Customer Reviews: Tetra 16163 AquaSafe Plus Water Conditioner, 33.8-Ounce
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on July 16, 2010
7 drops in an average little fish bowl with normal water and I have had a Beta for over two years now using nothing but this! Every couple of weeks, I rinse the bowl, replace water, put the drops in, done deal. Good stuff. Keeps your fish healthy. The end.
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on November 26, 2010
Previous reviews were helpful. I use it everytime I change the water. The water stays clean for about two weeks easily. It says aquarium for fish but I have been using it for my turtle aquarium and it has worked out fine. The filmy residue does appear but just make sure not to use in excess and it should not be an issue. Also, if you are using this for turtles, frequent baths also help to remove the film from the shell.
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on February 11, 2010
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on November 6, 2006
Whenever you add new tap water to your aquarium the chemistry of the water changes, these changes can be very harmful to the fish depending on how drastic they are. So it's recommended you do a 10-20% water change every week to your aquarium to help reduce chemicals like ammonia and dilute the nitrites etc. But the tap water also carries harmful chlorine and chloramine.

Tetra AquaSafe removes both and enhances the stress coat produced by your fish, thus making it perfect to condition your aquarium. I've had no problems whatsoever with it, and it has greatly improved the overall health of my fish.

I personally don't use it with every water change (although its recommended that you do) but that's usually based on the amt being added and the condition of my tap water.

Use 5ml to treat 10gal
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on March 25, 2008
The first, and only water conditioner I have ever used for my betta. Spike is now 3yrs old, and continues to thrive. I attribute that in part to AquaSafe water conditioner.
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on July 4, 2009
We just got done setting up a 1000 gallon pond in our backyard. The bottle originally says "for up to 500 gallons". We have 10 assorted fish in our pond. And they are doing great. If you use this product for a pond you might consider adding it in an area of the pond with a pump. So the fluid can distrubute quickly. With in seconds the pond was ready for fish.
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on March 25, 2013
if you're considering buying aquasafe, you probably already know what it can do. if you don't already know, there are several reviews here that will tell you. so i will focus on cost and quantity for my review.

MATH TIME!! ...yay :|

go to walmart and try to buy some aquasafe. the largest size bottle you'll find is probably the 8.45oz (one fourth the size of this behemoth) and the cost is over $7. to get the same amount of aquasafe from walmart, you'll be spending $29 and buying four bottles! even here on amazon, the same size bottle is currently $6.13. that's still about $24.50 for a liter.

next, i went to google shopping to get an aggregate of online prices. when looking for the liter size, the best google could find (price + shipping) was $17.94. that's about $5 more than the $12.99 you will spend on the exact same liter from here on amazon with free prime shipping included! when you think value pack, this truly fits that description.

this bottle will treat about 2000 gallons when dosed correctly. that's $0.0064 per gallon of treated water (just over half a cent), meaning it will cost you a balmy $0.35 to treat enough water to fill a 55-gallon aquarium. and with this liter of conditioner, you will be able to fill that same aquarium with treated water 35 more times before you run out! alternately, 2000 gallons = about 7570 liters. that means that it costs you the ridiculous amount of $0.0017 per liter of treated water, or nearly 6 liters per penny. see that one cent coin laying on the sidewalk? that will treat 6 liters of aquarium water.

i guess i should also say that i got my delivery in 2 days, in perfect condition, and the product is great as usual. this is an amazing deal. thanks amazon!
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on May 16, 2013
First, let me say that I was told I was purchasing an 8-oz container of Nutrafin Betta Bowl Conditioner. When my box arrived, I had this product in the box in stead. Not sure what happened in the mix up, but I ended up holding on to this product. This review is neutral and does not reflect the fact that the mix-up happened.

Considering the volume of the container I got for the price, this is more than a good deal for a chlorine treatment. I usually use API Stress-coat, which, according to both bottles, should offer the same features. I gave this one a try one week during my regular water changes, and my fish seemed to behave normally. Nothing wrong with it. The item came as it is packaged in stores, with no signs of defects. It is a water dechlorinator for aquariums. That's what the bottle says, and that's what it does. No complaints.

I have one big problem with all of Tetra's products, and that is that these bottles are NOT SEALED at the top. It's a goopy liquid I'm supposed to pour into my aquarium. I am not qualified to determine whether what's in the bottle is what the bottle says it has in it. When I get API products, they come with a seal on top. This one, there's no telling if what I'm buying is what's in the bottle. Since this is an online order there's less risk, but I completely avoid Tetra products in stores because they're open containers. Do I know whether the employees thought mixing them around would be funny? Or if someone opened one up and got something in the bottle? NO! If it's not something I'd be comfortable with for human use, I would never use such a product on my pets. Sounds crazy, but you just never know. Fish can be delicate, and costly. One wrong move like that and you could ruin a tank.
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on June 28, 2016
The large quantity is awesome for the price! This was much more affordable than what is offered locally at pet stores. I have been using this product for years with routine water changes. With the large quantity and the great price, it's easy to put a little bit more in the tank to ensure the fishies are happy and comfortable. I have purchased 2 of these so far, and will be back when the time comes.
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on May 15, 2016
This water conditioner is highly concentrated so you don't need much for it to be effective. I use mine for my beta fish in a 2 gallon tank and need less than a half a cap full. It seems to be better than the stuff I was getting at the pet store specifically designed for betas. During use with the other stuff, my beta got infected and I had to treat him with solution. He is healthy and happy now and it is probably because of this stuff and the plant I got him. Highly recommended.
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