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on March 29, 2014
I have two cats and was hoping that one could hang out on top and the other on the inside. I only recently actually put this together, but in a short time I think they've both been in there twice at the same time. One or the other seems to prefer to lie on the cushion on the top, though. They're not that into the toys, but I'm glad they're there just in case. It was a snap (literally) to put together. I keep it on top of a two-drawer wooden filing cabinet (the higher up the better, ya know!) and put one of their little blankets on the cabinet, so the inside part has something nice and soft under it. My larger cat is 12 or 13 pounds, and she fits just fine on either level. I would give this 5 stars except I wish the cushion had some velcro or something on it because it starts to slide off and I have to readjust it every time. Not a big deal, but I figured 4 stars would be more accurate. I have a photo of the two of them on/in there but I'm not sure if/how to post it.
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on November 26, 2013
Original review updated to 5*****

Originally, when I bought this cat bunk bed in 2012 I had issues with it; issues, which the manufacturer resolved quickly and to my total satisfaction (Pls see below the update from 12/12/12 to my original review , which I have removed ).

Since I now own this item for 2 1/2 years I can say with certainty it is an excellent buy. The item has lasted that long, and it has given my cat continuous pleasure. When she was little she used to play in “the playroom”, now that she is more mature, she loves to sleep on the bed. I have two cats, and only the cat for who I bought this bed/toy sleeps and plays in and on it, so it’s her territory, probably because she likes it so much.

The toys mounted on the side are still in place, which speaks for the sturdiness and excellent attachment. Especially the fluffy thing (imitation bird) got pulled over and over through the various holes, plus, it also got slapped around quite a bit.

The cushion has collected a bit of cat hair in the seams, even though I remove the cat hair with brush at least once per week. But that’s normal. Cat and cat hair go together. I hope the manufacturer will come out with replacement cushions. To be honest I never thought this cat bunk bed would last that long, so I AM pleasantly surprised.

[old update from 12/12/12 to the original 3 star review which since removed. I fully support 5 stars for this product and would recommend it to my best friends]

While the brackets of this particular item may not have been suitable for "rough transport" the customer service of the manufacturing company deserves 5*****. As mentioned, I called them to complain and ask for replacement brackets. The lady, who took the call was particularly friendly, apologized for the brackets being broken in transport, and sent replacement brackets a.s.a.p.
Installing the new brackets can be done with a small screw driver of the type used to tighten the screws on glasses. I imagine any small screw driver will do. I will update this review further once my kitty has had enough opportunity to play with the item. Thank you customer service for taking care of this issue in such a speedy way.

Gisela Hausmann, author & blogger
+ kitty Artemis
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on January 19, 2017
Pros: very easy to put together, looks good in my living room, seems surprisingly sturdy, top section accommodates cardboard Catit Scratcher (from Amazon) perfectly as a replacement for the pillow
Cons: A little claustrophobic for my cat, who is 12 lbs but has a very long body. The hole is big enough for her to go in and out fairly easily, but interior space does not accommodate fully stretched-out lounging and therefore is getting the claws-down vote from my cat so far.
Putting the Catit scratch pad on the top is very highly recommended if your cat likes both cardboard scratchers and having an elevated vantage point-- mine lays on it for most of every day, queen of her domain
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on June 24, 2016
I purchased one and now I have 3, two the the roofs (separate piece/order) and my the kitties (3 Siamese X's, 1 is 3 1 is 2 and one is 9 months) LOVE this thing, I have one in the living room under a end table, 1 at the end of my bed (w/ roof) and the other is in the spare bedroom under the window (w/ roof) and this one also has the roof. My kids use them all, I do wish that their was an option with that includes the roof, and I do wish that their was also an option with two beds instead of one. I did made extra bed for each so that they have a bed inside and a bed on top. (for review of the Roof Topper, read below)

I DO HIGHLY recommend this product!! FYI--if you just have to get a cat out of this its like pooping zit + removing a tick + getting that last bit of mustard out of the bottle + full feline disdain = Futile effort on a human and that's the small 6 pound, 3 year old Siamese mix (I haven't bother to try to remove the other two) … you should TOTALLY get one!!

5.0 out of 5 stars Love this! I have 3 for the Bootsies Cat bunks and 2 of these roofs., June 24, 2016
By Gus in the 505
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This review is from: SmartCat Rooftopper for the Bootsie's Cat Bunk Bed (Misc.)
Love this! I have 3 for the Bootsies Cat bunks and 2 of these roofs. My cats use them every day. I just wish that there was an option to buy the bunk and roof pkg.

Both of my roofs are secure and haven't fallen or been knocked off and I have 3 active SiemeseX's (ages 3, 2 and 9 months). One of these is located at the foot of my antique bed (it high of the ground) and the kitties use this to get on and off the bed all night long, and no Sound issues at all! Beyond sharping their claws (which as a life long cat owner is white noise to me) and them squabbling over who gets the peak of the roof where two of the like to perch (again,which as a life long cat owner is white noise to me, not unless it gets heated). I haven't had to do any altering or adapting to either of my roofs. The other is located in my spare bedroom under the window, and they use this to jump to and from the window perch all day long, and no issues at all.

Do note that the Bunk that does not have a roof is under an end table.
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on June 30, 2015
A cardboard box only lasts so long with two cats are jumping on it. I keep one next to my desk so they have a place to sit while I'm working and stay out of my way. I was really wanting something that was the size of a box, but more sturdy than cardboard. THIS IS IT! And it has a nice pillow on the top. Super great quality. The toys that attach to the side are a bit lame, but otherwise this is PERFECT!
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on January 28, 2014
I read the reviews that said it's bad for tiny kittens who can get their heads stuck in the holes. But kittens with heads bigger than that; that's who I think would like this best.

Notice that there is no bottom: it rests atop the floor ... nice on carpet, less so on linoleum/ tile/ hardwood. The many holes are nice (well sized for a cat's paw & arm) but for a full grown cat (mine's a 12# six year old) he has to crawl to get in (which he's not so inclined to do, but maybe in part because he's not into boxes like some cats are).

If this had a couple more inches or rise (under the big round openings) it'd bode better.

HOWEVER, the quality is just fine. The cat toys on projections bend, and attach by screwing into the box, and so is durable/ pragmatic.
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on November 29, 2011
I foster kittens, and I would not recommend this toy for young kittens under 2-3 months of age. Each group of kittens I fostered LOVED this item, they would spend hours playing with the toys and running through the tunnel and batting at each other through the holes. Its easy to clean and disinfect, so I thought it was perfect for my situation. I guess I never realized one of my foster kittens would actually try and stick its head through one of the holes. Furthermore, I never thought one of my kittens heads would actually FIT through the holes...but somehow one of them tried it, and it got stuck and started panicking, and then the mom cat was panicking, and then I was panicking, and there was a lot of panicking!! THANK GOODNESS I was there when it happened, thank goodness for the scruff response (it calmed the kitten and reduced the panicking) and thank goodness after about 10 minutes, I was finally able to get my kittens big a@& head out.

So yeah. I didn't have a good experience with this toy. Lol.
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on May 13, 2014
I purchased this and had it delivered to a Cat rescue as they 'requested it' as a love it item. i was up there last weekend and there were 30 cats lounging around in the room. All adult cats from various backgrounds. I looked at this Bunk bed which was up against the wall. there was a large adult inside it just sitting there and on the top bunk a even larger cat. I asked is that the same bunk bed I donated and the cattery director started to laugh, she said "Yep I told you so, thank you!". I could not believe the size of these adult cats and they were in it for over an hour. I told her I thought only the kittens would play. She said no with this many cats they all have to get in there and if we take it out in the middle of the room they stick there paws into try to get the inside cat out. This way once the cat gets inside it can stay there awhile. She did say that because she has all adults and they are kind of rough they do take the toys off within about a month. She just ties new toys on and they tear them off again. I am very pleased because usually older adult cats are difficult to get to play and they love this item.
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on September 1, 2015
We've had this for about two years now for our cat. Due to his personality, he picks and chooses when he likes it/gives it attention. When he first got it he loved to play inside and attack the dangling toys. For a little while he lost interest. But for the past few months he's back to loving it again! Except now all his attention is on the bed. He loves laying on it. The only reason I gave it four out of five stars is due to the size. Our cat is 12 pounds; he's not very big. Yet, he doesn't seem to fit on the bed. The edges look uncomfortable for his arms and legs. Granted this isn't stopping him from using it! Just as a devoted cat owner I'm in search of something similar that's a tad more spacious.
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on January 20, 2014
We have both this and the SmartCat Peek-a-Prize toy box, and our cats prefer this one by far. They're both well-made, and the assembly on this one was a breeze. Like kids though, what one kitty wants to play with may not be what another kitty is interested in. I think there are two reasons that this gets so much more use than the toy box:

1- One of our cats really likes to sleep IN things. He especially likes the little cubbies on giant cat furniture pieces, so it wasn't much a surprise to find he likes to go in this and nap as well. We've put the cushion inside and he uses it even more-- he also likes the inch or so of edging around where the cushion goes on top, so he's willing to sleep up there, too. Our other cats tend to prefer more to sleep ON things, and they only sit on the top, if at all.

2- As for playing, our cats like to be the ones inside the bags and boxes or under covers, attacking things on the outside. There's (obviously) no way to get in the toy box, and it's not really interactive. With this, they can play with the toys outside that are on springy sticks, or with each other, or attack unwary ankles.
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