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on April 4, 2011
I needed a stand to place on my dresser to elevate my 37" LCD (30 lbs). Didn't care about swivel stand and was apprehensive it would swivel too freely and contribute to the TV toppling.

What attracted me the most to this stand was its nice appearance and more important it's tremendous 9.5 inch elevation ... most stands are around 4-5".

After spending less than 5 minutes setting it up I developed some positive first impressions and one negative.

Positive: 1. It is very simple in design and construction. Two particle board shelves, with the swivel assembly firmly mounted to the bottom.

2. The swivel carousel is large in diameter with absolutely no suggestion that the attached shelf (base) would tip left or right.

3. The shelves appear very strong, nice wood grain veneer, and assembly holes very cleanly drilled.

4. When assembled, the unit is tight with zero sway. It's rated to hold 60 lbs., and I have no doubt that it will easily manage my 30 lb. TV.

5. The swivel assembly is tight. It will easily swivel at the touch but will not do a high-speed 360 when the cat pushes it.

6. The wide open area between the two shelves is very welcome as I was wasting valuable dresser real estate. My guess is that two components of normal width can be stacked in this area, say 2 out of 3 of a VCR, DVD, Cable Set Top Box or DVR. Only consideration is the 23.6 inch width less the supporting poles at the corners.

Negative: The plastic construction of the supporting poles and especially the lightweight plastic tightening "screws" at the ends of the poles do not inspire confidence, although they are tight and the unit does not sway, as mentioned.

One reviewer indicated that 3 of his 8 "screws" were broken and he knew the package had been previously opened. I can easily believe this is exactly what happened. I'd bet the farm that the previous owner over tightened them. That's a guarantee for disaster given the flimsy character of these "screws". With the money they're making on this item, they could have and should have supplied metal supports and "screws" (end caps).

In all, this is a nicely designed very functional enhancement to any TV setup where the TV is on an elevated surface as a dresser or larger TV stand.

My rating would have been 5-star were it not for the plastic components.

Given what's available to meet the need fulfilled by this unit, I recommend it to you. Please be careful with the assembly and do not over-tighten the plastic "screws".

Thanks for reading ... Sam
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on May 8, 2015
This small stand worked great for my 47 inch tv when the large tv stand I ordered was way too short! I would definitely recommend!
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on August 9, 2012
I am using this "TV stand" as a riser with a 55" LED weighing 47 pounds. I had my TV sitting on a low Ikea cabinet style TV stand. I bought a new 5.0 speaker set (Pioneers from BB) and the center speaker is HUGE. When i put it on the TV stand in front of the TV, it blocked about 5 inches of the TV. I live in an old apartment and didn't want to mount either the TV or the center speaker. So I needed to raise the TV so that i could set the speaker on the TV stand, in front of the TV, and still see the TV. A riser was the easiest and cheapest way and this riser was the cheapest i could find without building my own.

Although it's marketed for much smaller TVs I decided to go with it because:
*the TV is within the weight limit and my LED is quite light compared to older TVs of its size,
*the riser is wide enought to fully accomodate the footprint of my TV,
*others have mentioned using this for large tvs.

The riser is large enough to easily fit the 55" TV and has no problem with the weight of the TV. The speaker is too big to sit inside the this riser but my TV stand easily accomodates both this riser and the huge front speaker. And since the riser is empty (since the speaker sits in front of it and not in it) I have extra storage space for electronics. So all is well.
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on May 13, 2013
As I opened the product and began putting it together I was very questionable at first at how the whole thing was held together by mere plastic screws. After having it set up and placing a 40" LCD TV on it, I was surprised at how sturdy it was. It wasn't shakey or rickety at all. As long as you adhere to the 60lbs weight limit, it should hold up just fine. The two boards are also thick and sturdy and shouldn't be bending or breaking as long as it's not exceeding the recommended weight limit.
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on April 2, 2017
The picture that shows the measurements is completely incorrect. We made it work, but here are the true dimensions that should be on the picture with dimensions :

The 9.3 in is the height
The 15.8 is the depth of the shelf boards.
The width is correct at 23.6.

This should be fixed so others are not deluded by the diagram.

Otherwise, the rise have provided us with a solution for getting our LCD TV raised higher for better viewing -- especially with "progressive prescription" eye glasses.
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on April 3, 2017
This stand is WELL worth the price! I have several TV's in my home, 2 of which are in bedrooms. The one in the Master sits atop a DVD case which, is only 11" deep and I thought that this would NEVER be able to support the stand however, it is just fine. The turn table beneath the stand hangs over by only a fraction between the front and back of the dvd stand. The 9+ inches in height of this unit is simply wonderful as the bed is propped up on legs which adds to the challenge of watching TV when having to use 3-4 pillows. I have a small dvd player below the 32" TV that now sits on the stand. Would I recommend someone to use this in such a way with young children or a lot of activity near it? NO, but since this is not the case, this fits the bill. The swivel unit works great depending on how close it is to a wall. Overall, I would absolutely recommend buying it!
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on October 21, 2015
I needed a TV riser to sit my older (and heavier) 32 inch flatscreen TV atop of my new 5-drawer chest of drawers, preferably one that wouldn't clash in color and style. This 2-tier riser fit the bill. It arrived undamaged and took minutes to assemble the 'legs' to the shelves, as the swivel mechanism is already factory attached to the bottom shelf. Yes, it is a veneer of a 'wood grain' , but I can barely see the surface, considering the angle of my view. It raised my view perfectly and it feels sturdy & solid enough to hold up my older and heavier flatscreen TV.
I chose this smaller version because it holds the same weight capacity, but doesn't completely cover the top of my chest of drawers like the larger one would have. There's room to spare on the top shelf due to the narrow TV base without compromising it's safe use. I now have a designated spot for the 9 inch TV box and whatever else I want to use on it, as seen in the photo.
I also chose this model due to the 'silver' legs having the same brushed nickel type of finish as the pulls on the drawers of the chest it is now sitting on. The silver legs have been described by some as plastic, but they sure don't look like plastic.
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on October 19, 2015
This is perfect for what I needed. We have a "game room" where we use our old entertainment center to house both of our (the girlfriend and I) monitors and consoles. The only problem with that for me was since I had a large tv on the entertainment center before (I have a tv bench instead of a full fledged entertainment center) when the smaller tv was placed on the bench I had to crane my neck to look at the monitor. Not good for the neck, so I looked for something like a regular desk riser. This is exactly the type of product I thought of and I'm happy with the product for 30 dollars. I was missing 4 of the endcaps (chrome screw ins) but luckily I was able to but it together with the ones I did receive. After contacting Convenience Concepts I received the missing parts in less then a week no questions asked, which is another reason I'm giving the product a full five stars.

Also for the reviews that are saying it's too small to be a stand entertainment center, that's not even what it's marketed as. So if you're going into this purchase with that in mind please look for an actual tv bench/entertainment center. Pictures I've attached to the review should hopefully let you figure out it's size, or just reading the products dimensions. :)
review image review image
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on July 8, 2016
Very easy to assemble, good quality and even better price. I really like that it has wheels so it's easy to move around. I've had it for about a year and a half now and it looks just like when I bought it.

Recently, I decided I want to replace it with a bigger TV stand because I prefer the TV to be higher up (eye level) and I also wanted my TV stand to have drawers. I'm still rating this 5-stars though. It served it's purpose and I would definitely recommend it if you are on a budget. My boyfriend was so disappointed to see it go that I had to re-purpose it as a shoe rack. It is now sitting in the closet with 6 pairs of shoes on it and everyone's happy!

I would recommend it to friends and would also recommend Convenience Concepts products. I've tried some of their other stuff and I've always been happy with my purchase.
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on May 10, 2016
I bought this because I have a TV stand that's a little lower and I had acquired a center channel speaker. There wasn't room to place the center channel without blocking the TV.

This stand is just big enough to hold the base of a 55" Samsung Television. It does feel just the tiniest bit wobbly, but I've had the TV sitting on it for months now with no issues. A Polk Center Channel speaker fits comfortably inside the stand with a little space all the way around.

As an added benefit television is a little more comfortable to watch now that the TV is a little higher.

If you need the entire surface to be flat you might have a little trouble as the plastic end-caps that hold the supports in place don't fit flush against the surface. They're raised up a little. My 55" television stand only brushes against them but doesn't sit on top of them, so it still works really well for my application.

Sure beats spending $300+ on a new Entertainment Unit!
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