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on January 17, 2011
Background: I'm 30 years old, a scratch golfer that plays 1-2 times a week, 9 months out of the year. I also am a penny-pincher and that is why this product interested me.

After borrowing several of these types of yardage-advisors from family and friends (I've tried Skycaddie, Bushnell Pro V2, and Bushnell 1600), I liked the rangefinder better than the GPS. That, to me, was the easy part. I wanted the PinSeeker technology but didn't want to pay for the top-of-the-line model. I should have bought one of these several years ago. Of course the PinSeeker technology is relatively new, so maybe I'm glad I waited. Anyway, my father is 60 years old and he uses the higher-end Bushnell, the 1600. I have played 3 rounds with his 1600, and several rounds with my Medalist, as well as a couple with someone else's V2 in a tournament. There is a difference in the models, and if you're a rich golfer who doesn't care about an extra $150-$200, go ahead and buy the 1600. It's got greater magnification and although it's a little bigger, it's really quick to target in on the flag/bunker/lake/etc. It's great. If you're looking to save a little cash, I would buy the Medalist (from what I saw it's about a $70 difference vs. the V2). Medalist vs. V2 comparison:

Battery - Medalist uses a 9V battery, which are much easier to find and less expensive than the 3V battery in a Pro V2. Advantage to the Medalist. Battery life supposedly is about the same. Remember to carry a backup battery.

Orientation - you hold the Medalist oriented horizontally, the Pro V2 vertically. I will admit that the V2 seems more natural, but this meant very little to me.

Magnification - the Pro V2 is a little stronger, but after using the Medalist for 6-7 rounds, it has yet to let me down. I've shot 270+ yards to a pin. My dad and I often shoot each other's distances to verify the number and sometimes it takes me a tad longer to lock on than him with his 1600. But again, that meant very little to me. And our numbers have ALWAYS been +/- 1 yard, even from 270+.

All in all, if you're looking for the cheapest option with solid pinseeker technology, this is it, and it's worked well for me.
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on June 29, 2015
I think the range finder is priced right for what you get. In my experience, the clasp on the door that holds the battery in place broke off. I only had one round with the unit. It worked fine compared to other units that cost twice as much. I asked if they would send me another battery door and they said they would need to cancel the order and I would need to reorder the unit. I decided that a GPS would work better for my game. I did like using it and considering purchasing another one - If I could find it on sale again. I would have kept the unit had they sent me the part. It works as advertised and priced very good.
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on December 27, 2011
I play golf about once a week and needed a range finder to help me with those shots were you can't determine the distance that easily by the course markers.

So I bought this one based on the price and the fact that it has the pinseeker technology, and hoped it works as well as everyone says.

The short answer is yes it does, but better than that. With this model you can shoot other distances just as easily. For example say you shoot the pin distance at 155 years, and the pin is tucked behind a sand trap. If you can see the back face of the sand trap you can shoot that distance to know how far you have to hit the ball to make it over the bunker too. You point the circle of the laser at that back face and it reads out the distance, say maybe 145 years. So you know you can to carry the ball over 145 yards to miss the sand trap too.

Another good use is when teeing off and you need the distance to trees or bunker in the fairway, with this you can shoot those and see where to aim the ball or what club to use. How many times before I had to guess those distances but not anymore.

I use this and store it in my golf bag with the zipper open so I can get to it easily when needed.

Overall I am very pleased with this product and would recommend it for the price conscience person that wants the top technology but an entry level product. It has worked great for me so far!
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on July 15, 2011
I have owned two Bushnell Rangefinders in the past and was confident of their quality when I bought the Medalist for my wife to use. Both she and I were disappointed to find that it would give you a series of inaccurate readings which would vary as much as 30 yards. I would compare the distances shot with my Bushnell Hybrid and the Medalist was always off by 10-30 yards. We compared the readings throughtout the round and the Medalist was never right. Needless to say, you lose your confidence in yardage displayed right or wrong. I retuned the Medalist to Amazon and recieved a full refund no questions asked. I love Amazon. I have now ordered a Busnell Pro for my wife and expect that it is of higher quality. You buy cheap you get cheap.
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on June 16, 2011
BEST GOLF-RELATED PURCHASE I HAVE EVER MADE!!! After spending a great deal of time weighing the pros and cons of the Medalist vs. a GPS unit (SkyCaddie)... I 100% made the right choice in going with the Medalist. It's accurate, easy to use, no annual fee and you can get any measurement you want ANY TIME you want it. It has taken 4 strokes (on average) off of my game b/c I'm pulling the proper club from the bag each time. Folks who have commented about needing a "steady hand", are likely not using the Medalist the way it was designed. The Pinseeker mode is phenomenal... and requires the user to scan for the pin rather than click right on it. Trees or other objects in the background are no problem... b/c once the unit finds the pin/flag, it by default becomes the nearest target/yardage, so the user is never left wondering you've gotten the right yardage (or if you have picked up a yardage beyond the flag). No steady hand required! The other mode allows for yardages to bunkers, hazards, trees - any object you can view with the lens. The 9 volt batter is a plus b/c it lasts forever and they cost substantially less than the lithium batteries. Additionally, there is never the problem of forgetting to charge the battery (as some of my friends with GPS units have dealt with). Just keep an extra battery on hand... problem solved.
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on July 13, 2009
I thought I was spoiled by playing at a course with a GPS on the carts, but the pinseeker has been an added pleasure. It's easy to use. Even if your shaking, you'll still get an accurate reading, so someone who is elderly shouldn't have the complaints that I've seen over the years on some models of rangefinders. The advantage this has over the GPS is it gives the exact measurement to the pin, not to the front, middle and rear of the green. Ideally, having both sets of information would be great, but given the choice, the pin measurement is more beneficial. It also works in close whereas the GPS turns off near the greens and you can't drive your cart on all fairways, especially near the greens, so you can get more consistent with your short game. Some of the newer models have more information regarding altitude variations, which would be nice.
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on April 28, 2010
I bought the Bushnell Medalist Range finder specifically for a golf trip to Palm Springs CA. I played everyday on unfamiliar courses and found it very easy and quick to use. It adds almost no time to your playing; the pin seeking feature holds the distance to the flag easily. One tip, you need to establish a place on your golf bag where you always store your rangefinder and duplicate your routine before every shot. I'm concerned abour losing it, and I think putting it on your golf cart or storing it someplace different whenever you play could distract you when you are finished. Of course, there is a bit of a learning curve, on the 9th hole at Indian Wells I shot the distance at 118 yards to my parter. While he was swinging, I reshot it and got 99 yards. Naturally he pured it and hit it onto the cart path and onto the practice green. He was not happy. Now I always shoot it a couple of times and think if it seems right. Overall, It is a terrific tool and has really helped my certainty of club selection.
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on July 17, 2011
When I was taking a lesson on pitch shots, my teaching pro stated that if I was really serious about knowing exactly how far I was hitting the shorter clubs, I should buy a range finder. I had previously looked at them and decided I liked the laser style versus the GPS style. It fits nicely in my right front pants pocket, and I have used it constantly on the courses, par 3 and regular, and at the range. I found out that I really don't hit shots as far as I thought, no matter how many times I try. Upon using the range finder, there are a couple of seconds of settling time required, and the initial reading is not the final or correct reading. It occasionally gives a false reading; but it is so far off, for example, 50 yds, that it is easily recognized as a false reading, so I shoot it again. Total elapsed time is still less than 10 seconds. Bottom line, on every shot, I quickly know the yardage and can think about the club, how much to choke it and how hard to swing it. It really feels good to pick a longer club than I would have before the range finder and put the ball pin high...although maybe not on the green, but the range finder can't fix that. I am also more confident with all shots in the 20-90 yd range. With regard to the battery cover latch, it does not automatically snap into place upon loading the battery; but it must be manually moved to the locked position, which is true with several other items I have. At $205, Amazon had a good price; and it was promptly delivered.
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on June 23, 2010
I love this thing! It works just as advertised. The pinseeker mode is intuitive and accurate. It has definitely increased my confidence in club selection, even on a course I play nearly every day. Since I received my Bushnell Medalist my golf GPS unit has been gathering dust in the garage. (For reference, my index is 8.5 and I usually score in the mid to high 70's.)
The pinseeker mode is what really makes this rangefinder so useful. It has no problem at all picking out the flag from the background. On my course there is a large metal-sided maintenance building about 40 yards behind the 18th green, and when I range the flag for my approach, this metal building is nearly always directly behind the flag. Even with this worst-case scenario the Medalist has no problem giving me the correct yardage. (One caveat: you need to be able to see most of the flagstick. If there is a hill between you and the flag, and you can only see the top of the flag, then the Medalist has a little more trouble, probably due to the reflections being scattered by the crest of the intervening hill.)
Overall, I am completely satisfied with this rangefinder, and I highly recommend it!
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on March 27, 2011
I purchased the Bushnell Medalist Laser Rangefinder in January and have been waiting for the weather to warm up to finally use it. I've played three rounds with it so far and I can say that I am very satisfied with the product and have noticed an improvement in my golf game. It's compact and solid; I leave it in its case in the front pocket of my bag so it's easy to grab and I don't worry about it breaking, scratching, etc.

As far as use, it's simple, easy, and accurate. In a few instances where the green was crowded with trees, shrubs, and other background "noise" I had to shoot the target a few times before I felt I had an accurate number. This literally took less than five seconds and it's still much more efficient than walking off your yardage from markers, or guessing. When I used it at a new course I had never played before, it was super helpful and made the round more enjoyable, knowing how far I had to certain markers.

I had been debating between this product (for the price and reputation) and a GPS unit. I decided on the Bushnell Medalist because to me it was more accurate and reassuring to know that I could shoot different objects and get accurate distances. Plus, with a rangefinder you don't have to pay for course downloads.

Great product. I'd buy it again in a heartbeat.

-Dave from Boston
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