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on February 26, 2016
My dogs' favorite Nylabone shape. It lasts for months. And for anyone who gives a hoot for a veterinarian's opinion, here goes: Nylabones are fantastic chew toys that scrape tarter, improve oral and gingival health, and occupy a dog's desire to chew. The caveat is that anything hard enough to wear down slowly over time is hard enough to break a dog's tooth. So, if you want to feed bones (anything hard, really), be ready to deal with broken teeth. If you don't want to deal with broken teeth then ONLY give incredibly soft items to play with or chew on. And if they shred/swallow soft items, be ready to have objects surgically extracted from their intestine. In summary, there is no perfect chew toy that cleans teeth, occupies their activity, can't be swallowed, and never causes broken teeth. It doesn't exist. Choose your risks based on personal preference. I, myself, prefer to offer Nylabones and see many of my clients dogs with better dental and gum health because of them.
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on February 27, 2016
I get the "wolf" size wishbone for my 12lb shih-tzu/terrier mix. It's obviously, hilariously too big for her, but she loves it soooo much and she can still carry it around and manipulate it with her paws while chewing it on the ends. I like getting the extra big nylabone because it's easier for me to supervise her chewing and make sure she doesn't choke on little pieces, which worried me with smaller bones. The bigger bone lasts much longer since she's not a strong enough chewer. After about 6-12 months when I notice the little ends beginning to fray and lift, risking to break off and cause choking, I know it's time for a new one. The time for a new one just depends on how much she's been chewing! She's on her fourth one now, and I'll happily buy her more on the future. She loves them! Hours of fun chew time! Very happy dog, very happy owner.

**I do recommend that you supervise your dog and get to know their chewing habits and chewing strength, so that you get them the appropriate size and know when to replace their nylabone. Dogs love to chew, but keep them safe with supervision and replacement as needed. :)
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on January 29, 2012
I don't particularly care for this shape/style of Nylabone because of the way it fits into my dog's mouth. It is also really thin compared to the other Nylabone chews. However, my dogs have no complaints! I have an aggressive chewer & I always purchase Nylabone products for him. It's not as durable as a KONG, but instead of rubber, it's more of a plastic material. Be prepared, because it will splinter, if you have an aggressive chewer like mine, but it's definitely worth it because it keeps him entertained. I usually have one bone for 2-4 months, depending on his interest. You can even boil them in bouillon flavor once a week to keep the flavors strong! This product is much cheaper on Amazon compared to pet stores where they sell for $10-$30 (depending on the shape/style) for the larger size.
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on March 15, 2017
How does this item gets five star? when i first opened the package, I was expecting to smell at least a bit scent. even i put my nose on it, None what so ever. I firgued since I don't have a strong enough scese like a dog, why not give it a try. I have a 9 wks old puppy who will chew just about anything. shoes, clothes, furniture. She has 2 HARTZ bacon scented rubber toys that are her favorite. She took a sniff and just walked away. never once touched it again. Later i got her a unscented cowhide and she has been chewing on that for 3 days. i purchase another Nylabone 3 pack which features 3 flavors(peanut butter, bacon and original), and i have wrote a review about that too(horrible). I will not be purchasing Nylabone brand anything. apparently they can't smell the fact that none of their chews has no scent or flavor as advertised.
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on June 30, 2015
If your dog likes to chew, I can't recommend this bone enough.

I have an 11 month old Jack Russell Terrier. She destroys every toy you give her. Stuffed toys end up all over my house and bones are gone within a few days. I've tried a number of different bones but she tears them all up pretty quickly. This one slows her down. We've had it for over a month now and she's still working on it.

The reason I recommend this over other bones is the 3 point shape. With a regular bone shape, it's not recommended to let the dog keep the bone once they have chewed off the nubs on the end. It can become a choking hazard. With this shape, the dog can safely chew the bone much longer without fear of choking (however, that's no excuse not to watch your dog with any toy).

My only complain is that sometimes she chews this so hard it causes her to bleed. She doesn't seem to care though and the blood is nothing more than a small bit of red on the bone.
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on December 11, 2016
I had been told by a vet to get something called a "rhinobone" but everything in his description led me to this. The Nylabone. We just got a new puppy and he has some very strong chewing habits. He's part border collie so he gets very bored very easily and when he gets bored, he loves to chew. We exercise him a lot and try and expel some of that energy but sometimes he will still chew on socks, shoes, kids toys, and anything he finds worthy of chewing. Now I've had dogs before and they have all had some really gnarly chewing habits. This pup seems to be no different. He no longer has all of his puppy teeth but we did start out with one of those. But that's for another review. We tried giving him real bones which are a little more dangerous but he chews everything very thoroughly so we could trust him with one. When we gave him them we thought he would just chew them really fast but it turned out that he was burying them around the backyard! So we needed different options. When we gave this to him, he wasn't too sure on what it was all about but when he started to chew it, he couldn't stop. And he never tried to bury it. It has been his favorite thing to chew for months. And his teeth stay so clean because it actually works as a dental chew. I've never had anything that works as well as this bone. And this pup prefers it over almost everything (except tennis balls). He chews and chews and chews and only recently did it start to give way to shape. But it doesn't break into chunks so I don't have to constantly be watching him to make sure he doesn't swallow and choke any clumps that come off. It is one of the best purchases I've made so far and it has outlasted his other Kong toy. I've just recently bought another because it's "fraying" (for lack of a better description) just a little bit too much. I'm purchasing 3 more bones of different flavors because this is the best thing I've ever experienced for dogs.
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Enthusiast: Petson December 10, 2016
My dog can destroy any toy, when she gets a new toy it's almost as if her brain goes "challenge accepted". So I have been in the market looking for the perfect toy that wouldn't result in landing itself in a trash bin the same day it arrives. I have purchased so many toys and so many brands that claim to be for extreme chewers, all have failed the test except this one. This is a tough toy, to be honest I'm not sure my dog enjoys it because it is so hard. She chews it with the intention of wanting to destroy the thing, every chew results in a little whimper followed by another chew and so on and so on. So far it has held up to my dog. It's literally the first toy ever that has lasted more than 24 hours in this house. I would recommend this brand to a friend.
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Over the years, our pooches have gone through scads of Nylabones...all different shapes and flavors. For the past several years, though, I only buy the more durable types after hearing of some of the potential problems like choking or bowel obstruction. I recently ordered two Nylabone Dura Chews for my large shepherd. One was a bacon-flavored hollow stick and the other was this regular-flavor wishbone. My big guy is a bit coordination-challenged when he's trying to hold a bone with his paws while he chews on it. He'll even bring one of the chews over to a family member to try to get them to hold it while he gnaws the end. Not spoiled at all. I'd hoped that the three protruding parts of the wishbone would make it easier for him to hold it himself. Problem is, though, that he has absolutely NO interest in it. He's completely crazy about the hollow stick Dura Chew; but even when I put it and his other favorite toys away, he still won't take the wishbone. His older terrier sister is usually not allowed to have Nylabones because she's a chew-maniac and can destroy (and eat) them quickly. I "tested" the wishbone chew with her to see if she'd do her usual fast snatch-and-destroy with it. I've never seen her turn one down; but she wouldn't even take it from my hand when coaxed. Since there are other positive reviews, it actually sort of makes me wonder if something is just wrong with the batch that ours came from. I left it laying out on the floor for several weeks. Both dogs walked around it to avoid it. I vacuumed around it. Finally tossed it out.

The only other issue that I have with it and the much-loved hollow stick Dura Chew is the size labeling. I bought both chews in the "Wolf Size" assuming that they would be the best option for my 100 lb fellow. It turns out that the wolf-size is for 35 pounds and under (small wolf?). Anyhoo, while I think they might want to change their confusing size labeling, this one is my fault for just assuming without checking it out further.
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on October 17, 2012
We've tried every kind of toy we could find, up to and including "Deer Antlers!" Yep, real ones, sold at our pet store. While it's true our Goldie was unable to make a dent in the antler, she also lost interest in it rather quickly. Other toys? Faggetaboudit! We tried a toy made from "tires." Took her five minutes to chew that to pieces. Squeak toys? Fuzz everywhere in no time at all, with her ending up chewing on the squeaker, which we managed to get away from her before she swallowed it. Finally we tried one of these Nylabone Dura Chew Wishbone Chew Toys, and... amazingly, it's still in one piece. In fact, she loved it so much our older dog, who NEVER bothers playing with toys, was attracted to it and began chewing on it. A few days later I had to buy another one to keep peace in our doggy family. This is a GREAT toy for a dog who likes to eat everything she comes in contact with (oh yeah, including throw rugs, dryer sheets, and assorted other unmentionables). Nylabone, congrats on making a WONDERFUL product!!!!!!!
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on August 5, 2015
I bought the up to 35 lb. size bone for my 14 pound dog thinking it would last him a long time. He definitely loves this bone but after only 3 1/2 months a third of it is gone. I don't love that my dog has ingested that much plastic.. Disappointed it's not as durable as I hoped. I can't imagine it would last more than a few weeks for a 35 lb. dog..
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