Customer Reviews: Mechanix Wear Tactical Original Coyote
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on January 9, 2013
Wore these for about 6 months on the last half of my tour in Afghanistan. I am an Infantry squad leader and was CONSTANTLY on dissmounted patrols and involved in many many firefights, these gloves withstood everything the Talib had to throw at me, and I beat the hell out of them. THey're light, breath well, and far surpass ANYTHING the US Gov has issued me over the past 9 years and 3 deployments. If these tore from wear and tear, which they haven't really yet (maybe some nicks here and there from c-wire) I'd order a set instantly again. Love these things, they're thin enough where you can manipulate small screws, or weapons optics, PEQ 15's etc without feeling lke you need to cut the fingers!
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on October 29, 2011
First go to Mechanix website and print off the size chart and buy the right size. I have been buying too big of gloves for too long because I thought I had manly large hands...well I only have medium manly hands. I didn't believe the chart so went to a home store tried on the Mechanix gloves in medium and they fit 100 x better than the large.

I bought the Camo, all black (stealth) and the coyote of these Mechanix gloves so I can be tacticool!

I use them at the shooting range, I use them on cold days as driving gloves. None of the home stores around had the 3 tacticool colors, plus they are cheaper on

Now only if they made a pair in multi-cam so when the zombies come at me, they think to that guy is all geared out and really cool looking. Then I place one between their eyes due to my awesome weapon control because I am wearing these cool gloves. Plus these gloves will keep your hands clean so when you rescue that hotty from being eaten you can take your gloves off and shake her hand and not worry about giving her cooties.
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on May 23, 2012
I do a lot of heavy silly things with my hands, and tear them up something awful. People gripe at me about it and the thing I hear the most is, "Why didn't you wear gloves!"

I don't like gloves because I can't FEEL things with them on.

This weekend, we'll be out on the trail busting back overgrowth and thinning out some dead and dying trees. It'll be hard work, with the potential for lots of abrasions and lacerations. Last night when I got these in the mail, my first thought was, "I'm going to destroy these gloves."

They are soft, and feel very thin. The sizing chart on the Mechanix page gave me a perfect size, and when I rubbed my fingers together, I could feel things. It was awesome. So awesome that I wore them when I punched together a new camp axe sheath with awl and waxed thread.

I am going to destroy these gloves, but I figure that's what gloves are for. When I take them off after the work is done, my hands and fingers will be happier.

Comfortable, flexible, breathable, with a perfect fit from the sizing chart on the mechanix page.

Thin, soft material makes it a fair bet that heavy landscaping, fabricating, barbed wire manipulation or rebar/concrete work is going to mean getting another pair later.

I will be getting another pair later. I love these gloves.

Update 5/30/2012:

After a weekend of chucking logs, stacking woodpiles, splitting wood, pulling weeds, chopping back foliage, and sweating on them in 90+ degree weather, I'd say these are keepers. Not a hole, nor a frayed thread to be seen. They fit like a second skin. I didn't destroy them after all. :D
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on January 24, 2010
I recently bought these to replace my last set of tactical gloves that had worn out. I use these while in the field, general tasks, and shooting. The biggest advantage of these gloves over others I have used is that these actually last longer during heavy use. If you are wearing these everyday, expect these to last at least 45 days. That is quite a bit longer than standard flight gloves, which usually last me around 30 days, sometimes less.

Good features: Leather bottom is thin enough to still feel trigger finger. I can also manipulate and use a laptop, radio and other small electronic devices like GPS while wearing them. The top is breathable, and allows my hand to feel cooler than either flight gloves or my last pair of black hawk tactical gloves. The velcro is the new type of velcro that is non abrasive, hard plastic. This is good because it doesn't wear out as fast nor does it melt as easily as gen I velcro.

Negatives: Not as tight fitting around my fingers as I prefer. The thumb cut should be deeper, when I open my palm the material is tight between my pointing finger and thumb. If you use a firearm with a thick diameter grip such as a Beretta M92F, and your gloves are tight, this could be annoying and reduce accuracy by making an unnatural grip feel. Also the gloves have an annoyingly placed, very large tag on the side, it looks like ass when you cut it off too.
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on May 28, 2015
Only reason for the three stars is that I didn't get the gloves pictured. The ones I received have a coyote palm instead of the black. The gloves fit well and are top notch as always, but it wasn't the glove in the pictures or description.
review image
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on April 13, 2011
Took a chance on these for use in the military, as they're thin enough to give you some tactile sensation while protecting your fingers. However, don't expect to be able to haul yourself up a rope, navigate an obstacle course, etc. The interior gripping portion is simply too slick for heavy work. Let me be specific: I wore them on an obstacle course during a recent training event and I simply could not get a grip on certain obstacles, such as the rope climb, and anything requiring me to lift my entire body weight. Once I took them off, I was able to easily climb the ropes, do the "monkey bars", etc., and complete the course. They work great in many situations, when you need to be able to feel what your fingers are doing, but that's about it. So, three stars. Great for their intended use, just be careful how far you push it with these.
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on February 16, 2012
I bought a pair of these after a brand new $70 pair of Wiley-X hard knuckle "combat" gloves split along the seam on a finger JUST FROM LOADING MAGAZINES AT THE RANGE. Not even under anything close to combat conditions. Forget Wiley-X. These Mechanix Wear originals are BY FAR the best shooting gloves I have ever used. They fit my hands perfectly, as if they were custom tailored (I wear a medium in these - most other gloves are too small in medium and too big in large). I know it sounds likes I'm trying to sell these things, but seriously, they are awesome. They provide more dexterity and tactile sensation than anything I have tried before, including Wiley-X, Oakley and Blackhawk brand combat/shooting gloves. You are going to trade some protection for that dexterity and tactile sensation but IMO it's well worth it. Rarely have I been in a situation where I wished my gloves were thicker or more protective, but many times I have been in a situation where I struggled to manipulate a magazine release or bolt release b/c my gloves were so damn heavy. These are light-weight and not flame resistant, nor are they kevlar backed like my Wiley-X gloves (which shall forever rest in the bottom of my trunk full of defective and half-ass gear), but for basic protection from abrasion while keeping dexterity and ability to feel and manipulate small objects, these gloves are top notch. Oh, and you can get them for under $20, less than the price of 3 1/2 pairs of Wiley-X crap.
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on November 1, 2015
Best pair of gloves I have ever owned!!! I use these gloves for shooting and I cant stop bragging about them. I recommend them to all my friends and co workers. Thin enough to feel everything when working a weapon, whether rifle or pistol, and thick enough to offer protection.
review image review image
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I just started using shooting gloves and I like these Mechanix Wear tactical gloves a lot. Make sure if you get them for shooting that you get the right size. Mechanix has a good sizing chart on their web site and I recommend that you print it out and use it. I always buy an extra large glove but using their sizing chart I was between a large and an extra large. I ordered the large size and I am glad I did. It fits perfectly. It is recommended that you get the right size and not have the fingertips of the gloves too long and you then have trouble doing detailed work like picking up shells. My video shows the sizing chart and I believe it is important to use it.

While at the range last week two people cut their hands while shooting pistols. I have become aware that using these gloves helps me and I am getting comfortable using them. It also keeps your sweaty hands from slipping while shooting. The back of the gloves is a breathable material and keeps your hands cool. This is a good product and I liked it a lot and I rated it 5 stars. I recommend these gloves.
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on February 10, 2016
These gloves exceed expectations. I definitely recommend them.
Tough yet flexible and lightweight. I was pleasantly surprised with how well they kept grease and mud off my hands.
And, asan added bonus, they look cool!
review image review image
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