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Size: 100 Pack|Style: Regular Training Pads|Change
Price:$19.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on June 27, 2016
I've been purchasing these pads for about 4 or 5 years now. I have always been happy with them. I received a new shipment today. They are NOT the same pad. They are significantly thinner/flimsier and not branded. They used to come in clear bags inside a box that was as pictured (white with green lettering). They now are in white bags with no branding. I am including two pictures. In one picture you will see a stack of 7 of the old pads on the left and 7 of the new pads on the right. You can see the difference in thickness very clearly. I am also including a picture of the box they arrived in. There were 2 white bags inside the box. Also, the box notes "Made in China". There was nothing that looks like the thumbnail picture of the "Neat 'n Dry" box. Will be returning and looking for a new brand. Shame, because I really liked the old style.
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on March 12, 2016
I have been buying a box of 200 pads about every six weeks for three years. I have two Chihuahua mixes, so they're not heavy wetters. A couple of orders ago, the pads were different. I still had some from the previous order when they arrived, so it was very easy to compare them. They were thinner, and the material felt different. The new pads allow wetness to soak through to the surface underneath the pad, whereas the previous ones didn't. I use a pad holder so it hasn't gotten on the floor, but I now have to wipe off the pad holder when I change the pads so that there's not a urine smell. I just received an order, but I think I am going to return it and try another brand. Soaking through defeats the purpose of the pad.

Update - I returned these and purchased All-Absorb Training Pads. They're as good as these used to be and maybe a little better. They're about the same price, too.
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on January 26, 2015
Very disappointed in these training pads. We have 2 Yorkies who do their business on potty pads in the house. We typically use Absorbz brand pads, which we buy at Costco for approx. $15 (for 100 pads). Our Costco stopped carrying Absorbz for about a month so I've been frantically searching for pee pads which (1) contain the urine, (2) do not leak, and (3) are not going to cost me an arm & an leg.

These pads aren't very expensive - I believe I paid approx. $28 for 150 pads. So, pricier than Absorbz at Costco, but not too expensive. They are smaller than Absorbz pads and are more of a rectangular shape. These pads are lighter and not as sturdy as the Absorbz pads. Each time my dogs go on the pad, their weight shifts the pads (and they are very small dogs, less than 8 LBS) and the pads move everywhere and so does the pee/poop. Yuck. The pee also tends to leak over the edge. I keep noticing that it's wet under the pads.

Thankfully, Costco has re-stocked Aborbz pads so we can go back to them. Unfortunately, I'm stuck w/this box of Neat n Dry pads that I'm not happy with. I'm planning on using them as back up.
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on February 13, 2016
I hardly write reviews; but this product has seriously disappointed this time. I've purchased this item frequently and it used to be great. It covered up any urine smell and did not leak when my dog had to go while I was at work.

However, the product quality I had received this time seemed generic. It was flimsy thin material that did not absorb everything and leaked through to the pad holder underneath. When disposing the product it was drippy and runny like a wet paper towel.

I do not recommend this product, unless they go back to the original quality or if I happened to receive the wrong product from Amazon shipping as my box did not have the Brand Graphics as featured.
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on June 14, 2016
I noticed the thickness of the pads are thinner and it feels as though moisture is able to leak through the bottom of the pad. The urine does not seem to gel as it sometimes drips off the pad when I am disposing of it. The packaging is now completely plain, both the outside box and the inside bags. I noticed this time that the outside of the box states that the pads are made in China. I find it strange that the manufacturer does not place any identifying labels anywhere on the outside or inside bags. Country of Origin is not listed on the Amazon website. I have been using them for several years, but will probably look for another brand.
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on April 5, 2016
Wellllllll... The puppy pads aren't terrible but they are hardly the best I've ever used and certainly do not live up to the hype. So here is my, I believe fair, accounting of my experience with these pads.

I usually use the generic Walmart brand puppy pads and have really had no problem with those but my wife saw these and wanted to try them out. They don't really live up to their name, especially the "Dry" part.

Why 3 Stars?:

1. They are not any more absorbent than a generic puppy pad. In fact my 8 lb puppy who pees probably a 1/4 cup at most and always pees in the middle of the pad, soaks through the pad immediately. Luckily we have a silicone pad holder underneath so the floors are fine(Thanks for asking). The bottom leakage isn't something I've had to deal with when using other pads so one star knocked off for that.

2. That "Whisking Away" action they talk about is non-existent. Which is unfortunate because we got these so we wouldn't have pissy little puppy paws up in our bed. My wife ran her finger over the pad to test the dry top feature and came away with pissy finger syndrome. Now, she did this RIGHT after the puppy peed and to me that seemed a little bit too optimistic I gave the pads the benefit of the doubt. But then I did the same finger absorbency challenge a couple days later WELL after our pissy princes had made tinkle winkle and I to had to wash my fragrant abomination of a hand. So one star off for that.

Now, these aren't terrible by any stretch of the imagination and really I wouldn't have thought twice about them if they hadn't been branded "Neat 'n Dry". They are neither neat nor dry but they are pads and so three stars for that. :)
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on May 7, 2016
I have used Neat 'n Dry for years and they was great and was made in the USA and were well made. I just received my last order and it is now made in China and the pads are not as good as ones made in the USA and they charged more money for them. The price went up and the quality went down. There name is IRIS USA they should change it to IRIS CHINA. I will be looking for other pads. It is sad.
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on June 18, 2016
I used Iris brand Neat'nDry training pads 4 years ago when we got our great Pyrenees puppy. Now we have another puppy and bought these pads again. This time around the puppy pads look the same but aren't as absorbent. I notice this more as our six week old pup is now 11 weeks. Even when the pad is 'hit' squarely, there is leakage off the sides.. So when I pick up the pad, underneath is wet. Fortunately I have tile floors and a quick paper towel swipe and wet mop and it's all done.

I've tried stacking these overlapping the edges so if one is hit off center, the one laying next to it catches the flow. That works. t also works to lay these on a newly mopped floor and pressing down a bit on the corner - This locks the pad onto the surface so it won't be shifted around or scrunched up. These pads do take more time to work with. - Dan's Wife

Post Note: The photos are from the box these arrived in and how I got two blank bags. I have no idea if these are what I ordered since Neat 'n Dry makes these pads in various sizes and quantities. Blank bags. I guess I should count? Oh yes and outside on the box it says these are fragile and made in China. Isn't that nice to know? I had to leave this post note off my original review because Amazon refused to post it . . . Twice. So enjoy. You are warned.
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on May 3, 2016
Love this product. We have an 8 week, now 15 week old puppy that has been trained to pee on these anytime she has to go. They can "hold" up to 4-5 before getting too soaked to use. Easily disposable.
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on January 19, 2016
I used to give these 4 or even 5 stars because of the size and aabsorbency. I think they're great - or at least I did till my last otder. After getting them for a long time suddenly they're lil bit smaller and thinner. Hope they don't charge even more but going experiment with some others now. Oh well, all good things must come to an end!
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