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on April 24, 2013
I am a law enforcement officer, so I can be hard on watches. I chose this watch when it first came out and purchased it at Sunglass Hut for over $150. This was over 8 years ago. The band finally broke and I was delighted to see that I could still purchase the same watch at a more than great price. By the way the watch I bought originally still works great and I will be saving it for spare parts in the rare instance that I should need one. The first reason I chose this watch is its durability. The second reason is the watch looks great with the metal band so I can wear it with any outfit for any occasion. I also love the atomic clock feature so I know I am getting the most precise time. The solar feature is great (I have never had to replace a battery)...however in the winter, if you live in an area that the sun doesn't come out often, or if you work nights, you will need to take off the watch and charge it in a window sill or under a fluorescent light. This is a minor inconvenience to pay for such a great watch.
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on February 22, 2013
I bought its watch in July 2011 so I think I've had it long enough to write an honest review. I like this watch, in fact I'm wearing it now. I wear it a lot. In fact, unless I need to wear a dress watch, this is the only other watch I wear,

This watch is solidly built, but is not too heavy. It sets itself overnight and even adjusts for daylight savings time. I don't have use for the stopwatch function or time memo either. But the alarm works well.

The solar power is just amazing. Simple ambient light is all it needs to stay charged. Well once, I needed to let it stay outside in the sunshine for the day to fully recharge it. But it only needed that once.

But really, the most important thing about any watch, is how well it keeps time. For that, this Casio watch excels. I recommend this watch.
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on September 13, 2015
I had this watch for several years. It works great! The only problem is that I live too far from the Atomic Synchronization antenna, so it basically never sync properly. On a trip, I was able to sync without problem, it's definitely a location problem (I live in Vancouver BC). If you wear long sleeves, the battery will not charge properly, it needs sun exposure! In the winter time, when I wear long sleeves most of the time, I have to "recharge" the battery by placing the watch under a lamp over night, once a month. I use an LED desk lamp and it does the job fine. In the morning the battery is back to full. It can then go for about 1 to 2 month before depleting, unless I wear short sleeves... Even without the atomic calibration, the watch is very accurate. The functions are a bit hard to remember and I need to refer to the user's manual which I have downloaded on my computer when I have to do something I don't do regularly... The metal bracelet is excellent. Overall an excellent watch, with a nice look and good accuracy.
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on January 8, 2013
#1 reason I bought this watch is the large numbers so it's easy to read. There are many other reasons to buy this great watch but that was my #1 concern. I have the 5600 model and absolutely love it but often times the numbers are tough to read. Not so with this watch.

- Easy to read with large numbers
- Solar
- Atomic
- Auto-lighting with a turn of the wrist so you don't have to press a button - love it!
- Virtually indestructible
- Dive Friendly
Less important but still cool: World time and multiple alarms

- It's big so it might not be for everyone. I like it but it's a close call in terms of being too big for my wrist.
- It's a little heavy - so it might not be for everyone.
- Alarm isn't as loud as other Casio watches I've heard
- Some people may find the buttons a little hard to push. For me it's noticeable but I can live with it - very minor annoyance.
- The band looks really cool and if it fit well I'd be thrilled. But, I've had it adjusted a few times and now we've removed as many links as possible and it still doesn't fit right. I'm moving to a resin band - because I have to - I really like the watch.

Based on a little research, it seems the GW-500 resin band is a perfect fit so I just ordered one from Amazon.

Update: resin band above is perfect for the watch. Now I love this watch again - all is well. I do recommend this watch. The resin band makes it significantly lighter too. If the original band had fit - or if your wrist is bigger than mine - I think anyone would love this.
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on December 21, 2014
I wear this watch instead of my Rolex. It's just overall a better watch than a Rolex. Bought it in 2009 for about $80 from Amazon. After 5 years of almost constant wear (including in the shower and in the pool), it's good as new. I keep expecting this thing to stop working but it just keeps on "ticking".

It just occurred to me to let others know how good I think it is.
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on November 13, 2012
I read many reviews on Amazon before ordering this watch. As of now, I have owned this watch for about a month or so. This watch is really PERFECT for me for several reasons:

First, I had a Casio waveceptor watch before, which lasted for 14 years; wish its band lasted that long. Band and the body of the older watch were made of resin and the band wouldn't stay in place as the pinholes in the resin body had become larger. The older watch still works, but I can't wear it. So, I went with this watch since the body of the watch and the band are all metal. Just as you see in the pictures, the band seems very secure and really firm in place.

Secondly, I wear this watch to work primarily. My dress code is business professional and I deal with general public all day. The watch really goes with pretty much anything I wear. But then, I am not very fussy either. I have to be punctual and this watch allows me to do just that. It offers me a peace of mind since the clocks at work are not always accurate. Also, as other reviewers commented, I use this watch to reset all the clocks in the house.

Another reason why I am liking this watch is because the round rim around the face of the watch has a good height to it (around 3mm or so). This way the glass shield of the watch is protected. As stated earlier, I primarily use this watch to work and my old watch got a lot of dings/scratches on its glass shield as I can be a bit careless, to say the least. I am hoping that the glass of this watch will be better protected compared to my older watch. We'll see how it goes.

I was first cautious about the price, because I am not the kind of person who will splurge on a watch that I wear to work. Not that this is splurging, but I am a frugal person and I want my money's worth. Having read the other reviews on Amazon, I was more at ease spending money on this watch because I presume it will last. Also, Amazon's price is really very competitive.

The band was very easy to adjust with a small screwdriver. And, I find all the information displayed on the watch useful. Never ever do I wake up thinking what day/date/time is it? Of course, once I think, it comes to me...but who wants to start thinking right when you wake up?

Also, the solar operation seems to be a useful function. My older watch was battery operated and I had to have the battery changed about 3-4 times during its life. When time came to change the battery, the laziness in me sometimes took over and I really had to push myself to get to the mall to get the battery changed. I know I should put all things in perspective and give my watch its due respect and proper treatment, but on your day off...?

Overall, I value the watch for what it is: a sturdy, virtually maintenance-free, accurate watch. So, here's to the next 14 years...
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on November 13, 2012
As a long time USAF Navigator, I am habitually obsessed with accurate time though I no longer need worry about it. I had 3 different Rolex GMT Master watches over about a 40 year period. It was a constant battle to keep them properly rated to "Navigation tolerances". On a trip about 8 years ago, my Rolex had a siezure and died. I stopped in at a local store and picked up the prior model of this Casio G-shock. I put it on my wrist and forgot about accuracy, batteries, self-winding movements and all of the other miscellania of accuracy in wrist watches. The Casio simply keeps deadly accurate time, charges from any kind of light and works perfectly. I rarely use the additional features, though the 2 time zone capability is very useful. I've used the stop watch only a couple of times over the years.

The current watch that I am reviewing is the successor to the watch above. It is identical in all it's features and capabilities so I expect equivalent performance. The earlier watch suffered catastrophic failure when dropped onto concrete from a ladder about 8 feet in the air. My bad.

So, in summmary, this $100 dollar watch is superior in every way to my several thousand dollar Rolex.
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on August 20, 2013
This is a nice watch. When people talk about how "big" it is, I think they mean how tall or thick it is. It's about 50% taller than any "regular" Timex, Seiko, or Casio that I own. I "got used to it" in a couple days. The bezel diameter isn't much bigger than any other "standard" watch I have. It's certainly not as big as the oversized watches that seem to be getting popular today.

I have had no issues with battery life, and I leave the light on "automatic", which in my case, turns it on quite often. (I never realized how much I move my arm in that way!) It recalibrates the time nightly with almost no issues where I live (eastern Great Lakes region) and the added features are nice. The Time Recorder feature isn't something that most people would use, but I use it daily to instantly mark time (4 events) until I can write them down on a report later- a VERY useful feature for me!

It comes with a fairly long band. It's not the easiest band I've ever shortened, but if you have the proper tools, (and I recommend watching someone else do it first on YouTube...) you can do it in about 10-15 minutes. You can buy a decent set (good enough for occasional use) on Amazon for about $10, or take it to a jeweler and pay them.
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on May 3, 2012
Replacing my GW-300...finally!
I have owned my Casio GW-300 [...] since somewhere in late 2002 or early 2003. Not too bad to have a rather inexpensive watch for 9 to 10 years!
It still works, mind you, but the band and a small portion of the protective casing have begun to crack and peel away.
I bought the GW-300 while I was still in the Army. I retired in 2006 after 22 years.
I've "tried on" a few other watches while looking for a replacement but couldn't find anything that made me feel...comfortable.
I just saw the MTG900DA-8V and knew my search had ended.
It is almost identical to my GW-300 except that it has a steel band and casing. A definite plus!
I ordered it today and will update this review with my thoughts once I try it out.
However, if it is of the same quality as the GW-300, I am pretty confidant that it will become as trusted a part of my everyday wear as my last Casio.
These things are dang near "bulletproof".
I agree with the one reviewer who commented on how handy a countdown timer would be. That is one thing I think Casio should address.
My new MTG900DA-8V should arrive in a few days and I will let you know how things turn out.

To be continued...

First Update: 7 May 2012
Watch came in today. The watch is exactly what I expected...and maybe just a bit better!
Setup was simple as it is identical as my previous Casio.
Best tip I can give at this point is:
*Plan to take your watch to a local jeweler for band adjustment. It isn't a "requirement" but it sure will save you some headaches. My local shop charged me $8.00 and it only took a few minutes.

To be continued...
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on August 31, 2014
This is my second every day and work watch. No maintenance and have had them for the last 10 or 15 years. When my first one wore out, i tried about four different watches before i returned them for this same watch It has never failed to wake me up and people at work rely on the time on my watch for accurate time when opening and closing the business. When they ask me for the time I jokingly say, "According to the United States Naval Observatory Atomic Clock positioned in geosynchronous orbit over Colorado Springs, Colorado, the time is …." Always good for a laugh. Scuba, snorkeled and chopped wood with it on my wrist - no problem. Great watch.
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