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on March 24, 2015
I've got a modest little watch collection going, and this is probably the watch I wear the third most (behind two other Casios). This is the watch I wear the most, when I'm off duty. It's a rugged and accurate chronograph, but still very stylish. This watch looks and performs like watches in my collection that cost over 3 times more, which is why it's on my wrist a lot more than my "safe queens." I personally love that the bracelet can accommodate large wrists. Most watches don't fit me very well, and frequently require a new band, but this watch manged to comfortable fit on my pythons. I love my Casio watches, because they manage to meld form, function, and value better than most other brands - and this watch is among my favorites.
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on April 27, 2016
This watch is a good build quality like all the Casio line up. The stainless steel is a little heavy and a little uncomfortable. I do like the for the price it's a very attractive watch. I wish it had a back light, but it does have glow in the dark hour and minute hand.
It may not look it, but this watch is definitely a base level watch. It's a little deceiving that the watch has a rotating 'compass' but it doesn't actually have an indicator to show you where north is. What's the point of that?
The directions are pretty aweful but everything you need is online anyway.
If your looking for a nice looking cheap watch this is the one.
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on December 16, 2012
The watch itself is well built and looks like a very expensive divers watch.
The silver and black dial work well and the rotating bezel is a nice touch too.
The chronograph is adequate, and anyways I mostly use my smart phone for all my stopwatch and timer needs.
I wouldn't be too worried about getting it wet during everyday wear, though I am note sure how it'll hold up under water for actual diving.

It's heavy and big. At 154g (with the stainless steel strap) and 46mm case diameter it's not too light weight, but I guess if you get the strap adjusted to your wrist it should stay put.
The strap could have been better; it looks cheap compared to the watch itself. I am considering getting a 22mm PU or silicone strap to make it look more like a divers watch.

Bottom line -------------------------------------
For $80 this watch is definitely recommended for someone looking for a great looking divers watch.
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on January 11, 2012
Actually a pretty nice watch, especially for the money. Brushed stainless finish on most of the watch. Polished finished on the sides sets it off nicely. It has a rotating bezel so you can move it to align with the sweep hand for timed events. The working chronograph is similar to a Tag Heuer in the way it works. The large sweep second hand is actually used for the stop watch function with the top and center chronographs providing the 60 minute and 12 hour counters.(Actually 11 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds, but if you are counting that much time do you really need a stopwatch?) The bottom chronograph is the actual second hand and is the only one you should see moving unless the stopwatch is activated. This does mean that if you inadvertantly leave the stopwatch funtion on and the large sweep hand is moving around the watch face like a normal second hand battery life will be greatly diminished. The top button on the right side of the watch starts and stops the stop watch funtion, while the lower button resets the stop watch to zero. The crown , or stem sets the time and date. The bezel is marked with 60 second calibrations, numbers every 10 seconds, 10...20...30...etc. It is also marked in degrees of a circle, 30...60...150...330...etc, as well as compass headings. S, E, W, N. And if that's not enough, it has a Tachymeter so you can calculate your speed. (Just don't try this while driving) The crown doesn't seem to be a screw down type, and the face is marked "Water Resist 100M" so I have my doubts about it's ability as a dependable dive watch. The watch diameter is about 46mm at the crown, (or stem) the crystal is about 31mm. So it is large, but not excessive. It does have heft and fortunatly a nice band and clasp to hold it on. I can't find information on the battery either on the watch or in the included instructions. Guess you wait until it dies, crack it open and get one like it. Overall a nice, good looking watch with many features if you like to play with analog devices. If you insist on using this for an actual dive watch then there is a good chance you'll be removed from the gene pool. But, if you just want a good looking, worry free watch to wear to the beach and have the ability to time the waiters, check the speed of the boats, and tell how many degrees the sun is over the horizon, then this is the watch for you.
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on December 8, 2014
I bought this watch over a year ago and its hard to imagine a better looking watch for the money. I get compliments all the time. Of course everyone has their own tastes, but this is mine. Its not real heavy as compared to many of the diver-type watches, but has a quality feel and look to it. The design is great--clasp is really cool, and the "chronograph" features are cool too (although I have no idea what you'd use them for). I've had some problem with the timer needle on it (doesn't return to the "0" mark precisely) but this is really minor. For this price I'll accept that. I looked extensively, even bought some of the Invictas, which I returned because they were unbelievably heavy. The luminous hands are just the right size too--you can see them okay in the dark (but I wouldn't rely on them for a Seal mission). In the end for me this is just a great looking and functioning watch (I think it looks as good or better than ANY watch out there) that is incredibly inexpensive.

Update: I've had this watch for years now. Still keeps really good time, BUT, the correct day of the month needs to be adjusted each month. This is a bit of a pain, but worth it for the unsurpassed looks of this watch. So I'm rating it 4.5 stars.
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on July 4, 2017
Excellent value BUT NOT WATER RESISTANT. Bezel not scratch resistant. Painted surface. Huge bracelet size. Links removable but with some difficulty. Nighttime glow of hands and hour markers outstanding. Better than Tag Heuer @ $3,000.
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on October 17, 2016
Nice watch but the information on the face is quite small and could be difficult to read. I bought the watch to be worn while hiking and I feel the information is too small to read easily in that environment. It is not a heavy watch in any way because the bracelet links are hollow. The reviewers that say it is a heavy watch must be 98 pound weaklings. Do a few push ups! Otherwise it is a very use full watch, nice looking, large but not overly large. Can be worn for business meetings or casually and won't weigh you down. If it had an alarm and was solar it would be 5 stars!
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on January 29, 2014
Received the watch a couple of days ago, it arrived well all the way here to Paraguay. Looks great. I saw a few posts about the back being scratched, it's true, but it's not that big of a deal, I think it's because of the cheap box it comes in. I've bought cheaper watches that come with a better presentation. Apart from that the watch comes in great conditions, looks and feels very solid. Looks much more expensive than it actually is, I've been told by many people. You're not going to be using it to time Usain Bolt or anything, that's what a digital watch or your phone is for. The bezel works great. It's a bit heavy but after a day or two you barely notice it. Had to get 4 chains removed, it was big enough to fit around my thigh or something. It doesn't have the biggest face, but it's not one of those that are really small either, above average size. I've heard the crystal scratches easy, I don't know that yet. The flaws aren't enough to get this watch 4 stars, I'm really happy and I've heard that if you change its batteries every year or so it's basically ever lasting.
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on November 26, 2014
The Casio AMW330-D-1AV (better know as the Casio model 2328, has the look, feel, and features of watches 5+ times the AMAZON price. It is accurate and easy to read day or night...and in high or low light. I love the added stop watch capability, which I use regularly. I highly recommend this watch to anyone that wants a great product at a more than reasonable price! BUY IT!
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on October 3, 2017
For the price it is great watch - functional nice looking
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