dying, but in the end, I unlocked everything and is still currently trying to finish my professional playthrough.

Another thing to take note of, be careful about running out of ammos and healing items at the end of the game. That's why you have to save up early. Shoot the bad guys in the head and kick them then knife them to death. Be stingy with your ammos and herbs. If you think you've wasted too much ammo or herbs, don't be afraid to reload or restart from your last checkpoint--> that's my strategy anyway.

Tips aside, buy this game. It's cheap, it's fun. You'll spend at least 20 hours or more in it. If it gets too frustrating, put the game down for a while and then go back to it again. I didn't regret buying the game and this is the first resident evil game I've ever finished.

The story's okay and gameplay is amazing.

Great if you love survival/horror/action game.
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on November 1, 2010
This was the first Wii game I ever owned out of my now 20+ game collection, and it is still my very favorite!
Game control, shooting accuracy, cut scene movies, voice acting, everything - was perfectly done.
The merc mode adds unlimited replayability to this game. You can play some of the RE series' most classic characters such as Wesker, Krauser, and Hunk - each of whom owning his unique set of weapons and combat skills.

I gave my like-brand-new game to my buddy as a gift when I thought I was done with this game, but I can't help with buying another copy of this game just a couple weeks later because I missed it so much! It's just worth keeping for a lifetime and countless plays.

[UPDATE 12/14/11]
I just couldn't resist buying a PS3 later because I HAVE TO play RE5. I also wrote reviews on RE5 and RE5-Gold (from hereon just RE5) respectively after months of play. I did not like how RE5 lacks the originality that makes RE4 such a standout success, although I do certainly appreciate the depth & replayability of RE5's Mercenary mode. In one occasion I just happened to pick up my Wii remote again to play RE4. My impression is that although obviously much inferior in terms of graphics (I mean big times; Wii does suck in that department), RE4 is still a pretty decent action game after I played the successor. I like RE4's plot a lot better and the fact that it sometimes creeps me. In that aspect, RE5 feels almost inadequate as it didn't do much more than just cookie-cutting the RE4 model.

Anyway, whoever doesn't already have a Wii to play this game probably wouldn't bother go out and buy one just for this game. Just thought I would share how much I enjoyed and appreciated this revival to the RE series. This is THE GAME that brings me back to the gaming world after being away from it for more than 10 years (I quitted permanently ever since I saw PS3's price tag when it first came out - in the $600 range. That's when I decided it'd probably be a little too expensive to stay in the league).

Thanks RE4, you'll always remain the top 5 on my list.
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on April 14, 2011
RE 4 for the Wii is a double edged blade. On the one hand, aiming is easier with the Wiimote, but on the other hand the zombies have been sped up a bit to compensate for this. Don't think the game will be a walk in the park just because you're using the Wiimote. The controls work beautifully, but I found that using both the Wiimote to aim and the nunchuck to adjust the general camera direction was a bit challenging. It takes some getting used to. In regards to how the game looks, if you play it on a standard def tv it looks amazing, better than it's ever looked before. To my utter shock and dismay I found that it looks like absolute crap on my Sony Bravia LED HDTV. The game may support 480P but it still looks much, much better on a standard def tv. Overall, this is an awesome version of the game, but not necessarily better than the PS 2 original.
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on March 12, 2010
I really enjoyed playing this game. I bought it late December and after playing it on & off for a awhile, I finally beat it about two days ago. I had a PS1 growing up, but never played the RE series. Resident Evil 4 was my introduction to the series, and from what I've learned, it is a different take on the gameplay from the classic games. Nonetheless, I think this game is excellent. It is truly something every Wii owner should pick up. The controls are excellent; you move Leon with the nunchuk, and shoot and aim with the remote. There's more to the controls than that, but those are the basics. It's a comfortable configuration that makes the game easy to get into.

First off, I'm not a hardcore gamer, and don't fit into the usual demographic: I'm an 19-year old female college student. How I find time to play between readings, mid terms, and assignments in beyond me. Besides that, I haven't had much exposure to many gaming titles, besides Super Mario Bros., Crash Bandicoot, Spyro The Dragon, and a few kart games. I was worried that Resident Evil 4 would be too challenging, but that wasn't the case AT ALL. Yes, I died many times just getting through 1-1 (sad, I know), but I got the hang of it. So for anyone for thinks this game might be too hard for them, don't hesitate. You'll learn quickly, once you understand the style of the game, you'll be immersed in the story and gameplay. The story was pretty interesting, creepy, scary, and funny at times. Ashley does get annoying, but it's an objective in the game, so you can't get around it. The ganados, militias, bugs, regenerators, and other "zombies" the game offered were pretty scary too. I like the variety in enemies and boss levels. The atmosphere of the game was also perfect. It was dark, ominous, and never comfortable. The graphics weren't as good as I anticipated, but still looked good. The puzzles in the game were tough at times, but if you're ever stuck, just read a walkthrough online.

I highly recommend this game. It's fun, addicting, and has lots of replay value, as there's tons of stuff to unlock, from guns, costumes, levels, and more. It's a great game, and one of the best Wii titles around. Buy it today! (it's a steal at $20 if you ask me).
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