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on April 19, 2015
Great looking and functional watch. I replaced the strap with a Fluco Germany 22mm Black Silicone Rubber strap. I love this watch!
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on January 24, 2013
i have 4 of these and i love them.
i also have seikos, citizen ny2300's (miyota mvt.) and an invicta (another miyota mvt.) and i can tell you that these tend to be great right out of the box (meaning that i don't typically need to adjust the hair spring).
for this price, or even twice this price, it's hard not to be impressed.
from my experience, the orients tend to be just as accurate as the miyotas and better than the seiko 5's.
the crystal is plain mineral glass so expect some light scratches in time, but plain mineral glass isn't as brittle as sapphire tends to be- and money must be saved somewhere.
i have noticed that the blue is the only color that has a reflective face. the other colors i have (black, orange,) are just flat colors though they still look fine.
the bezel is still nice and firm on all of them.
i can still see the lume after 7-8 hrs. in bed
the band is a touch uncomfy (stiff) (22mm lug width if you wanna order another) and you may/may not like the shark pic on it.
i use this little trick (mad props to the g-shock folks at w.u.s. for this) to make it more comfy:
*note: this is what i do and it works for me. you do this at your own risk...*
-i remove the band from the watch
-i boil a pot of water and once it's boiling i remove it from the burner.
-once the water is no longer bubbling, i throw the band in the water and stir it for a few minutes.
-i rinse it in cool water
-once it's cool and dry, i put the now-softer band back on the watch and enjoy :)
wrap up:
i can't see how you can go wrong here. you have a great in-house mvt (i.m.o. the best in the under 200 dollar range). and a stellar case with a so-so band all of which should last years and years.
i prefer the mvt. in this watch over seikos in this class (hands down) and to me it's pretty even with the miyota (citizen, ect.).
and btw...
mine ran a little fast after the 2 month break-in (+5/day) and after i adjusted it, it gains about 1 or 2 seconds /day. consistently. way beyond what you should ask from it (i tend to be a tad picky).
hope i helped!
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on March 11, 2013
Low priced automatic with an in house movement.
I received my Blue Mako quickly from the seller.
Fit and finish are very good. Great color on the blue dial.
Rubber strap is quite comfortable.
I regulated the watch and now it runs at 2.5 sec per day fast.
Upon opening the case the inside of the case back has printed on it Hong Kong. No lies here.
The dial says Japan Movt. on it and the rotor says Japan on it also. So the movement is made in Japan.

Day and date do not center perfectly in the window.
Was running 20 sec fast per day, I had to open and regulate the movement.

Overall: Orient Mako is not really a copy or a homage of anything. It stands as it's own design.
Orient seems to have a genuine honest approach to letting you know what you are buying from them unlike a lot of the TV shopping brands who outright lie and deceive.
Some of their watches have weird names.
I will buy more of their products in the future due to their quality and Orient's honesty.
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on October 31, 2012
I've had the Orient Mako in Blue for only a little over a week, so I can't attest to its longevity, yet. However, I am pretty enamored with this thing, so far.

It presents beautifully and elegantly. It has a quality feel to all its components and appears to be a far more expensive watch than its price tag would suggest.

I opted for the Rubber version but can't say I dig the stock band much (I don't care for the distracting blue dolphin logo), so I swapped it for an inexpensive Modena band with the brick pattern and white stitching. It looks remarkable.

The blue face plays with whatever light is available and changes hue and tone, appearing almost inky black at times and then iridescent and jewel-like at others. Quite attractive.

As for keeping time, so far, it appears very well within acceptable tolerances, for a mechanical watch. It looks like mine is losing about 3 seconds a day.

The only thing I might find to gripe about is negligible when considering the $100 price I paid for such a nice piece: I wish the watch were hackable ... that is, to stop the seconds hand when you set the time. In this price range, though, I haven't found any other automatic watch that has this feature and, arguably, it's largely irrelevant anyhow. Keep an eye on the minutes hand, adjust it every nine or ten days and you'll never be more than 30 seconds off the atomic clock. How accurate do you really need your watch to be, anyhow? Some of Orient's more expensive mechanical watches feature the hacking mode. I've also got a Seiko 5 SNZG15 which is in a similar price point. Like the Orient, it's an excellent value and, likewise, doesn't feature a hacking automatic movement, either.

The lumes are decent ... not as good as Seiko's, but if you give them a blast of light at 23:00, they still illuminate at 05:00 or so. Not bad.

The second crown at two o'clock is an odd thing ... it only moves the day of the week indicator--which, once set, never needs to be adjusted again, as long as the watch runs. It seems like it would be a more convenient thing to make that second crown adjust the date indicator, which more frequently needs adjusting. Both crowns are screw-down types which contribute to the timepiece's overall sense of high quality and excellent fit and finish.

For the money (and I hate to use such a qualifier, but it is amazingly inexpensive), I don't think there's a better value or a more impressive presentation than this watch. Even if this watch cost $150 or $175 more, I still think I'd be pretty stoked about it. At about a hundred bucks out the door, it's a steal.
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on August 5, 2015
This watch has seemingly become legendary in the watch collecting world as an enormous value for it's quality relative to price. At the time of my purchase, being a fairly new addict...I mean hobbyist, I was instantly attracted to this watch as an entry point to mechanical watches.

I debated for a while between the Mako and Orient's other diver darling, the Ray. I settled on the Mako because it seemed a little better suited to be able to go from the office to the beach without missing a step. It hits a nice midpoint between dressy and sporty/casual with smaller font on the bezel and Arabic numerals at 12, 6 and 9. As it's been mentioned, the bezel is definitely difficult to rotate, but I don't use it so it's not a big deal to me.

At a diameter of 41.5mm and lug to lug distance of 47mm, it's personally on the larger side for my 6.5 in. wrists. As a diver with a good amount of bezel though, the crystal isn't as large and overall the watch wears smaller visually. Also, I'm not sure why they needed it, but there's an extra crown at 2 o'clock for the day pusher. I think it looks fine, but some people have complained that it creates unnecessary asymmetry. Both crowns screw down which is good if you're actually going to be getting wet with the watch on.

I went with the blue dial version of the watch and think it's absolutely gorgeous. It seems to shift colors from deep navy to a bright royal as different levels of light reflect off of it. Another nice touch is the red tipped second hand which seems to float effortlessly around the blue ocean of the dial. Speaking of the movement, I've found it to be a joy to watch as the second hand sweeps. It also seems fairly accurate although I have not done any precise measurements over the past 4 months I've owned it.

I had read about the reliability issues with the OEM metal bracelet end links/spring bars so I opted for the rubber strap version with the intention of changing it out. For actual diving/swimming the OEM rubber strap should be no problem, but it doesn't look or feel particularly good for everyday wear especially in the office. I prefer to wear divers on NATO or rubber (aftermarket) to enhance the sporty look. I also have an aftermarket stainless steel bracelet (for Seiko SKX 007) I fitted to the Mako for business time.

Overall this is a beautiful watch with reliable movement (so far). It seems like it should cost a lot more than it does. It lives up to it's reputation of being one of the best first watches for first time mechanical watch buyers, but I would also recommend it for watch lovers of all levels and budgets.
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on December 7, 2015
Just got it and put a new strap on it. Man is this sexy!! Can't wait to see how she holds up!! Only thing I don't like is I keep accidentally pressing the day button thus changing the day on accident all the time.
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on December 29, 2012

First of all I love this product but I do have a small complaint about it. I received mine with the bezel wrongly aligned and it bugs me. Now, if you are looking for an automatic clock with a great classic simple look and quality precision (considering its an automatic $99 watch and owning one with no factory defects with the movement) look no further. For the quality and build of the watch, I think other reviews can attest to it, so I'm going to complement those with an aesthetics and practical point of view. I like that this is not a knock off of the Rolex Submariner but instead its a beautiful rendition to that classic design. The blue dial and bezel is very beautiful in my opinion because its a more discrete tone which varies depending on the lighting. I enjoy watching the "sword" shape of the minute and hour hands and the contrast with the red second hand. This watch is perfect for everyday use with semi formal to formal style with just a simple modification, I recommend you to order the rubber strap one which is cheaper and use a brown leather strap for great looks. I will upload a picture of it with my leather strap so you can appreciate it. I have received a lot of compliments for it. I will be updating this with time reviewing the functionality of the watch. Meanwhile I'm very satisfied with my purchase.

update 30/dec/2012

Amazon Customer Service contacted me and told me they were going to send a replacement because of the misaligned rotating bezel. As always, ACS does appreciate the customers they serve. Will be reviewing the functionality of the replacement watch in the future.

update 30/may/2013

I've had the mako for a while and I love it. My watch keeps perfect time, I think it consistenstly goes slower and faster so it kind of cancels out, I like to keep it sinchonized vs time.gov and had only had to sync it only once or twice in 5 months and just for a minute.
Also I fixed the stiff bezel which rotated with difficulty. You just have to remove the bezel and lower the metal springs which are directly in contact with the inside of the bezel. Works like a charm. You don't even have to lube it. You can search on the internet if you want to try and fix that.
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on April 28, 2010
I have heard a lot about this watch and just had to have one. I had one person say the bezel was hard to turn. Well use it a while and it is actually smoother than my Rolex GMT Master and that is a fact. The night illumination is on par or better than the Seiko Orange Monster and time can be clearly seen all night long.

I believe the rubber strap with the Blue Mako Shark on it looks better and is more functional than the steel watch band model.

The in-house 21 jewel movement keeps great time and is on par with the Seiko 5 movement.

The watch face is beautiful and looks even better than the Omega Seamaster for my taste.

It is very useful with the 200 meter water resistance as a dive watch and with the bezel great for other activities like aviation which require a good functional bezel. The one way bezel prevents it from being accidentally turned after set for timing.

Good day of week and date windows.

If you have a chance and the money to purchase one do not hesitate. I have over 70 watches last count from great Timexes to Rolex and this is a great watch period.
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on October 29, 2015
This is one beautiful watch!! Believe the other reviews that say it is way better looking in person. Yes, the bezel was quite stiff at first, but with a cleaning and some regular turns during it's first month, it is very workable.

In setting the watch, use the small button to set the date to the one BEFORE your intended setting, and then use the hour hand to turn it to the desired time and date. The date of the month turns over at approximately 1 am, and the day of the week at 3 am. Other than that, it's an automatic that winds with the movement of your wrist, so no batteries to worry about. Mine gains about 30 seconds a day and is easily corrected every few days.

This watch does NOT have a 'hack' feature that stops the second hand with a medium pull on the stem, so it's going to be an approximate setting at best. Since I keep mine about 1 minute fast, that is not an issue for me, so this remains a beautiful and satisfying time piece. There are several good videos on YouTube that have both technical and historic information on this particular model which should be helpful.

This is a beautiful watch that is easy to read, fun to wear, and a HUGE value for the price! Highly recommend this one!

Update: June 1st, 2016

After 7 months of wearing this watch, I am forced to wonder if some watches may have a 'break in period'. I would not have believed it, but that seems to be the case here. It no longer gains 30 seconds a day, but has 'settled down' to a gain of 1 minute per week!
It's still beautiful, and still fun to wear. The bezel has kept its color and is easier to turn now. All told, it is a better watch now than the day it arrived. Still a very strong recommend.
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Great watch, highly recommend to anyone looking for a budget friendly automatic diver.

For the price, you can't expect much more. Nice build quality, an automatic movement that seems accurate and reliable, screw down crown and pusher, rotating bezel, day/date.

The shortcoming of this one is the strap. It feels cheap and looks cheesy (IMO). I knew I wouldn't like it from the picture so I ordered a replacement strap at the same time I ordered the watch and it makes a world of difference.

I've only worn it a few times and have received several complements.
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