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VINE VOICEon May 24, 2012
Pros :

Filters are easily removed, and can be replaced with darker filters (e.g. #14 for viewing the sun)
Fits over glasses
Vents (4 of them) to prevent fogging
Flip up design convenient

Cons :

Not very flexible, does not fit well on the sides
Bottom part cuts rather uncomfortably into my cheeks

Long description :

I was very amused to read in the reviews that hardly anyone bought this for eye protection or welding. Most seem to find it a great costume accessory. It does look like a pretty good prop for a mad scientist or steampunk costume. I didn't get it for welding either - I bought it assuming that the filters can be replaced with #14 filters so that they can be used for viewing the sun, and I'm happy to find out my assumption is correct.

The other nice thing about this goggles is that it fits over prescription glasses easily, something I specifically looked for.

The flip up element consists of one plastic lens in front, and the 50mm #5 green glass filter behind it. They're held in place with a plastic ring that screws into a plastic thread to hold them in place. The goggles part is also removable using the same ring attachment, and consists of one plastic lens. There are two notches on the ring for fingerhold when unscrewing / replacing the ring. See the photo (one lens removed) for a better description.

There are two vents above and two below. They're angled to prevent most dust from entering. I'm not sure that makes much of a difference, though, because there are large gaps on the upper left and right corners (near my temples) large enough for me to stick my fingers in easily. I also tried the goggles on while wearing a disposable 3M N95 mask. It fits about as well as when I'm not wearing the mask, and the mask cushions my cheek somewhat, making it actually a little more comfortable.

Which brings me to my next point - I don't see myself wearing this for more than 1/2 hour, as it digs into my cheeks. Field of view is somewhat restricted, though the 50mm lens means that it is quite usable.

Overall, I'd say this is a good buy at the price for either as a costume accessory, for general eye protection, and for viewing the sun if you replace the #5 filter with a #14 (next total eclipse in North America - August 21, 2017!) especially for those who wear prescription glasses. If it had been more comfortable, I'd give it a 5. As it is, I'd give it a 4 for utility and 5 for value.
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VINE VOICEon January 21, 2009
Okay, there are two groups of folks looking at this item, Steampunk costume folks and welders.

For the welders:
- Well built, inexpensive
- Both the clear and shaded glass were flat and well-attached
- The ventilation on the goggles was especially good

For the steampunk folks:
- The googles themselves are rubber-plastic, would need decoration
- Strap is decidedly modern looking
- There is (safety) text on the lenses
- Look pretty good and are cheap
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on May 16, 2017
Before anything, YOU CAN SWITCH both sets of lenses on these, there is a black ring on the inside with two nubs on it that is threaded on all 4 lenses, with fingernails turn ccw to remove and switch them out.
Other than that all of the black parts are hard plastic that can be slid out of the soft, rubber-like blueish frame, making it easy to paint it or modify w/o damaging any of the vents or lens. they fit my large head pretty well but I would suggest a little clip on piece of foam for cheek bones &/or brow. the strap can also be easily replaced if wanted. (I use them for welding, but will be modifying them to look like they are metal and maybe make a magnifying lens to flip in on the clear lens) -and I also suggest switching the clear lens as well, they have a terrible opaque lettering engraved on them that makes a large blurry spot when using them
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on July 25, 2016
Quality is about what you'd expect at this price level. The shroud plastic is nicely pliable, but about 1/2" too wide at either side of my face, allowing in distracting reflections inside the lens. The flip-up feature seems a touch gimicky for welding use, since shade 5 is already pretty light, and it's not difficult to see through these under normal lighting conditions; however, it seems ideal for cosplay use. I'm glad to see rated impact resistant lenses. The venting system looks as functional as you can hope for, though I haven't put it to the test yet. The vent inlets are angled toward the face, so any splashing shouldn't intrude (at least not with any force).

A note on the impact resistant lenses: both clear and shaded lenses use a clear 50mm acetate insert for impact protection. The shaded lens appears to be made of glass, and is separate from the clear impact resistant lens in the flip-up section. The clear lens is identical in both positions. Thus, when the shades are down, you have clear-shade-clear, and when flipped up you have just one layer of clear. It's easy to remove the retaining ring without tools if you need to swap out the lenses.

The huge gap at the sides of the mask detracts noticeably from the utility of these goggles. If they were made in the same shape as every other pair of generic goggles I've tried on, they'd seal well with no additional reflections. As it is, they are reminiscent of looking through Dr. Bowman's faceshield in the poster for 2001: A Space Oddessy. I suppose they will be much more resistant to fogging as a result, but I don't much like the trade-off.
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on March 31, 2016
When I got these, they were NOT Hobart goggles. They were an off-brand. However, I kept them as I needed a pair of O-A welding goggles right away. They are usable, but that's about all I can say. To top it off, one eye has a darker lens than the other! Not enough to make them unusable for my uses, but enough to be annoying. I don't run a welding shop by any means, I just do routine maintenance where I maybe use the torch a couple times a month so I can live with it, but I would never buy these again, nor can I recommend them to anyone else.
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on December 8, 2016
Aside from issues I had dealing with the company for shorting me a pair I ordered (thank you to Amazon for fixing everything!), these goggles were kinda lame. They LOOK really cool, but they don't fit well and started losing pieces before my kids really had a chance to wear them. As long as you don't need any longevity out of these, they *do* look really cool as part of costume.
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on December 13, 2016
very large, I have a fairly wide face and these don't make a seal or fit well at all. they fit and feel like a $5 pair of goggles. perfect for Ghostbusting, not so much for protecting your eyes. poorly packaged, item arrived damaged (lenses scratched) item not "eligible" for return. very unsatisfied.
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on March 20, 2016
This is not a Hobart brand product. It is a cheap poorly made knockoff that was sent directly by post from China. Buyer beware!!
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on April 20, 2016
Bought it as a gift for someone who has difficulty fitting full face masks on. Bought some extra dark lenses for Arc welding, and we've had one issue with light getting in, but seeing as it was a non-standard use, and seeing how well these little things are put together for how cheap they are, I'm not going to fault the product too much. Should be fine for what it was designed for, and for the Dr Horrible/Steampunk crowd out there, the lenses are removable if you wish to get your hands on some plexiglass or airplane glass and some window tinting to make your custom sunglasses for motorbiking to hipster burning man or taking moms minivan to the nearest nerdicon.
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on April 1, 2014
Got this for my Charles Snippy outfit, and they totally rock. As many people mentioned, they are not very comfortable. The primary issue is that, while the nose area fits fairly well, the plastic there digs into my cheek and the bridge of my nose. I glued a piece of fabric to it, and it feels much better.
As for looks, it's huge on me, but whatever. My Snippy jacket looks awful, too. Unfortunately, the Good Directorate does not exist, and they can therefore not manufacture official fireproof jackets. Bummer.
For versatility, I can use these out on the road as sunglasses, since they fit over my glasses (and I lost my prescription sunglasses awhile back so this is SWEET). I don't do any welding, but I am getting into blacksmithing, so again, sweet!
One other complaint (which is not a great complaint) is that there is safety information on the lenses. Now, this is fine on the glass shades (not too intrusive, and I can sand it off if necessary), but on the plastic lenses they use raised lettering along the edge. NOT COOL. It's basically a big blur line that you can only make worse if you try to remove it. Bleah.
Otherwise, super-cool. Would recommend.
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