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on June 12, 2010
I have been a professional chef for over twenty years and have always reserved my good quality knives for use at work. I have had a few budget sets for home use over the years (since I worked a lot I didn't do enough cooking at home to justify spending $200-$300 for a high quality block set for the house). When I saw this set on Amazon, I was very skeptical; and as a chef, I really didn't want a set of "Ginsu" knives sitting on my counter. So I researched these knives on several different sites and decided to give them a try.
I am extremely satisfied with the performance of these knives and I am recommending them to all of my aquaitances. I was truly shocked to get such a high quality set of knives with great such great weight, strength, and balance for under $120.
Buy these knives.
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on October 2, 2015
These are by far the best knives I have ever owned and I have owned sets that cost 3 times as much. I was worried about the quality because of the Ginsu name and so far I'm very impressed. Have had them now for several months and have not had to sharpen the knives at all....they stay very sharp The wife loves them. If your like me....someone that just wants a quality product at a good price then get these knives. Unless you plan on spending thousands on kitchen knives (because that's what it would take to improve over these) with these you can't go wrong. We had a house fire and lost everything and these knives were by far our best replacement purchase. A major upgrade from the $300.00 set of Hinkles we had. They stay sharp!
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on January 7, 2015
My wife loves it. They look and feel quality.
Some reviews complained about the diner knives because they're made in a cheaper way (formed) than the larger knives that are forged.
I expected them to look like cheap knives I'd had previously, however they don't look cheap like other formed knives, so I'm not sure what the others concerns are. I suppose as long as your not using your steak-knives to saw through cans, these should meet your needs.
Ginsu does offer a COMFORT GRIP version - those are likely more comfortable for dicing & cutting than these sloped handles; I wanted to get those, but I wanted a bread knife and there is no Comfort Grip set with the bread knife. Regardless, Consumer Reports gave this a BEST BUY and it certainly is since it beat out many $200+ knife sets. We like it. We'd buy it again.
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on June 20, 2016
These knives are OK. I sharpen them everytime I wash them to keep them ready to go. I purchased these knives for the name hoping they would last forever. The block is tall so I usually have to move the block out away from the cabinets to use them. Also, they are not dishwasher friendly. The handles tend to dull when placed in the dishwasher so I recommend hand washing these items. Finally, the steak knives aren't serrated so if they aren't kept sharp you could face some issues cutting meats.
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on March 11, 2017
I purchased these as a Christmas present for my boyfriend, to replace a set of hand-me-down J.A. Henckles knives. We adore these knives. They've made cooking so much more enjoyable, and slicing and dicing has never been easier. Having the honing tool in the block makes it easy to make sure they stay razor sharp. The only downside is that you have to wash and dry them immediately, but seeing as I only paid $89 for them when they were a prime deal, I'm not complaining. I also purchased the Ginsu butcher knife to accompany these. I would highly recommend these.
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on January 11, 2017
These knives are the best knives I have ever used. The weight of them fits like a glove in my hand. The handle is better than having wood or metal. They are so sharp that my husband accidently cut himself when he touched the blade when drying it. Looks great on the counter. I would definitely tell everyone to buy it. I did get it on sale but they are so great that I would pay full price now.
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on February 27, 2016
Best set of knives I've ever owned. Very nice feel, balance, and overall quality. Caught them on sale and am super stoked. I fully recommend buying the optional forged version of the Chikara steak knives and replacing the cheaper steak knives that come in this set. It is well worth the extra $ to have an all-forged set of 19 knives. The only drawback to my new setup is the difficult choice of which beautiful knife to use next! Also...I just cut a raw London Broil into thin slices for beef jerky with the Chef's knife for the first time...with one single motion it slid through it so easily and smoothly that I had to laugh out loud.
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on June 30, 2013
I purchased the Ginsu 7112 Chikara 12-piece Cutlery set as a Christmas gift for my wife in 2012. After using the set for a year I can tell you that I was impressed with the knives balance and how the set held its edge. The knives did remain really sharp with quarterly sharpening using the Chefs Choice Diamond Hone 4623 sharpener. I would have recommended this product until after 7 months or so I noticed rust spots on 2 of my steak knives. We take excellent care of our utensils and always follow the instructions in the user's manual i.e.: no dishwasher or harsh detergents, the set is washed and dried after each use etc...
The reason I edited my review and changed my rating from 4 stars to 1 star was that less than a month ago one of the steak knives blades (one that was rusted) actually broke right off. To compound the problem I went to The Ginsu website to notify them about the issue and was told that the only way they would replace the knife was to have me ship the broken knife back to them along with $5.00. I wasn't happy with the so called "lifetime warranty".
For the reasons listed above I was very unhappy with Ginsu and the Cutlery set which leads me to not recommending this product.
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on May 31, 2016
I have bought three different sets of these (everytime we have moved). Every set we have purchased has been poorer quality than the last. They used to be really sharp, heavy knives. Now, they are really cheap and don't cut through much. I will have to look for a different brand next time. So sad, as the first set I owned was amazing...
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on October 2, 2016
I purchased these knives on the strength of previous reviews. They certainly live up to their reputation! I love the variety of knives in this set--I always have the right knife for the job! I keep mine sharp by washing and drying them immediately after use. Be careful because they are very sharp!
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