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on February 14, 2015
The Christmas season is my absolute favorite time of year. I am a sucker for the Christmas movies, particularly those produced by Hallmark. Some aspects of this movie are a bit cheesy and hard to believe, like Faith's boyfriend, the wine dealer. Compared to Cody Cullen, it's absolutely no wonder why she left him and followed her heart. The town is typical small town, all decked out for the holidays right down to the little white church on the hill, the cafe where she first meets Cody (having accidentally helped herself to his food), and the spot where they sell the fresh cut Christmas trees. My favorite scenery was the log home owned by Faith's parents (dad is is the incomparable Ed Asner, in an especially cute and conniving role - his goal is to get Faith and Cody together). The home is gorgeous and if I had a log home, that one would be it. You will find yourself rooting for Cody throughout the entire movie, while waiting for Faith to make up her mind. It's cute and worth watching more than once.
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on March 1, 2015
I purchased "The Christmas Card" when I realized I might possibly miss seeing it during the Christmas season and I do NOT want to miss it. Now I can watch it anytime I want to watch a "feel good" romance movie. Sgt Cody Cullen, a handsome, intelligent, exemplary soldier stationed for multiple tours in the Middle East is given a Christmas card passed to him by a fellow soldier who has received a "care package for the troops" from his hometown. When the young soldier is tragically killed, Cody is hit hard. Put on leave, Cody goes back to the States to consider his future, and with no real family to visit, finds himself in Nevada City to console his friend's fiancée and find the author of the beautiful Christmas card that had given him such comfort during a lonely time. This movie is now part of my Christmas season tradition along with "White Christmas", the "Santa Clause" series (for laughs), and as many versions of Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" as I can find.
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on September 26, 2016
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this movie! I look forward to watching this every holiday on the Hallmark Channels. I love romantic movies that do not contain "sap." Sap only makes my eyes roll . . . absolutely NO EYE-ROLLING in this movie. It's a beautiful story, with unknown actors I have never seen before. And Ed Asner, who I first saw on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, is so wonderful in his part. This movie is a great, "curl up under the blankets in your best PJ's, with a big bowl of popcorn" type of movie. Whether you watch with your significant other or you watch alone, it will warm your heart!!! :) HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
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on November 13, 2015
This movie The Christmas Card starring John Newton, Alice Evans and Edward Asner. The Christmas Card is about a man named Cody Cullen (John Newton) who is soldier in Afghanistan. During war Cody receives a lovely letter from a woman named Faith Spelman (Alice Evans) wishing him a safe trip home. When Cody is told to go on leave he decides to go find Faith Spelman. When Cody meets Faith he falls in love with her. But Faith has a longtime boyfriend, Paul, (Ben Weber) who is in the wine business. Faith's dad, Luke, (Edward Asner) thinks Paul is not right for his daughter and would much rather have Cody in the family. Watch this movie to see if Faith chooses Paul or Cody.
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on September 15, 2012
First, cudos go to the people who chose the actors. Each actor was the "right" person for the role and, in my estimation, did an excellent job of portraying their parts. I do not usually like Ed Asner because of his political activism. But his ability to rise above his anti-American T.V. comments and negative postures against our elected leaders was refreshingly new and welcome in his case. Here, he played a proud American Army veteran respectful of those who sacrificed so much for us all and even though it was probably a lot of "put on" related to his reality in life, it was sure welcome for us to see on the screen. It was so refreshing to see this aspect of what "might have been" for Asner. In this world where "Chick-Flicks" are joked about, just look at who is watching them in the theaters. Real men, also like movies with loving emotions and happy endings. This movie was the essence of that genre but I enjoyed it so much that I ordered an extra DVD for my daughter and son-in-law who live in the St. Louis area. Even the antagonist boy friend was likable in his own way and did an excellent job of bowing out. Their soft "love scene" in the living room just before her parents entered was realistic and well-done. The quiet, whimsical, man at the diner bar did his job of showing that he knew everyone well and was truly enjoying the beginning of this love affair, not at Tiffany's but at the clean and inviting village greasy spoon. The Hotel clerk was perfect, at the hotel, church and at the dance. Rosy and her brother couldn't have been better casted and played. The respected and respectful Army stranger who carried out his Colonel's mission list, 1. To deliver the "dog tags" to his buddy's fiancee (should have been one tag...)(this immediately made us wonder are the sparks going to fly between them??? But he has too much love and respect for his fellow Sergeant.) 2. Getting out of the Army way of life and see the world and the other possibilities out in it. 3. Give himself the time and breathing room to do his own grieving and make experiences he otherwise would not have even thought of doing. The way he made quick friends and lasting positive impressions was up-building for all to watch and for teenagers to emulate. His honesty, his naivete but quick strength of action, i.e. saving Luke's life, kissing "Dottie" in the snow, asking for help with the construction of the bench, working circles around "Paul" in the woods, and truly enjoying selling the Christmas Trees with Dottie, treasuring the pictures taken there. The unabashedly center of keeping Christ in Christmas with all the church scenes, all made this an excellent movie to watch and want to join in sitting on "one of the folding chairs from the garage" in the living room and elsewhere where the action was taking place. This is really an excellent movie not just for the Christmas season but for any time when one is feeling "down" or "useless." It is "real" but as the Sgt. said when he first entered Luke's home, "It's just as I has pictured it." It's the reasonable lift we all need when the bills pile up and when our love-life is seeming a bit dull. Both men and women can glean its courage and whimsy to start anew and make their own lives better right where they're at. Thanks for asking me to comment.
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on February 20, 2017
I love this movie. I have watched it every time Hallmark Channel has aired it. It starts out so sweet and innocent with a Christmas card sent to one of our soldiers in the Middle East. One of the soldiers in his unit was killed and he gets this Christmas card with a beautiful picture of mountains covered with snow and the way the woman writes her greeting enthralls him and he keeps it and re-reads it often. He comes back state side and returns the dog tags of his buddy who was killed to his widow. Then he hops on his motor cycle and heads to the town where this enchanting Christmas card came from. He is eating in a restaurant and is unaware of the pretty young woman who mistakenly gets his order and then the story begins. He goes to church the next day with the innkeeper and the father of the young lady reaches out to him. He notes that he is in the Army and invites him back to the family home for dinner. Before you know it the guy is asked to stay there and help with the lumber business all the while watching the young woman and starts to have feelings for her. She has her eye on him, too but she already has a boyfriend and does not
encourage this soldier. Long story short, the whole family loves this guy and hopes the two young people fall in love in spite of the fact that she
already has a boyfriend. They think the boyfriend is not the right guy for her, but the soldier is. In the end of some suspense, the soldier gets the girl! This is a warm and fuzzy movie and I recommend it for you!
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on March 5, 2017
My wife and I have watched this over and over. The plot, specially the ending, gets kind of corny at times, but that's what you WANT from a Hallmark Christmas movie! The humor elements are just right - some cause me to start laughing before they come up (during our reruns). The overall theme, particularly the constant "comparisons" (demonstrated, not explained) between the characters of the hero and the villain, are humorous, and make this a most-beloved Christmas movie.
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on November 30, 2015
Loved it! I watched this with my wife and we both greatly enjoyed every minute of this well made movie. At the price point on Amazon ($4.90) this is highly recommend for those who collect Hallmark movies on DVD as a collectible. This movie was originally shot in and presented Full Frame (4:3) when it originally aired in 2006, as such is the correct aspect ratio. It is the best way to view this movie since you will view all the great background scenery as originally filmed. Hallmark Channel has repeatably shown this movie over the the Holidays including this year (2015), but in a cropped widescreen presentation that chops off significant portions of the movie from the top and bottom, likely thinking this pleases the viewers. Watch it on DVD, not the Hallmark Channel since you will likely have repeated viewings of this excellent movie.
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on January 31, 2015
I first saw this movie on the Hallmark channel on tv. I was so enthralled by it I had to own it. Not only did I watch it each time it was shown this year, but have watched it many many times since it arrived in my mailbox! Now I guess you could say I have become obsessed with it. The story line is so touching, making you feel like you are actually right there living it with them. All the acting is top notch and memorable. My money was well spent and I am enjoying being able to watch it whenever I want now. It has been a very long time since I have seen a movie that moved me as much as this one. And I love the fact that it's appropriate for kids as well! Job well done and I highly recommend this movie for all age groups.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon December 31, 2013
No fancy bells or whistles on it, The Christmas Card comes simple and straightforward and heartfelt. I don't know if the record still stands, but when it first aired in 2006, it took in the highest ratings in the history of the Hallmark channel in terms of the made-for-TV original film. It's just hard to stay away from a wartime romance set during the holidays, especially if you've a servicemember in the family.

U.S. Army Sergeant Cody Cullen (John Newton) has stood watch for a long while now, and after a harrowing time in Afghanistan, it's his turn to rotate home just in time for the holidays. Sgt. Cullen is an orphan and has no one to return to. Back stateside, tooling around on his motorcycle, he pulls up at snowy Nevada City, California. He means to pass thru but ends up lingering for weeks. There, he meets the Spelman family, and is it a twist that it's the old patriarch, rather than the lovely daughter, who takes an instant shine to our soldier on leave?

In Nevada City the local church organizes Operation Christmas Card, a care program for which Faith Spelman (Alice Evans) patiently writes letters of encouragement to our troops abroad ("Dear Servicemember..."). Faith's gesture of good will is about to change her life forever.

Tune in to this movie and place your hand on your chest and feel your heart swell up. There's a quiet strength to the narrative.Sometimes, I'm in the mood for snarky films. Sometimes, I hanker for stories wherein the characters exhibit kindness, respect, and courtesy toward each other. The Christmas Card doesn't have much in the way of cynicism and snark. It presents folks who work hard and are decent and who love each other in steadfast ways. The Spelmans take in Sgt. Cullen, provide him with room and board, teach him to know his way around the family business, this lumber mill. Ed Asner raked in the 2007 Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor (in a Miniseries or Movie), and, as the gruff Luke Spelman, he serves as the impetus to the plot. You can catch him in a matchmaking temperament.

Good thing, too, as Faith and the sergeant, all they do is cautiously circle each other. Helping to gum up the works is Faith's smug boyfriend, Paul (Ben Weber), him what's an international wine broker. And maybe if the film has a false note, it's that it portrays this guy as so obviously not right for Faith. Paul looks like a punier version of Simon Garfunkel, which doesn't help his cause.

I basked in the cozy, small-town Christmas atmosphere. Shot on location, snow-laden Nevada City and its outskirts are something to look at. I marveled at the Spelmans' roomy log house, the cheer and glow of it. I savored the performances. You never catch the actors trying too hard. I could say that John Newton's performance was too restrained, that he could've demonstrated more spark. But the truth is that there's enough spark in him, especially when he's sharing screen time with Alice Evans. And Alice Evans... she's someone I could watch all day. She's beautiful in this unaffected manner. She seems real, like a person who would actually take the time to write to strangers she's never met. And for Sgt. Cullen, recipient of one of her letters, those words of concern became his lifeline during a terrible tour of duty. Writing to our lonely boys overseas isn't a new tradition. It's been done for years and years. It's even the linchpin in the plot of one of my favorite movies ever, Dear Ruth (1947). All the elements are present to make The Christmas Card a modern-day holiday classic. My list of must-see films during the Yuletide season keeps on growing. But there'll always be room for The Christmas Card.
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