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on December 27, 2016
Cute little radio bought on Amazon for the even cuter price of $44. Bought to fit on that tiny plastic-form ledge that holds your Q-Tips jar and desperately trying to do it's job potpourri, this radio was perfect for listening to NPR and maybe mid rock, although it's speaker is too small and tinny to crank up to Sabbath or Slayer volume but for a waterproof shower radio, it was perfect. It just about fit on that even smaller ledge in the plastic formed shower unit that blesses your typical SoCal apartment but it had fallen a few times but held it's own until the very end when the protective plastic covered buttons gave way and water finally seeped inside my beloved little radio, taking Larry Mantle with it.
I'm now trying to figure out whether to purchase an iFox Bluetooth shower speaker to suction cup to my shower door to pair with my iPhone in the other room, or buy a Sangean Bluetooth waterproof radio for Little and even Littler ledge, or buy a Bluetooth-FM shower speaker. Decisions decisions. Unfortunately, I won't buy another Sony because the new scoffable price of nearly $200 is beyond reasoning for the model bought for $44 five years ago but the newer version price of $99 is still way too steep for what it is, a decent albeit mono-tinny speaker housed in a little white plastic case that will eventually let water seep in.....and don't think that the new twee plastic strap is gonna tempt me, Sony. Sorry.
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on January 13, 2016
I've owned this radio since July 2008, and I honesty thought I owned it for much longer, it has been such a ubiquitous part of my life. So, 7 1/2 years. About 3 years ago, the volume adjustment spring started to go, so the volume would go very quiet or very very loud with the slightest pressure. A week ago, the buttons started to not respond, and two days ago it died.

I abused this radio- I did everything short of immersing it in water. Water "resistant" is usually a BS term. In this case, it's an understatement. I kept the radio in the shower itself. It was constantly hit by stray spray from the shower, had wet and soapy shower poofs hung above it, dripping onto it. I even splashed water on it time and again to rinse it off. It never warbled once.

Yea, it takes 3 C cells, which nobody keeps around the house since the 80's. But the batteries only had to be swapped once every two years or so, which is excellent in my book. And holy god, if you want loud, it can get very, very loud if that's your thing. Like, earwax meltingly loud. I owned a boom box once that didn't get this loud. Thankfully the volume knob allows me to adjust it down. I like the presets.

I distrusted the bubble buttons initially- they are the type that typically die fairly quickly- which only astonished me more that they managed to last almost 8 years! So these are the exceptions to the rule.

There's only a 90 day warrenty, which would make me distrustful normally, but I'd guess in this case it's because those first 90 days are for manufacturer issues and otherwise, this thing is a tank.

So you can't load up MP3s, CDs, whatever. Big deal. I want to listen to the news and sometimes music. And when the power goes out, it's nice to know I have a rugged radio that I can use as much as I like. Sony, you did right by me on this radio.

Edit: I was about to purchase the replacement and caught sight of the price tag- $189?! WHAT. I paid $50 for it 8 years ago- how did it quadruple in price? I'm NOT paying $189 for it. It's a 5 star product, but at that price I expect it to make me breakfast while it plays music.
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on December 3, 2015
I trolled this purchase for more than a year and am so glad it was still available when I finally decided to bite the bullet and purchase such a pricey SHOWER RADIO!? Little did i know when I first started my shower radio research that a good shower radio was so hard to find. The Sony was a consistent winner in my research if you were willing to pay a few more dollars. I am very pleased with my purchase of this radio except it requires C batteries and seems to suck them dry even if the radio is not used super often (the clock is on all the time). The C batteries make it heavy but it has not been a problem yet because I used the included strap to hang it from my shower head. This has been consistently hanging in my shower for probably a year. If you have hard water, you may want to wipe it down after every shower which I am too lazy to do, which results in a slight white "haze" over the surfaces. Overall, not a big deal to me. It does everything I want it to. My hubby and I love the presets, and the sleep timer, which allows us to set it for 10 or 20 minutes (etc) and it turns off by itself. I do not regret this purchase and you won't either.
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on November 27, 2015
First unit received was a dud; excellent customer service, returned it and received replacement, but it just would not bring in the stations I wanted, One was instate, another out of state; EVEN WHEN PLACED ON THE WINDOW SILL, with the antenna attached to the glass via its suction cup, this is a big disappointment! Returned it for a refund. So, I bought a Sangean H201 AM/FM/Weather, Digital tuned Waterproof/Shower Radio, which worked fine, even placed farther away from the window, the Sangean H201 worked much better than this SONY RADIO. Might work better in a big city with more stations from which to choose, but here in Hanover PA, and with the stations I want to hear, it is trash.
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on May 4, 2014
Excellent for BOAT. I found this to be excellent portable radio for that, because:

- splash-proof (I hope. If it's made to handle humidity of a shower, I assume it can handle wet fingers & occasional splash)
- The white color of exterior keeps it from getting too hot in the sun.
- The white plastic exterior is very glossy as tho it is clear-coated, makes it smudge resistant & easy to wipe it off it need to.
- The tuner is all digital, instead of having to turn a channel nob & taking long to find the channel you want.
- Has 5 programmable memory channels, per each of 2 FM lines & per AM.
- Simple, the buttons simple explanatory, so I never needed to read the instructions even on initial programming.
- It comes with a snap-on loop cord to hang it in boat (the cord is probly made for shower).
- Is small. Vs boomboxes are too big to take up space on a boat
- The volume is more-than loud enough. I don't know if it would get muffled above 50% volume because I never needed to, but remember it's a small radio, not even a boombox, so it's not going to have wattage to impress partiers.
- Reception is good enough. Not good reception for all bands, for example some AM stations I can get on bigger portables which have antennas but I cant get the station on this small radio which has no external antennae. That's to be expected on a radio which has no external antennae.

This radio costs more than other small radios on Amazon, but after reading the reviews of the other small radios & then trying this one, I have no regrets buying this one.
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on July 10, 2014
I've had a RadioShack shower radio for over 15 years. It was great, but the controls were going bad, so I saw the Sony name and went for it. I was very disappointed at the poor reception. We live in town, so I thought it should pick up NPR with no problem--the old RadioShack radio did. I read the instructions and learned that there was a wire antenna bundled and tucked away in the battery compartment. I unwound it and the reception improved a great deal. However, I could not find a way to make the antenna work unless it was OUTSIDE the body of the radio! They even included a little suction cup to put on the shower stall an clip the wire onto. I guess this would be OK if you never moved the radio, but I do not leave the radio in the shower. So I've got the fragile looking antenna wire looped around the handle/cord they include for hanging the radio itself. I do not have great hopes of this antenna lasting another 15 years. Given that there is absolutely no seal around the door containing the batteries, I guess I don't see the radio itself being a long term feature of our bathroom, either. It is very disappointing that Sony would put out such a slap-dash jury-rigged product.
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on September 22, 2016
When I first received this radio I was pleased. It seemed to be well built and a sturdy little unit. Just what I wanted. It only gets used once a day while I shower so it should last forever. It never got wet. Well it has been two plus years and I wasted my money because the on and off switches are malfunctioning. Turn it on and it turns itself off. You might press it on 4 or 5 times before it stays on. The plastic that covers the switches is peeling off. You cannot see the time when it is sitting on a counter. It needs to be at eye level. So it was a great little radio now it's scrap unless I can repair it. For what I paid for it I expected at least 5 years. The elcheapo we got a target has held up much better.
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on May 14, 2017
I've owned three of the radios. The first lasted more than 10 years. It was terrific. The second lasted about four. The third died at four as well. It looks like Sony is increasing its profitability over the lifecycle of this product by using cheaper components on the newer models.

The plastic in the first two Sony radios never cracked. In the third, the plastic over the off button cracked and broke off. The last model has had problems with batteries for the past year. The radio stopped working repeatedly with batteries that were still registering four out of five on a ZTS Pulse Load Multi-Battery Tester. FM performance has not improved over the 18 years I've owned these radios. Only strong signals are received. Signals that my clock radio and car radio handle without problem fail to lock in on the Sony. Time for a change.
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on November 25, 2017
It's a simple radio which I really like but the material used for the top buttons wear down way too fast and crack apart. It still works but I bet this manufacturing flaw reduces it's life span.

Ha! I spoke to soon!!! I am changing my review - I wrote the review above earlier today and initially gave it 3 starts (It's Okay). But when I went to use it a few hours later today, it wouldn't turn on. I thought the batteries were dead so I changed them and it still won't work. So, now I hate it. This is the third one of these radios I've had. The first one lasted me almost 10 years. But the last two have stopped working within a year or so. (I thought the short life span of the second one was a fluke, but now the third has stopped working only after owning it for a year or two. Not going to buy another one because I don't want to buy cheap things that end up in a landfill. I'll find something that will probably cost more but will be better made and last longer. And that might be repairable, which this is not.
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on September 22, 2008
I very rarely write reviews but I love this radio so much I felt inspired. (Actually I own the S79V, but it seems to be identical to this one.) It is simply the perfect shower radio. Reception is excellent and better than some of the more expensive radios in my house. It has a clever suction cup aerial that sticks to shower tile well. The controls are simple and I particularly like the timer function, so I don't need to worry about turning it off. It goes forever on a set of batteries. I also like that this isn't equipped with a CD player, which would add bulk for a questionable extra function.

The white plastic has yellowed over time (four years?), and the top control panel membrane has deteriorated slightly, but it's still going strong. I purchased a replacement just to have a spare handy should I need one and find that Sony has stopped making these gems.
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