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on May 21, 2016
I use these knee pads for paintball. For the regular stuff such as kneeling on rocks or sticks in the woods, taking a knee between games, etc, these things are without peer. They are comfortable. I did not have one instance of them sliding down and needing readjusted. Today, I had my first equipment failure with these. I was playing a game in the rain. I was running on a wooden ramp that was slippery from the water. I slipped and fell approximately three feet and landed knee first on the ground. I didn't feel a thing, besides a little jarring from so far a fall. My knee was fine. I've included a picture so you can see how the pad failed. The rivet that holds the strap popped right off the knee pad. I can't blame the knee pad for this. This thing gave its life for my knee. Thank you, Alta. Great product. I'm buying another pair.
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on September 26, 2015
These knee pads are excellent! I use them for work, for shooting, and for anything that requires my bony knees to touch the hard ground. They are super adjustable and don't slip down or up. They don't slip even if you are performing fast vigorous maneuvers. Here's a photo of how they look after about two months of painting, shooting, and hardcore 10-12 hour use. Don't buy Arc Teryx, don't buy the other expensive brands.... I've bought them all and Alta makes the real goods.

UPDATE!!!: So, bad news about my fave knee pads. I owned these from July to October 6th when I'm writing this update, and they just ripped in the same spot on the inside of the pads on both pads. I will show the pictures. This is very depressing since I can't return them, however I am going to contact Alta and see if they think this is a defect. For the amount of time I used these pads which has been maybe a hundred hours or a little more of kneeling while working and painting and also doing some shooting training, I am surprised that they are ripping in this area. In any area at all it surprises me. So that's the update, maybe I'll a different model that doesn't have the "fast" snaps, though that's one of my favorite features of these pads.... disappointing. Seems you can't use anything very hard without it ripping or degrading nowadays.
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on December 2, 2012
Very, very comfortable...nice fit even on my fat legs. They actually work when you kneel down. Shipping was fast fast, and the quality is great.
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on July 30, 2013
Worked grate inside a cave. This was our first wild cave tour with a group of friends. They were avid cavers and they were jealous!
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on March 14, 2014
AWESOME!! First time I tested physical ability test for firefighter I used their knee pads...MISTAKE!! Their knee pads were so worn out (particularly the straps) that they fell to my knees 10 seconds into a 9 minute test (that was with them tightened as far as possible without cutting circulation to my legs) and the rest of the test was spent dragging my knees across splintered wood and cement. I think it took a month and a half for my knees to finally that time got a LOT of jokes about having skinned knees as you can imagine lol. Well after that test I went home and bought these and OMG the next test I took (CPAT), was amazing...not only did they stay on my knees the whole time, but they are shock absorbing so when I dropped to my knees with an extra 60 lbs on top of my 200# rear end my knees actually didn't sustain large blunt force trauma because of that and I didn't have to spend the next few weeks in agonizing pain every time my pant leg brushed against my knee or my fiance decided to be cuddly and grab my knee lol. I will be taking these with me FOR SURE when I go to the academy and I RECOMMEND them to anyone who has to be on their knees a lot (cough! cough! ;-)) or does crawling for an occupation such as firefighters.
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on February 22, 2017
Overall for the price these are decent, and you get what you pay for. I believe they're priced fairly for the quality of product you will be receiving. I haven't been able to wear in the field and rough them up a bit and will update my review accordingly.
The actual front "camo" material of the item is unfortunately not ripstop material and doesn't seem to be very durable, similar to a nylon cotton mix but I'm not for sure. If walking through thick brush and thorns I would imagine they would be ripped up fairly quickly, and will update with my experiences. The camouflaged portion seems to be relatively faded as if it's been washed 100 times. I'm sure rolling around in some dirt would help with concealment but they do work with OCP/multicam pant legs.
All the sewing seems to be single stitching, and the actual knee protector seems to be secured into fabric cushion via some pushed through button? Not sure exactly how to describe it but it seems relatively secure but I'm sure I could yank it off.
The knee protector is relatively mailable but definitely protects as designed. The dark tan protector will become very scratched up with use as I am able to scratch it with my fingernail.

The back straps are decent and don't appear to change length with ease during use. The top portion that goes over the thigh is stretchy and greenish while the lower leg strap is completely firm and tan. There is Velcro at the end of the strap to "secure" the extra portion of the strap to itself but I'll probably just cut mine to fit and duct tape the remain portion.
If you're wearing OCP's then you still have access your thigh pouch, with the thigh strap covering maybe a half inch of your bottom thigh pocket. I would assume different pant sizes probably effect pocket coverage differently.
The knee pads sit nicely into each other and have a pretty low, flat profile if you're storing them inside of your ruck/bag. These can be flattened with the mailable protector.
Overall comfort seems to be decent and these don't seem to want to spin or drop too much. I wouldn't deploy with these but for rummaging around in the field they're a decent knee pad.
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on April 26, 2017
I had to level a cement floor with a 1 inch dip in the middle of the room which meant alot of time on my knees. I bought some Harbor Freight pads (midprice pads as the cheap ones, I had used previously, were shot) but the ill fit caused more of a problem and I didn't want to get the expensive pads @ Home Depot - that were only going to be used a few times.
The discomfort was considerable that within 2 days; I pulled the trigger on these as the price was right and the reviews were favorable. I took a gamble and it paid Off - Big Time. I was able to focus on the task at hand & finished the job with my knees intact. My only beef is that one pad kept sliding down (Left, slow creep) and the right stayed on - didn't move a bit. I would still BuY AGAIN.
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on December 22, 2015
I have several pairs of these ALTA tactical knee pads and they are my favorite for everyday use. I always keep a pair in the truck and a second pair in my tool bucket for work. I also keep a pair in my shed for gardening and lawn work as well as two pairs in the basement for other work around the house. I have very bad knees so need to wear pads whenever I'm on my knees, even if it's just for a couple of minutes. Compared to other knee pads I've tried in the past, these ALTA pads are very light and comfortable enough to use all day. They don't constantly roll from side to side like the thick Gel filled pads tend to whenever you shift your weight or reposition your knee. The adjustable elasticized straps have clips that lock over metal studs to hold them on the knee. They will snug down securely to hold the pads firmly in place even when I'm continuously up and down and walking from one place to another on the jobsite. The quick-release strap attachments allow the pads to be put on and removed quickly without the need to readjust the straps every time. The neoprene pads on these also won't soak up moisture from wet surfaces or scratch finished floors. Overall, I'm very pleased with these knee pads and will definitely purchase again.
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on November 19, 2013
I've been using these while doing demo and installing a new hardwood floor in my house. What really drew me to this one was the fact that it had a pliable rubber knee. Flooring kneepads I'd seen either had a fabric knee, exposed foam, or a hard plastic knee. I wanted something that would act as an extra shoe so I wouldn't slide around and provide me protection from exposed nail heads I missed or from nails lying around. For that purpose, it does a fantastic job. My knees aren't ripped up and feel loads better than during those first couple days when I didn't have em. If you do want to use these for flooring, I do recommend you pick up the non-marring version. Instead of black rubber, it's a white rubber. Wish I knew about that one when i purchased these.

It is a bit difficult to wear these over baggy clothing. But hey, it's not like I wear knee pads often, so what do I know. Through trial and error, it seems if I fold the extra pant leg material over the front of my knee and leave as little as possible where the straps attach, I end up with less behind the knee discomfort and the pads don't slide down.

I've gotta admit though, I'm looking forward to taking these on the paintball field too!
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on March 20, 2015
Heating with a woodstove means splitting a lot of firewood. Anything that can be done to make that process easier is welcome. At the suggestion of a friend, I gave these a go. Without reservation, I can tell you they are far better than the "none" I had been using. They protect the knees adequately and, at least in my case, are large enough that they cover a bit of the shin as well. There is still a gap between the bottom of these and the top of my 10" work boots, but that area is a lot less of a target than it had been in the past.

Where I think these fall down a bit is the use while directly between a knee and the ground. For a short moment, and for immediate impact, they're ok, but when using my 30ton hydraulic splitter in a vertical configuration in order to split 30"+ logs, there was no really good way to avoid pressure/pain points with these. As I said, these are my first pair, so maybe that's what these things are, but it's not really what I was hoping for in that regard.
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