Customer Reviews: Bushnell Medalist Laser Rangefinder
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on January 17, 2011
Background: I'm 30 years old, a scratch golfer that plays 1-2 times a week, 9 months out of the year. I also am a penny-pincher and that is why this product interested me.

After borrowing several of these types of yardage-advisors from family and friends (I've tried Skycaddie, Bushnell Pro V2, and Bushnell 1600), I liked the rangefinder better than the GPS. That, to me, was the easy part. I wanted the PinSeeker technology but didn't want to pay for the top-of-the-line model. I should have bought one of these several years ago. Of course the PinSeeker technology is relatively new, so maybe I'm glad I waited. Anyway, my father is 60 years old and he uses the higher-end Bushnell, the 1600. I have played 3 rounds with his 1600, and several rounds with my Medalist, as well as a couple with someone else's V2 in a tournament. There is a difference in the models, and if you're a rich golfer who doesn't care about an extra $150-$200, go ahead and buy the 1600. It's got greater magnification and although it's a little bigger, it's really quick to target in on the flag/bunker/lake/etc. It's great. If you're looking to save a little cash, I would buy the Medalist (from what I saw it's about a $70 difference vs. the V2). Medalist vs. V2 comparison:

Battery - Medalist uses a 9V battery, which are much easier to find and less expensive than the 3V battery in a Pro V2. Advantage to the Medalist. Battery life supposedly is about the same. Remember to carry a backup battery.

Orientation - you hold the Medalist oriented horizontally, the Pro V2 vertically. I will admit that the V2 seems more natural, but this meant very little to me.

Magnification - the Pro V2 is a little stronger, but after using the Medalist for 6-7 rounds, it has yet to let me down. I've shot 270+ yards to a pin. My dad and I often shoot each other's distances to verify the number and sometimes it takes me a tad longer to lock on than him with his 1600. But again, that meant very little to me. And our numbers have ALWAYS been +/- 1 yard, even from 270+.

All in all, if you're looking for the cheapest option with solid pinseeker technology, this is it, and it's worked well for me.
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on February 12, 2009
I was finally able to get out and field test my Bushnell Medalist Pinseeker while sneaking in 27 holes.

Long story short: It performed flawlessly.

Long story long...:

It instantly picked up all 18 weather beaten red winter flags from just about anywhere.

Example 1. I had 297 left into a par 5, it snagged the information instantaneously. I know my old 400 Bushnell was useless from that range.

Example 2. 189 yards left into a par 4, the red flag was limp and there was a hillside 28 yards behind the pin. Information was instantly "pinseeked".

Example 3. 179 yard par 3, lots of "clutter" and trees behind the stick. Shoot, zip, got the number.

Of course all of the par 3's and every approach flag was easily attainable. I also used the scan mode to shoot trap lips, dog legs, hazard boundaries and anything else I saw.

I don't know if it's been redesigned but, the battery door wasn't even a consideration. I had read some others had an issue with the door coming off. I may put a small strip of gorilla tape over it, just in case.

If you're on the fence about which Laser unit to buy, I absolutely recommend this one.
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on September 19, 2007
I just purchased the Bushnell Medalist range finder a week ago. I did this after researching most of the popular golf GPS products and the
golf range finders.

Specifically, the Bushnell Medalist range finder is a "WINNER". I
lowered my score right away. Not by hitting the ball better, but by avoiding the traps (I can measure where they are). I was aslo able to
pick the right club for the right distance.

I found the range finder to be very, very accurate. After a week
at my main course, and playing three other difficult golf courses,
I play with a new "Tiger" like confidence.

The summary follows:


1) Accuracy
2) Small size ( you can mange with one hand, although you need two to
get a "steady" reading. The "Pinseeker" mode almost eliaintes this
issue though.
3) Cost (it is worth the value of $299)
4) Battery life (it has not blinked after a week of daily use) 9 volt
replaceable battery
5) Universal use (it works on ALL courses - no maps, PC, or SD memory
6) If you are in a scramble, guess who is the most popular player?


1) The case is too flimsy. It loks good, but is not rugged enough.
Mine tore after 3 day. I bough a camera case for it that is much
more durable and is portable enght for both my portbale cart,a nd
a riding cart.

That's it. if you are on the limb about what to buy. Buy a range finder. You'll not regret it.
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on August 16, 2009
This is the best laser rangefinder out there for the money. Bushnell has other newer (more expensive) models that are really not any better i.e. ones that adjust "slope" for elevation of green are not approved for tournament play according to USGA rules of golf. So this one really is the perfect one out there for the price. Of course there are always those who prefer GPS maps such as "Sky Caddie" etc. Downside on those is annual fee for software and some unavailability of maps for certain courses which is why I prefer the simplicity of a Laser rangefinder. Deadly accurate and super easy to use.
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on August 18, 2008
I have used the Medalist for five rounds now, and I'm very happy with the results. On the first outing I was having the same difficulty with stability that others have reported. I found it a bit inconvienient to have to rely on bracing against the cart, especially since there were cart-path-only restrictions in place. Being an advanced amature photographer, I've often used a mono-pod to support my cameras. I gave it a try with my Medalist and it proved to be the ideal solution. The pod with Medalist attached, slips easily into a club slot in my bag, but I need to be careful about slinging the bag around, or letting it drop. I attached the case, using a lanyard, to the mono-pod, and slip the case off and on the Medalist, just as I would a club cover. This offers some protection, but the case is not extremely padded, so I still need to take care. When needed, I pull the unit out like a club, flip the lever to extend the leg, and take my reading with perfect stability. Throw it back and the bag and grab the correct club. Works very well for me!

I love that I can read distances to pins and bunkers on any course without ever having to purchase gps downloads. Plus I can read distances to fronts and backs of bunkers, trees, rocks or what have you. And it works whether I have a tree cover or cloud cover as well. All I need is a line of sight. The Pinseeker function seems to work nicely also. I am still taking a couple of readings at the pin, just to build confidence that I am actually reading the pin and not something else. All in all, I am very happy with my purchase.

(7/19/11 addition) Three years later my Medalist is still working great. I believe I have only changed the battery at the start of each season. Not because they were dead, but because I figured 1 year/battery was pushing it. I also lost the dang cover during the 1st year of ownership. I now tape the battery in place instead of replacing the cover. It looks funky but hey, so do the people I play golf with haha. Besides, from all of the reviews stating loss of battery covers, I figure the odds are that I will find another one somewhere, sometime. If I had another cover, I'd tape it down anyway.
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on September 14, 2009
I purchased the Bushnell Medalist Pinseeker and love it! It is nice and light, uses a single 9 volt battery, which is nice. No charger required so I will just keep a spare battery in my bag. So simple to use, press the power button center the circle on your target and press the button for a second and bam you have your yardage. I currently have a Sky Caddie 2.5 GPS rangefinder and had an earlier model before. The nice part about the Bushnell rangefinder is that you can target in anything on the course not just the yardages that Sky Caddie has entered, you don't have to connect to a pc and download course info and of course there is no annual fee. If you don't mind those things and like a small gps that you can wear on your belt get a Sky Caddie, if you do, get yourself a Bushnell Medalist!
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on July 13, 2009
I thought I was spoiled by playing at a course with a GPS on the carts, but the pinseeker has been an added pleasure. It's easy to use. Even if your shaking, you'll still get an accurate reading, so someone who is elderly shouldn't have the complaints that I've seen over the years on some models of rangefinders. The advantage this has over the GPS is it gives the exact measurement to the pin, not to the front, middle and rear of the green. Ideally, having both sets of information would be great, but given the choice, the pin measurement is more beneficial. It also works in close whereas the GPS turns off near the greens and you can't drive your cart on all fairways, especially near the greens, so you can get more consistent with your short game. Some of the newer models have more information regarding altitude variations, which would be nice.
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on February 4, 2009
I have owned a Skycaddy for 2 years. I was tired of Skycaddy not working and sending it in for repairs, plus paying $50 per year for membership. I researched Laser Range Finders and found Bushnell Medalist to be okay. I took both the Skycaddy and the Laser on to the course and tested both for 2 rounds of golf. The Medalist was more accurate and easy to use. My wife prefers it also. It works anywere without up loading at each course you play
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on March 4, 2008
A number of my golfing buddies own and use Golf GPS units. I tried them, but depending on the course you're playing, there was a question as to making the correct interpretation. So I leaned toward the laser range finder. Just about that time Bushnell came out with the Medalist with "Pin Seeker" technology. I bought it.

On my very first outing, a club tournament, I hit three of the four par-threes to within 15-feet; I won two of those greenies. (We won't talk about the other green not hit.) Now, I'm not a great golfer; a 17-handicap. What the range finder does is gives you the confidence of the distance (you still need to calculate wind and elevation), but with that out of the way, just hit the ball. This unit is easy to use; no shakey movement and with the "Pin Seeker" technology, pin-pointing the flag-stick is easy. And it really works. If you happen to shoot the laser past the flag, it shows you the farther target, then resets with the actual target. You can also sight water hazard carries; bunker carries; lay-up distances, etc. (Can you tell I love it. My handicap is still 17!!!)

Have fun; it's a new toy after all.

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on July 15, 2011
I have owned two Bushnell Rangefinders in the past and was confident of their quality when I bought the Medalist for my wife to use. Both she and I were disappointed to find that it would give you a series of inaccurate readings which would vary as much as 30 yards. I would compare the distances shot with my Bushnell Hybrid and the Medalist was always off by 10-30 yards. We compared the readings throughtout the round and the Medalist was never right. Needless to say, you lose your confidence in yardage displayed right or wrong. I retuned the Medalist to Amazon and recieved a full refund no questions asked. I love Amazon. I have now ordered a Busnell Pro for my wife and expect that it is of higher quality. You buy cheap you get cheap.
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