Customer Reviews: LG Electronics LDS4821ST Semi-Integrated Electronic Panel Dishwasher with Digital Status Display
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on April 20, 2010
I bought this dishwasher in June of 2009 and it worked beautifully until April 2010 when it started making a horrible noise and stopped working.

I loved this dishwasher for 9 months. It was super quiet and did a great job on the dishes as long as the rinse aid reservoir was kept full. (Without rinse aid, it did not perform well.) And, it looks really good too!

At first when it broke, I wasn't too concerned because it was still covered under LG's manufacturer's warranty and I assumed the problem would be resolved. I contacted LG and filed the warranty claim. They referred me to a local service provider and I scheduled a service appt. The local service provider did not perform. They no-showed 3 times with no calls. And, I stayed home from work to be there to meet them during their 4 hour time window.

I complained to LG and at first they did nothing about it. They said that this service provider is the only company they work with in the entire metropolitan DC area, and LG's position's was that I had to make it work with them and it's not their issue since I made the appt with their service provider.

After a number of phone calls to escalate the issue w/ LG Customer Service, they were finally able to find me an alternate service provider who did actually show up at the scheduled time and repair the dishwasher.

Dealing with LG's Customer Service was challenging and frustrating. Even their online self-service search application for an authorized repair technician does not return accurate results. I discussed this with the repair technician who came and he even said that if he puts in his own zip code where his business is located, he doesn't even come up in the search results.

If you buy an LG product, I recommend going with the retailer's extended warranty plan and not relying solely on the manufacturer's warranty.
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on December 12, 2012
This piece of junk was purchased at Home Depot in 2009 for around $575.

The first major problem is it barfs up an "HE" code meaning the heating cycle is not working. The underlying problem is LG put the relay for the heating coil on the main circuit board. The relay can't take the 500-1000 watts or whatever the load is and simply melts. They actually had a recall at one point because it burned down a few houses. They blamed it on "poor soldering". Not really, it's poor design that will never work in a million years. You simply can't run that much power through a small relay and expect it not to fail. The thing never really dried the dishes anyway so it's hard to tell when it's not working. The "fix" is to replace the main circuit board which is around $125, if I do it myself. Having someone fix it would exceed the cost of getting a new dishwasher.

The second problem is the soap dispenser just quit working. The lid will not stay shut. We just pour in the soap, slam the lid, swear, and let it run.

The third problem is it is now making a horrific noise, grinding, whining, like metallic angry chipmunks. I stuff a old towel at the base to reduce the noise. There is not delay start so this thing can make it's noise at night. However, since it can't be trusted because sometimes it barfs up an HE code right away and you have to restart it, so instead of taking 2 hours and 4 minutes to do the dishes, you are up to 2 hours and 40 minutes.

The fourth problem is the metal clips provided to hold the dishwasher in place are way too thin, looks like 14 gauge steel at best. There is simply too much space between where the clips attach and where you screw them into the counter top. Raising the dishwasher by adjusting the legs you can only go so far up. At any rate after a year or so of loading and unloading dishes the clips popped out while both dish racks were pulled out causing the dishwasher to fall out of the cabinet spilling all the dishes and rack on to the floor. There's no lip or anything where you can just drive a big screw into the counter top to secure it, just those dang clips unless I want to re-engineer something. Just looking at it, who thought that design made any sense? It doesn't, it was probably the cheapest solution they could find.

Fifth problem the clips holding the rack wheels are brittle and crack. Luckily I robbed clips from the other side that are used for the worthless "adjustable" shelf feature.

Oh yeah, the first night we got it, it peed all over the kitchen floor. Turns out a seal was not install properly at the factory, so rather than calling service, I simply fixed it myself.

This thing is really nothing more than an assembly of the cheapest Chinese parts they could find. Even the silverware holder has worn through. Manufactures can make stuff that's "not quite right", but most learn from their mistakes like common warranty issues, complaints, and service people feedback. Good manufacturers take this feedback and improve the product. LG obviously has not done this since they are selling the exact POS that we bought in 2009. Consumer Reports feedback rants on this dishwasher and for good reason. Now I'm stuck, not worth it to fix it, even if I do the work myself, and a new dishwasher is not in the budget. Is it just me or it unreasonable to expect an appliance to last 10 - 15 years? I suppose that's what you get when the parts are made in China and assembled in Korea, probably a contract manufacturer at that who just slaps the LG label on it. I can't prove that but how can it come to be something is so poor that a company like LG is not aware of the problems?

I have fantasies of taking a pick ax to this POS.
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on June 2, 2010
This LG dishwasher has not worked properly since I bought it. A warranty repair was done in November of 2009 as the dishwasher did not drain. The dishwasher is not draining again. I have made several phone calls to LG attempting to get another warranty repair. LG staff has informed me that they cannot get anyone in my area to come and repair the dishwasher and asked that I provide the purchase receipt and they will exchange it for a new one. It is pretty stupid for Home Depot to sell LG dishwashers in Northern California with a one year warranty when they do not have repair companies to service them. Save your money do not by LG products, they are junk!
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on March 28, 2010
I have owned this washer about 9 months. NEVER CLEANED well. Left residue and food particles on dishes, and water stains despite using spot solution. Has been broken last month, with technician coming out 5 times, and STILL DOES NOT WORK. Have replaced control panel, and water pump and still does not work. Called LG, and they were not helpful saying they would sent technician out; only problem is they have already had 5 shots at fixing it, and it still does not work. Home depot also not helpful where I purchased it. Will never purchase another LG dishwasher.
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on January 7, 2010
We bought this dishwasher 6 months ago. It has never worked that great and has progressively gotten worse. It has gotten to the point that you can put a load of clean dishes in, wash them, and they will come out thoroughly coated with minute grainy particles. All if its parts are functioning. It isn't broken. Its just a piece of crap. It is also made in such a way that you cannot take it apart and manually clean the "self cleaning filter." This is just bad design at its worst. The worst phones we have ever purchased have been by LG as well. We will never buy this brand again. LG makes trendy overpriced garbage. Don't fall for it.
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on September 21, 2010
Stay away from this junk, it will cause you only pain and troubles.

Feb 2015 UPDATE: If your drain pump fails (our keeps intermittently failing) the dishwasher will happily pump more water in causing it to overflow on your floor and into your crawlspace... What a GREAT and SMART design this is! Sorry LG this the THE BASIC condition - if it does not drain don't pump more water in!!! Sorry I can't believe a device with so many sensor and technology could be designed so BADLY!

Feb 2014 UPDATE: The noise issue is a know phenomenon and it could be eliminated but replacing or bending the drain shredding blade (30 minute fix).

- Very unusual water connection - need to spent additional $$ for installation
- Lower tray is derailing every time you pull it out
- Already on the second wash indicated "HE Error" - heater error requiring service
- Very noisy after 4 months of using
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on March 14, 2012
I purchased this dishwasher 14 mos. ago and it's now dead. No power, no lights. It's not our electric, it's the machine. I had repairman here 5 times for other issues before it kicked the bucket. It's quiet, it's attractive, but it's junk.
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on August 13, 2016
Purchased this dishwasher in 2009 from the the Home Depot. The dishwasher has done a good job washing and dying the dishes so we have not experienced the issues other people have commented about.

My main gripes about the dishwasher:
We intermittently received the OE error that corresponded to dishwasher not emptying water. After lots of troubleshooting I discovered the problem was with gunk getting stuck on a float that detects the water level in the tub. The dishwasher was draining fine but the float was not moving giving a wrong reading to the computer. The fix requires that you disassemble the plastic levels on the left side of the unit and clean them well.
We had an incident were significant amount of water started dripping from the dryer vent on the door. Looked online for help and identified the issue as having a clogged drain hose on the drying sistem. I fixed the issue by blowing an air can through the hose. A ball of paper gunk came out (I guess we washed something with the labels on).
The mounting brackets are flimsy and I have had to replace them because they failed (bended and cracked) with regular use. I finally decided to reinforce them with a thin metal plate.
The washing racks are severely corroded after 6 years of use. The corners and other parts are just falling apart.

These are all issues that I would consider unacceptable for a $500 dishwasher with 6 years of use. Based on my bad experience with my cooking range (bad knobs) and the issues with the dishwasher I will not buy LG appliances again.
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on December 19, 2011
Clean times are on the order of hours. Doesn't dissolve soap so everything has a film on it. Anything but the most benign food particle remains stuck on the dishes. Spray jets constantly getting plugged up. The light that indicates a clean load of dishes only remains on for 10 minutes or so then turns itself off.

Overall complete waste of money. Stay away from this and I would now assume all LG appliances. They should just stick with consumer electronics.
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on December 7, 2015
Purchased this in Dec. 2012, June 2015 very loud noise started emerging while running. Called local repair, diagnosis bad motor but said they don't do LG warranty work (out $85). Called LG, got some "authorized" repair companies, came out, same diagnosis (out another $85) with a proposal to fix it at $428!! It's $140 for the part..... Called "customer service" back and they offered additional service companies - at the $85 service call rate, I can buy a new one soon. Initiated a warranty claim, sent a copy of the receipt, which I had to go to the purchaser for and now LG claims they cannot read the PDF. So fed up with this piece of junk and LG. Buyer beware, wish I would have seen all these reviews for this specific model before I bought. Repair people told me LG and Samsung are made in Korea, poor quality. I also - have an LG side by side fridge, ice maker went within 12 months, repaired it myself. Very disappointed!
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