Customer Reviews: IRIS Airtight Food Storage Container
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on April 26, 2013
I've posted pictures here comparing the 69 to the 67 quart version. Both purchased on Amazon. The specs between the two are not that different.

14.7 x 17.9 x 23.8 inch; 69 quart container

14.8 x 19.3 x 20.7 inches; 67-quart capacity

The 67 is a little more "rigid" due to the way the forming was done. The wheels on both units are the weakest point. I've broken them off by letting them drop to the floor a few inches. I was able to duct tape the wheel back on, but it's not a pretty sight. As others have noted: Be careful when rolling or dropping these when loaded. On several of the units we don't use the wheels, so it's obviously not an issue.

At this point in time, the 69 quart unit is several dollars less than the 67, on Amazon.
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on August 4, 2012
I was looking for a good, airtight dogfood container for my pet. This was the perfect solution. I bought the Airtight Food Container keeps Dry Pet Food Fresh 45-47 QT (Holds up to 35 # Dog / Cat food) - this is according to the Product Description.

I buy Life's Abundance Premium Health Food for Puppies & Adult Dogs in a 40 lb. bag. The entire bag just barely fit into the bin, but it did fit. Also, when I put together the bin, I didn't put the wheels on it. Some reviewers said the wheels would occasionally break. Since I don't need to move the bin, I just didn't install them.

The container has a nice seal, my dog can't knock it over and open it. (I have a pug that LOVES food.) My bag of food fits perfectly. I couldn't be more happy.
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on February 12, 2015
I should have purchased this a long time ago! I have two medium size dogs and purchase large bags of food to save money. After years of handling those large heavy bags I decided there had to be a better way. This container was the answer. The wheels allow me to easily roll the container out of the storage pantry and the full access opening when the lid is open allows me to easily scoop out food to fill two dishes. I can highly recommend this pet food container.
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on April 20, 2016
I was looking for an airtight container that could hold the 28lb bag of kibble still in the bag. The whole dog journal recommended not to pour kibble out of the original bag because it would expose the kibble to more oxygen than necessary, which causes the food to go stale and lose nutrients faster. This did the trick!
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on March 28, 2011
When I ordered this I didn't study the photo well enough; it only has a clasp on one side, it has a hinge on the other side. The size & general construction are just what I was looking for, but for simplicity sake, I was expecting it to be like all the other bins out there; to have clasps on both ends.

I am a mechanical engineer and I design plastic components for a living. I'm not certain that the hinge on the one end of this container will hold up to daily use for the design life of this box. So far it's been just fine and it does have a reinforced stop on it to take stess off the vulnerable "axles" that it pivots on, but this is a large lid with a relatively small set of hinges. There is a lot of leverage to tranfer a huge load on those "axles" if it ever gets bumped when open. I hope I'm wrong, but I take great care to not apply any undue force on the lid when it's open.

Like I said, so far so good. Maybe I'm being too conservative; but I wouldn't have made this box with a hinge. The latch handle design is very sturdy, why compromise the robustness of the product to put a far less sturdy hinge on one end? I don't think the hinge makes it a better or more convenient product. It must've been the concept of someone in Marketing; certainly not from a pragmatic engineer. It introduces a vulnerability that doesn't need to be there.
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on September 16, 2011
This is a pretty good buy with a small caveat. I bought two of these containers specifically for the airtight seal and the size. The lid in my favorite rich navy blue color was a bonus. First thing I noticed was that it was made in the USA, somewhat inducing warm fuzzy feelings about the economy, and secondly it maintained good quality all around the product (no sharp edges, stray plastic, or mismatch tolerance).

Design-wise, there is a shallow wall of plastic all around the bottom about 1/4 inch high that elevates the entire container off the ground. I'm thinking this would be great for keeping the bottom surface off the possibly wet or dirty ground! Plus it doubles as a stacking mechanism since the lid on top has a groove that exactly matches the dimensions (I would never have known if I hadn't bought two of these bad boys). The walls of the container is somewhat cloudy white but translucent enough to see stash you plan on hiding in it. The latch on one end is big and stiff (clean thoughts now), easily capable of providing pressure on the airtight seal whilst not being too hard to open and close. The hinges (two of them) on the other end are rather small but sufficient for its intended purpose. The lid is completely removeable, easily de-hinging at a certain angle (wide open), so I was able to inspect the hinge design closely. As long as you don't shamelessly pack your container like an overstuffed suitcase then it will last close to forever.

As far as the airtight seal goes, this is where my caveat comes into play. The seal is accomplished by a white foam wrapped around the entire rim of the lid, sort of reminiscent to food lock containers. Unfortunately, one of my containers did not have that foam wrapped 100% around, leaving a small 1-inch gap where the two ends meet. Pressing on the lid while closed let some air escape through this gap. Fortunately it was easily rectified by pulling out the foam, stretching it slightly and carefully, and inserting it back in. And like magic the two ends meet, closing the gap. I re-tested the seal and it was much better, although not pressure-cooker tight, it required my manly, rippling muscles to squeeze the air out. Only time will tell whether the foam would shrink back to reveal a gap again or whether the foam lining would last repeated use (silicone or rubber would have been much better). And when I say foam, its like an exercise-mat foam not styrofoam.

SO like Amazon's description says, its not limited to just pet food. Let your wildest dreams run wild with this container. Hide your dad's stinky shoes in there, store your sister's embarrassing baby photos in pristine condition, and keep those beanie-babies absolutely dust-free. Or you could always put dog food in there. Check out my photos, the size is right, and for the price, its pretty darn good.
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on August 18, 2011
The idea is great and I loved it the first two months. But soon, the wheels started coming off and lid came off as well. I tried tightening the wheels but they kept rolling out. A month later, two of the wheels simply broke. Mind you that I didn't roll the container around or put too much weight in the container. The container was stationary except once in a week when I moved it around to mop the area. The lid coming off was the final blow. It now sits in the garage storing trash.

Buy it if you don't mind replacing it every 3-4 months, this is cheap stuff that is not built to last.
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on May 18, 2011
I keep my dog's 12 lbs of small dog kibble in here. It barely fits it all with a scooper cup. It is airtight and I don't smell the dog food at all (as dog food tends to be pretty stinky!). This is perfect since the lid is attached and you just have to lift it up. I'm very happy with this product.
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With four cats and a Littermaid litter box, I go through a bit of cat litter. I used to buy Fresh Step brand in big tubs that had a removable lid that allowed me to scoop the litter easily. I can't find those big tubs anymore, just boxes. Pouring litter from a tiny spout in a 34-pound cardboard box is not easy and is an invitation for a spill.

The answer was to buy a storage container for it that would be easy to move around yet would hold plenty of litter. I bought the IRIS Airtight Pet Food Storage Container, 33 Quart size for this and was very pleased with its capacity. I've been able to fit two 28-pound boxes of cat litter in this, plus a large scoop.

I also like that the hinged lid lifts easily off, yet locks in place in front.

The container is on four wheels, and this should make it easy to move around, yet one of the wheels keeps falling off. Unfortunately, I didn't notice this until it was too late to exchange it with Amazon, although their exchange policies are stellar.

I did end up ordering another before I realized the wheel was broken on the first. I needed another to store bird and squirrel feed in the garage. Since this heavy-duty container locks so well, it has worked well to keep the feed dry and critter free in the garage. The second one has not had any issues with the wheels.

I give it four stars instead of five because of the broken wheel. The price I paid for this was fair, but it wasn't cheap, and I wouldn't have expected the wheel to be so flimsy.
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on December 17, 2011
This item is advertised to have an airtight seal. It is so bad the lid doesn't even close tight enough to be a cover let alone saying it has a seal.
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