Customer Reviews: IRIS Airtight Pet Food Treat Storage Container Combo, Blue
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VINE VOICEon January 7, 2009
This review was written for several airtight storgae containers that we have bought on here under the Iris brand. We own:
- 2 pc pet food container set. To be found here:
- 30 quart container:
- 55 quart container:
- and a smaller 21 quart container with one major difference other than size: no coasters/wheels.

Background you can skip:
We eat rice. Lots of it. Every day. Our home is the castle of ricealot. And then the Mrs. loves incompatible pets: Cats and Fish. Luckily we keep them separated in 2 categories: indoor cats and outdoor fish.
So what we need was affordable AIRTIGHT storage that would allow us to buy 25 to 50 lbs bulk items of Koi food, rice, cat food. Oh yeah: Mrs. also insist we eat only home baked bread (see bread machine review elsewhere) made out of spelt flour. This is either ridiculously expensive to buy in small quantities locally or, if bought online, not efficient from a shipping cost perspective unless we buy lots of it at once. So we needed containers that:
- are airtight
- mobile even when heavy / full
- able to pack a lot
- last with frequent use

Our findings:
The containers all came (except the 21 qt as it has no wheels) with wheels that you have to push into the bottom of the containers. That's the only assembly. Be ready to use some excessive force to push some in (but eventually they will go, maybe use a little oil if some are a real tight fit). Wifey opted to use my overweighted-ness (= new word)to push 'em in with force. Glad I'm too heavy.
The lids are basically clip on lids that have a little rim of foam to create the seal. Note that they are AIRTIGHT which does not equal VACUUM. One of the lids was a little short on foam but by redistributing it a bit with my thumb I was able to get it corrected.
I do have a little bit of doubt that all of them are airtight because of the lids however: the lids differ between the various sized as to how they latch closed (look at pictures before you buy). I found them all to work fairly well in that they open and close without Mrs. needing new nails so it scores in that respect.
The plastic is not so thin that it will crack under too much weight (i.e. it can hold what it was made for).
The wheels all rolled well and did not have trouble under full load.
The shape / form factor: these are narrow rather than wide so that you can fit several next to one another. Convenient as you don't want to stack heavy items. Notable exception is the 2pc version I bought where the upper bin is short and a little wide.

These are decent value for the price on here. They handle the bulk foods well and we think that the food is genuinely protected better and easily accessible. The wheels are very convenient and the airtighted-ness (another new word!!) is fine but do spot check the foam seam.
We reduced our rating with one star for the fact that there is no clarity on the TYPE of plastic that is used for these. Since food will be in there for a while you'd hope it is the 'good' stuff. Given all the web-attention to water bottles and what they are and should be made of, you'd think Iris would be more forthcoming. BPA (Bisphenol A) is the alledged culprint and the fact that authorities are claiming how safe it is (see: makes my triple-cringe. Anyways, until there are large BPA-free ones that are affordable I'll have to take the leap.

Hope you enjoy these!

PS: we bought 1 extra 30 qt to use under the kitched sink as an easy garbage can that can be pulled out a little. Maybe you can even use there to store dirty laundry in for months at a time: no smell!! Mrs. thinks not.
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on March 30, 2009
This set is PERFECT for holding my dog's kibble and treats and keeping them fresh. The item is sturdy, easy to clean and was well worth the great price. This item is exactly as stated. (o:
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on July 29, 2010
I don't have pets at home. I bought this product because I want a simple and easy-to-clean rice container. I had a bad 20 lbs bag of rice that had rice bugs in them and they crawled all over my pantry. It took me a long time to clean out all of those bugs from my pantry (not to mention a lot of food that was thrown away because the bugs got to them) so I decided that I need airtight containers to prevent that from happening in the future. I always buy a 20 lbs bag of rice. The container said that it will sore up to 25 lbs of pet food, but when I poured all 20 lbs of rice into it, it was only half full. I love the casters because I can pull it out of the pantry when I want to make rice instead of me squeezing into the tight space to get at it. It's easy to clean (soap and rinse), and easy to dry too.
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on October 20, 2009
I love it!! Perfect for my dogs food and treats. Easy to roll to the dish to fill. Would recomend.
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on June 20, 2012
Let's face it - with food prices going up a heck of a lot faster than wages, buying food in bulk to save money is becoming more and more of a common practice. These containers are great for storing bulk food. I ordered 2 sets. The smaller container will hold over 20 pounds of sugar, and the larger one is great for large bags of rice or flour. I leave the rice and flour in its original bag and just put the entire thing into the bin, then just cut off the tops for easy scooping. I usually have one large bin with 2 huge bags of rice (25 pounds or more each), and the other large bin I have a big bag of bread flour and a big bag of all purpose flour (bread flour is dirt cheap when bought in bulk instead of 5 pound bags). For the two small bins, I filled one with white sugar and the other with open bags of other baking products: corn meal, cake flour, whole wheat flour, etc.

Now I can buy food in bulk, save money, and I don't have to worry about bugs getting into my flour, or ants getting into my sugar.
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on January 16, 2012
These containers are very convenient for storing bulk dry dog food. We use the larger container to store the large dog food bag inside, and the smaller container to keep a weeks worth of food in at a time. They're airtight, so they keep the food as fresh as possible.
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on September 13, 2010
Look Great and don't take up too much space in the kitchen. Large bin doesn't quite hold a 20lb bag of dog food though.. FYI.
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on October 19, 2011
I bought three of these almost 6 months ago. They're great! I originally bought them after ordering 3 large 25# commercial-use bags of powdered milk. Obviously, I use a lot of it! It only took two to accommodate all 3 bags with just a little left over. If you leave the wheels off, you can stack them like any other tote. When stacking them, I had the wheels on the bottom one and left them off the other one. They don't take up much floor space either, which is really nice. The smaller ones that sits on top, I use for all sorts of things. I took one smaller one, put dog food, portable bowls, a few toys, grooming brush, etc. on a cross-country trip with 2 little dogs. It was perfect. Everything was together so I only had to grab one thing when stopping for the night and my "girls" had everything we needed. Another smaller one holds a supply of "chewy" treats. If you use the large one for dog food, you'd have the food & treats together in one place.
Just one note, there is a mild odor inside when you first get them. Be sure to wash them out before using for food and in time, the odor dissipates. Highly recommend.
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on September 19, 2012
My first shipment of this food container arrived damaged. Amazon quickly sent a replacement -- thanks!

The container system feels a bit flimsy, and after inspection I have serious doubts that it's air-tight.

I buy my dogs Orijen dry food and it costs a fair amount because it's high quality stuff. I was looking for a top-notch storage system to keep their excess food fresh. This two-container system came well-reviewed, and so I figured it was worth a try over a Lowe's 5-gallon bucket (which is INCREDIBLY hard to re-open once you've got the lid secure).

For what I paid, I was hoping for something a bit more substantial than what I got. I'm using it, but I'm not happy with it.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon October 10, 2014
I use this for holding food for my rabbit. I put hay in the large bottom container, and pellet food in the top. After two years of usage, I can say I am happy with the product.

This is a pretty straightforward design: two stackable clear containers with hinged & locking color lids, one of which is on wheels. The locking handles are durably-built and can hold up to daily usage. The hinge system is also well-designed as it is easy to remove the tops, plus the tops are made to come apart from the bottom of the container under certain stress such as bending it back too far (rather than break off.) Each container's lid has a small groove in which a foam material sits inside of to help make a tighter seal when closed. This system works pretty well, and it helps keep the hay inside of it fresh for an extended period. It's also easy enough to clean.

With two years of daily usage, the containers have held up well. I was initially concerned about the durability of the locking handles and hinges (given they are plastic), but after two years of usage they are still functioning flawlessly.

So if you need a bigger container set for pet food, this is definitely a good choice and a good value given the quality of the product.
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