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on January 16, 2018
Do not buy this mount based upon the 20,000+ reviews. The vendor has changed the mount so it is not the same one that received all of the reviews. It's shady at the very least to change the product significantly and keep the old reviews.

I've been buying the old mount since 2014 and have installed 11 or 12 of them in office conference rooms. A few days ago I went to my order history and clicked on the link to reorder the mount. The mount that arrived, while usable, is not the same mount that has been sold in the past. It is inferior in several ways, most of which have already been pointed out in other recent reviews.

First, they changed the size of the surface that bolts to the wall. That surface used to be 20" wide, now it is 16" wide. This means that unless you are installing to 16" on center studs you are out of luck and will need to install on a backboard.

Second, the mount only pulls out from the wall 16". The old design pulled out 24". This is handy if you are mounting in a corner.

Third, the tilt setting used to have a quick release lever which made the tilt adjustment easy. This now has screws to adjust the tilt and they are harder to reach.

With these design changes the mount is useless for my application. I sent it back and will try another brand.
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on June 9, 2016
I used to install TVs for people professionally, so I have used many different mounting systems. I was looking for something cheap, but reliable to hang a 50" LG 50LA6200 LCD TV. I looked at a lot of options both on Amazon as well as elsewhere before settling in this one. I am happy that I did!

For starters, this comes with EVERYTHING that you could possible need to hang your TV, with the exception of a #2 phillips head screwdriver and a drill. Included are a complete assortment of screws, bolts and washers (all neatly organized and labeled in individual packets), a double-sided spanner wrench, a very nice magnetic level, and even a 10' HDMI cable. The instructions say to use the "optional" expansion kit for larger TVs. Usually, this is code for "kit not included." I was pleasantly surprised to find that that was not the case here. For once, the "optional" kit was actually included!

Installation was a breeze for me, even without instructions since I already know how this works, but I found the instructions relatively easy to follow for those who need them. All of the various configurations for the expansion arms can get confusing, but just try each one until you find the right setup for your TV.

There is one change to the instructions that I highly suggest, however. The instructions say to drill a 7/32" pilot hole into the stud for each mounting bolt. Then screw the bolt in with a phillips head screwdriver. When I first mounted this (I wound up moving it shortly thereafter), I followed the suggestions for the pilot hole. Sure enough the screw did thread in easily... a little TOO easily. The second hole from the top actually stripped out and I was not putting much force behind the screwdriver at all! When I moved this to the other side of the room, I decided to go with a smaller pilot bit. I used a 3/16" bit instead. Granted, you are not going to thread the bolt in with a screwdriver - you will need a 10mm socket - but doing it this way, those bolts are not going anywhere! You could probably get away with a 13/64" bit, but to really protect your expensive TV, I would want all of the bite I could get!

I also found that the inside diameter of one of the washers was a smidge too small for the bolt to go through. I just enlarged it with a round needle file, but since they don't include any spares, if you don't have a file or another washer laying around, you'll need to get one. Just thought I'd throw that out there in the interest of full disclosure.

Once this was installed, I was impressed with not only the sturdiness, but also with the complete range of motion. This is fully articulated. You can put your TV pretty much anywhere you want to. The only thing it can't do is move your TV up or down, although you can tilt it to a certain degree.
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on March 14, 2016
So I was very skeptical of this product when I first looked at it, lots of people saying it would tear out of the wall shortly after installation and all that. Lemme tell you, they just did it wrong or like complete idiots; you do no use dry-wall mounts for a heavy TV, possibly a lighter TV, and I can not stress the word "Light" enough. No one should be using dry-wall mounts in the first place, they are not reliable... plain and simple.

Anyways, back to my experience with the product. I have it mounted above my Xbox One about 4 feet off the ground. I mounted to a stud in the wall and right after that, my roommate who weighs around 150 LBS hung off of it for about 5 seconds at the base and it didn't even budge; now that's a tough wall mount if I ever saw one! I put my 40" Samsung TV on the mount, and I can extend/swivel/angle/tilt it however I want.

The gear it comes with is pretty high quality and especially the level. For an add on to the product the level is pretty decent for it's designed purpose. The packaging is well done and the parts are all labeled well and accordingly. Make sure you use washers on the outside of the mount before you put the TV adapter on your TV, they will save you a lot of grief.

I've had this wall mount for a month so I felt pretty confident in writing a review. I'll add some pictures to let you know the range of motion as well as how the TV looks how I attached the adapter and the part where it's mounted to the wall. I can sit specifically off to the side and enjoy the TV along, I can turn it to look at my PC area so I can play while I talk to friends on Skype or other chat programs and I can turn it to look at my bed and I can enjoy Neflix or Hulu as I lay in bed, nice and cozy.

I hope you all enjoyed my review, it's been a blast and I'll be willing to answer any questions you might have.
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on March 2, 2015
8/28/2017 UPDATE: The review and the pictures below are accurate for the TV mount I purchased on 01/26/2015. From the comments I am getting for the past 6 months, it seems that the seller might have changed the product since, and my review and pictures might not match the current product. That is not under my control, seller should have created a new listing for the new product but chose instead to use the same listing because of the 19000+ reviews posted. So please don't blame it on me, I'm just a customer that wrote a review to the product I received back in 2015.

Original review written on 03/02/2015:

Bought it to mount 3 LED TVs (2x65", 1x50") in an office, chose this model mostly because of the lockable feature. I didn't use the included lag bolts because of the poor quality complaints in previous reviews. I didn't want to take the chance to strip the included bolts so I bought 5/16-9 2-1/2 lag bolts from Lowes (item 63396) and a box of 1/4" Toggler bolts (Lowes item 118084). On one of the 65" TVs and the 50" TV, the 2x4 studs were spaced perfectly and I was able to mount them using 4 lag bolts each. On the other 65" TV, the stud was about 2" off center so I put 2 lag bolts in the stud and 4 toggler bolts in the left and right most holes. I put my entire weight (200 lbs) on each mount half way extended and they held up just fine. Here are the pros and cons:

1. Good quality mount
2. Ability to adjust the horizontal leveling (plus/minus 6 deg)
3. Lockable mount with 5 mm holes. Most pad locks you can find in stores have 6 mm shackle diameter, but I found the Master Lock 131Q has 5 mm locks and it fit just right.
4. 10 ft HDMI cable included
5. Long arms give you the option of moving the TV in almost any position.

1. There is nothing to stop the TV from sliding from one way to the other on the two horizontal bars. That would screw up the horizontal alignment every time the TV is moved. Not sure how they didn't think about this. I used some black duct tape to prevent that. I could have drilled holes in the horizontal bars and put some screws in but duck tape was faster.
2. I wish I could have been able to use zip ties to route the cable on the wall side from the lower side to the upper side or the mount, but there are no holes to get the zip ties in.

Very happy with the purchase overall, would buy again in a heartbeat.

You can see how it looks with a 65" TV attached in the pictures below.

review imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on April 17, 2017
Let me just start by saying while I was really Blown Away by the quality of this TV wall mount that I had got from my garage to hang a 50 inch TV up instead of having it on a bench I had out there. So I was pretty anxious to open it up and try it I was actually really surprised on how much weight the product itself actually has the bracket on him seems very well-constructed everything seem to be very sturdy and not flimsy. So once I figured out where the studs were and mark them with the stud finder it was really easy to install and maybe took me 30 minutes to install it it took me longer to find the right bit to install the lag bolts into the wall. I was kind of nervous when installing it because this is the first wall mount I've ever installed by myself. I was actually really surprised at how easy it was. my 50-inch really isn't that heavy of a TV I was able to install it by myself with no help and hold the TV up why I got the bracket into place for the tv to be mounted on. Also I like how it's really easy to the TV swivels and hold the TV pretty securely as well. Overall I would definitely recommend this wall mount to anybody out there considering getting one this one's definitely worth the money and also a lot cheaper than some of the other ones I seen on there you can read some of the other reviews that converts for have a great this product actually is.

If you have any questions about this wall mount feel free to ask me also if you felt my review to be helpful please check this was helpful... Thanks!
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We have a 40 inch Roku TV and this was bought to go with it. The instructions are easy to follow and it wasn't difficult to mount on the wall after finding the stud, except for the fact that the screws that came with it break easily and we had to find replacements. Once it was up on the wall, it was easy from there. There is a lip that the television sits on that is easy to click into place and then two screws that hod it in. It has a tilt function and the arm is nice and long so it can me moved around wherever you need it to be. It kinda reminds me of the ones you see at hospitals, where you can swing it out over a bed or other piece of furniture.

Overall, this was an easy installation and a good choice.
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on February 7, 2018
Installing the ML531BE is an intermediate level do-it-yourself project. Those with less arm/hand strength will need another person to help.

I used it for a 32" Samsung television (Model UN32J4002AF)

The ML531BE seems well made. It comes with almost everything you need to install it, plus some cool extras such as a small level and a 10 ft HDMI cable. A 5/32 inch drill bit should have been included in the package. If they can include a 10 ft HDMI cable and a level, why not a drill bit?

The mount was installed into wooden studs covered with drywall. It was kinda difficult getting the screws into the wall by hand. The instructions warn not to use a power tool to install the screws and other reviewers have stated that screw heads broke off during installation.

The flat plate on the wall mount (that attaches to the plate on the back of the TV) was slightly higher on one side which caused the TV to look crooked. The wall mount was installed perfectly level, so it was a manufacturing defect. To remedy that, I adjusted the plate on the back of the TV to be slightly higher on one side.

The joints are tight and must be loosened to allow them to move easily for custom adjustment (small wrenches are provided for that purpose).

The TV plate partially covered some of the component AV ports on my TV (Samsung #UN32J4002AF) - but I won't be using them so it's not an issue.

For the price (much lower than the big box stores) this is a very good TV wall mount.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon December 1, 2017
So I know you probably might be hesitating right now like I was, wondering if this little thing will be strong enough to support, and hold my TV. I have a 50 inch Tv, and just got a new place, so I wanted to really impress people by wall mounting my Tv. So I purchased this mount, never having mounted a Tv before in my life, but it was Amazon best choice, so I said hey this is probably really good. A few days later its on my front steps. I literally **** myself. WOW! this thing was heavy, but really minimalist (sleek/small).But their was no way I was gonna pay that much money to get my Tv wall mounted, so I did what any sane person would do, I set off to the internet. So a bunch of tutorials later, and I felt prepared. Borrowed a drill from a friend, and went to work. Let me tell you that no video can prepare you for what it actually feels like to drill into your own wall, and keep in mind this was my new place (1 month old). Oh and a little advice before I keep going. There is a stud (you can drill there) on either side of a wall outlet, just a really helpful hint. Oh and make sure to pre-drill your holes. Basically just drill in the screw to make the hole, so it makes it way easier when you put up the mount. Oh, and I swear this is the last time I stop. The legs or the little things sticking out of the square don't have to be arranged the way the instruction says. I put mine on to accommodate the back of my tv since the way on the instructions didn't work for me, beacause the back of it wasn't a perfect square. Just so you guys don't have the same panic attack I did. So when you finally do get the pre-drilling done, get a friend, probably two. So once you have the mount on get your friends to hold it up to where you predrilled your holes, and start screwing in the screw. Start with the top one, so you can use the leveler they give you to make sure that it's leveled if it's not then level it. After that screw the bottom one in, and bam your done. Ok so this next part I did it for my own peace of mind. When I wall mounted it I got both my friends to hold underneath the tv in case it feel. I quickly held onto the mount, and hung on it for five secounds mabye more, and let go. It didn't even budge. I weigh 135 pounds plus the weight of my tv, so after that I was pretty confident that it would hold. It may sound complicated, but it's really not. If your thinking about it, do it! you won't regret it. It looks amazing!!! Plus the swivel is, so so cool! Being able to move your tv to the left a bit, or just pull it completely out, and turn it will impress everyone, and you. Wall mounting your tv may seem scary, and you may think risky. But trust me it'll be a lot more simpler than you think, and if your still hesisitant then hang on it for a few secounds once your done wall mounting it. I swear once you see, and test it you won't be the least bit scared. And last thing before I finish this can get really flush to wall, so you can barely see it's wall mounted which is a huge thumbs up from me!

And if you found this useful in anyway hit that helpful button for me. Have a great day !
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on January 29, 2016
 After pricing these mounts out at the local brick and mortar electronics superstores and nearly falling over in shock, we found these moderately priced beauties here on Amazon to mount two 32" sets in the kids' rooms. They're actually quite nice. They're painted flat black over steel, and have some good girth to them, so I don't see any issues with holding the weight securely. And they've got a nice tilt adjustment too. When pushed all the way back to the wall, there's ample room for cabling, but they're still pretty close to the wall - I'd say about an inch, maybe two tops, hardly noticeable in most situations. There is a surprisingly large amount of bolts included that should fit just about any type of popular flat screen television. Also, there is a small plastic level that will help you install this properly. Installation was easy - pre-drill then mount the first screw into a stud, and level off the next ones. There is plenty of room to tuck your cables into a hole in the wall if you want to drop them a few feet below. The separate bracket screws directly on the back of your flat panel, then slips on the mount and is secured with two small screws. There's even an HDMI cable included - ours was 6' long. Great deal for the price with lots of added surprises.
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This VideoSecu TV Wall Mount is fairly easy to setup (with an extra set of hands), provides tilt and swivel functionality, and is also a great value. Here are my observations:

Needed for standard wall mounting, but not included; Stud Finder, Drill, 7/32 Drill Bit, Hex Wrench Set, Socket Set or Adjustable Wrench, and a Philips Head Screwdriver

+ Strong; easily supports my 36-pound TV
+ Easy Setup; with my teen son's help, we had this up on the wall and the TV mounted in well under 30 minutes
+ Adjustable; allows TV to pull away from the wall, swivel to the left and right, and tilt up and down
+ Hardware; comes with all the mounting hardware likely to be needed
+ HDMI Cable; includes a good quality 10' HDMI cable

+ Tricky Tilt Adjustment; to get the final leveling after the TV is mounted, it may be required to adjust two screws with a Hex Wrench

This is much better quality than expected for the relatively low cost of this sturdy and well made mount.

Highly Recommended!

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