Customer Reviews: Carson 60X-100X MicroMax LED Lighted Pocket Microscope (MM-200)
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on August 9, 2009
I use this for checking gold ore samples in the field as well as general looking at the microscopic world.

The LED light is great but I did have one problem. I left it on and the next time I tried to use it the light would not work.... dead batteries. Unfortunately the batteries cost near $5 each times 3= $15.

All is not lost however. The Rite Aid (Pharmacy) had hearing aid batteries that, while not the same type as the listed required batteries, were the same physical size but were 1.4 volts instead of 1.5. I did not feel that this would be an issue and decided to try it. They worked just fine and were $16 for 24 of them, so about $.67 each. Much better and I now have 8 changes in case I forget to turn it off again.

The replacement type I found was Size 312, hearing aid batteries.
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on March 20, 2011
i actually bought this so i can inspect plant resin on my flowers to see when they are ready to harvest. but i find it's so easy to get carried away with it. wall's, carpet, leaves, pet fur, sugar on the table, bugs, dirt, lol if it was in my house i inspected it. it's lots of fun. i only wish i could see the air on a microscopic level. but we cant have everything. all in all its a great buy.
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on March 27, 2012
This little microscope is fun! Not professional grade, but I wasn't expecting anything like that. We've looked at all sorts of surfaces using this cool tool. I uploaded a couple of pictures to the Amazon description. Check them out.
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on August 29, 2009
The Carson MM-200 is a fantastic bit of equipment. The size is just slightly larger than what the photo shows on the product page. It is TINY!! The product quality, however, is excellent. It has a great LED lamp, and I haven't had it long enough to comment on the battery life. It is WAY better than the previous ones I have owned with regular little bulbs which gives everything an orange hue, or the LED ones which are flimsy as heck.

I use it for various things: from checking out small bug-things on plants to fine details on stamps or even just my arm (for a laugh!). It really is quite versatile and has great magnification!

Now for the bad. It is TINY!!! The knobs are a bit fiddly specially when you're using one hand and need to adjust the focus. The other pocket scopes I have tried usually have a larger gripping area and larger dials. Hopefully it will loosen up with some use.

Other than its size (which I do very much like for convenience, but is a bit fiddly), it is a great scope.

A good alternative, for those with waning coordination, might be a pocket USB microscope, or even one of the larger varieties from Carson!
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on October 9, 2011
As others have noted, this appears to be a nice product until you actually get your hands on it.
It has a miniscule lens diameter which makes it extremely frustrating to use: 1) it's almost impossible to find anything; (2) it's a strain on the eye. I strongly advise not buying this unless you really know what you are getting (Amazon charged me 1/3 the price to return it).

If you don't truely need the 100x (which doesn't work anyway), here are some lighted Jeweler's Loupe alternatives on Amazon to consider:

- 30x22mm plus 60x12mm combo (11.99 with free shipping): The 22m lens diameter on the 30x makes it easy to scan an area and inspect it. Then, you can use the 60x12mm lens to look at it really closely. The 60x12mm lens diameter is small but still much bigger than on the Carson. And, it's location adjacent to the 30x22mm makes it relatively easy to switch between the two magnifications.[...]

- 40x 25mm, ($7.99 with free shipping). This has a very nice 40x with an awesome 25mm lens diameter that enables you to scan areas using the eye's peripheral vision. It is shipped directly from China so it took almost two weeks to arrive, but when it did it quickly became my favorite. [...]
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on August 16, 2012
Wow this thing is small! Yet it preforms very well. I found it a little tricky at first to learn how to operate the focus and yet still hold the little thing in my fingers, but after about 10 minutes it felt fine.
Pretty impressive for a microscope thats about as long as a Bic lighter!

BUYER BEWARE: Everything is inverted when viewing through this microscope!
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on January 22, 2010
At this price I wasn't really expecting to get a really high quality tool but I was pleasantly surprised. This thing gives a crystal clear picture of anything you want to look at up close. I used it to clearly read the microprint on a $20 bill and my driver license and discovered that the RGB subpixels on my Samsung LCD TV have an interesting zigzag pattern on them, among other things. I think the LED must have some ultraviolet output as everything seems to have bright white fluorescing specks on it.

I also like the size of it; it's smaller than I expected. It really is a pocket microscope. One drawback to the small size is that it doesn't use AAA batteries, like the description mistakenly claims. It uses the less common and more expensive small button-type batteries. The box claims it uses SG3 (#392) batteries but the instruction sheet says SG7 (#392) whereas the included batteries have SR41 printed on them... so there seems to be a lot of confusion about the battery type. I haven't used it very much yet so I can't comment on battery life but the LED seems very bright so I wouldn't be surprised if it drains the little things pretty quickly.

The zoom and focus knobs are nice and tight to prevent unintentional slippage but not so tight that they're difficult to turn. Overall, I'm very pleased with this item and would definitely recommend it.
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on April 29, 2011
Great product, monitoring flower development has never been easier. The optics are plastic so the clarity isn't exactly perfect, but is much better than I was expecting. Zoom/focus nobs are rubberized and are nice and tight and smooth operating, far from "fiddly". The led puts out plenty of light, although it gives a very slight blue caste to the specimen, doesn't distort the color of the image too much. Ambers can be easily differentiated. For the price I'm more than pleased, especially since other identical products sell for twice as much -- just wish it came with a case!
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Had some troubles with shipping, where FedEx traveled all the way cross country, only to leave it with USPS a mile from my house. I was not able to pickup either. Overall, it still came within an acceptable amount of time. Wish the seller switched to another carrier for shipping.

Regardless, the product came and it works wonderfully. The knobs are a bit stiff at first but will provide much longer lasting durability in the long run. Using a gear system instead of making the user adjust the scope telescopically gives much more precise adjustments. Although the item you are viewing must be very close, it provides a good picture which is quite clear. For the amount this scope costs, it is definitely worth it.

The light works well although it would be better if it utilized more common batteries like AAA. Although the scope does not truly seem to adjust to 100x, it at least goes between 60 and 80x. As I said there imagine it's very nice. For the price I'd recommend this scope to anyone searching for a mobile version of microscope. If you need more magnification, buy a stronger scope. I don't think this sized scope would even be useful above this magnification due to the nature of a portable device like this. Any shaking in your hand or breeze blowing the item being viewed, can knock the clarity out of whack. At these magnifications it's able to be overcome by holding and adjusting both the scope and object you're viewing in each hand. If It were any higher it would be difficult to use.

Great product. I would buy again for a small stocking stuffer present or give a recommendation for this scope. It works beautifully.
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on January 9, 2015
works great, right out the box i had it focused and looking at my ugly skin pores. it is small. the size of a reg lighter, maybe a little bigger. I'm 28 years old and have lived in a time where not everything is automatic and or digital, that being said, the knobs are not hard to turn at all, they have resistance to them as to not lose the focus you set. you wouldn't want to be able to accidentally move setting. zoom is 60-80x not quiet 100x. but none the less images are very clear. colors come in great and i am able to use it to look at the tricomes on my meds with ease. light placement and effectiveness are right on. took a few pictures where i set my phone right on eye piece. there is a gap between lens and phone so you see image as circle but that is not present with eye on scope. took pictures of scope, using it on the box it came in and some of my meds

couldn't ask for a beter deal
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