Customer Reviews: Merrick Before Grain #1 Chicken Dry Cat Food, 3.3-Pound Bag
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on July 23, 2012
I have five cats, and none of them would eat this, just as another poster said, even when it was the only thing in their bowls, and they were really hungry. In the past, maybe A & C would NOT eat a certain food, B & E would, for a couple days, then no, but D would, etc (in all possible permutations!)

I had been feeding them Diamond Naturals Dry Food for Adult Cats Indoor Hairball Control Chicken Formula, which all of them ate. But Diamond Naturals recently had a recall, I think it was salmonella, and now this is no longer available at Amazon. I do not want it anyway, if it is dangerous for the kitties!

So now I've tried Purina Cat Chow Naturals, 13-Pound, and all the little darlings are eating it, day after day.

I have read up on cat food (including that vet who buys frozen rabbit and makes her own cat food, etc), and if I could, I would feed mine Wysong Dry Diets Epigen Pet Food 8 lb, but right now, I just can't afford it.
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on March 29, 2013
Since I got my two rescue cats, Oscar and Emmy, I have been determined to feed them healthy diets. I did a lot of reading about grain free foods and have tried several different brands. Being cats, they ate pretty much anything I put down for them, but this one seemed to make a difference in their overall well-being. One of them always vomited after she ate (excuse the graphics) but has not done that since I switched to this brand. And I do see a remarkable difference in the condition of their coats. One of them is a long hair and I do think that is shedding less and his coat is much easier for me to groom. The price is higher than if you buy regular commercially available food, but I feel that the difference is made up in lower veterinary bills in the long run. I would definitely keep my guys on this food.
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on August 23, 2011
I switched my cats over to Merrick Before Grain cat food 3 months ago. What a difference! I have 2 cats who could afford to lose some weight. After switching over to Merrick's Before Grain, wet and dry food, my cats are thinning out nicely! Their energy level has also increased and they look like they are feeling really good. So glad I made the switch! It feels good to know that I am doing the best for my cats and their health....along with seeing the results.
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on July 26, 2013
I think Merrick products are great, and I got this at the time when I still was feeding my kitties dry food (I've since switched them over to wet food with only occasional dry as a little treat). They were not crazy about this food so I gave it to a co-worker who has 3 cats as well and they loved it. I'm not sure I gave it enough time but it doesn't matter now because I don't want to feed them dry food - even a high quality one like this unless I have to.
I personally think my little furry angels are spoiled AND I also think it takes TIME to transition your cat over.
My suggestion would be to get a small bag and try it out slowly with their regular cat food.
Brands they DO adore and I use as a dry food treat:
Taste of the Wild - Rocky Mountain
Acana (makers of Orijen) any flavor * you can get trial size bags of these for $4 at any local/not main stream pet food store.
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on February 5, 2014
This is a great product... but my cat is fussy... and she did not take to this. I am glad it came in the 3.3 pound bag... as I was over time able to blend it in small amounts into her favorite dry cat food. If you don't have a fussy cat... I recommend this cat food... it is really quality cat food.
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on May 26, 2012
I have two female Siamese kittens who love this food. When they get into the closet where I keep it, they chew through the bag. They are mostly on a canned food diet, though they still get a little dry food each day in a food ball (PetSafe SlimCat Food Distributor Ball, Blue), and they love it. They always come running when they hear the rattling of the food in the ball (if they're not already there watching me fill it up). I have the chicken and salmon dry foods, and though they love both, they seem to like the salmon slightly more. Unfortunately, the salmon is a bit more smelly. I definitely plan on purchasing this product again.
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on January 28, 2013
After doing tons of research on the right foods to feed your cat after a urinary tract blockage, I came across this product. We've been feeding our little guy Before Grain wet and dry food for the last two weeks, and so far, so good. We haven't come across another blockage and he seems to really like it. I only give him 1/4 cup of the dry food for the day since most of my research told me to keep him on a mainly wet food diet.

The one star lost is basically for the Amazon price. I was pretty disappointed when I went into Petco yesterday and found that I would have saved myself $6 if I had bought the 3lb bag at Petco.
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on March 25, 2013
Seems to really love this stuff. I feed him wet food 2x a day and leave this in his bowl for him to graze on throughout the day. He usually eats it all up by the time I'm home from work. I will buy this again for him.
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on March 4, 2012
This cat food has good, natural ingredients and is obviously grain-free. My cats don't absolutely love it, but they like it well enough, but my cats are moderately picky eaters. The only reason I can't give this food 5 stars is because it contains 36% protein, some argue this is ideal, but most vets I have spoken to say the higher the better (cats are carnivores, after all). There are other brands with higher protein, but they are more expensive.

On a note from ordering on Amazon, it was through "PetFoodDirect," which sent me a 3.3 pound bag instead by mistake, but without any hassle they fixed the problem by sending me the correct order and letting me keep the mistake bag, so you know you are safe when ordering from them (well, you always know your safe when ordering from Amazon).

Do the right thing! Buy better cat food like Merrick's!
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on January 6, 2013
I have been concerned about what is in my cat's food for a while now. I wanted to avoid grains and other things that they wouldn't naturally eat. Found this at the pet store after reading LOTS of labels and decided to give it a go. She LOVES this food and I feel better feeding her something that is more closely aligned to what she would eat left to her own devices. She is an old gal and actually seems a bit perkier and more playful on this food. I highly recommend it.
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