Customer Reviews: Outward Hound Squeaker Matz Dog Squeaky Toy Multi-Squeaker Toy for Dogs, Square Body 16 Squeaker, Squirrel
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on June 1, 2011
I have two pitbulls - 70 and 50 lbs - who rip through stuffed animals like there is no tommorow. Anything that is plush and squeaks usually lasts about 10 minutes in our house and their toy bin is basically full of unstuffed carcasses. These squeaker mats though lasted weeks. There is little actual stuffing in them its basically a ton of seams and lots of squeakers - If you have strong dogs, this is the toy for you, even after the squeakers are gone they hold up pretty well as pull toys - I have 4 or 5 of them.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon December 19, 2014
This is the 4th one of these I have gotten for my dogs over the years. My dogs are 45lb and 65lb and destructive with their toys.

I am first going to address some negative reviews I have read:
1) "Not for heavy chewers" Okay, my dogs only goal in life is to destroy her toys.I do not believe anyones dog destroyed this toy in a day.
2) "Flimsy and cheaply constructed" - No, this is actually one of the better made toys I have found, I love Kyjen and for a fabric toy it's the best.
3) "lasted 5 minutes!!! DONT WASTE MONEY!!!" No, again, this toy could not be destroyed in 5 minutes.

I think there is a fine line here on destroyed vs played with.

If you are looking for a pretty toy that will look exactly the same after your dog plays with it, go with a kong. With that being said, this toy has stuffed head, and the legs, my dog got into those right away, first 10 minutes or so. So she is left with a mat with squeakers, I am guessing some people consider this "destroyed" and throw it away. My dog doesn't care if her toy looks like a hedgehog or a pile of crap, so if it's still useable to her, I don't care either.

"You purchased this item on October 8, 2014. " that was my most recent purchase, and today is 12/19/2014, her mat has 6 of 12 squeakers left, it's like half of the original mat, and yes the rest is torn off, it' s sort of triangular. She likes it, she still plays with it every day, so it's still a toy for her.Her toy box is full of half toys and limbs, and while it does look like a serial killers trophy stash, she doesn't care. Having a toy look like something is not for dogs, it's for humans, your dog doesn't care what the toy looks like.

With that being said, if you have a dog that is going to chew and eat squeakers, then yes, a mat with 12 squeakers is not the right choice for you.
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on March 19, 2012
This pig squeaker toy is great. We have had it for about a month now and it has survived. My dogs believe that the purpose of a squeak toy is to remove and destroy the squeaker. They have attacked this toy with a vengenge and it is still holding up. I've also noticed that they carry this particular toy with they from room to room. It is used as a pillow and a tug toy. The stitching on it doesn't appear to be anything special but it is really holding up to the torture test. I will be buying more of this type of toy, it is well worth the money and I don't miss picking up toy stuffing everyday.

Edit: 12/24/2012 The pig is still hanging in there. I can't believe it. We have never had any toy last this long without the squeaker being removed or collapsed. Happy Shopping and Merry Christmas to all.

Edit: 07/27/2013 I just had to tell everyone that this is the FIRST and only toy of this type to make it over a year. The head is gone, the feet and slowly being tugged off, I have washed it several times and now it also goes outside with the dogs. FYI If you have watched Marley and Me, I own a Marley..and he loves his Piggy. I wish every toy I bought held up this well. Happy Shopping.
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on December 14, 2012
This is a tough review to write...
Is it the toy that had issues or the squeakers that drove him to mad-lamb disease?

I wish this review didn't need to be starred as I am conflicted.

My gentle border collie took this toy to bed with him. So cute and cuddly.
He snuggled it and licked its head.

I went to check on him two hours later, as he doesn't normally nap that long.

All but one squeaker had been removed by him. It was mass carnage.
Bits of lamb and squeaker bits covered his bed. I never heard a peep.

Obviously, we won't be purchasing any more squeaker toys.
He still carries the shredded lamb around by it's head and has left the rattle in the head alone.

I will say it is well-sewn. However, each squeaker is made with two pieces of plastic, one of which is rather small. This is a safety/choking issue.

So... I'm 50% pleased, and 50% disappointed. A bit of a conundrum.
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on February 11, 2010
The toy is smaller than I thought it would be but it is a great size for my dog. The head rattles so he likes to hold it in his mouth and shake his head. Needless to say, he LOVES all of the squeakers. Typically squeakers are squeaked out in a matter of moments but it took him quite a while to get to all of these squeakers (I think a couple might still work).
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on October 21, 2011
My photos pretty much say it all. I have 6 Greyhounds: 3 gals and 3 guys. All are special-needs rescues. My oldest boy (and also my largest boy) doesn't play often or even move around much. He has chronic deeply imbedded corns in his front toe pads on both feet that are surgically excised every 3-4 months since the day I brought him into my home. The corns keep growing back so just standing is painful. (Imagine walking your entire life with a small pebble in your shoe - that is what he experiences all the time so he spends a good deal of his time on the floor/bed). Walking is torture whether the corns are growing, or he is healing from the surgery. By the time his bandages come off, the corns are back. In any event, this boy weighs in at 80+ lbs and is a very tall Greyhound. He's also very muscular as Greyhounds are. To find him with a toy of any kind is unusual because he just can't romp and play and toss it around because of his painful feet. To find him with a toy he doesn't want me to move or take, even to take a photo, well - that just has never happened before. I can do anything to this boy and he'll let me but he wouldn't let me move this toy to take the photos so I had to work around that.

I bought this Kyjen 'squirrel' toy a few days ago and it arrived yesterday. Because of the cost, I bought only 1 (vs normally buying 6 of everything) to see if any of them would like Mr. Fox. (I think it resembles a fox more than a squirrel. Additionally my 'kids' know their toys by the names I give them and we already have 'Squirrelly' as you'll see in the photo so we can't cause confusion now, can we? After all, when I say, "go get Squirrelly and bring him in", they have to know which 'baby' I'm referring to.) No one else has had a chance to even be introduced to Mr. Fox because this boy won't let him out of his sight. Mr. Fox gets carried to my bed, into any of the 11 King-sized vari-kennels located throughout the house. He goes outside in the daylight and in the darkness of night but never gets set down for fear of him being dognapped! Mr. Fox gets carried to this boy's feeding station at mealtime and sits on the floor to catch any crumbs (not likely!) and then when mealtime is over, they both ask to be excused and leave the kitchen together, usually tail in mouth. (That's Mr. Fox's tail in Sammy-Sam's mouth just to be clear. I honestly don't think it would be possible for Mr. Fox to carry Sammy-Sam). :)

My other 5 Greys (including my two oldest geriatric gals) have all attempted to initiate play under the guise of making Sammy-Sam forget Mr. Fox so they can swoop in & steal Mr. Fox for a while, but none have been successful. And this morning I found Mr. Fox in my bed and Sammy-Sam on my bed. How this thing got under the covers is beyond me. When I went to sleep last night, both of them had crashed in a crate. Sneaky little things, the two of them.

So, take a peek at my photos. I tried to give you a point of reference so if you're familiar with dog toys you'll recognize the AKC plush toys I used as references. In one photo you'll see the AKC squirrel and bunny (both the large-sized AKC toys)adjacent to Mr. Fox. Keep in mind that in the photo, 'Bunny' doesn't have any stuffing left in her body - just her head and feet so she may not look like she is supposed to look.

I guess this toy is a hit, at least with Sammy-Sam. If he ever decides to share with the others I'll be back to edit this review (and maybe spend money on a few more). He's not playing much with the squeakers although there are plenty to squeak. He more enjoys the softness and plushness on which to rest his large chin and throat, or to fall asleep while cuddling with Mr. Fox. I'd also like to note that the eyes are not hard button eyes. They resemble a well-made/thick arm patch (think Girl Scout badge) and are sewn (not glued) to the face in one piece. The nose is a sturdy/thick pompom - not skimpy so it isn't going to be easily pulled apart into little threads of yarn. That, too, is sewn into place. His teeth (buck teeth at that - remember, he's suppose to be a squirrel) is a piece of thick felt sewn to the mouth). But when he's on the floor, you can't see his mouth anyway so I'm pretty sure for all time he's going to be known as Mr. Fox in our house.
review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on January 11, 2011
This is the MEGA squeaky toy!! It is my dogs "security blanket"! She has several other toys but this is the only one that provides her total statisfaction for her "squeaky fix". So if your dog loves squeaky toys this is a must.
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on December 8, 2009
My Yorkie really LOVES this toy! Keeps her occupied for long periods of time. I have purchased several more of these toys for her.
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on November 30, 2013
My pup (Adipose) loves her Squirrel Squeaker Mat. She's a 14-month-old 35-40 lb Siberian Husky. For the most part the mat is in one piece (its nose is missing, but there wasn't much stuffing to rip from its snout). She LOVES Squeakers, and there is a lot of squeakiness going on in this toy. Great puppy fun!
review image
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on April 6, 2011
I have a Siberian who loves squeakers. She got the lamb yesterday for her birthday. She's an expert at quickly silencing squeakers, so I wasn't surprised that she made such short work of all 16 (under 3 minutes). I was surprised that the seam on the lamb's head split open after only a few hearty shakes. My dog didn't rip it open, she just shook the toy hard a few times. Out came the stuffing and the rattle and into the trash the little lamb went. I gave this two stars instead of only one because my dog did really enjoy her new toy for the few minutes she was able to play with it.
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