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on May 7, 2016
I read this series with my daughter when she was younger, so I decided to order the first book in the series to read aloud to my 4th grade class. They are quite captivated! The writer starts off the book by warning the reader that they should read a different book if they like happy stories. HAHA! The characters are wonderful! Count Olaf is dreadful and Violet, Klaus, and Sonny are intelligent, resourceful children who just can't catch a break! The story line is so outrageous that it's not too scary or sad...just great fun. And as I teacher I love the constant vocabulary lessons that are intertwined into the story. "Intertwined" is a word which means to connect or link two or more things closely together. I'm hoping my students will enjoy this book so much they will continue with the series on their own.
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on May 29, 2016
Sad, witty, amazing and a tragedy. What more could you ask for? I have really enjoyed this book. Lemony's book is a must read. It has all the qualities of a bestselling book. What's more it will soon become a Netflixs original series. Violet is an amazing peice of work. Smart and strategic, she could invent her way out of everything! Klaus is the brains of the children. His knowledge of just about everything will be very useful later on ;). Sunny is a interesting character. The youngest of the three siblings, she is often the first target for Count Olafs schemes. She is a brilliant invention. Now Olaf is a different person entirely. Cunning, cruel and ambitious, he will stop at nothing to get the giant fortune in the bank. Though if you are the sweet and sappy type DO NOT READ!!!! - C.C Summers
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on March 15, 2017
Let me preface this with I'm about to turn 30. I don't have kids, I'm not overly interested with any child rearing.

I knew about these books years ago, but I felt at the time I'd be too old for them. I knew about the movie based on them and, again, felt a little too old from what I saw in the trailers. Netflix made a series about it, got some good reviews, and I got curious. After finishing the first season (which is all there is as of the writing of this review), I'm actually considering getting a tattoo. I've read up, and knowing that the author of the books also did the screenplay for the Netflix series....this might not be the most wholly honest review in the world since I haven't read the entire book, but I do have my bit to say after seeing the series based on the same book(s) that had its screenplay written by the same author.

I've read the first chapter and skimmed the rest (which cements that last paragraph), and I am kicking myself for not reading this earlier. These books were literally published at a time in my life that I would've appreciated them the most. Here are lessons that I sorely needed at the time, and I know practically every teen needs to know these things: (1) What makes you unique doesn't make you weird, it makes you useful, (2) Adults don't know everything, no matter how much they say they do, (3) Manipulative and abusive personalities should be avoided at all costs, as should their "flying monkeys," so to speak (4) "Clueless" adults may just be naive, even willfully so, but they can be very good people at heart and brought back to your reality with enough perseverance.

These amazing messages are delivered in a melancholy way, but I would argue that many tweens and early teens feel melancholy themselves. I know I did. The unfortunate events in this book are so over the top that you can't help tie them to real events in your own life at times. I've always rolled my eyes at books aimed at this age demographic, yet here I am at almost 30, and chomping at the bit to tear my way through the series. I'm not going to lie....I'm expecting to learn another life lesson along the way that I somehow skipped over after all these years.
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on February 17, 2017
A Series of Unfortunate Events

The Bad Beginning

by. Lemony Snicket

Rating: ***** (5 stars)
Book Length: 188 pages
Genre: Children, Children's Chapter, Middle School

It has been a while since I last read this book and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed returning to its pages. The most unique, intriguing, and frustrating aspect of the book is that the main character of the story could be argued to be the narrator. Everything is told through the voice of Lemony Snicket, which is actually the narrator and not the author's actual name. The style is not a typical style for most children's books and it is pulled off with success.

The writing style is amazing. You are pulled into the story, engage with all the characters, and before you know you have finished the tale. I almost went and immediately bought the next book. The only thing that stopped me was the huge pile of books I currently have to finish. It truly is no wonder that this series has obtained such success.

There is one aspect of the writing style that I found quite annoying. The narrator continually defined the words that he and the other characters were using. As the story progressed the other characters also begin defining the words that they were using. It was annoying because I am an adult reader who was well aware of what all these words meant. Yet, while I was quite engaged by the story the book was not written for me. It was written for middle school readers who are still increasing their vocabulary. The first time I encountered Snicket's unique way of defining words in a story I knew what he was doing. While I, as an adult reader, was slightly annoyed I was also kind of awed by his genius. He has this book that he doesn't want to dumb down for his readers, yet he also doesn't want to loose their interest as they encounter words they may not be familiar with. To decrease the frustration of reading by including the definitions into the quirky flow that already existed in the novel is nothing short of genius.

As reviewed on The Book Recluse Review.
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on July 15, 2014
As a 12 year old girl who read this book at age 9 and has since read the series twice I would recommend this book to anyone. If you are a parent trying to get their kid to read this is the perfect book, since it has a movie, after the kids watch they will be willing to read the books even more.

I do have to admit some of the situations may be a little harsh for younger children and seeing as there are 13 books they might find it too long.

The Baudelaires Siblings. Violet, Klaus and Sunny live a happy live with their two parents in the Baudelaire Mansion, but one gloomy day their banker Mr.Poe informs them there has been a terrible fire that has taken their parents life. The Baudelaires now orphans move with their closest relative (in location not family bloodline) Count Olaf a wicked man with greedy intentions, getting the Baudelaire fortune.

Lemony Snickets mysterious ways and beautiful writing show in this book, as we take a plunge in the Baudelaires unfortunate live and the turmoil they go through living with Count Olaf.
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on July 26, 2015
Horrid, as I'm sure you know, is a word that here means awful.

The brains of the unfortunate Baudelaire children are incredible and the fact that these books show children using the power they have to save themselves and their loved ones is something very important to me. And seeing a girl like Violet, a girl who is so like the other girls of her age, using her incredible talent for science is just marvelous. And these books never once sugar coat anything (unlike the film).

And to those of you who are wanting to read the books after watching the film, the letter never comes. I'm re-reading these books, and I won't spoil them for you. But nothing is black and white except the print on the pages. Nothing is as simple as we'd like to make it out to be. Very few are wholly evil, and very few are wholly good. Not everyone makes it out alive and unscathed, and you don't always receive closure.

But that is life.

And life will always have a Series of Unfortunate Events.
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on February 22, 2017
I listened to this book on the ride to work with my children. It only took a couple trips but it was amazing!!! What a wonderful book. I loved how it defined bigger words for children. My almost four year old loved it just as much as my nine year old. Highly recommend this book even to adults!
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on February 21, 2017
It is a great series to read as a family for those with kids at a fifth grade reading level or higher. Particularly with the Netflix series out watching that first even got my reluctant reader in the house interested.
Parents be aware that it does feature unfortunate events, as the title clearly states, but this parent feels that the children's never give up attitudes and constructive ways of dealing with their loss(es) is a good lesson which really cannot be conveyed without hardship and that this is a lesson best learned early and carefully when possible. I would prefer my kids understand from a fictional characters example that a good attitude and positive outlets for negative emotions are the best course of action before he/she experiences similar loss themselves so that my kids can better deal with the loss weather I am there to help or in the event that I'm not for whatever reason.
The way Mr. Snicket explains some higher level vocabulary and certain concepts such as dramatic irony(in book 2) is also a plus as is his tongue in cheek humor. He writes on a fifth grade level but, kinda like Spongebob, he puts some tidbits for adult brains in there too that you wont be embarrassed about when you child gets older and figures it out.
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on November 10, 2016
Great books for kids 7-13 and I honestly would read them again in my late 20s. This particular book was one of the best and most memorable, perhaps it is because it got me hooked. This book is easily top 5 in the entire series.
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on July 25, 2016
If you like a good story at someone else's expense, you've come to the right place. Enjoy reading the book you sadist.
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