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on September 12, 2016
I purchased the 15 pound bag of this food on Amazon, because I normally just get the small bags from the pet store and I figured that I would save money just by buying the big bag. My cat has been eating this exact variety of food for a while now, and usually I just get a new small bag every month or two and free feed her the kibbles. I like that the bag has the velcro closure instead of the zip-top closure which keeps the food fresh, since the zip-top closure never seems to work. However the kibbles in the 15 pound bag are ENORMOUS, much bigger than the kibbles in a 3.5 pound bag I'd buy from the pet food store. They are so big, they look like dog food. My cat eats them, but when she chomps them up she drools out kibble crumbles and so her dish ends up filled with kibble crumbles that she doesn't want to eat, thus she's wasting at least 1/3 of her food. I bought the bigger bag thinking it would be a better value and I end up having to dump out the excess food crumbles all the time because the kibbles are too big for little kitty mouths to eat.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon June 16, 2016
Over the course of my childhood and now adulthood I've had four different cats, and each of them has been fed exclusively via Science Diet. Originally it was what the vet recommend and we went with it. Over time as I've researched what to feed my cat I've been happy to conclude we've had it right since day one. It only occurred to me recently that maybe I could find it via Amazon Prime, and move one step closer to my goal of never making routine/mundane trips to the store again. Score! :)

I like Science Diet because it works. It's not fancy but I feel it's a good quality food choice for my pets. I like that Hill's has a line of foods that you can cycle through as your animals get older, to keep pace with the changing needs of their bodies. My cats (all short haired Siamese) have all been indoor pets, and we use the indoor pet formulations. According to one of my children it tastes a bit like crunchy rice. Yes, poor parenting award received when they accessed and tried the cat's food. And yes, it is now in a location they can't reach..... ! :)

Once in a while I feel a bit "mean" not giving my cat more variety or many of the fun and gourmet wet cat food varieties available. However. My cat's teeth and digestion system function best with a hard cat food like this, with a well thought formulated design to give him just what he needs and no extra crap/fillers. We have never had any issues with the food. Our cats have had long and healthy lives, and I do think their fur has a nice sheen that can be at least partly credited to a healthy well balanced cat food. Two thumbs up, thanks Hill's!
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on May 28, 2016
This is the flaw of Amazon's review system. I have no idea how this tastes. This isn't truly my review. I'm sure if my cats could type anything other than rrarrrarnnarar anr r anr nanr (as evidenced by an email I accidentally sent to my co-workers due to one of them stepping on my keyboard while teleworking one day), they'd say they like this better than the other dry food I bring them. They don't knock over the bowl and spill it all over the floor, and the shape of the kibble looks like it works better for their ravenous little mouths. Also, they don't barf it up all over my shoes out of protest of my purchasing choices (at least, I assume anyway).

I mean, really, that's what you want out of your relationship with your cats, right? They eat the food and then flop over to lay in a sunbeam instead of staring at me with a look of disgust. That peace of mind is good enough for four stars.
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on June 13, 2016
I've got two 17 year old cats, and the Daily Double. One cat has kidney disease, the other has thyroid (on medication). The cat with kidney disease will not eat ANY prescription food for any period of time. I mostly feed them both low phosphorus premium canned food, but keep this on hand for them to snack on (due to their ages and conditions, they are both very thin). I checked, and this dry food has one of the lowest phosphorus content you can get without a prescription. And, unlike the other premium dry foods, the cats actually seem to like the taste. I only wish they would make the pellets either smaller or softer, as most older cats don't have much in the tooth department.
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on February 27, 2017
So originally I was skeptical, I hadn't heard much good about Hills. But my vet recommended it for my indoor cat, so I agreed to try. She came to me with long hair, but not much shine.
She's been on this food for 2 years now, and she's gorgeous. She has a soft, shiny coat and great teeth. She loves her Hills and comes running when the bag is delivered. The UPS driver is her favorite now because he brings her "yummies."
I can't say enough good about this food. If you want a brand that will keep your cat healthy and happy for years to come, I recommend this.
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on March 15, 2017
this seems to be the only kitten food that doesn't give my kitten gas or stinky bowels. We had him on wellness which is what our older cat uses, because of the quality, but this is the food he was on when we adopted him from the vet and even after several months of having his food changed, he seemed to still have issues. We switched him back to this recently and he's done a lot better....still a stinky kitten in general but not as bad. Our older cat loves it so much too, she refuses to eat her food and waits for the kitten to abandon his food bowl and she will finish whatever is left. I assume it tastes delicious because they LOVE this stuff.
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on August 21, 2016
I have four indoor and two outdoor cats that used to do well on SD cat food. Now they routinely throw it up. I've tried all SD types and had the cats seen by my vet. He said there must be a new fngredient or filler that makes them all throw up. He advises trying a different product, such as Natural Balance or Taste of the Wild. I've gone from 4-bag-per-month recurring SD orders to cancellation.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on November 6, 2014
Tried Hill's Science Diet Mature Adult Indoor Dry Cat Food for a few months and at first liked it. My cat stopped vomiting and was getting the help she needed with hair balls. By the third month I started to noticed scabs and sores of all sizes all over her body. I knew it wasn't fleas, as we've never had them in the house. I know my dog chases her but once caught up only sniffs her. I had never actually seen her scratching. I did tons of research online to find that it was a food allergy. I was so upset!! Some of her symptoms I found to have started way back on regular Science Diet Mature Food. I felt like such a horrible pet parent. Needless to say I am no longer feed this to her.
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on January 10, 2016
I had been feeding the 11+ Senior Hills Science to my 21 year old long haired cat to supplement her wet food. Some days she hardly touches the wet food I put out for her, so I make sure she has a dry kibble she can nibble on.

The Senior 11+ kibble was very small. She could either crack it (using the 2 or 3 jaw teeth she has left) or swallow it whole without problem - whenever she would decide to eat a bit. Then the vet recommended the Indoor formula. OK. We'll try that. The Indoor formula food pieces are much too large for her! Totally different looking and smelling food from the 'regular' Senior 11+ I'd been feeding her. Bless her old heart she's a trooper and tried to eat it for me. She seemed interested in it, so perhaps it smells inviting to her. She managed to get a piece into her mouth and kind of roll it around a bit and then let it drop back into the bowl. She did that a couple of times and sat back looking at me with that 'Sorry. No go. You got something I can actually eat?' look. Great. She's frail, thin, arthritic, asthmatic, probably in the final months of her life and I'm trying to keep her comfortable and doing my darnedest to get some food of any kind down her and now I have a 3 pound bag of high dollar food she can't eat. Sheesh..... No good deed goes unrewarded. Going to the store to buy Rachel Ray cat food. Pieces are tiny and my cat can eat them. Healthy or not, it's better than her not eating.
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on October 2, 2016
I have been feeding my furbaby Science Diet her entire life switching up different formulas to fit her needs. I have used other food with other cats in the past and I can promise you the litter box clean up with Science Diet is much better. Half the waste. My kitty's fur is so soft and shiny. Her eyes are bright and alert and she is at a healthy weight. I attribute this all to her diet. This is a great cat food. Doesn't have a strong odor or leave an oily residue in the dish like Friskies and other grocery store brands do. It is much cheaper to purchase this food through Amazon than at a specialty pet store like Petco or PetSmart etc. The bag also has a velcro seal to help maintain freshness and that is a handy feature! Oh and the box it comes in is always an added bonus!
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