Customer Reviews: Dolica AX620B100 62-Inch Proline Tripod and Ball Head
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Size: 62 inch|Package Type: Standard Packaging|Change
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on January 26, 2009
It is made out of aluminum. Light enough to carry around the whole day yet still very sturdy. The aluminum ball head actually performs well. Once you've got the desired angle and lock it in place, the camera will stay on that angle until you release the lock unlike my 20 usd tripod. Im using a d80 with 18-270mm lens attached. That's about 1.2kg weight. The tripod is rated by the manufacturer to handle up to 13 lbs of equipment. Other features are a quick release plate, 2 bubble levels ( one on the head and the other on the legs), user replaceable aluminum tripod head, a threaded weight hook and spiked feet. The tripod can also converted so you can take macro shots. The legs can be locked in position independent of one another. With all these features plus great performance, this tripod is a steal!

One minor hiccup, the plastic on the leg clamps, while not cheap, isnt top of the line. But they get the job done so it a no issue for me
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on April 12, 2009
If you're a professional photographer, go look at Manfrotto or some of the other high end brands. If you're an amateur photographer looking for a good tripod that won't cut into your lens budget, then look no further.

The ball head is nice, but is sometimes a bit unwieldy, and difficult to set. Sometimes you have to crank down the tightening nut a lot to get it to stay. The snaps that extend the legs are plastic feel cheap, but what can you expect from such an inexpensive tripod?

On the good side, you are getting a ball head tripod, with legs that can be extended past their typical angle. They also have nice padding on them which is great in the Northern climates when you have to work without gloves. The tips of the legs can be rotated to reveal spikes for difficult terrain, and there's two bubble levels: one on the legs of the tripod, and one on the actual ball head. There's also a compass, if you need that utility. Even with all that, you still get a pretty nice carrying case.

If you're looking for a high quality, professional grade tripod, this probably isn't the one for you. But if you're an amateur on a budget, you probably won't find a better tripod for under $150.
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on September 15, 2009

Looks very nice (not cheap).

The ball head allows the camera to be tilted into many positions and angles. And it stays in place once it's secured (my camera weighs 10 oz.). And the head is made of metal (I saw some more expensive tripods at Best Buy with heads made of plastic) and can be removed.

The tripod can be tilted to a full 90 degrees for portrait shots.

It feels sturdy and stable, yet it's light enough to carry around.

The legs extend by flipping a tab, instead of having to unscrew something. This makes extending and retracting the legs quick and easy.

The legs adjust to three different angles (with the last angle, the legs are almost perpendicular to the center pole) and each leg can be adjusted individually to a different angle.

The legs have retractable spiked feet for greater stability on softer ground.

There's a hook at the end of the center pole for hanging a weight if more stability is needed.

The center pole can be removed (the hook on the end must be unscrewed first), then inserted upside down for macro shots (see photo in "customer images").

There are two bubble levels, one on the mounting base and one on the tripod base so one can make sure both the tripod and camera are level.

It has a built-in compass.

All of the moving parts glide smoothly.

The base is padded with cork to prevent the bottom of the camera from getting scratched.

Comes with a very nice carrying case that feels and looks well-made. It's padded on the inside and has an inner, zippered pocket. And as other people mentioned, it's probably about a $20 value on its own. It does have a "chemical" smell to it that reminds me of rubber-soles shoes, but I don't find it overwhelming. Hopefully, this scent will fade with time.


The instructions are very basic, consisting of a fold-out leaflet with just a few pictures and words on it. So, some of the functions I had to figure out on my own.

The quick-release mount. I know a lot of people like these because they make it easy to take the camera off the tripod for that "quick shot." But I feel a bit nervous about it, simply because I'm used to using a tripod where the camera screws directly to the tripod itself. Whereas with the quick-release mount, the camera is screwed to a plate and then the plate is fastened to the tripod base with a clip. The clip does feel sturdy, though - both the clip and the plate are made of metal and the clip does have a locking mechanism to keep it from accidentally being released.

The leg tabs are made of plastic. However, it feels like a pretty sturdy plastic to me and it takes very little force to move the tabs in and out. So with care, I think they'll be fine.

Because of the ball head, it's probably not a good tripod for video panning.

It doesn't come with an extra mounting plate like some tripods do (in case one gets lost or you have more than one camera). But for this low amount of money plus all the features the tripod has, that's not a big deal.

At full extension, the lower legs are rather thin. But my camera is pretty light (10 oz.). I don't know how the tripod would handle a much heavier camera at full extension.
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This is my video review of the Dolica 62 inch Ball Head Tripod.

Let me apologize right off for the quality of the video its shaky and out of focus. If you can bear with that you will see how cameras mount and how it looks set up.

Reason for purchase:
I now have 4 digital cameras that take both photos and videos of varying resolution. Not one of them is shoulder mount and almost always the video comes out shaky or blurry depending on the situation. I planned on doing more video reviews but due to the poor quality of the videos I shot I thought it better to scrap most of them. I finally buckled down and bought a tripod. Seeing this was one of the top 5 tripods on Amazon I thought I would go for this one.

Performance (+)
It performs better than I thought it would. Its light, easy to use and set up and also very flexible. Look at my newer video reviews I will do from today to see how it performs.

Accessories (+)
The attaching plate is very easy to take off and if you buy multiple ones makes swapping cameras out very fast. It comes with a nice padded case that has interior compartments. I was not expecting a case and one as nice as this is an extra bonus.

Cost (+)
I have had professional tripods in the past that were 10x more expensive at least. They were heavier, less flexible and generally a pain to set up. This tripod has a great bang for the buck ratio that shouldn't be ignored.

Overall (+)
I am very happy with this purchase and recommend it!

Thanks for watching!
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on June 22, 2009
Great tripod with performance legs that spread low and wide for macro work for the price. The quick release plate, quick flip lever leg release and lock, bubble levers, and a good tripod case besides being light and compact is great. The weak area for this tripod is the weak strength of the legs when fully extended, it has too much play but great for P&S digitals O.K. for small dSLR with small lens.
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on July 21, 2009
My Dolica Proline AX620B100 came in a huge box from Amazon. I opened it and there was a smaller box inside which was my Tripod box with a bunch of brown recycling papers around it they used for padding.

I took out the silver box with a white font saying PROLINE on it, opened it and saw my tripod bag. The tripod bag is very neat and well stitched, I can see it will eventually last for a long time. The strap is firm and I can wear it all day without it hurting me. There is one small pocket inside the tripod, I unzipped the pocket and found this octagon screwdriver inside, I was wondering what this tripod needed it for. I looked around my tripod and saw a octagon shaped screw on the ball head, I am guessing it's for removing the ball head if a replacement is needed.

I unzipped the bag and took out my tripod. The tripod itself is very light, it must weigh a little over 2 lbs. The tripod feels sturdy and stable, there are these soft squishy padding that wraps around the top of each leg and one of them says PROLINE in front of it. At the bottom of each legs are rubber feet and hiding it are small metal spikes that you twist the feet for it to come out. Twist it in the opposite direction to hide them back so it doesn't wear out if you're using it on cement. Most of it is aluminum but there are some plastic too but the plastic aren't cheap and are decent at least. There's also a hook at the bottom of the long pole extension between the 3 legs, you can add weight to it to weigh down the tripod.

The best thing about this tripod is the cool ball head, you can adjust it to shoot vertically or horizontally and move the camera to shoot up and down, and what's great is there is only one lever you need to pop out to adjust this. I went on a photo shoot yesterday with my tripod at the Japanese garden in my community college and it is great. The instructions say it can hold up to a little over 13 lbs, but I don't know if it's just the tripod itself or the head. Another thing I know is the head is actually good and looks like it can hold a quite a weight, but I question if it can actually hold 13.

It's really fast to take out your camera from your tripod and re-attach it. There's this lever that you need to press along with another button to remove it, you just need to pop the camera back onto the tripod and the lever will pop back in it's place securing your camera.

There's also a small compass on the tripod too although I will probably never need it.

This tripod is well worth the price. This is the first tripod I have bought. My friend has a Sunpak tripod that I use before I bought my own, and all I can say is my tripod is much better than his for the money. I did research before I bought my tripod and because I ended up buying this tripod, I knew this tripod wouldn't disappoint and it didn't.
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on November 26, 2010
PROS - Incredible deal for the price.
CONS - Didn't come with a pony.

I recently purchased this and was inspired to write this by an earlier one-star review of this tripod. I suppose you can one-star an apple for not being an orange, but I feel it's unfair to trash a great value like this. I was surprised -- actually delighted -- by this unit. It far over-delivers on its promises.

Yes, it's true that this tripod is aluminum, not steel and therefore lightweight and inappropriate for outdoor use in high winds without adding additional weight (though this unit comes with a retractable hook from which to hang a sandbag -- a nice touch that isn't even mentioned in the description.)

Yes, it's true that the head is a friction ball-head, not an expensive fluid-head. But that's mentioned at least four times above. A fluid head would be great for panning a video camera, but aren't needed for the still cameras this tripod is recommended for. Further, fluid heads are EXPENSIVE, and this tripod is DIRT CHEAP.

The design of this tripod is impressive and the build quality wonderful. Flip the latches on the legs and they extend smoothly, close the latches and the hold is rock-solid. The dual-grip design of the feet -- non-slip rubber or metal center pin -- is excellent.

It comes with a surprisingly nice-looking black ripstop nylon carrying case with adjustable shoulder strap and high-end full-length zipper...yet that isn't even mentioned in the description above!

Anyway, Amazon also sells heavy-duty video tripods like the one-star raters are dreaming of. They start at $150, but can cost up to a grand.

You can get five or more of these for that money.
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on June 23, 2009
Just want to add the 'pod's specs as they are not published here.
Maximum operating height: 62.2"
Minimum operating height: 18.5
Folded height: 22.8"
Net weight: 2.9 lbs
Max operating load: 13.2 lbs
Number of leg sections: 4
Base thread: 3/8"
Quick release thread: 1/4"
Panoramic angle: horizontal-360 degrees and vertical-90 degrees
Interchangeable feet: spike and non-slip rubber
Material: aluminum alloy

Canvas bag with padded shoulder strap
Standard-wide angle
Semi-wide angle
Full-wide angle
Plate with safety set
Bubble level and compass
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on October 23, 2009
After careful consideration and weeks of comparisons I finally chose the Dolica 68inch. This tripod IS NOT pro quality, but what can you expect for less than 70 bucks. It has a bit of shake and twist when fully extended, but it beats my original Kodak Gear tripod and definitely is better than what you could pick up at Best Buy for the same price. It handles my Pentax Dslr with 55-200mm lens and flash with no problems. Has a solid head with a confident quick-release locking mechanism and smooth pan/tilt. Light enough to take on long hikes with a nice carry bag included. To better describe the sturdiness, I should say that if you hang a weight from the bottom and it swings a bit , so will your camera. If you grab it at the head and twist, the extended legs Will flex a bit. But if you set your camera for a two second delay, you'll get a great shot with this tripod. If you have twice the money to spend, you could get a sturdier, heavier tripod thats rock solid. For the price, though, its hard to go wrong with this one.
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on August 13, 2012
You should be thinking about what to do after so many reviews. I will tell you a simple thing. I read almost all the reviews about this product and I decided to buy it after the wining majority of 5 stars. After 8 months using I broke one of the grips. I just sent an e-mail do DOLICA asking to buy a new one and a guy called Brian helped me with a great customer service support and told me that they will send a new leg with NO Cost.
I just received the Leg today and I am surprised about how good DOLICA was on helping me and I just would like to share this with you all.

Buy this item it is a great product from a reliable company.

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