Customer Reviews: Merrick Before Grain #1 Chicken Dry Cat Food, 6.6 Pound Bag
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on June 4, 2011
My 14-15 year old cat was wearing down, had a bout of pancreatitis, started limping, was on antibiotics twice in recent months, his coat was starting to shed terribly and he was vomiting a lot. I was starting to think that was it for our sweet cat. I don't know what made me switch him to this food but he went through the first bag in a month and now, he's like a much younger cat. His coat is beautiful and shiny, his eyes look bright again and no vomiting. Even the limp is just about gone. You would swear he was half his age! I'm definitely sticking with this and thanking each day we have with our cat.
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on September 7, 2011
My cat loves it. I was feeding her Science Diet, but when her hairballs became more frequent, I decided it was time for something more natural. I picked up BG, and she took to it right away. She's usually a very picky eater. Her coat is shiny and thick, and she seems happier than she used to be. She has more energy, is more social, and overall looks much healthier. She's always been a thin cat, but with the way her fur has filled out, she looks better. The food has lasted a long time, too. I bought it months ago, and I'm only barely started to run low. I leave her food out for her to eat whenver she wants, so it must be more satisfying in smaller amounts compared to cheaper food.

Update: I cannot keep my roommate's cats away from this food! My roommate feeds her cats Wellness, which is another good quality grain-free food, but her cats CONSTANTLY try to sneak their way into my bedroom to eat my cat's food. It's getting ridiculous. This stuff must taste good!
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on February 6, 2011
We were recently adopted by a very sweet lost kitty (we're guessing she is a very young adult). After failed attempts to find her owners, we brought her in and I started researching foods. I quickly decided the cheap, grain-filled brands wouldn't do! The BG is what I chose as a premium, healthful brand and I've been so pleased with it! I give her 1/3 cup morning and evening (along with wet food), and she eats it all. She had a few very smelly bowel movements, which I understand is normal when cats adjust to a new food source, but that has settled down. Her coat went from dull and matted to shiny and healthy in just a couple of days, and she quickly gained a healthy amount of weight (from being seriously UNDERweight when we found her). So far we have only tried chicken flavor but I WILL be getting more Merrick BG!
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on March 19, 2013
Our recently adopted kitty seems to be quite fond of this stuff!

We have plans to add a cute ragdoll kitten into our family in a few months, so naturally, given the cost of this investment, I have gone on a crazy research spree to make sure that my kitten will be well cared for when it comes home. So I buckled down to do research on the best foods and litter and basically everything cat associated.

Now, we always had cats growing up, but I hadn't ever realized just how terrible the ingredients in most dry cat food varieties were. In my research I kept running into the issues cats face with corn products and grain products and I was horrified! I quickly realized these options are also quite a bit more expensive than most drug store brands, but then, eating healthy almost always is, no matter if you're human or feline. Mass produced, by-product, processed gunk is always going to be cheaper than quality ingredients. Can you survive on hot dogs and mac & cheese? Probably. Is it a healthy diet? ... exactly. Considering I wouldn't feed myself like that, I didn't think it was fair to feed my cat like that either. So I resolved that for our kitten, I would definitely try to go with a top of the line food and, if possible, a grain free option.

I thought I had all the time in the world to do this research, since we're not supposed to be getting our kitten until the end of May/early June, but then, in a rather unexpected turn of events, we ended up adopting another cat that was being fostered so she wouldn't be euthanized. Darjeeling is about 3 (vet's estimate) and a bombay/angora mix looking beauty. She's tiny though, only weighing about 7lbs.

Her foster home sent us home with a bag of food for her. I knew, at best, I only had about a week to buckle down and make my decision on her food before I ran out completely and didn't want that to happen before we transitioned her. They also told us that they'd been feeding her wet food at night every other day and she was fond of it. They also let us know that, per their vet's recommendation, they'd been mixing in fish oil with her wet food because she'd been having dandruff issues/coat problems and had seen some improvement. She's almost a fully black cat so that's definitely the sort of thing you notice right away.

Unfortunately, I don't know whether it was the shock of relocating or what, but when we brought Darjeeling home, she had almost no appetite to speak of. Coupled with how small she already was, I was actually starting to get really worried about her not eating. She barely touched the kibble they sent us with for the first few days. I also picked up a couple cans of Fancy Feast just to see if we could get her to eat some wet food, but she'd take two or three bites and then walk away from her bowls. Or worse, she'd just lick the juice off the pate and then walk away without ever biting into it. With all this plus the coat issue, I was determined to get her on quality food and fast, because even if she didn't eat much, at least every bite would count for something!

In my online research, I kept getting drawn to the Wellness CORE Grain Free Indoor Formula Pet Food Bag, 5-Pound, 14-Ounce dry food, just because it seems to be among the healthier options for indoor cats. I hadn't even realized that the Merrick BG brand existed until I finally broke down and made my way to our local Petco (which, sadly, is considerably closer than the nearest Petsmart) to purchase the Wellness CORE. And suddenly there it was, Merrick Before Grain #1 Chicken Dry Cat Food, 6.6 Pound Bag, stocked on the shelves right next to the Wellness and on super sale (i.e. this 6.6lb bag was going to cost me only $10). Since our feline overlord apparently abhors fish flavored things, I was glad to see there was a fish-free option too! Naturally, since the price was SO good, I was a little skeptical that it would live up to it's promise, so I did a literal side by side comparison between the Wellness Core brand and the Merrick BG brand. On my read through of their ingredients, I found that the two definitely stacked up against each other in the healthy, grain free department of dry cat food. So I whipped out my phone in the middle of Petco and looked up this brand on Amazon and on Petco for reviews (Petsmart doesn't carry it, which is probably why I hadn't heard of it before, since I was doing my research primarily off the brands they carry), just to see if it would also hold up to that test, which I feel is pretty important. And low and behold, to my surprise it had primarily top notch, stellar reviews on both sites!

So I thought, "why not give it a try?", and purchased this. It took about two days, I'd say, to transition her, but wow, what a turn around we've had with the cat. She went from virtually not eating, to mewling at us to feed her pretty constantly. And she is VOCAL and LOUD. Gotta love 6am wake-up calls.... (not really, though I'm glad she's eating at least.) She's only been on the BG for about a week and a half now, so its a bit soon to tell it's full effect on her coat, but just the fact that she's eating is a major improvement. She's also turned into the most playful little monster, and just go tearing down the hallway chasing paper scraps at full speed. I'm not sure how much is her settling into the house and feeling comfortable and how much can be attributed to the food, but her energy levels are definitely high!

My only concern now is that she's going to turn into a fatty cause all she wants to do is eat every time she sees any of us even stand up. For her weight, the recommended serving is 1/4 cup along with 3 oz of wet food. However, that's definitely not enough to satisfy our feline overlord. We've got her at 1/2 cup + wet food at the moment, but we're still getting the 'feed me now' howls pretty often. We're still experimenting with serving sizes, but overall, I'm really pleased and happy with this food's quality and outstanding price. And Darjeeling certainly seems to approve!
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on April 25, 2011
After watching the documentary "Food Inc" I myself decided to eat only grass fed meat. Animals such as cows and pigs have a very difficult time processing grains especially corn. I didn't think about it before, but why would I feed my Daisy the food I am trying so hard to avoid? The other brands such as Iams is filled with corn. If the the bag says chicken, it should really say: grains with a dash of chicken.

Daisy is a Siamese and she just recently finished her 6lb bag and what a difference! Her coat is super silky, she has a leaner "sexier" figure. And she loves the dry food! Before BG she would only eat her dry food as a last resort if we didn't give her wet food. Now she chooses BG over the wet food. The best part is that her poop doesn't smell as bad as it used to. She literally begs for BG every morning and then again at night. She loves it. It may cost more than regular cat food, but think about what you are paying for. Regular cat food is just grains and you should only pay a dollar per bag. The first ingredient in BG is chicken then followed by veggies and fruits.

If you love your pet and want to give them the nutrition they deserve, definitely without a doubt feed them Before Grain.
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on January 12, 2015
After much research, I decided that we would give this dry cat food a try. I use it to supplement his wet food in case he gets hungry before I get home from work. He enjoys it and will even eat it instead of his wet food. I've reordered this many times. Good stuff!
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on August 24, 2015
I was looking for high quality pet food at a more affordable price, and this is it. ( I had no problem switching my shelter-rescue kitties 1 year and 2 years old) from cheap commercial donation food to this. They both love it, and they seem satisfied after they eat it. Their fur is sleek and shiny, eyes are bright, and they don't shed much at all. They are indoor kitties and are at a normal, healthy weight. I've been buying this for the last 2 years for our other kitties who were seniors until they passed away (RIP) with no problem.
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on March 17, 2014
This is no longer available at our local pet food store. The new Bistro version is different and not tolerated as well by our cat. I have noticed that the price is starting to increase, so we will look for an alternative if it becomes too costly or unavailable here.
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on January 13, 2016
My cat loves it and has responded well to it for about 8 months now. As a random side note, her dandruff has almost totally gone away since being on this line. I don't know why. Her previous brand was all organic, but this one seems to agree with her, so I'm thankful!
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on August 15, 2015
Even my most finicky cat loves this, selecting it over wet food almost every time. My only problem is she eats it so fast that it often comes back up soon made a dish that is very shallow and long. It slows her down enough to prevent the food from making an encore appearance. She is now gaining weight.
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