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on June 23, 2010
I just returned from taking my family to the Outer Banks (NC) and had used a big old hard top case to help transport all the stuff that would not fit in the back of our Nissan Xterra. Just as we arrived, I foolishly pulled my car into a carport and totally destroyed, along with my ego, the top carrier. I really trashed it, twisting and ripping it to bits. What to do? How would I get my stuff back home?

I carefully researched several options on Amazon and almost bought another hard top case to be delivered overnight... but I read in a review that the Xterra's cross bars were too wide for the mount (saved by good research!). This lead me to my second choice, this Thule soft bag. To make a long story short, this should have been my first choice. I now have a flexible (it expands as needed) top carrier system that stores in its own bag when not needed. I don't waste valuable space in my garage like I did with the big hard case - this one sits on a shelf, neatly, in the basement until I need it again.

So how did it perform? Very well. This case sits down on the roof between the cross bars so it is much lower than a hard case. This makes it much easier to load and delivers better fuel economy. We averaged about 3 mpg more on our return trip. The case is thick, sturdy and soft. No scratches on my roof. I used every bit of expanded space to stuff tons of things and it swallowed them all. It has four adjustable straps built into the bag that snap it down into a tight form so there is no wind flapping. We had no rain, but I have read reviews where users survived rain storms without any water seaping inside. Other reviews said some items got wet. Either way, the bag is said to be water resistant, not water proof. Indeed, the zippers and sealing over-flaps do look to be weather resistant, if not completely weather proof. Some users just wrap items in a garbage bag for added safty.

I am very satisfied with this car top luggage system. It is functional, stylish, well-made and flexible. The foam reinforced bag holds it shape better when stuffed, which helps with air flow and fuel economy. It can be used on any vehicle with top bars, meaning it can be used on other vehicles that I may purchase in the future. It's a little more expensive than some of the other soft bags on the market, but this is an example of you get what you pay for. I highly recommend this purchase.
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on January 10, 2010
To gain more space for camping equipment, I assumed I'd need a cargo box, but once I learned of Thule cargo bags I reconsidered. The obvious benefit of having something light weight that can be stashed in a bag made a lot of sense. So I poured over the positive user reviews of many alternative vendors' products available on Amazon. I ultimately chose the Tahoe because it has the most space, it's durable, and it doesn't require a specific spacing for the roof bars. I'm completely satisfied. It takes me about 5-10 minutes to strap it onto the bars, by myself. I'm able to put 2 tents, 2 kids chairs, 2 sleeping bags, 2 pillows, and 4 mattress rolls in it, by myself. One could probably get more into it, but my 2001 Sienna's bars are in a fixed position so a portion of the back of the bag rests on and behind the back bar. I don't know if they were necessary, but I went ahead and used 4 bungee cords to secure each corner to the roof rack side brackets. I'm especially pleased with how the zippers operate because I have to really stretch to reach the one that runs along the back of the bag and pull it with one finger. The bag is now stashed with the rest of the camping equipment.
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on August 9, 2009
Overall this is a good bag and gets the job done as advertised. The bag will never look like the advertised photo but it's pretty close. We were able to fit 3 large Nike duffel bags and 2 smaller duffel bags with ease. We could've probably stuffed more in there but were content with what we were able to fit. I was stuck on whether or not to buy a hard top vs this bag and by far the bag was the best decision at least for us, simply for storage reasons. This bag folds up nice into a carry case and you can easily store it in a closet. We had no room for a hard case so we would've had to leave it on the roof all year long which wasn't ideal for us. The most challenging part of the installation was the fact that our cross bars go from side-to-side and not long ways. This presented a challenge because we could not get all 4 straps to reach the cross bars. Since I was already purchasing additional locking straps for security reasons we were able to resolve this issue easily.
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on December 13, 2013
Purchased and used this recently after debating over the hard top case and this one, the reviews were decent so we thought we would give it a try. We drove 6 hours in decent weather (no rain), this freed up a lot of the space in our trunk and surprisingly held quite a bit of stuff! We purchased the mat that you can buy separately on the "recommended items" list and that was good to protect the top of the car and was inexpensive, so worth it. Another member had recommended to safety pin the loose straps to the bag when you have tightened it completely so they do not flap around while you are driving, great recommendation, we did that and had no issues. The best part of this is that it was so easy to get on and take off and stores itself nicely in a little bag (included0 in the garage so doesn't require a lot of space when not in use. If you need some extra space in the car this is an affordable way to go!
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on September 12, 2009
This roof rack works great and is easy on and off and very secure. I also bought the 4 thule bags to go with it, because as a set it works very well. We put it on our roof rack and secure it with 2 extra bungee cords and it does no move an inch. We go on very long road trips 400- 600 miles. They only problem I have ( or else it would have been 5 stars), we were driving in hurricane Danny through Vermont to Maine and had a minimal amount of water sepage. I must add that the bag was also left on the car overnight as well. We usually wrap the luggage in garbage bags and have never had a problem, this time I was being lazy. But I would I would buy this again. It is light weight and easy, it folds up small so you can take it off when you get to your destination. We are a family of 5 and 1 dog and it has more than enough room for 2 weeks of stuff
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on April 6, 2014
bag was great, however it wasnt 100% water-tight. The other problem I had was there are no straps holding it from side to side on my roof-rack. So during a few stops I had to keep recentering it on the rack as there wasnt anything to hold it in place. on the trip back, I just rigged the way I strapped it down to avoid this & it worked. The bag held up great, & I will plan to use it again & again.

On our trip home, I simply just stuck the luggage in trash bags & everything remained dry.

We had rain going & coming back.

Let me also state, this bag is so much better than the hard conformed to the luggage better & we could stufff alot more stuff in it then planned. From a size standpoint, our trip was a 1 week vacation to Florida from Indiana with 2 adults & 6 kids so storage was great.

For the money, I give it an A+, I'd a givin it a 5 star rating had it been 100% watertight. I'd highly recommend if you do buy it, use garbage bags for your luggage, remember if water gets doesnt drain out.
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on June 14, 2011
The bag arrived quickly. It comes in a great little tote bage that I used to store another travel box in while the car top bag was in use. At first this bag seems inadequate but once in place and the expansion zippers are undone it becomes quite spacious. I fit all of our luggage inside (for my wife, myself, and our three daughters). The bag stayed in place for the whole trip. To unload I actually left the bag packed and pulled it onto a luggage carrier at the condo as a unit. On the way home the weather report showed rain. I had purchased a box of heavy lawn bags and put our luggage in them prior to loading the cartop bag. This was fortunate because the rain was heavy and lasted for at least fourty five minutes to an hour. By the time we arrived home and unloaded the inside bottom of the carrier was wet and holding a small amount of water. Thanks to the trash bags our luggage was relatively dry. This carrier never claims to be water tight. Over all I think it is a good product that I have no trouble recommending. It is tough, durable, and attractive as these bags go and with the right wet prep done you should have no problem.
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on April 26, 2011
This product is FANTASTIC! We had really wanted a totally waterPROOF cargo bag but in our research, find that is pretty much nonexistant unless you really get into the BIG bucks!!! We just used "industrial" trash bags that we got at Home Depot to put our luggage in, inside the cargo bag and everything was totally dry. And we went thru a VERY heavy rain storm. Would definately suggest you have rails on all 4 sides for the best mounting. First time we used it, we hadn't purchased the front and rear rails and the load was definately not as secure as the second use. Great buy, great purchase and mailing experience!
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on December 18, 2013
I used it for a +500 miles trip in the middle of a winter storm in California with 50+ MPH winds and some rain and with just the original straps attached to my roof racks, any problems at all, no wind noise, no water inside the bag and was filled to the max of it's capacity. and at the end of my trip my bag ended in one piece, i really recomend this one to anybody that wants to have peace of mind that is bag and cargo will keep in place and dry during the trip.
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on June 12, 2012
I bought the cargo bag for a 1300 mile road trip. We were a group of 4 adults and 2 kids with not much storage space inside the vehicle for our 9 day journey. We just had side rails, not cross rails, and the bag installed easy enough. I believe cross rails would have given me more piece of mind, but it was plenty secure. We did use some bungee cords for added security. Electrical tape and safety pins were awesome tips and we didn't have any problems with the straps flapping around.

We encountered about 4 hours of rain during one point ranging from light to moderate (most of the time). Additionally we sat parked in a traffic jam for 40 minutes in the rain. We had seen the weather report so had all our luggage in trash bags. Nothing got wet and the inside of the bag just felt damp to the touch.

I didn't notice any major impact to gas mileage.
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