Customer Reviews: Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Basic Series 3Skull Paintball Gun Marker MEGA Set
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on December 13, 2009
I've been out of the sport for a while, after I decided to get back into it, I wanted to start fresh so I bought this package. My old spyder had bad seals, rust, mask was scratched up beyond repair so it was time for some new equipment.

Tippmann 98 custom marker
Pros: One of the most reliable markers on the market. These things take water, dust, mud, paint, and abuse like it's no big thing. When properly maintained they can last for a decade. They are easy to clean, lube, and upgrade.
Cons: replacement parts/upgrades are way overpriced.

Pros: The mask they send you is actually a JT mask and better than the one pictured. Comes with Anti-fog film on the inside lens.
Cons: Lens scratches easily.

Pod belt
Pros: Holds 1 C02 or air tank and 6 140 paintball capacity tubes which are durable and easy to pop open.
Cons: Belt sags when fully loaded. Also the belt doesn't quite fit right if you are really skinny like me.

Overall a great set, I would recommend to anyone thinking of getting into the sport. The price is unbeatable; it would easily cost twice this much if items were bought in-store individually.
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on August 18, 2010
This package is a good setup for newbies. I went paintballing once and was instantly hooked, so I wanted a complete setup on the cheap through Amazon. I purchased the set about 2 months ago and have played 4 half-days with it so far (about 16 hours play-time). The A.C.T. feature of the marker is great- I haven't had one ball chop yet and I've pushed through prolly 3,000 balls (about 750 per outing, to be conservative).

The marker is medium-weight, medium-loudness, but actually quieter than the Tippmann 98 rental I used before. The barrel screws on easily and tightens firmly. It is reasonably accurate. The hopper is standard but detaches from the marker in a neat way, making disassembly of the marker fairly straightforward and quick.

The CO2 tank is large but not too heavy- it lets you play all day without worrying about needing a refill. The CO2 actually heats up as you play, and as the tank decompresses your paintballs will continually be shot faster and faster. I was at a field and got chrono'd when I first showed up. I registered about 280. After 3 hours of play (shot about 400 balls), I was re-chrono'd and registered at 307. The referee told me to "turn down the marker," which meant I needed the small wrench included with the kit. I have to carry this in my pocket when playing all matches because I never know when I'll need to turn the speed on my marker up or down. It's no big deal, just one more thing to remember before hitting the field.

The waist pack is fairly well made. It holds 6 pods which, in my opinion, is too much for standard woodsball. Woodsball games are generally no marathon and so I prefer only to carry 2-4 pods at a time. The extra 2 pod pockets actually come in handy for storing gloves, neck guard, etc. when not playing. The cleaning hose (orange) included pulls through the barrel nicely to clean it, however if you have no chopping (like me), then it doesn't do much.

The mask is cheap. I mean this thing is twice as cheap as any rental mask I've ever seen or used. You can buy this mask separately on Amazon for 10 bucks. Now, having called it cheap, I will say that it's stood up wear and tear well. The plastic that covers your face bends easily, but does keep paintballs from hitting your face. So from that perspective, it does its job. The lenses seem alright, too. I've been shot in the face probably 5 times (and I mean straight in the eye), and the lenses were totally fine. I just wipe them off and keep playing- no problem so far.

Overall, this is a solid kit and I highly recommend it. If you're new to paintball like I was, then this is a great starter kit. It has everything you need for equipment. I recommend buying separately some gloves, a neck guard, and a beanie (hat) for protection. Being shot in the bare neck or head is excruciatingly painful, so be sure to cover those areas. Also, wear long sleeves and pants to play paintball, no matter how hot it is outside. I've seen so many people get HUGE welts on their bare arms from being shot by paintballs, and when this happens, you usually have to see a doctor about it to make sure nothing vital in your arm or leg has been ruptured.

As long as you're dressed appropriately, this kit will serve you fine in having a safe paintball experience.
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on June 19, 2009
I wanted to get a good Tippman paintball gun for a reasonable price so I drove down to the local sports warehouse and found a Tippmann 98 custom. Came with the 8" barrel version, mask, and a 120z CO2. Ended up buying a 20z CO2 extra and 1000 of the cheapest paintballs. A $263.00 mistake. Bought this package for $70.00 less. Works great, 6 ammo pouches, mask, 20oz CO2, 11" barrel. I've fired 400 shots or more with no problems. Not one ball broke in the barrel either. I'm using really cheap balls too. Amazing gun, works great, came on time, a lot in the package. Money speaks for itself.
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on May 30, 2009
I was very happy with this marker and with ultimate paintball. The marker came in about four days and i haven't had any problems with it. Great Deal, too. Would definitely reccomend, and would definitely buy from ultimate paintball again
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on July 18, 2009
I ordered this on a Sunday and it got here ready to pick up on Wednesday. Everything was well packaged and the shipping was free. The product itself is outstanding. I love the Anti-Chop-Technology (A.C.T.). I easily shot over 3000 paintballs and not a single one of them chopped. The C02 that comes with it is a little bigger then most canisters I've dealt with before but you get used to it quick. The extra goodies are a plus the mask is easily the best mask I've ever worn not a single fog up and the best vision I've ever had while the vest is a little on the cheap side it does function as a good carrier for your six pods and C02 which works really well if you have a remote since the C02 holder is in the front but I guess you can swap it around. Once again highly recommended especially as a first marker since it comes with everything you need for the hobby. Just be sure to tighten up all the screws since they will become loose upon shipping but thats to be expected. Definally a worth while buy 100% satisfaction.
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on July 18, 2009
Just great. Got everything as said.(even got an extra squeegee) Arrived on the first estimated date. (3 days) works great even with the stock barrel. Alot of c02 coming out of the barrel though i would would recommend getting a new barrel for accuracy and less co2(snowing). Great for Woodsball. Sturdy. Hard to shoot fast though. Definitely a woodsball oriented paintball marker. Very good. Great Buy.
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on October 5, 2010
To start I must say that I am completely new to paintball and have not yet been able to play any games with the products. I will give a review on each item separately because although they came in the same box they are each separate items not a value pack.

The mask, Gen X Global's X-VSN goggles are great for beginners like me. The lenses are super clear, when I first tried them on I tapped on them cause it honestly didn't look there was anything in front of my face. I must say they are of cheap quality though, and I will most likely upgrade to something better. The padding is a hard foam and though not as comfortable as more expensive masks is better than nothing. I do like that the padding is in two different pieces with a large gap between so my glasses fit in nicely.

The pack and pods, Neither are from any company or brand known to me, the only distinguishing label is The pack is very nice, I am of smaller size and need to adjust the strap to nearly as small as it can go and it fit's snugly, it also has "hooks" to attach shoulder straps (shoulder straps DO NOT come with pack). The pods do stick out to the sides a bit, they are however large and smaller pods would probably fit better. The pocket for the tank is great, it holds my 20 oz. Co2 tank easily with room to spare. The Velcro is tough and will hold things without worry of them falling out. The pods fit tons of paintballs (I haven't counted to see how many). They seem sturdy, there is one with a crack in it (I don't know if it came that way or if it happened some other way)but it doesn't seem to compromise the structure of the pod.

The tank, contrary to the product description the tank I received was not a Spyder but Guerrilla. I have not yet even filled the tank so I can not say how good or bad it is.

Gold Cup Lubricant, seems to be good I've only used it to lube the o-ring on the barrel of the gun, I can not give a full review on this product as of yet.

Squeegee, not needed in the pack, just an extra thing, I gave mine to my brother.

And last but certainly not least the gun, Tippmann's 98 Custom Pro A.C.T. Platinum Series is simply awesome. Right out of the box there's a hopper, barrel squeegee, barrel cover, three alan keys/wrenches, a tiny packet of lube, instruction manual, and the gun itself. The 98 is great, I was able to shoot it with some of my friends extra Co2 it was amazing,(i probably would have hit the target more if my aim was better but that will come with time) no ball chops although my brother managed to get a barrel break in it, but it cleaned quickly and easily. The A.C.T. is great I stuck my finger in the ball feed and shot (not hooked up to any air though)it didn't hurt a bit (I DO NOT recommend trying to do the same if you do not have A.C.T. in your gun). I do recommend the custom pro over the basic A.C.T., although being the same gun internally the few upgrades that the pro has make it worth it, the longer barrel while I can't say will be more accurate just plane looks cooler, the double trigger is also a must, the drop forward is nice and in my opinion completes the look of the gun, however if you use a remote coil it isn't truly necessary. My favorite part about the gun is the ability to customize it, although it looks and performs great by itself I can't wait to mod that sucker up.

In conclusion, this pack is great for someone just starting the sport, I highly recommend it, especially because getting each of the things in the pack separately is far more expensive.
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on September 3, 2009
it was a great deal and the gun is very reliable. rarely chops balls. so far it's been awesome!!
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on January 21, 2010
The 98 custom pro is a very nice gun, and when using very cheap paintballs, it still doesn't chop inside the barrel because of the A.C.T.
The original barrel is ok, but I wound up purchasing a better one. The mask is also nice and the CO2 lasts very long. Overall the gun is awesome!
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on December 22, 2010
I'm new to paintball and was told Tippmann was the best for beginners. After one 9hr session of woodsball, I must say I'm not disappointed. I did purchase an after market barrel so I cannot speak for the stock one, but accuracy and range were excellent. There was little kick and this marker is highly upgradeable (which is great for me and all other do-it-yourselfers). I didn't experience a single misfire or chopped ball.

As for the rest of the kit, the mask and 6+1 belt were big dissapointments. The mask is flimsy and presses against the ears. I did NOT feel safe wearing this mask on the field. The 6+1 belt doesn't adjust properly and comes loose when walking, never mind running. I tried it on with an empty 20oz co2 tank and empty tubes and it sags drastically. The hopper is generic and can be purchased just about anywhere.

Overall, I was happy with this marker, but not the package. The marker it's self goes for $130, so you can't expect much quality when getting so much for $25. Still, I think you would be better off purchasing just the marker and purchasing the other items separately. It might cost a bit more, but it's worth it for the quality and saftey of yourself or your child.
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