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on April 9, 2012
I admit it, for years I was too cheap to buy an apple peeler because I only make a few apple pies a year. I figured a paring knife did the job well enough for the amount of times I needed to peel them. Then this past fall came along and we had so many apple picking outings that I decided to make a lot of apple sauce. That's when I caved to the allure of another kitchen doohickey. All I can say is I should have caved sooner.

This toy looking gadget peels the apples incredibly fast. The down side to this is that I am making more apple pies then ever before and my husband says he is getting fat. I decided on this one because of the reviews and the price, and I'm really glad I took a chance on it. The peeler comes with three blades so it should last a good long while. When it is done peeling, there is only a tiny bit of skin left near the very top and bottom. As you can see from the product picture the skin that comes off is wider than the ones done from typical peelers. I prefer the wider skin because they are tastier to eat and they are great for use in candied apple peels.

The down side to this product is that the peeler looks like a child's toy and the core slicer that comes with it is on the cheap side and doesn't work well. I prefer to cut up the apple with a knife anyway, because I prefer large chunks of apples in my pies.

The handle of the unit comes off so that the peeler stores in a smaller box. Don't forget to save the plastic caps that sit on the spikes and on the blades for safer storage. Have fun baking and feel free to leave a recipe in the comments section so I have an excuse to peel more apples, my kids fight over who gets to turn the handle so I'm always looking for another use for peeled apples.

Edited to add: I uploaded a video of my oldest using the peeler, it's actually easier than he made it look - I think he was nervous being on camera. As you can see my middle guy is just insane - but in a good way.
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on November 25, 2016
 I thought that I wrote a review of this thing last year when I got one for my wife as a present. I guess I forgot....
In short, this thing works great. My wife loves it...see the video for proof of that:-)
She just used it a few days ago to peel not only apples but a large bag of small potatoes. Saved a ton of time.

I would say that you need to be careful of the blade and the sharp prongs that stick into whatever you are peeling.

Best kitchen gadget ever:-)
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on October 17, 2016
This little plastic thing peeled 31 apples in no time. I was very happy with it. I did have a couple oddly shaped bumpy apples that it fought with, but for the price I think I can peel an apple or two with a hand peeler. I didn't want to push it too hard and break it. It saved me so much time making pies.
review image
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I have been absolutely amazed with this set. I was kind of hesitant to purchase, thinking that at such a low price (right under twelve bucks) that it might just break the first time I used it. . . but not so. . . It’s really worked quite well for my needs. There are a few things you need to know. . .

First of all, this is not for “industrial” use, as you probably can tell. But I’ve been ordering ten-pounds of apples each week from a local farmer to dry, and it’s worked really great for my “basic” needs.

There are four “spikes” you place the apple onto. You turn the crank and it turns the apple around as the spring-loaded blade cuts-off the peel. Note that you need to continue to turn in a clockwise motion and the blade will lift-up off the apple and keep going around. After the blade is up, off and away from the apple, you can remove the apple. Note that care should be taken so that you lift the apple up and keep your hand away from the blade.

This “set” comes with a corer / slicer which is not shown in the picture. The corer / slicer that I received is a fairly heavy-duty model as well. Note that it all depends upon the size shape of your apples. . . but. . I find that this peeler usually does not remove the peel on the very bottom of the apple, so I have to use a knife to manually remove it, which I don’t mind. Then when I use the corer / slicer, it will go right through to the bottom with no problem.

The peeler also comes with a couple of replacement blades.
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on November 2, 2017
Very impressed! I used to use a solid metal apple peeler I paid twice as much for at Williams Sonoma but that was always very hard to use and took as much apple as it did peel. I decided to replace it after it stopped working after a year. When this arrived, I took it out of the box and though ... what have I done?! ... because it felt so flimsy and cheap, like a toy.

I'm pleased to report just a few cranks and it removes only the skin on the apple in a matter of seconds. Much, much better than the metal version! It's so easy and it barely takes any of the apple off. The downside is that it does leave a considerable amount of peel on the top and bottom of the apple and no amount of tweaking the angles, etc. seems to help with this. Not a huge deal as I just core the apple and cut the ends with the skin off but it is kind of a waste.

The suction cups on the bottom are useless on my marble countertops and glass cutting board. I just hold the unit down while I'm cranking it. Not a big deal but it takes some getting used to as does positioning the arm near the apple.

This really should cost $5-$10 given how cheap it feels. I'm guessing that it won't last more than a year or so with light use. They do give you an extra blade but I can see the blade dulling quick and once the second one dulls, I have a feeling the whole unit will have to be replaced, with is fine but that's an awful lot of plastic going into a landfill which could be kept by offering blade replacements.

Will this last a while? Doubtful. Is it perfect? No. But it saves so much time and effort when peeling apples and imo is better than the more expensive and more prone to stop working metal version.
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Top Contributor: Cookingon September 29, 2017
Very handy gadget. I have about 3 of the more expensive peelers, but they don't compare to this one in speed of peeling my apples. Although this doesn't spiral slice it, it comes with an 8 section corer/slicer. I wipe the unit clean, I would not submerge . The suction cups I find to be hit and miss on my granite countertop, so I hold the base of the unit with my non-cranking hand and my apple peels in under 5 seconds. Apples grow in odd shapes sometimes, so I find the best way to place them on the spikes is to direct the core straight above the spikes. Even if the apple is wide on one side, it still peels well. It sometimes leaves small pieces of skin on, but I just cut it off afterwards. The few compromises made to lose the spiral slices in my home is worth it. I certainly am happy with this purchase.
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on September 14, 2017
I absolutely love this apple peeler. It does a great job of peeling apples REALLY quickly and with minimal effort. You just spin the handle and the blade moves across the apple, peeling it in seconds. The peels are pretty wide and very thin, taking very little of the inner apple with the peel. Because of the multiple vertical prongs that hold the apples in place, all you have to do is plunk them down on them and it stays put. You don't need to apply any pressure to the machine which makes it really easy to use.

This is fairly small for a peeling device, which makes it really easy to store and also pretty portable if you need to take it on a trip. You can pop the handle off to make it more square, and both the cutting blade and the apple-holding prongs have plastic covers for safe storage. I recently took this on a camping trip to make some crockpot apples for dessert one night.

This machine peels the apples so quickly and efficiently and is super mesmerizing to watch. The people I was camping with were all super impressed with it, and I think I got more comments about how cool the peeler was than on the actual dessert I made. I peeled over fifty apples in probably about fifteen minutes. We also tried a pear but it didn't work well... the pear was super soft, and this device needs a firmer cored fruit to keep it in place. Firm pairs might work, though.

The suction cup feet do a pretty good job, but you have to make sure your surface is really dry and flat or it won't stay put quite as nicely and makes it a little harder to peel the apples.

I did notice that depending on the size and shape of the apples, this peeler does miss some skin near the very top and bottom around the core. I use an apple corer/wedge slicer, and it just cuts this little bit out anyway, so it wasn't a big deal to me, but some people may find that they don't like this tiny strip of skin left on their apples.

Overall, I highly recommend this, and actually did recommend it to the people I was camping with (though I think it spoke for itself as they watched me use it!) It's a really useful and easy-to-use device and definitely worth its small pricetag.
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on April 22, 2016
I've been using mine for a year and a half, almost daily as I chop apples for my oatmeal. I peel with this then use a corer to core and section the apple. Useful and quite slick. During the last month, I've noticed a decline in its function. The spring that keeps the blade pressed against the apple has weakened, so the blade skips unless I use a third hand (one on the crank, another holding the base) to apply a little pressure. Further, the blade has dulled and who knows where the extra blade went after a year and a half and two moves?! So I need a replacement peeler, and I'm going to try something else -- something hopefully with a higher customer rating, and it would be nice if the blades were replaceable. at this price, I'd say this peeler doesn't owe me anything -- I've gotten lots of utility and enough value for the expenditure -- but it's not one of those gizmos you'll be passing to your grandchildren -- it's got a limited life span.
Update -- I looked over the other peelers and did not like any of them, primarily because they all seem to make use of the same configuration of blade that digs too deep. I feel I'm giving up too much apple (or potato) so I changed my mind about replacing this unit for the time being. I'm thinking perhaps the spring I mentioned is behaving badly, mostly because the blade has become dulled with much use -- so I'm going to try replacing the blades before I give up on this thing.
On the manufacturer's web site, they list a customer service number where extra blades can be ordered. I'll try that and report back after I've had a chance to look at the results.
I will say that the key advantage from my perspective of this peeler is that the blade is in a holder that limits the depth of cutting. The blade is wide so that it grabs more peel with each rotation, but with very little depth, saving most of the apple.
If a new blade restores full functionality, I'm ready to give this little gadget five stars -- I really liked it that much when it was working.
More to come . . .
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on April 8, 2016
This thing works really well; it's fast and the peel is thin so it's not wasting any apple. And did I mention that it's fast? Yep, FAST. You can clean it easily - just make sure not to submerge it in water and it won't get moisture inside. There are 2 extra peeling blades included. The bonus slicer is sharp and made quick work of coring and slicing the newly peeled apple. And there's a bonus corer *only* tool that allows you to core the apple without slicing it, which could make for a lot of fun presentation scenarios to play with. There's a lot of bang for your buck here and I'm really glad I purchased it. I like it SO much better than the horizontal style peeler/corer/slicer that I had been using; it just sliced too thin to make good apple pies and crumbles, it wasn't nearly as fast and took longer to set up than the Starfrit. The Starfrit 93013 Pro-Apple Peeler with bonus corer/slicer gets my official "Cool Tool Stamp of Approval"!
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on January 29, 2018
this apple peeler is fantastic..!!! i am amazed by how easy this peels its totally effortless, the most you will have to do is wash your apples hopefully your apples are organic..! then push clean dried apples on to the the center apple holder prongs & just turn handle and one second later the apple is totally peeled very cleanly & with hardly any loss of the apple it self the peels are shaven off so thinly , unlike other apple peelers that cut deeper ridges into the apple and cut away a lot of the apple flesh , not so with this amazing apple peeler , and for the price ,it does a spectacular job..! i have made 10 apple cakes with out any pain in my hands from peeling apples , this apple peeler make peeling apples a total breeze and i would have expected it to cost a lot more for all it does , i paid $11.00 here on amazon...!!! i am so pleasantly surprised..!!!! & i give it 100 stars...!!!
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