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Learning Resources Jumbo Dinosaurs, 5 Pieces
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Price:$24.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on February 18, 2013
Just received these today and will be sending them to my nephew for his 4th birthday. I'm looking forward to hearing how he likes them since he's big into dinosaurs right now. I wanted to look them over before sending them to him and to air them out a bit because I saw the reviews on the smell. They do have a definite plastic smell right out of the box they come in, but it's really not that bad at all after they sit for a couple of hours. They look pretty cool -- I posted some pictures because I think that always helps and there weren't any close-up photos on here before.
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on December 12, 2013
I sent email to "learning resources" to ask what the material the dinoaurs are made of.
I copied the answer below and hope it would be helpful.

Thank you for contacting Learning Resources/Educational Insights. We take safety very seriously and all of our products meet or exceed safety standards with our high standards for toy safety. All products are phthalate-free, lead-free and are made of PVC and low density polyethylene. Our products do not contain BPA or any toxins.
Our toys are evaluated against the standards set forth by the Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). This includes testing for certain phthalates (a plasticizer used to make plastic soft), lead in paint, lead in substrate and compliance with the testing guidelines set forth by ASTM F-963. You can also read more about our commitment to safety here: [...]
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on September 16, 2015
My then 2.5 year old daughter started expressing an interest in dinosaurs and loved these at a play date. So I got them for her for Christmas, and they were her favorite gift that day! Ten months later, she still remembers that "Santa" brought these to her. She plays with them every day, sometimes even sleeps with them. Sometimes they roar, sometimes they kiss and cuddle. But she loves them like family and they are the go-to toys to take when we are out of the house and I need to keep her busy. Although she hasn't learned all the names herself yet, she knows a couple of them and other family members have learned them all. Definitely educational! They are very sturdy and great sizes. I do not recall any issues with a smell when they were new, and if there was one, it has long since dissipated. They are completely odorless as far as I can tell. And I have a super mom smell that can smell a dirty diaper and other unpleasant smells from several rooms away, LOL! Ultimately,she loves them all equally, well, except the T-Rex, that's her favorite hands down. She is 3.5 now and has not lost one bit of interest in them. I highly recommend these for boys AND girls!
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My daughter-in-law requested dinosaurs for my grandson even though he just turned one. They were either very fat and chunky like Fisher-Price's (F.P. are also very expensive and do not look at all real) OR tiny, choke hazard not to mention getting lost very easily with older children OR rubber made of rubber (choke hazard could bit off pieces) OR very hard plastic....I was about to give up but I remembered the Learning Resources Jumbo Dinosaurs but also remembered that they were $39! With that said....

Learning Resources Jumbo Dinosaurs are large but they have "give" and yet are sturdy enough that no parts will get gnawed off. There was NO yuck smell or any odor at all. I normally wash the baby/toddler toys in mild cleaning solution anyway. I did end spending the $39 but I was able to buy this set and the Mama and Baby Jumbo Dinosaur set resulting in MORE dinosaurs than just buying the $39 package. My grandson LOVES his dinosaur books and will now have awesome, safe and long-lasting dinos to match:)

Side note--there is a nice storage box for dinosaurs listed on Amazon. It opens fully to a play-mat and folds back up to a storage box when finished playing. I will try to add a review on that item after he receives at xmas.
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on September 17, 2017
My three year old son loves this set of jumbo dinosaurs, especially the Brachiosaurus which he takes everywhere. He watches the Storybots dinosaur video featuring T-Rex, Triceratops, Stegosaurus and Velociraptor and acts it out with these dinosaurs. The only dinosaur in the Storybots video that isn't in this set is the Apatosaurus, which is part of the Learning Resources Jumbo Dinosaurs Expanded Set 2, Set of 5 that I plan to buy to add to my son's collection.

I am very pleased with the quality, and even my husband remarked that they are very well made and would make good gifts. The dinosaurs are made with a sturdy plastic, but they are hollow inside and have a bit of flexibility. They've held up well to several months of play and should continue to do so. The size is perfect both for displaying on a playroom shelf and for little hands to grab onto.

The dinosaurs do have seams around their bodies, but I feel that they blend in well. I also have the Learning Resources Jumbo Farm Animals: Mommas and Babies Toy Set, and the seams on that set are a bit more noticeable.

Several reviews mention a bad plastic smell with these, and I don't recall anything out of the ordinary when they were new. They definitely do not smell anymore. However, my son received a couple of other dinosaurs made by a different company that still smell horrible after washing them and airing them out for over a week. Those I want to throw out, but the Learning Resources ones are keepers.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on January 4, 2018
I ordered these because they were described as dishwasher safe. I know these will be taken outside and unearthed from some dirt pile. Unfortunately, they have holes in the tails and the heads where they were placed on the molds. The instructions say they are not dishwasher safe. This is really disappointing because I selected them based on the description. I wish I would have read the fine print before giving them for Christmas. My 3 year old loves them and I’m not returning because he enjoys them so much. In regards to the smell, they did smell. I unwrapped them and let them air out a few days before they were given to my son.
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on October 8, 2016
So I bought these two years ago for my dino mad three year old. They have been played with, packed up, hauled around, chewed on, slobbered on, dunked in milk, played tea party, taken baths, swam in the pool, etc. And no only are they still undamaged, the colors haven't faded or rubbed off or anything! They are a bit weighy-further proof that despite the price they aren't cheapo toys. They are solid, no holes or anything to collect water if they do go swimming. Also makes them easy to clean. They have been so popular in fact I had to buy a set for my granddaughter and then another one for a friends son. So I have actually bought these 3 times! And I have not regretted it. Lately we have been taking them with us to karate for my daughter (now 5) to play with while I am in class, all the kids play with them together (including the toddler who chews on them) and are so popular I had to tell several other parents where to get them. Another point of note: a couple of the dino tails curve around in a hook shape. This is a huge upside for my daughter who likes hooking them on a string or together like she is stringing up a barrel of monkeys. Those are her favorites-"the hooky tail ones mommy, don't forget to bring the hooky tail ones!".

The did have a bit of a warm plastic smell when I got them. But so what? I washed them with soap and water and all gone. These are great dinos to get if your kid likes them. Good sized, sturdy, well worth it.
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on December 3, 2016
My sister gifted these to my son, along with the Dinosaur storage box/playmat when he was going through his dinosaur phase. These are incredibly well made, sturdy toys, that allowed for some amazing imaginary play. These toys were very loved, and ones that will stand the test of time so that we can hold onto them and hopefully pass them down to grandchildren at some point. My son loved these so much that when we found a child from the church "giving tree" that expressed an interest in dinosaurs, these were the first gift that came to mind. So, I signed onto Amazon that day and purchased them. I hope that little boy loves them as much as mine did!

Pro: My son learned the names of all five dinosaurs, which then led to finding the show Dinosaur Train, and many dinosaur books that followed. So, I would say there can also be education value to these toys.
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on May 9, 2017
Good size, paint does not wear off and are soft enough - hard enough. My 2 year old loves them and their names (in my house) are Bob, Pete, Paul and Sunny. The little one is just baby dinosaur. :)
Learning resources has always been a very good brand for quality toys. These go in the bath too (though - not really recommended since they are not impervious to water)
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on December 31, 2015
My two boys LOVE these dinosaurs. They feel sturdy, and so far have held up to two rowdy boys rough housing with them. They did have an odor when I opened the package, but I just let them air out for a couple days and the odor dissipated fairly quickly. The size is really perfect, small enough to be easily toted around by small hands, but big enough to be a really great toy. You see plastic dinosaurs all the time, they're never this big, the brontosaurus is especially nice with his long neck. There are no sharp edges or bits of plastic to worry about dislodging or scraping little ones. You can see the seam where the bodies were joined, so they aren't one piece, but the ones we received are lined up well and I'm not worried about them ever coming apart, they feel really solidly joined.
I'm very pleased with these, my kids love them, and the price was good. They look and feel well made, and I definitely recommend these for any kids who love dinosaurs!
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