Customer Reviews: IRIS Neat 'n Dry Premium Pet Training Pads, Regular, 100-Count
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on October 4, 2015
Great product, well made, fits md pads ok. Just wish I could get them to use it the way it was intended. They would rather use it as another bed....
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on August 16, 2011
My puppy can remove the pad from the tray in less than 5 minutes. The only use I have found for the tray is to hold down the edges of pads placed in a puppy pen but not in the tray itself. My puppy never poops on the empty tray but rather on the surrounding pads. This tray needs some serious improvements to tightly grip the pads. If it would tightly grip the pads it would be great. I have tried multiple pads at one time but it did not help and just provided more pads for my puppy to chew on.
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on February 10, 2012
I purchased this tray for my 3 Pound Maltese puppy and I love it. It is nice, neat and clean looking. I use the OUT pads with it and have taught the puppy to "Leave It" when he started to pull on the edges of the pad. After only 5 days of training he knew the pad was not a toy and is fully house trained now.
I bought the medium size so that I can move it a little daily and eventually into and extra bathroom closet that it will fit and be out of sight.

I have also used the quilted WEE WEE pads with this tray and they work but I like the lower cost of the OUT pads better.

Perfect schedule for me and Puppy - food, clean water and new pad at, clean water and new pad at dinner
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on August 13, 2011
I received this product about 3 days ago and by far these are the worst puppy pads I have dealt with. I literally put up the pee pad before bed and waked up in the morning to pick it up and noticed it was soaked underneath. I have bought several different brands over the years. I never had a pad before that if I go out for the day to work, When I get back home I go to replace the pad and find soak through the bottom. I am just grateful I have tile floors. Let me preference this, this is used by a small dog. Most of her pee spots are size of a dollar coin. On the other brands of pads she has pee on, Hartz, Arm and Hammer, Nature's Miracle etc, I have never had this issue before. It has been reasonable for me with every other brand to be gone for about 10 hours, come home, pick up the pad and not have it soaked underneath. I really have to question a lot of these recent positive reviews. Maybe the positive reviews from 4 years ago dealt with a better quality of product but this pad does not live up to any reasonable expectations, especially after buying about 5 different brand of pads that never had any soak through underneath. If there is a review you are looking for to trust, trust mine and trust the negative ones. I do not do product reviews and in order for me to get on my chair to post one this product has to be absolutely the most dreadful item I had to dealt with in this product's category.

Save yourself a headache, do not buy these pads. It really angers me that a product that average's 4 stars burnt me so badly.

******Update for clarification 8/03/13******

So it has been two years since I wrote this review and have looked over some of the comments and figure I answer some of those responses here.

First the Chihuahua using the pads is a 5 pound female. She always went to the middle of the pad, squat, and then pee. The wet spot would be exactly underneath in the same location of her pee spot.

There was never any peeing done on the edges were it would seep underneath nor would I complain about something like that.

There has been several reviews after mine that has stated the same experience. Maybe it was a bad batch but at the time I had ordered I had saw complaints of the same problem.

Currently I use the Amazon link Hartz Home Protection Pads for Dogs, 50 ct., Hartz Protection Pads. They have the same technology were it turns the urine into gel. Once again though, I have bought several different pads as an avid dog owner and these were the only ones that ever leaked underneath on me. I get these though at the local Costco were it is cheaper than Amazon but not everybody has a Costco membership. Costco does sell 100 of those Hartz Pads for about 16 dollars which is a better deal.

But all in all, I always have bought the cheapest pads and none of them had ever leaked except these.
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on June 13, 2011
I was excited to try this product to hold down the pee pads my puppies love to shred, but the tray ended up helping very little. The tray effectively holds the pads down, but one small tug from either puppy and the pad becomes easily dislodged around the edges. After that, it's either shredded or folded over for me to find later. I was surprised that the plastic piece on top with the closures did not create a tighter seal. I'm not sure I would buy this model again.
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on September 2, 2011
We bought this Iris Medium Floor Protection Tray to go with our regular size Iris Training Pads, and it works great for protecting the floor. The problem, though, is that the mechanism that attempts to secure the pads does not adequately hold them in place. Our puppy easily grabs onto the pad and pulls it from the tray. In order to fix this, I have started to tape down the pads at the corners before snapping the top ring in place. This seems to work better. I think this tray might work better if it were a little smaller so that it grabs the thicker part of the pads rather than the very thin edge of the pads. With the addition of tape on the corners of the pads, this tray is doing the job of protecting our floors quite well.
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on September 6, 2012
STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! No for real. Don't buy these. They are the smallest of all I have tried. And they are not as absorbent as they claim either. I've been testing pads on my IPFreely puppy. Right now, Natures miracle advanced ultra absorbent seems to be doing the trick. Don't bother with the arm n hammer ones either, you might as well use news paper! Good Luck.
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on June 19, 2016
I ordered the IRIS Training Pad Holder about 3 months ago for a new puppy we were bringing into our home. I researched puppy pad and other products to help keep my house clean and loved the looks of this holder. It arrived and was actually nicer in person than I thought it would be. It is constructed of a very nice and strong plastic type material. This is very easy to use and keeps the puppy pad secure. Simply slide the two blue pieces on each side out and the cover comes off. Put the puppy pad in place, put the top of the holder over it and slide the two blue pieces inward and it will now be secure. This holder is wonderful as it keeps the puppy from taking the pad and running around with it. It also keeps the floor more sanitary and clean in the event the urine leaks through. This is one of better products I have seen on the markets. Everything I see from this is a pro and no cons that I can think of. This is a great quality product that is durable and will last even with a playful puppy.
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on September 27, 2011
I don't write reviews often. In fact this is my first review on Amazon in quite a few years. But I feel most compelled to write a review to warn people when a product like this one absolutely fails to do anything that it says it does! Neat & Dry floor my bum! These pads are thin, small and they leak! I feel like I just threw away over 20 bucks and these positive reviews for these pads make absolutely no sense at all.

I have a 5 year old Chihuahua that I got at 9 weeks old and he has been pad trained from birth so I'm pretty much an expert on the quality and proper use of pads. The great reviews for these pads boggle the mind! Are we talking about the same product? These pads are absolutely terrible. They are smaller and thinner than any pad I've ever used and they leak! I want to return them but I've already open the bag of 100 I purchased. I may still return them because these pads are an absolute ripe off. And because of the majority positive reviews for this product which initially lead me to purchase it, I will take all reviews with a huge chunk of salt from now on!
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on January 18, 2007
When I bought these pads at Amazon last year, a 50-pack was $11.99 -- now its $26.99! Does anyone know why this happened?

The pads themselves are fine and work beautifully with the pad holder, but I'm protesting against this price.


In my earlier review, I downrated the product for the price, which went through the roof, but still paid respect to the quality.

I just got a package from Amazon for $19.99 -- a better price. But the pads simply don't absorb. I tried a few and rocketed the package back to Amazon.
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