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on June 10, 2013
I am no audiophile but my wife is ;) She really loved the clarity of the sound the way the music comes alive though these speakers. I like the booms from the subwoofer, but the part that I liked the most about these speakers is the price (vs performance)and the easy mounting options on them. I liked the fact they included the M4 threaded slot on the back apart from the key hole. This gave a really secure and firm grip when mounted on the VideoSecu speaker mounts. I use it with Sony STR-DN1040 receiver and I am very happy with these speakers. Since I have not used a lot of other speakers I wont say much about the comparative performance of this speaker set. But I can say that the sound is great, real nice style and very nice finish all at amazing price. You have many more reviews on amazon from experienced guys that give these speakers a high five. The reason I bought these speakers was because of the CNET review and couple of other online reviews. These speakers have stayed on top for more than 4yrs so I guessed they should be great anyway and no regrets. One note is if you are planning to put them on a wall then i think it is best to use wall speaker mounts for the 4 satellites because they have the bass port in the back.

My Setup:-
Speakers: Energy 5.1 Take Classic Home Theater System (Set of Six, Black) (I Paid 299$ on Amazon)
Receiver: Sony STR-DN1040 7.2 Channel 1050-Watt A/V Receiver (Paid $449 on rakuten/buy)
Speaker Wire: RCA AH16100SR 100 Ft. 16-Gauge Speaker Wire
Banana Plugs: Sewell Direct SW-29863-12 Deadbolt Banana Plugs, 12-Pair(26$ NOTE: Cannot use banana plugs on the speaker side without Speaker mounts)
Speaker Mounts: Videosecu 6 Black Satellite Studio Speaker Mounts / Brackets for Walls and Ceilings 1UP(19$) (needed some grinding to fit the speaker but works great for the price)

Some amazon reviewers mentioned break in period but i think the sound is great already out of the box have to see how it sounds in a few weeks or months.

The Speakers very much accept banana plugs unlike some reviewers believe on amazon. Just need to pop the red and black plastic stubs on one end of the metal caps of the tightening post . I use them and I have uploaded a pic showing how to do it(i think it is the 26th picture of 27)

A special note here anyone looking for mounts for this speaker in a small budget. I have used VideoSecu Mount on Amazon and I really liked it. It is not the best mount or greatest or finest but it is the best at the price(6 for 19$). If you are interested in this mount I would recommend you read my below review for the mounts this might be helpful because there are a couple things you need to know about these cheap and good mounts.
Product Link is above in My Setup Section
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on July 10, 2016
Did a ton of research and read a lot of glowing reviews about this set before ordering, and I have to say I'm very impressed and happy!

This set replaces the 7.1 speakers which came with my Onkyo home theater in a box which you can see here:

My pre-HDMI, 10 year old Onkyo receiver is still doing fine, but I've never really been 100% satisfied with the speakers which were packaged with it. The Energy 5.1 Take Classic 5.1 system is AMAZING to my critical ears! The 4 small satellites are all identical, so you know the sound coming from the rear will be every bit as bright and full as the front. The Onkyo satellites, while larger, and seemingly more capable in appearance, were muddy by comparison. The Onkyo surrounds had only a single speaker, so background sounds were limited to whatever that midrange cone could muster.

The center speaker contains the same driver array as the satellites, but has two forward facing ports instead of a single rear facing port like the satellites have. This allows more dynamic range pushing forward where dialog and most of your movie's sound will come from. All the Energy satellites have a clear and bright presence.

Although this 5.1 system replaces a 7.1 setup, I don't miss the extra 2 rears one bit. The two Energy surround satellites have much more rear presence than the four larger Onkyo surrounds ever did. I no longer have to walk over to the surrounds to confirm they're doing anything. I'm hearing incidental music and effects from the rear I never heard before! In the beginning in Monsters Inc, where we're first brought into the company's front door, in between the characters' conversations, I can hear the unmistakable sound of the building's air conditioning system in the background! Something I never knew was there before! I have to watch all my old favorite movies and experience them all over again!

The bass speaker is the real star of the show here. My living room is about 18 feet by 16 feet and opens into the dining area, which then turns a corner into the kitchen, so the Energy speakers have a lot of floor to cover and air to fill. Don't let the fact that the bass has an eight inch down firing speaker fool you. This baby rocks the entire house! It's smaller than the Onkyo bass it replaced, but never have I had such satisfying, deep tones and surprisingly full rumbles coming from my movies before getting the Energy system! Whether it's the mighty, slow-motion on screen progression of a Star Wars battleship, or the ultimate deep bass of my favorite tunes, this diminutive bass speaker is an absolute delight to have in the home. Deep, deep bass can be heard throughout my 1200 square foot home - again, something I've never had before, and something I thought would require spending 3 times or more the price.

It took only a few minutes to set up the Energy speakers since I already had the room wired from the previous set. The Onkyo receiver allows me to manually tune volume for each speaker - no automatic mic system here. The Onkyo receiver's speaker calibration allows speaker settings from 1 to 12. I kept all the smaller cubes at 9 and had to lower the bass from the previous set's setting of 10 down to 9. I then had to lower the treble from 8 to 6 and kept the bass at 4. I then adjusted the Energy bass low pass filter knob between 90 and 100hz. This seemed an optimal balance between the bass and the satellites. Too much higher and vocals start sounding a little boomy. I set the Energy bass level knob to 7 (out of 12 - so I guess Onkyo isn't alone with using "12" as a maximum speaker calibration) which gives me just enough punch and boom without exaggerating the bass. If you wanted to pump this puppy up because you want to rattle the windows, go right ahead and crank it to 12! I tend to like a more balanced setting which only shows its surprising deep ends when the music or the movie calls for it. I keep the bass power on automatic. Its little blue front facing LED light stays on during use, and turns off after about 15 minutes or so of sensing no sound being sensed. I have it sitting about a foot from the left front corner of my living room. It's tucked behind the side couch's end table, so I'm not bothered by the blue light (as some have complained here).

I would absolutely recommend the Energy 5.1 Take Classic system to anyone with a receiver and critical ear. Your music will finally satisfy you and your movies will surprise you. Take the time to adjust the setup correctly. There is some crucial knob turning on the bass module to balance with whatever settings your receiver allows. You'll be getting up and down from your couch quite a few times during the first few days to make slight adjustments - this is to be expected with any new system, but the rewards are definitely there. Energy's manual recommends a break-in period where they suggest playing wide dynamic music at normal listening levels throughout the first 50 hours. While I understand the need (speakers are moving objects whose glue, mounts, and foam will change their shape, and thus their sound, somewhat as they loosen up after first being used), I would say you'd be fine just playing them as often as you can in the first few days. If you have a very critical ear, you may find the need to make a few more adjustments during and after the break-in period completes. Again, this is normal. I could not be happier with my purchase, and highly recommend this speaker system to anyone with a love for excellent sound.
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on December 12, 2014
I consider myself as a veteran home theater enthusiast. Having worked for 5 years part time for Circuit City before they went under as a Home Theater Sales Associate. I’ve had the unique opportunity to review and test a wide range of speakers. I owned high end Infinity Kappa speakers for the longest time, but ended up giving them to my brother-in-law when we moved to a new house. I went for over 2 years suffering with a cheap Sony home Theater-in-a-box that sounded muddy and downright….well….cheap. I finally saw Amazon put these speakers on sale for $299 so I bought 2 sets of them (I’ll explain why in a moment).
A little about my system. I watch a lot of Blu-ray movies in hi-def surround formats and we have a PS3, Xbox One, and a Wii-U integrated into my system as well. There is also a Grand Videoke TKR371MP as a top of the line wireless Karaoke system that my wife uses that also outputs hi-def audio on certain song choices. I use Verizon Fios as my cable provider. I purchased 2 of these Energy systems because I wanted to do a 7.2 setup in my man cave. The extra speakers left over will hopefully someday be integrated into a 9.2 Dolby Atmos setup down the road.

Here is my unbiased review of these speakers:
a. The sound quality is much better than I had expected them to be. I have a slight hearing disability so dialog from the center channel is difficult sometime for me to hear, especially on cable TV. The Energy’s center speaker is crystal clear on all sources and I have yet to struggle with any dialog. Even my Infinity’s were not this clear and they cost thousands more!
b. The blend between the subs and the satellites is the best I’ve encountered for a system in this class. I’ve tested similar sized systems from Polk, Infinity (TSS Series), Definitive, and JBL. None blended so seamlessly as this Energy system does. You must set your volume on the sub to the mid-way point and set the cutoff frequency to 110hz, then do the auto calibration with your receiver. I have an older Sony STR-DH-810 and I hate the auto calibration DCAC that Sony uses. I much prefer Audyssey, but had to use what I got for now. With the Sony DCAC I still had to do a few minor manual tweaks here and there, especially on surround levels (there was a bias of too much volume on the left side). I fully intend on getting a new Denon next year once they finally work out the HDCP 2.2 issues for 4K, so I can calibrate these with the Audyssey XT32 calibration system instead.
c. The two 8 inch subs put out cleaner and tighter bass than my 12 inch infinity sub ever did. Put the new Godzilla in during the Honolulu airport scene and you will know exactly what I am talking about.
d. The satellites are small and easy to position around the room. I recommend putting them on dedicated wall mounts so that the bass tube on the back of the speakers can breathe. You can wall mount them flush with a nail as there is a key hole slot on each speaker including the center, but for best performance, let them breathe a little away from the wall.
e. They work very well for both music and movies! Something that many speakers can’t do (it’s either one or the other). I listen to a lot of 80’s metal so guitar work is the focus when listening to music. I listen more for the guitar work from the likes of Randy Rhoades, Zakk Wylde, Jake E. Lee, and especially George Lynch, so I wanted speakers that could handle this type of music. The Energy’s did not disappoint!
f. If you’re into the karaoke thing, they will pleasantly surprise you. We had my Karaoke system hooked up to an Onkyo system and a Bose Lifestyle system at two different friend's houses and my Energy’s smoked the competition on voice clarity and overall sound quality from both the background music and the singers voice (disclaimer: They will not make you a better singer. If you can’t sing, there is no speaker on earth that will help you….trust me, this is me! I don’t sing, remember, it’s my wife’s system not mine….see autotune for help on that).
g. If you want that IMAX feeling in your man cave. Definitely do the 7.2 setup if your receiver will allow, you will be totally blown away! The 2 subs combined with the processing of the extra back channels of the 7.2 system will put you right in the movie, literally.
h. Construction of the actual speaker modules (tweeter and the midrange) are superb and look and feel like they would last forever. The housing is ok but nothing to wright home about. It is durable enough that you don’t have to worry too much about scratches or peeling, but it is a laminate/pressboard finish so definitely not indestructible. My infinities were real wood so I guess I got spoiled a little. Energy does make higher end speakers with better material but you will pay an arm and a leg for them. Keep in mind these were only $299 for me on sale with Amazon!

a. Fingerprint magnets. The high gloss finish will need to be cleaned after you handle them or anytime you touch them. This is a very minor gripe by the way.
b. As other reviewers have noted, there is a break in period for these speakers due to the type of material they are made of so out of the box they may sound a little bright at first but will gradually become warmer sounding after a few days of using them. The manufacturer recommends 50 hours of use to properly break them in. Mine are already sounding much better than day one when I first hooked them up. Just be patient.

I highly recommend this system to anyone wanting smaller speakers for a surround system. The performance of these speakers greatly, and I mean GREATLY outweighs the cost. It is money well spent because they perform like high end speakers allowing you to use the rest of your home theater budget on better equipment such as a higher grade receiver or that overly comfortable man cave couch. I would buy these again for another room without hesitation and I have already recommended this system to a good friend of mine who is currently in the process of hooking up his own new home theater system. Again, it is money not wasted….enjoy!
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on February 22, 2016
I've had this set up for over a year now and this will be my impression on it. When i first received it, one of the tabs on the grill was broken on one of the satellites. It wasn't a big issue for me because the rest of them still work. Wish it was perfect, but its not a perfect world, i can live with it. Hence the "4 star" only. After setting it all up with my receiver and turned it on for the first time, my first initial thought was, "It's flat." The sound was very flat out of the box, i know there's a break in period so i wasn't too concerned. The bass was ok. Cant say much about it besides it being a little muddy. Slowly throughout the months of breaking it in and just listening to it casually, i noticed that its starting to sound a little more crispier and cleaner. So i knew its starting to get to where it should. Fast forward one year. I now have broken in the speakers considerably and will now give my "1 year" experience with it. Not an audiophile and only stating from what i experience. I'm only reviewing these speakers as a "regular" person who has a system. So please take that into consideration. Also note that im using average receiver and wires only. So it may even sound better on higher end model receivers.

Receiver - Denon S510BT with 16 AWG wires from amazon.

Music- I listen to a lot of electronic, hip hop, and pop. After a year of usage, i think that the speakers are well worth the price i paid for $299. I really like the sound it gives out. I think its a nice even tone all around, in a good way, not flat. You can definitely hear the trebles and mids clearly but not over powering. The bass is "boomy" or "rumbly" but not tight. When songs with deep bass comes on, it tends to lack power a bit. The bass is there, but not satisfying. Example of a song with bass would be "The Weekend - The Hills." When his bass hits, you can hear it but you cant feel it. Overall for music, i think the satellites are great for the price. It'll rock a room clearly and cleanly but i wished the sub could be tighter. Overall in music, its really enjoyable and will be surprised at how great it'll sound once broken into.

Movie - I watch all sorts of movies, and one thing i notice about this set up is that it leans more towards a mid range frequency. When there's dialogue, i feel like there's a bit too much mid going on. Their voices don't really sound crisp, its almost like the mids have been turned up a bit. To some, its a good thing, because mids will bring in a nice warm front so you can hear the vocals more clearly, but i would like a tad less mid and a bit more treble for the dialogues. Or it could just be how they wanted the center channel to sound like, i dont know. The 4 sats sounds really nice and clean when watching glass shatter. You can pin pont which direction things are coming from and you can hear the different sounds its trying to produce for a submissive watching experience. In the "Book of Eli," where Gary Oldman confronts Denzel outside the bar and they have a standoff, the gunshots were very punchy, clean, and tight thanks to the bass. Speaking of bass, the bass seems to stand out so much better in movies then it did in music. It does its job really well and i cannot complain about it. It fills in when needed and does not disturb you of its location. Overall for movies, i think this is where this set up shines the most.

Conclusion - I love listening to music with this set up, but not as much as i do watching movies with them. Its almost like you have a totally different set of speakers when watching movies compared to listening to music. Not to say that listening to music on these aren't great, they're fantastic on music too, but since im just an "average" guy and cant really tell when it comes to music, all i can say in terms of music is that not one thing is overpowering the other. So in my book, i think its a well respected speaker. I am truly satisfied with this set up and do not regret my purchase. I hope that my average user review will help you on your decision making process. Goodluck.
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on February 28, 2015
It has been a long time since I have been inspired enough to actually sit down a write an Amazon review for anything and I feel like I spend half of my life buying stuff on here. Also seems kind of pointless to chime in when there are 800+ essentially glowing reviews. But this system is just that good. I am compelled to write this review by the silky smooth buttery warmth that emanates from these bad boys.

I am not gonna sit here and list some silly amount of gear that I have owned or systems that I have heard. I have been a DJ for 12+ years and am obsessed with audio technology, whether it's speakers or headphones or receivers or DJ gear. I'm not a rich man so I am always on the lookout for the best bang for your buck. I had this Energy 5.1 system sitting in my "Saved for Later" bin for about 5 years, no joke. That's when I first read the review and was intrigued and as I have monitored, they still have not lost CNET's recommendation as the best budget sound system that was first given in 2009 and the positive reviews are still pouring in here at Amazon and elsewhere.

Decided to take the plunge on a Samsung 4K TV with some Best Buy financing and that led me to replace my ancient Onkyo with a Yamaha RX-V675. All of a sudden my Tannoy bookshelf speakers I've had since 1998 lost a bit of their sheen knowing what kind of power I was sitting on with the new Yamaha. So, as one thing tends to lead to another with audio gear purchases, I waited until I saw another of the seemingly regular $299 price drops on the Take Classic (down from $399) and decided to take the plunge. Like a good Amazon fanboy, I went ahead and got the RCA 16 gauge speaker wire and whatever mounting system Amazon says are "frequently bought" with this system.

So, if you've made it this far, $350 Yamaha receiver + $300 Take Classic system = $650 that sounds like $5,000. And this is without a proper subwoofer cable (in the mail, using a janky RCA in the meantime), no YPAO mic calibration (accidentally tossed it with the box) and only a few hours of break in. As soon as I played a song with all of the settings on the receiver punched in correctly, my jaw (and those of three friends who were there who helped me install, more on that later) hit the floor. We were all stunned. I never knew music could sound so good.

A little background on my listening environment: I live in an old 1920s Los Angeles hotel that has been converted into apartments. I have 9 foot ceilings and concrete walls in a living room that is about 12 x 18 feet. My couch is up against the short wall with the TV opposite so no way to put the surround satellites behind. I remembered a friend with a Polk 5.1 system who had mounted them in the upper corners of his living room and it sounded phenomenal so I decided to go the same route, angling the fronts down and toward the couch pretty much at 45 degrees in the corner. The rear satellites I mounted probably more at 70 degrees toward the couch so they have that rear channel position but still are angled enough toward the rest of the room to compliment the fronts when listening to music. The center channel is mounted at the same height...but in the center (duh). I measured 4 inches out from the wall on all them before drilling in the mounts to give the speakers some breathing room as others have suggested.

About the mounting: the VideoSecu Universal Satellite Speaker Mounts / Brackets for Walls and Ceilings are the one thing I would take back in this whole setup. They don't mount completely flush with the speaker (despite some reviewers saying so), they're plastic and they do not come with the alligator wall brackets they claim to in the instructions. I had to hit Home Depot to get some for a dry wall ceiling. I can verify that the 5/16" drill bit they say to use is the correct size, so make sure you get brackets sized for that bit if you go this route. All things considered, they're fine, they seem like they will hold. In hindsight, I maybe would have sprung a little more for something else, but this really isn't the point of the review.

What you absolutely must do is mount your speakers in this fashion if you are able to. There is a reason why clubs do it this way: so that people are IN the sound instead of jockeying to find a sweet spot. The way that this system fills the room with such superbly warm sound is something that anyone who enjoys music or movies needs to hear. It's one of those transcendental "wow I have never heard this song sound like THIS" experiences. I know the Yamaha receivers have a great reputation for surround sound processing so this may be contributing, but we just sat there picking different favorite songs of ours from all genres and listening in awe with big goofy smiles on our faces.

In Pusherman by Curtis Mayfield for example, the percussion was crisp and clear out the back channels while the guitar was sparkling from the fronts. The bassline...THAT bassline sounded so fresh and so clean. Played a few tracks off of Puffy's (criminally under-appreciated) Last Train to Paris album as I know the mastering is top notch on that one and it sounded fantastic. Then went for what is my de facto audition album of late for anything that reproduces audio: DARKSIDE. Listening to the songs "Heart" and "Paper Trails" was sublime. If you haven't heard these guys (they only put out one album) and you're looking for what Pink Floyd would sound like if they were a band now, do yourself a favor. The mastering is impeccable and the Take Classics did not disappoint.

I then threw on the end of the Portland/Golden State game to get a feel for sports and both the surround stage in the arena and the announcers were both pronounced without interfering with each other. Then went for Pacific Rim on Netflix and the opening fight scene really had nice spatial depth to it. People weren't kidding: this system really does handle movies and music equally well. I have read that this is an impressive feat for a 5.1 satellite system. I've never been disappointed by others that I have heard, but I have never been blown away as I was by the Take Classic.

So there you have it, a review 5 years in the making. It was worth the wait. If you're a normal Joe with a normal sized living room and you like knowing you're getting the best sound that $300 (and probably $1500 or $2000) could buy, don't think about it anymore. I can't recommend these paired with the Yamaha RX-V675 enough, although it sounds like they have been doing any receiver with enough discrete wattage justice for years now. I had my Tannoy/Onkyo combo for a solid 10 years, pretty sure I'll have this one for at least that long.
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on March 24, 2015
Sound wise I'd give it 5 stars for the money, but the sub arrived with the port tube unglued and rattling around inside. A quick call to Energy's tech support, unscrewing the driver, and gluing the tube back on from inside did the trick. But it doesn't bode well for how these might hold up in the long run, especially reading that others have had the rears come unglued from wall-hanging speakers. They look really nice and are very compact but sound much nicer than the HTIB they replace (though the Sony STR-DN1050 has something to do with it too). Sound is good with music and great for movies, unless you are expecting "feel it in your chest" explosions. Doing some SPL testing, the satellites actually go down to 80 Hz with room gain (on shelves, 6" from wall), and blend very nicely with the sub. Sub goes down to about 26 Hz with room gain (of course every room / sub placement is different). They do warm up a bit after a few hours of use, so if you buy them, don't make immediate judgments on sound quality. At this price, I'm considering buying a second set to go to 7.2 and using the extra satellites as stands for my fronts (the rears are wall mounted). I'm using 14 AWG wire and it fits fine; it looks like there's just enough room on the connectors for 12 AWG too.

While I'm sure bigger speakers would sound better and fill a big room better, if small size is important I can't imagine getting better sound for twice the price. About the only thing I'd do is maybe invest in a more capable sub, though so far the movie effects have been pretty good with it.

UPDATE 11 April 15: Well I did buy another set (this one was in perfect condition) to expand my theater to 7.2, and just watched a movie recorded in DTS 7.1. Not sure it was worth it, but I need to let the new speakers break in some more, and maybe play with positioning a bit more. My room has lots of windows on three sides (bonus room above garage) and is about 2500 cu ft, so maybe is just too big for two 8" subs to fill. The effect isn't bad at all, just not much different than the 5.1 setup. The second sub was supposed to fill in the "voids" caused by room standing waves, but so far the one at sitting height in the 60-70 Hz range is still there. Still, spending $600 for a 7.2 setup is not a bad deal.

UPDATE 6 May 15. Sound is still really good for movies, and is fun to play multi-stereo (all 6 satellites playing left/right) for dance music. Though I did find a problem when I went to mount them to the wall - one of my satellites had a bad threaded insert. These seem to be hard plastic, and this one had a defect. I tried to clean out the threads with a 1/4-20 tap, but the insert started spinning! So that threaded insert is useless, and I need to use the keyhole slot instead for wall-mounting. But the key-hole slot on these speakers are smaller than standard, and require modification to fit my Pinpoint AM-20 wall mounts. Overall, they still sound good enough for the price that I'm not willing to drop another star.
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on July 14, 2016
I paired this with the Denon AVR-S710W 7.2 Channel Full 4K Ultra HD AV Receiver with Bluetooth and WIFI and am thrilled. When I asked my favorite audiophile about the products that I was considering and their price points he was blown away by the cost of the combination. I had him over and he assures me that it sounds much better than sets he has heard that cost thousands more. It outperforms highly regarded brands that cost much more with ease *cough*Bose*cough*. The combination is also vouched for by Wirecutter and a number of other reputable review sources, which is one of the reasons I pulled the trigger on it.

The speakers are easy to install and physically small compared to some other sets. They are a gorgeous piano black, and I've taken the covers off of them to proudly display them. They were easily mounted to my walls and ceilings.

Would highly recommend this to any audiophile who doesn't have outrageous gobs of money to spend, or anyone looking to get set up with their first high-quality surround sound experience.
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on May 4, 2016
I've had these speakers since 2014, and I am writing a 2 year review. I have them connecting to a Yamaha RXV575 receiver. I bought them because of all the good reviews both professional and non. They're small and compact enough that they disappear into my book shelves.

They sound great, articulate, accurate, warm, balanced, clear (even on high volumes), transparent. The only knock is that I can sometimes push them too hard listening to loud levels which is rare since having a child. When I play good source material, it feels like the musicians are in the room with me.

I grew up with an audiofile dad. I don't think I am an audiophile but I know really great sound and I can't stand low res stuff esp from songs I've heard on better equipment. Its like getting use to 1080p or 4k then seeing 720p or standard. You can tell. These are 1080p and a really good 1080p.
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on April 18, 2016
I don't know what the big deal is about these speakers. Maybe I was expecting too much.

They are CRYSTAL clear in the mid to high range. Outstanding sound quality.
Not too big. Not too heavy. Didn't worry too much when mounting them for any reason.
The speakers handle high volume really well. I don't really turn them up myself, but the once or twice I have they seemed to take it and keep going just fine without any real distortion or concern for blowing them.

The sub doesn't have a control cable, so instead it just shuts off on its own after not being used a while.
The center speaker is very boomy. It can sound a bit muffled occasionally. Not the best choice for the speaker typically designated for voice reproduction.
There is a massive gap between the bass, handled by the sub, and the midrange and up, handled by the speakers. Yes, I adjusted the sub but it only goes so far.
Speaking of the subwoofer-- Yes, it's low, but it just makes booming sounds. It doesn't actually play notes or anything like that.

TL;DR: These make decent satellite speakers. I guess. Maybe the sub would work well in tandem with another one from somebody else. The center channel sucks.
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on January 5, 2012
I purchased theses in Dec 2011 and have been using them for about three weeks now. Man, these are great speakers! Im not an audiophile (sounds like something you can be arrested for) but a 46 year old biker that probably doesnt have the best hearing having spent too much time on a Harley with loud pipes and wind. Having said that, I can hear these speakers great!! I sold my pioneer tower speakers and surround system and went with the energy after all the great reviews. Sound is crystal clear and continues to get better and better during my 50 hr break in period. The bass from the woofer is excellent! True story, I was listening to Def Leppard Hysteria and my teenage daughter yelled down the stairs for me to turn it down because the bass was ratteling the things in her room right above our living room. Watched cowboys and aliens on blue ray last weekend, and that was a sound immersion you wouldnt believe. I felt like i right in the middle of everything, bullets flying, lazers zapping, explosions you could feel... it was intense!!! All these 5 star ratings are there for a reason, these speakers rock!!!! For speaker mounts I used: Atlantic 77335068 Satellite 5 Speaker Mounting Brackets (Black)for the rears and Sanus HTB3 stands for the front. Both speaker stands worked great with 14 ga. wire and banana clips. Looks like amazon doesnt carry the HTB3 anymore, i had to get mine from Bestbuy and you can see my review of them there. Bottom line, you wont regret buying these speakers!
review image review image review image review image review image
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