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on February 26, 2010
- Plenty sturdy for point and shoot and small video cameras. I haven't tested with a big SLR, but it seems like it would do fine and has a hook for a weight as well.
- Easy to use quick release plate
- Tall enough for most purposes. I'm about 6'2" and have no problem using it.
- Good features and easy to use - level, pan and tilt lock, portrait mode, crank elevator with lock (not sure what this is actually called).
- Very light
- Folds up to a pretty compact size
- Good price
- Carrying handle (not really needed IMO)
- Comes with a bag

- The locks for sliding the legs in and out are a bit sticky. It does make it seem the thing isn't going to collapse, but they're not very easy to open.
- One of the clamps broke and would not fasten. Fortunately it was just the plastic piece that provides resistance to the clamp, so I stuffed some pipe cleaner into the space and now it works again. This doesn't inspire a lot of confidence though.
- I could not find a Dolica spare quick release plate from anyone. I finally found a compatible one from a different manufacturer, it's a Sunpak SP620-731. That plate is bigger and doesn't seem quite as high quality as the Dolica one, but it fits and it's inexpensive.
- I emailed Dolica about a spare QR plate and they never responded, so I can't really say anything good about their customer service, at least via email.

I recommend this tripod unless you will need extra quick release plates. In that case I would look for something that you know you can get original equipment extras for.
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on August 18, 2010
If you want an inexpensive tripod that won't let you down, this is it.

I'm going to assume that anyone reading this review is looking at this product for the same reason I did - I wanted a tripod that was cheap. That's it. This thing is cheap, lightweight and so far has not let me down. It comes with a bag to carry it which makes it much easier to lug around between photo sessions. It has two bubble levels to make sure your shot is perfectly leveled. When it's extended fully and neck extension (the part that lifts the camera with a little crank) is fully raised, I'd guess this thing comes up to a full six feet. When it's completely collapsed it's no bigger than a rolled up poster and only slightly heavier. Personally, I'm a weakling, so it's great that this thing is light. I could carry it around all day without a problem.

Is it sturdy though? It -is- inexpensive, which does mean you're sacrificing some sturdiness but unless you're hiking up mountains or something like that, you'll never notice.

If you're an amateur or novice just getting into photography or want a tripod that won't break the bank, you can't do better than this.

[UPDATE] - February 11, 2012
Still works as good as the day I first got it. I haven't noticed a single scratch, ding or dent. The bag is even in great shape.
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on March 1, 2015
I know a lot of people love this and I did at first too, but unfortunately I have to recommend against buying this one. I bought this in 2013 and it arrived broken, right before a trip of course. Amazon replaced it next day and thankfully the new one was fine.

After getting the replacement I was quite happy. It definitely isn't great for live pans on video but it was sturdy enough and I did love the light weight, carrying grip and the case. So far so good and it made it through a trip to Hawaii and a trip to San Francisco without much in the way of a problem.

It was in late 2014, about 18 months in, that this thing finally failed me. I was coming back from a trip to Maine and went to use it for a shot of the coast and as soon as I unlocked one of the legs the rivets that hold the leg to the center popped out (never to be found) and suddenly I was a leg down!

Now while I did say I got 18 months out of it, I didn't mention that I only used it for those 3 trips. The rest of the time it was basically in its bag in a dry place in storage. There was absolutely no reason for it to have failed the way it did other than shoddy materials.

Hope that helps someone out there. I will not buy another Dolica and am now in the market for a more reliable tripod that will last me many years. I would not buy this again and cannot recommend it for anyone who wants to get many years out of their next tripod purchase.
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on August 10, 2011
As other reviewers said, it's a sturdy tripod, and not expensive.

I also own the Polaroid 57" and 50". This tripod is noticeably heavier, maybe 50%? (the legs are thicker) and hence, more stable. The footprint is bigger as well.

It is basically the same construction of the Polaroids, but a little better (and the Polaroid 57" is better built than the 50"). Box says it's 3.5 lbs, and supports max 9 lbs.

The 50" Polaroid is too feeble and light, but may be useful if you're camping, hiking, etc. Between this one and the Polaroid 57", it depends on what you want. If you want the lightest tripod possible, but still decent, go with the Polaroid. If you want more stability and slightly better build and you don't worry about space, go with this one. Both are good tripods for a point and shoot.

A few details on the Dolica:
1. the upper bubble level is useless, it should be put up in the head
2. the foot is looser than the Polaroid 57", which is good
3. the crank has a spring to keep it in closed position, unlike the Polaroids
4. the plate's lock locks when releasing the plate, like the P 57", but the P 57" lock is better
5. I find it a little too hard to pan, you have to hold the tripod to pan, but I think it's by design (took one star)
6. the hydraulic fluid head gives it a smoother pan/tilt than the P 57"
7. I paid less for the Dolica
review image
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on March 26, 2015
I bought the tripod a month ago to replace my old one that the head had broken on (not a Dolica). I have not used the tripod yet but it is nice and light and straps well to the side of my Amazon camera/laptop backpack. I will update this review after I use the tripod. Might take it to DC with me for the Cherry Blossom Festival. We'll see. That is supposed to be more of a family vacation trip and seeing the museums and memorials so don't know if I want to tote it around with me and setup and teardown. Family might not have the patience for that... But I will update with use.
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on February 6, 2016
This is one of the best tripods I have ever used. It's lightweight and well built and worked great with my Panasonic TM90K.
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on March 25, 2017
Love it, works great.
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on March 10, 2014
It works great for my Nikon D80 and I've also use it with camcorders.

I've used it for outdoor photography and interior spaces. I highly recommend it.
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on March 5, 2017
Best value for your money tripod
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on March 26, 2017
its good
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