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on December 7, 2014
Cinnamon chases and torments Rita relentlessly, especially when I'm not there to intervene, to the point where poor Rita is losing weight because Cinnamon won't let her eat. Naturally, this is unacceptable. I bought a condo so Rita can have her own space to be able to sleep, eat, drink, and use the bathroom in peace.

The condo is sturdier than those made by Midwest. The gauge of the wires is thicker and the whole thing has a more durable feel. Putting it together was a snap. I only wish they offered a cage with epoxy coated wires instead of just silver.
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on March 2, 2011
I ordered The three tier cage (for two cats) thinking the cage was going to be a lot smaller. I was worried about how the cats were going to do and whether or not the cage would be worth my time and money. Well it was!

This cage is very study! It make move a little if the cat scratches himself or jumps to another tier other than that small movement this cage could stand up to anything! It is very tough and durable I am sure it could even work as a traveling cage. Though I don't know many people that take cats on vacation but I would want to!

The cage is reversible! This was one thing that I was worried about. One of the doors was right up against my hanging closet, so in other words it was never going to open. I did a quick switch and the door is now on the other side of the cage and I can still reach the cat in the upper tier.

The tiers are large! I was looking at other cages for my cats and they were so small of levels. I thought they would just fall off! These levels fit two cats. I placed a Kuddle Kup Faux Suede for Cats - 23" x 18" - Sage on each level and it fit beautifully!

You can add many levels or expand your cage! If you have time and talent you could easily expand the cage for more tiers or or space. The set up of the cage is so simple that each of the parts could be used elsewhere and put together differently. Though you would have extra parts left you easily could create your own cats paradise.

Most litter boxes will fit! Now if you have a litter box with a top on it it most likely will not fit but any litter boxes that do not have a lid fit easily in and out of the large bottom door.

The doors have a very good latch system! The doors are shut using pins that can even function to hold the door open so you don't have a swinging door.

It has wheels! My goodness this saved my life. This thing is heavy and if it didn't have wheels there was no way I would have been able to drag this. The wheels also have stoppers which work wonders so the cage doesn't move at all.


It is expensive! I guess you are paying for the sturdiness of the cage but my goodness it that expensive! But I'd say well worth the safety of my kitties!

The bottom door is huge! I mean HUGE! So you would have to have enough space around the bottom to be able to open and close it. Also the bottom door does no have a place to hold it open so it may get in the way.

It is HUGE! This was one of the main problems when I got it home. It was tall and bulky. So with easy maneuvers i managed to fit it in my room. If you are looking for a cage to fit in a perfect little spot make sure to check the measurements and an an inch around just to be safe! This is NOT a small cage.

With all that aside this cage was amazing and had great elbow room for my kitties! I will be adding pictures to show how I set up my cage and how much room it gives them. I am very please with my purchase and plan to buy another one!
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on March 16, 2016
This is the best money I ever spent. We live on a military base and the cats are not allowed to roam. My two boys love their cage (we call it a playhouse). The instructions say not to put outside, but this has held up well with no rust for over a year underneath an outdoor covered lanai. I have placed bathroom rugs on the shelves for comfort and placed rubber shelf liner under the shelves to make them let noisy and bouncy. I also have an awning (left over from a previous outdoor pay area, the kitty walk, which could not stand up to Hawaii sun and moisture ) that I use as a sun shade. depending on time of day and heat, I also have an old sail cloth shower curtain I place over one side to block the Hawaii sun. They spend hours there (always supervised) lounging, napping, watching the birds, bugs, geckos. I can tell they feel safe there as they often lay on their backs exposing tummies. Sometimes the clasps which connect the base come undone, so I always check them before I put the boys in the playhouse. My cats are huge, both over 20 pounds and it does rattle when they go from shelf to shelf, but nothing major. They usually don't want to come inside, I have to shake a bag of cat treats to get them in
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on May 26, 2014
We have a multiple cat household and a white cat around nine years old named Isis. Over the past year she has pretty much isolated herself from the other cats, staying in our downstairs bedroom for awhile under the bed and then on a nearby window porch only getting down to use the litter box and eat. Then things got really bad for her as the other cats starting picking on her and she was too afraid to come down off the perch. We purchased this cage for her so she will have a safe space to eat, sleep and poo in peace and almost immediately we saw a difference in her, she was calmer and more relaxed. The cage itself is a great size and we have hers in the guest bedroom close to the window. The perches are roomy and she doesn't have any difficulty getting to and from the levels. She has no desire to come out and it's driving the other cats crazy...she has all the cool stuff with her own litter box, scratch post, food including fresh grown catnip and a sleeping level with a soft and cuddly pad. Isis is in a great place and she has plenty of space, she is about a 9 pounds, and loves her new house.
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on June 26, 2015
I now have 4 of these (cat rescue person). They are roomy, the shelves are big enough to fit a good sized bed on the top shelf (for summer leaving the top shelf empty for a cool space and hanging a hammock for snuggly/warm space is a good idea), food in the middle and a relatively large litter box will go through the bottom door well. It does shake a bit when a larger cat jumps between shelves and the plastic clips at the base have been known to pop open from time to time and need to be reclipped.... but I've had other 3-tiered pens and this one has worked out the best so far.

A couple of bits of advice: 1. I recommend not assembling as shown in the photo -- put the upper shelves by the doors, not on the other side of the pen -- that way you can access the cat(s) and shelves, not open space. 2. Reinforcing the connections with inexpensive plastic slip ties can help with stability.
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on January 10, 2011
After almost half a year being terrorized by the kitten from hell, this IRIS 3-Tier Cat Cage has rescued me! I named my black kitten Sony, after my love for their brand of shiny, black, quality electronics. Imagine my broken heart when I came home to a scratched up 55" inch Bravia, courtesy of the little devil.

A few complaints:

1. The box it came in looked like it had fought with a trash compactor and lost. Holes everywhere, corners severely frayed, shipping tape coming off it, almost unsealed! Had I not been so desperate to contain the handmaiden of Satan tearing up my apartment, I would've sent it back immediately.

2. The instructions don't clearly tell you how to use the wire fasteners. I was frustrated for a good 30 - 45 minutes trying to figure out how to get them to work properly. Once I figured it out, however, the rest was smooth sailing.

So eager was I that I had the 2nd floor of the cage backwards! But this was a small setback; once you figure out how to fasten and unfasten the rest of the assembly is a cinch! Should've taken me about 30 mins to setup, had I not been fiddling with the fastener for so long!


Once assembled, I locked Sony in it. He clawed, he climbed, he dug, he chewed; but his attempts at escape were FUTILE! MWAHAHAHA! He has since given up his fight, and is sleeping in it as I type this.

This cage is HUGE. It is taller than me (I am 5'6" with shoes on). To put it into perspective, I have a large enclosure type litter on the bottom floor, food and water on the 2nd floor, and a bed and scratching post on the top floor. My kitten is a big guy and can leap onto kitchen counter tops without a head start, so he's comfortable leaping from floor to floor.

It is VERY sturdy! Sony jumped onto the wall of the cage; I'm sure that in his conniving and terrorizing kitten mind, he had imagined it would tip over. It did NOT. The IRIS 3 Tier Cage held its ground!

I have had this cage assembled for the passed 3 hours. I am convinced that it is worth every penny I spent on it, and I only wish that I had trusted my instincts and bought this BEFORE trusting my kitten to my apartment.
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VINE VOICEon May 4, 2012
We have several cats and two dogs. I am COMPULSIVE about my house smelling clean and it does. (I am always happy to hear workmen come in or strangers see the cats and are shocked to find out we have five and there is NO smell) Our cat Pepper recently started peeing at all the doors and though he had been fixed we could not figure this out since he used the litter box as well.

The vet had ruled out anything medical and thankfully he would pee on things I could toss out like dog beds, throw rugs and area rugs but it gets expensive replacing those and buying cleaner! I finally had enough. The vet thinks it is because of some of the neighborhood cats that do show up on our deck from time to time and Pepper is marking his territory.. regardless of the reason for the behavior issue we needed to stop it.

We didn't want to put down a healthy wonderful family member.. we adore him, giving him away was not an option since I would worry someone may abuse him for this behavior if it continued or he would spend his life in a small cage. We can't make him an outdoor cat, as he is declawed and we are in a busy suburb.

I wracked my brain and then started wondering about crating him.. I searched the internet and found this.. It is FANTASTIC.. He does like it although his cat "buddy" in the house keeps petting him through the wires, however he is out when we are home and can keep an eye on him, I work from home so he is out then as well but its nice to come home and not have to inspect rugs, hardwoods, dog beds and doors! (thank goodness he never got to the furniture and he is not allowed in bedrooms)

The downside.. assembly is ridculous.. the drawings in Japanese don't match the drawings in the English page and none of them even address the clips where it makes any remote sense. The clips made NO sense and the directions were little help.

We finally called our neighbor who can assemble anything and he even had issues with the clips.. ABC Pet Plaza does not have a phone number but an email which doesnt help if you are standing in the middle of a living room with the pieces everywhere. After about an hour and a half or so of head scratching and muttering they finally got it assembled. Once that was done it it nice and roomy and I am so glad it comes in white so it blends with my kitchen area doors. They need to put an assembly video on YouTube. I just added a photo of my cat Pepper to the collection on this page.

I would recommend it HIGHLY it has saved our sanity and Pepper can stay in a home he is loved in and we can keep our rugs and sanity! If you have this issue or need a cat confined its perfect.

Pepper weighs around ten pounds, I have seen no issues with him being able to get on the shelves he did fall backwards the first few times however.. It is easy to customise and the three doors are WONDERFUL.. easy access to what you need.. you can put bedding, rugs bowls and a nice litter box (I recommend Breeze, again NO smell since the pee pads are UNDER the box) its a great design.

Shipping was SUPER FAST, I ordered this on a Monday and arrived that Thursday of the same week. ONE thing though.. if you go to the website you do see the product listed cheaper and then they add the shipping.. here it says 144.00 and free shipping but that is the exact same price on their site with the shipping, it took me a minute to realize it was the same item just without the shipping.


we have had this for a while now and I can't tell you how much the cats love it. I have a carpet on the second shelf and bedding on top.. when I open it to let Pepper out when I am home it becomes a CAT hang out.. the other cats rush to it like its opening day at the park.. they hang out and even Pepper doesn't bother to leave.. it is by a door so they can all see out and get comfy in suns spots.. but this has turned out even better then I hoped for our situation.. also I notice now even when Pepper is out he returns to THIS crate and uses the box now.. this is a very good thing!!! One of our cats wont' leave the crate if it is sunny so I lock it up with him and Pepper both in there and they seem just fine. Again I would strongly recommend!
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on October 7, 2016
We have been feeding a semi-wild cat for years. Since it was a kitten actually. We tried very early on to tame her and her sister, found in a barn abandoned by their momma, but they would have none of it. It was such a chore getting them to the vet once a year after they got big enough to outrun us, generally it was when they came up to eat that we'd capture them. The sister went totally feral when they were about two years old, we've not seen her since. The one left, Miss Kitty, has had to compete with every other cat, raccoon, possum, squirrel, chipmunk, whatever crawled up out of the woods to steal her food, until now. This cage is wonderful, I put a PARTYSAVING 2-in-1 Pet Bed Snooze Tunnel and Mat laid flat on the top for her to stretch out on, which she loves, attached two Ethical Stainless Steel Coop Cup, 20-Ounce
to the bars, one for dry food, one for water, and set her wet food in a bowl on the 2nd shelf, placed a litter box and mat under the bottom shelf, cozied a small insulated dog house (on blocks) up to the bottom door, (I used a wire shelf from a microwave secured with velcro to block the gap from the top of dog house door to the top of the open cage door) put her a nice pet bed on top of an old pillow and some blankets in the event of very cold temps, and she is one happy kitty not to have to fight for her food anymore. She refuses to come inside, and if we snag her for the occasional bath (neither of them ever scratched, but they hissed and hissed when they were tiny) or for her monthly Frontline, it's a struggle until we take her back outside and set her down. She's stopped hissing at us over the years, but she will tell you flat out she is not our cat. We are simply allowed to make her life a little more comfortable when her mood is good. We leave the 2nd level door open, she can hop out onto the window ledge, then down to the porch with ease. Because she couldn't make the jump from level to level (Being 8 years old may have a little bit to do with that) we put all the shelves on one side and then her cat tree (yes, we bought her one so she could sit in the sun on the porch) on the side with no shelves, it fits, she's able to maneuver with ease, and eat in peace at last. Can you tell we love her? Hopefully as she mellows with age, she'll allow us to bring her in, at least for the winter, until then, this just makes my day seeing her climb in and out a few times a day to eat, and then when she naps on her snug little bed. Last night she spent the night on the top shelf bed! HIGHLY recommend this cage, especially if you live in the middle of a wildlife reserve, or simply need to keep an outside kitty safe.
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on November 13, 2010
We love this cat structure and so do our cats. First thing we did was to take suggestion to get think yoga mat and cut to shape to place under the shelves so they don't rattle and startle the cats when they jump up. The next thing we did was to use wires ties to secure the shelves to the wire supports they rest upon. That keeps the shelves from flipping out of their supports. The final step we took was to put a couple of wire ties to reinforce the clips at the base of the wire upper structure. We couldn't be happier with the outcome. It is attractive and secure.
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on September 10, 2013
I have two five month old kittens that were terrorizing me when I tried to sleep, so I bought this pen to contain them at night.

I tried penning them in a large dog crate, but they got water in the litter and pulled all the crate pads over the litter box to cover it, making a horrible mess for me to clean up. They came out every day smelling horrible and needing a bath. (I use the Breeze litter box during the day, but it wouldn't fit the dog crate at night, so I had to use clumping litter in a small open litter box...YUK).

This three tier pen seemed flimsy when putting together, which in itself was a chore even for my build anything, fix anything husband. Once it was together, with the shelves in place, it was very sturdy. From other reviews, it exceded my expectations.

I love that the kittens have enough room to move around. I also added their scratch pad, toys, and two hammocks that tie to the cage, one on the top and the second on the lower level. I leave the doors open during the day, so they can get to the litter box, food and water. It's amazing how easy it is to pen them in at night. They used to hiss and fight me when it was bed time in the large dog crate, but they accepted this pen immediately without any backtalk. The first few nights they bounded from the pen when I opened it, but after awhile, they hung out and looked very comfortable to be in the pen and took their good old time coming out. I had to shake the treat bag to get them to move!

I love this three tier pen. I think my kittens think it's like a Penthouse Apartment! You won't be disappointed, just get someone to help you put it together that knows how to work without directions. The English version is poor at best. The outer box has marking all over it like Japanese or Chinese and the directions are included in that language, but even the pictures don't really help. You can figure it out, since it isn't rocket science, but it takes a good 30-40 mins to put it together.

I'm very pleased and give it a full five stars!
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