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on February 10, 2009
I purchased the IOGear GKM551R for use with a media center PC I built myself. I research products to death before I buy anything, especially electronics. There aren't a lot of choices for mid-range wireless keyboard/laser mouse combos that have the appearance (looking at them online) of good quality, decent specifications, and a fairly reputable manufacturer for a reasonable price. I picked the IOGear based on the mostly positive reviews, the specs, and the technical info and access to support/documentation provided on the manufacturer's web site. I passed on products by several better known manufacturers of wireless keyboard/mouse combos such as Microsoft and Logitech. Comparatively, their products are pricey and have a lot of keyboard extras that I don't need or want. I like my keyboards to be just keyboards--not multimedia control centers with a lot of gaudy buttons, dials, strange ergonomic shapes, etc. The IOGear keyboard and mouse seem to be well manufactured and durable. The appearance is sleek. The mouse is a bit on the light side, but with the batteries installed it's not annoyingly light, and it's a laser mouse which is a huge plus at this price range. When I first connected the keyboard and mouse for about a week it acted kind of erratic with losing connectivity and the mouse being unresponsive or intermittent. However, this was while I was setting the system up and installing software, and I had the keyboard/mouse right in front of the computer case where the USB receiver was plugged in. Since I've moved the PC into an entertainment center and the keyboard/mouse are now on the coffee table about 5' away, it has been working flawlessly. This makes me wonder if the wireless receiver was having issues because it was actually *too* close to the keyboard/mouse when I was first using it. The mouse has an on/off switch on it which is good for preserving battery life. The keyboard can be turned on/off using a key combo of *FN*-*ON/OFF*. I don't care for this because since it's a key combo, the only indicator that the keyboard is actually turning on or off is the caps light flashes once. I don't understand why they didn't just put an actual on/off switch on the keyboard like they did with the mouse. I've been using the IOGear primarily for gaming and Web browsing, and so far I'm very satisfied with it, particularly considering the price compared with the other product options out there.
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on April 1, 2009
I just got this about 2 weeks ago and it is great so far. Set up was very fast and easy. The keyboard is light and the mouse is standard size but works great. The mouse even works on the carpet and sofa cusion, but obviously works best on a flat surface, so i use a hard cover book while sitting on the couch. I've tested it at about 30ft from the TV and it still works fine, i had one jump of the mouse across the screen. I've got it hooked up to my HP desktop computer, which in turn is hooked up to my 46" Samsung LCD TV. I would recommend this to people looking for a long range wireless keyboard to do some sofa web surfing.
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on October 8, 2009
I've had this unit for about a month now, and I use it 4 - 5 times a week. It's wonderful. I'd tried another brand of wireless keyboard, but it only had a range of a couple of feet. This unit has a real long range. I only needed about 7 feet, but it's good for way beyond that. The keyboard is very sturdy. I've not experienced any problems typing. The mouse works fine on just about any surface I've tried it on (couch, TV tray, book cover, magazine, ...). I had no problem setting it up. Just followed the instructions and everything worked without a hitch. I'm very impressed with this wireless keyboard and mouse. I'd recommend it to anyone that needs more range than slew of other wireless keyboards out there will give you.
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on August 14, 2009
Works at 25 feet with no connectivity loss, and the battery auto shuts off so no battery loss.. great buy!!
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on March 15, 2009
It works well but don't lose the IR Receiver! I did and contacted Iogear for a replacement. Guess what? They don't sell them! They said take it back to where you bought it. W T F ? That ain't gonna work. So, I'm up the creek unless I find the IR Receiver!
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on May 16, 2012
I really enjoyed this far more than my older logitech keyboard/mouse, especially at the distance I was allowed. It's great for my HTPC. The major problem is, it's currently been two months after my purchase, and now the keyboard is having major issues. As in, sometimes I just can't type, and sometimes while i'm typing it cuts out mid-anything. This is a very bad sign for me. If this thing loses connection after two months, how many of these would die until your warranty ends?

UPDATE: I found out what the issue seems to be. My mouse also started acting up, so I checked the battery slots for both keyboard and mouse. The metal seems to be way too flimsy and brittle. I noticed on one of the positive terminals, the 'top' of it had caved in. I bridged the connection, so it sort of works better now. With the mouse, the only visible negative terminal had flattened out, and i'm pretty sure other one is also flat. The batteries practically fell out and I lost some connectivity. Those are easy to fix, though.

I'd expect an off brand to have these issues. Not this one. Keeping the rating at 1.
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on July 29, 2010
I'm an IT guy and I have recommended this for multiple customers needing a long range keyboard and mouse. For one customer they use it through a wall in the next room.
I use it in two location in my house for two multimedia PCs that are hooked up to my TV's.
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on March 19, 2010
Product is ok but the mouse is too big but works great. The keyboard for some reason goes to sleep and never wakes. I have to remove a battery to get it working again. The keys at the top of the keyboard are a nuicence as far as I'm concerned.
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on October 8, 2009
Since my 19 dollar logitec mouse/keyboard wasn't going far enough for my HTPC,
I found this combo set that suppose to go a far distance.
Now I'm able to control from my sofa without loosing a signal.

As for installation, it uses windows's (mine is XP) generic driver.
Very easy, just plug and play. It doesn't come with any driver CD and don't bother to look for it on the internet, because there isn't one.

For the keyboard however, It is randomely keep typing "L" when I try to start type something in. I don't think this is much of a hardware issue, nor key being stuck. It is probably the 2.4 GHz signal that it uses (observation not based on researches, but just my "blink" gut intuition)
Wireless routers (including my N rounter), and not to mention neihbor's G routers are all within 2.4 GHz range. What else? phones, maybe even my PS3 controllers... (So far I have pressed back space like 15 times to delete "L" typos)

For the mouse, conventional usually mouse does not go far. However, this mouse is impressive, goes a long long range. I could go outside of my house to a backyard and still be able to control my HTPC.
Nevertheless, mouse movement is not that precise compare to my cheapy logitec.

Wish it would worked out 100%. But I cannot but give this mouse/keyboard combo 3 stars at best.

Piece of garb... It's a hardware issue, "L" button being too sensitive.
Too lazy to RMA it, I've just numbed it down an annoying L button a bit and it is ok now...
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on April 19, 2010
I purchased this keyboard/mouse because I was frustrated with the range of my old wireless keyboard/mouse. I hated having to pull out my wireless sensor and put it on my coffee table every time I wanted to use my computer. This keyboard/mouse combo works great. I no longer have to pull out the wireless sensor. The keyboard actually works from 33ft away as claimed. I am typing this sentence 33ft away outside my front door and it did not miss a key. It even works from the other room with the door shut. The keyboard is light, slim, and looks nice in my living room. The mouse works great also. It has no problems sensing on multiple surface types such as my coffee table, couch, carpet, even the kitchen tile. The mouse and keyboard use two batteries instead of just one making battery changes less frequent. Another thing I like about this combo is that it only uses one USB port instead of two. Leaving you with one extra port to use for something else.
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