Customer Reviews: Peugeot 23461 Paris U'Select 7-Inch Pepper Mill, Chocolate
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on December 9, 2008
I have used Peugeot salt and pepper mills for a long time now. I decided to replace my pepper because it was one of the lacquered ones and, unfortunately, the lacquer chips easily. This chocolate-colored one seemed like the perfect choice because it is stained and not lacquered, but still has the dark color I wanted (my salt mill is the natural wood, also beautiful!).

My old ones were before the U-Select varieties and, while they were great, the new feature is REALLY wonderful! The first thing I did, upon receiving my new pepper mill, was to test all the grind settings and they did exactly as they were supposed to. Now I want a new salt with the new grind adjustment feature too!

These prices are great for Peugeot mills. They are high quality and so attractive. The 7" is my favorite because it fits easily into my cabinet shelves and is a great size for a family of two. They would make incredible gifts and you can get a set of one of each for a good price here too. I highly recommend Peugeot mills.
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on January 17, 2010
We were frustrated at buying pepper mills that only lasted from a few months to a year before they couldn't grind pepper anymore. We decided to spend a bit more and get one that was built well and expected to last. This looked like the one to get. Having used it for a few weeks I can say it's even better quality than I expected. I know this one will last a very long time.

We're still using the pepper that ships with it and I can tell the mechanism is built to a very high standard. The six different grind settings are a pleasure to have, there are appropriate uses for all of them.

I've always liked pepper on my food, now I like it more than ever.

Edited, April 8 2010: I've taken three stars off the rating. After the pepper that shipped with the mill was used up the mill stopped working. We refilled it with pepper from Penzey's, a medium sized peppercorn, the one we have always used. I was careful to not fill it too high, after reading reviews here that warned of that. I tried taking all the pepper out, used compressed air to blow any particles out of the grinder and tried everything else I could think of. I've emptied it and refilled it to different levels a dozen times. It just doesn't work anymore. If I'm doing something wrong I can't imagine what. I don't want to have to buy pepper from Peugeot to make the grinder work.

Edited May 8 2010: We bought some cheap pepper at the grocery store and now the grinder works like it did originally. The peppercorns are slightly smaller than the good ones we get from Penzey's (which worked in every pepper grinder we ever had). We'll have to look for a different pepper that has a smaller size. I'm disappointed that this grinder is so restricted in what it can do. I'll have to bring some peppercorns in my pocket when I go shopping for a new type, just so I don't buy something that won't work in this grinder.
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on September 21, 2010
The u-select feature is nice but it is not worth the aggravation. If you use large tasty pepper corns they get stuck above the grinding mechanism because the hole in the wood block is too small. As a result, after a few turns you have to shake or try to knock the stuck peppercorns loose before you can get the mill to work again. I returned the first mill I bought because I thought this was caused by a poorly bored hole in the wood. The hole was not sanded and there were wood fibers catching the peppercorns. The second one was a little better but still had the sticking problem. It does not matter how much you fill the mill, the problem exists even if the mill is only filled a quarter way. Look for something else.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on September 19, 2015
The first thing I noticed was a big ugly black Peugeot “P" enameled on top of the metal nut. Apparently, one must be reminded constantly of what brand one is using, as if the logo on the selector ring isn’t tacky enough to do the job. Whatever happened to snobby European good taste? Yes, yes, it's also P for Pepper, because we are too stupid or visually impaired to figure it out that it's not a salt shaker (salt grinders and boutique salt are ridiculous--you shouldn't use either).

The U-Select gimmick is poorly engineered. The mechanism is not independent of the top nut. For coarser grinds, you must tighten the nut, or the top will flop around. Then, if you go back to finer grinds, the the selection ring binds unless you loosen the nut. Furthermore, the tightness of the nut affects the grind, so the dial-a-grind feature doesn't actually work as advertised. How is this better than the old way of loosening and tightening the nut to get different grinds? It’s not. You now have to make two adjustments instead of one.

The wooden parts are well made and have a smooth and consistent finish. But, there are plastic parts inside the selector ring and peppercorn holder; the markings on the selection ring are painted or silk-screened on (badly) instead of engraved in the wood; and the markings for finest and coarsest do not line up with the indicator mark when the selection ring is twisted to its extreme positions. Together with the "P" on top of the too-shiny nut, the somewhat sloppy manufacturing and use of plastic gives the grinder a made-in-China feel, even though it is purportedly made in France.

How well does U-Select grind? I’m not impressed. The output is not very uniform and it gets less so as the grind gets coarser. The finest setting produces fine to medium-sized bits. By comparison, my parent’s simple little 35-year-old Peugeot dispenses a consistently fine pepper dust. The old Peugeot also dispenses with vulgar branding; the only markings are on the steel mechanism, which is hidden from view.

The U-select is going back to the store, and I am going to try the old style Peugeot (Peugeot 22594 Bistro 4 Inch Pepper Mill, Chocolate) with the hope that the design and manufacturing has not changed (aside from the unfortunate addition of the logo). I am not, however, optimistic after checking out a version at Williams-Sonoma called "Chucks 100th [Birthday] Pepper Mill." It has the same crappy plastic insert as the U-Select (which I assume saves money on wood-working), and, in place of the Peugeot logo, it is adorned with Chuck Williams' signature. Sorry, Chuckles, I don't want you as a perpetual guest at my dinner table.

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on April 8, 2010
I first heard about this pepper mill from America's Test Kitchen on PBS. In their testing this mill was top rated. I wondered if the pricey pepper mill would be worth it and It is.

My complaint with most pepper mills are they are ugly, hard to crank and adjusting the grind is hit or miss and doesn't usually alter the finess of the grind that much. The Peugot Pepper mill is unique in having the adjustment for pepper grind on the bottom section of the mill's body and it is marked with lines showing you the grind setting. No more guessing, it gives a great range from very fine to corse and all at the turn of a ring. The grinding is easy as you turn the body of this classically designed wood mill. I love that it is made of wood and that it isn't too tall - some are way too tall for use when cooking. The mill is also easy to fill from the top.

If you want a high quality product that you will be happy every time you grab for it then the Peugot Pepper Mill is for you.
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on June 3, 2015
This salt milll is by far the best one I have used to date. Other mills I have bought (including the top rated one on amazon) fell far short of my expectations. Not only is this mill visually appealing it is also very functional. Just be sure not to hold the bottom of the mill when using it, the bottom is to adjust the grind. I would not recommend getting the shorter version because it gives you less area to hold the mill properly.
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on July 10, 2011
I had no major problems with this mill until I started using Tellicherry peppercorns, which tend to be slightly larger than common peppercorns. The Tellicherry peppercorns are continually getting jammed in the upper side of the grinding mechanism, and I either have to knock the side of the mill repeatedly with my hand, or if it is really bad, empty all of the peppercorns and dig around in the mill with a pick. Disappointing and frustrating to have trouble with such a simple (and not inexpensive) device.
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on April 5, 2016
The mill has performed flawlessly so far. You can choose the size by easily turning the bottom. Yes you may have to play around with screw on top but that is the part of old world charm. The base is very delicate - if you drop it, it will probably crack. In fact Amazon shipped it the mill with other items and the base did crack. MAKE SURE TO ORDER THIS SEPERATELY from other items. The mill is a bit difficult to load, I use a measuring cup that has a spout to make it a lot easier.
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on February 18, 2013
Not only does this pepper mill look great, but it grinds out pepper consistently. Unlike other pepper mills I have used in the past, when I ask for course I get course and when I ask for fine I get fine. The bottom of the mill turns and there are easy-to-read lines to tell you what the setting is.

The reason I give this only 4 stars is that you have to shake it once in a while. That's right - shake it. The peppercorns get stuck and you have to shake the mill in an up and down motion to loosen them and then it will grind properly again. I've tried a few different size peppercorns and nothing seems to help. It's not that big of a deal once you get used to it, but it does make the mill a bit of a pain to use sometimes.
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on June 22, 2015
This is one of those kitchen tools that are a must have. Freshly ground pepper is much better than pre-grounded. It's worth the price because those smaller cheaper mills will eventually break. The only con is that the surface is slick and has no texture which can also be a positive. On one hand there's no stains and in the other if you use it while wet then it will slip.
I really like the levels of grind that it provides.
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