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on November 22, 2011
We love the system however, it no longer worked after 2 years. Of course the warranty is only 1 year. I called them and it took them a about 2 weeks to respond, but they are sending me a box for warranty replacement. I believe this shows that this Company behind their product!

Update 2014-this is no longer in production, it broke down once again and they will not stand behind their product. 999 dollars down the drain.
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on August 24, 2015
We are on the second one. First one quit after 2 years and now second one quit after 2 years.
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on November 8, 2013
What a hoot! Hubby and I saw something similar during a recent visit to a high-class restaurant, and we're intrigued. Turns out something very similar could be found for our home. We found it at a good price on Amazon. With prime shipping, it was on our doorstep in two days. Early Christmas here in our house! Amazing amount of packaging ensured everything arrived safely. It was an easy setup, and a great deal of fun. Hubby is having so much fun with it. Only wish it had more preset varietals. Happy purchaser. :)
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on November 26, 2012
One chambers fail, no warranty outside US !!
Well this not very smart.
We need to send back the whole thing ... amazing, no ?
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on July 22, 2010
Skybar WP1000 Wine Chilling, Pouring, and Preserving System
Great concept, stylish, will drive you crazy overtime. Expensive, need a lot of time to maintain. Often you will find yourself talking to this machine trying to coax a glass of wine out of it.
I have this unit for over a year, I have poured over 90 bottles. Here is some advice, buy extra dispensing heads, switch to a fresh, clean new dispensing head every time you switch a bottle, this way you will avoid clogged filters. At least once a week fill an empty bottle with warm water and mild soap (avoid fragrant soap) and run through the dispensing head, do not forget to rinse.
Chill your bottles before you place them in the Skybar otherwise it will take hours for this machine to cool them to the proper temp, if ever.
The major problem with this machine is the lack of flexibility with the dispensing head. Too many bottles will have a neck opening either too wide or too narrow for the seal to work properly. Whoever designed that part has no idea about wine in general. Imagine hooking up a bottle of two hands shiraz "Carnival of love" This wine has a screw top and will not work, hook up a cheap malbec from Argentina and the machine seals it perfectly. It is truly a lottery as to which bottle will work and that will drive you insane. A solution would be to have sleeves of different thickness or completely rework the closure system.
Customer service is quick, but forget getting parts like the red o-ring seals, for some reason they are no part of any of their repair kits.
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on July 11, 2010
I purchased this unit for my bar. Given I have a large wine cellar, I often have wine opened that I want to try over many days and in addition to sealing the bottle, it keeps it at the temperature you program for easy and immediate drinking. Bear in mind that the unit is not quiet and does generate some noise and a little heat. This noise can become annoying and distracting over time.

After a month or so of use the nozzles on 2 chambers clogged up and one of the chambers failed. I contacted the online supplier who were not too helpful but referred me to the manufacturer. The manufacturer service was outstanding! They immediately sent me out replacement parts at no cost and were extremely friendly and helpful. This makes such a difference and I never have any concern buying a product from a company like this that looks after their product. So refreshing!
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on March 4, 2010
UPDATE (1/20/14): Finally we have some great things to say about this product. Thanks to Jarden Corporate for replacing our malfunctioning three-bottle model with two one-bottle units at no cost to us. These one-bottle units are far superior to the original three-bottle unit that we purchased in December 2009. Fits more bottles, and definitely keeps the wine at a better storage level. No off-tastes anymore, and no problems with pressurizing. We are very pleased. I would have rated FIVE stars if we'd not had the previous issues with the older model. Definitely recommend the one-bottle unit now -- have not tried the new three-bottle unit, yet would think it would perform better with the changes.

UPDATE (9/16/13): The Jarden company has finally responded to our second registered complaint letter with a replacement of two one-bottle units for the original three-bottle unit. This time, it appears the quality is better, and the unit(s) pressurizes better, and the wine tastes as it should (our test has been for 4 days with one same bottle in the unit with no off-taste). So far, our only complaints are that the fan is still pretty loud and not all "regular" 750ml wine bottles will fit the system. That requires decanting of wine from its original bottle into another bottle that fits better. If your bottle is completely full, you may have to "reinstall bottle" into the system which includes pouring out some of the wine, and we have noticed that we have to "reinstall bottle" when the neck size is slightly off. There are three rubber inserts that are supposed to solve the bottle neck fit issue yet have not worked for us. We have identified two bottles that fit and are keeping those in reserve for future need if a bottle doesn't fit. We are cautiously moving forward as we are not certain how long the unit(s) will operate without problems. The customer service team first told us there was nothing they could do as our original unit was out of warranty. Not really acceptable since the original unit never really worked. Glad the Corporate office was able to resolve our consumer complaint. A plus for Jarden Corporate.

UPDATE (4/8/13): The "offensive" taste to the wine as noted below has not gone away. At this point, the unit has failed to work, and now will not pressurize at all. The lights don't come on in all chambers, only one at a time, and then the light will blink on and off. The dispensers clogged up regularly with red wines even with no visible sediment. We are glad that we didn't put any expensive wines into this unit. This unit was a total waste of money (cost around $1000 when purchased). We think that we dispensed maybe 10 palatable glasses of wine from each chamber over the life of this product and mostly just the first glass out of a new bottle since the wine would go flat -- not a good return-on-investment. Looks great sitting on the counter unplugged, but certainly not worthwhile when it doesn't work. It's possible that the pressurizing mechanism never worked from the beginning. I am contacting the company and hoping they will provide a replacement or refund. Maybe they've bettered the product since we bought ours.

UPDATE (7/29/10): Having contacted the manufacturer for assistance, we have found the "plastic" taste is less noticable if you really do flush out the bottle pour assembly and all its parts, including unscrewing the plastic reserve cup, and removing the pour tip which pulls out (see the instructions) using very HOT water and flushing for several minutes (without burning your fingers). The wine placed in the unit still has a slightly "different" taste but we expect that will go away over time and is not as offensive as it once was.

PREVIOUS REVIEW (3/4/10): Skybar was a gift from my husband. We were excited about setting it up. It's a good-looking unit and quite impressive to our friends. It's a bit noisy but we have it in our dining room and generally listen to jazz music during dinner making the sound less bothersome. Maybe I didn't follow the set-up instructions properly, or missed something. We have noted a distinct "off-taste" to the dispensed wine after the first glass from a full bottle. We used some empty wine bottles filled with clean water in each of the chambers and dispensed them over several days hoping that the air circulation of the "new unit smell" would be absorbed by the water and finally dissipate and no longer affect the wine's flavor and bouquet. Unfortunately, it is still happening and the wine is being affected. Has anyone else had this problem and if so, how did you resolve it? I haven't yet contacted the manufacturer as we just tried our first bottle of wine this week (after the water flush-outs for more than a month). I'd love to bestow 5 stars on this product...and maybe I will after the problem is resolved.
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on June 14, 2011
I had very high hopes when I ordered this unit two months ago, of course at this price, who wouldn't. On arrival and set up I was very impressed by the packaging and apparent quality of the unit. It is, for the most part, attractive and well constructed. I followed the setup instructions and then, before using it, filled 3 750ml wine bottles with water to purge/clean and test the system. Given the ambient air temperature in my house (76 degrees Fahrenheit), I set the temperature of the coolers for 58. After 24 hours, the water had cooled to 56 (measured using a lab-calibrated non-contact IR thermometer), but the cooling unit continues to run all three fans at 100%. I'm not especially sensitive to noise but, I, my wife, my children, several friends all found the fan noise to be very distracting and unpleasant. I assumed there might be something wrong with my setup, so I contacted SkyBar customer support, here is their response:

"For optimum cooling, thermoelectric products like the SkyBar Wine System should be in an environment with a room temperature of less than 70 F (21 C). A higher room temperature will result in a slightly warmer internal chamber temperature."

Now, I don't know about you, but the idea of air conditioning my home to 70 F during the summer is ridiculous. Most utilities and HVAC manufacturers recommend a summer setting of 78 F. Cooling my home to 70 F would exponentially increase the cost of operating the SkyBar and make it completely impractical.

In addition to the fan and temperature problems, within a month, two of the clear plastic spouts have broken loose due to minor bumps from wine glasses.

To recap the problems:
1.) Excessive fan noise 24x7, even with wine temperature set to 58 F, makes it impractical to use in an open area of your home (e.g. bar or dining room).
2.) Will not cool to advertised 45 F except during winter or with home HVAC set to unrealistic temperatures.
3.) Concerns about long-term durability of some components (e.g. dispensing spouts).
4.) Concerns (not yet validated) about power consumption (i.e. operating costs) due to 24x7 operation of thermoelectic cooler even at moderate temperature settings.

I would not recommend this unit in its current form.
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on August 11, 2010
I'll be honest I was skeptical about spending $1000 on a wine system, that promised to chill, and preserve keeping wine good for days?

I didn't want a system with cartridges to change or adding gas to preserve the wine.
I didn't want a cheap wine chiller.
I wanted to know the right temperatures for wines I don't drink as often so I can try some new varietals.
I set mine up in my new dining area and now I can entertain even more at home.

I love that it takes the bigger wine bottles so I can set up 3 for a party and my guests love serving themselves.
I like having several bottles open at once, and not having to worry to finish the entire bottle. I can have a glass or two of shiraz one night and my favorite pinot the next.
I like the preset temperatures, in case I forget the right temps for wines I dont often drink myself but want to serve my guests, but its also nice to be able to choose my temp as I like my whites a little cooler than some.

A first I found it a little loud it has 3 fans that operate the cooling system but it's really no louder than my fridge and you only hear the pump when you preserve or pour the wine.
I did find a few bottles that didn't fit, but most do and I called the manufacturer who offers excellent customer service and they provided some bottle adaptors for those larger screw cap bottles. I had some sediment build up in the pouring filter which was causing an inconsistent pour. They advised I soak them in water to clear the sediment.

I think its one of the best investments I have made, since I used to have so much unfinished, tried to re- cork, forgotten wine in the fridge that would end up down the drain or used in cooking- not how you want to treat your wines.

The fact I don't have to have the same wine every night or finish the bottle is great.
But the best part is having friends over who all marvel at my skybar, my own wine sommelier who serves them so I don't have to.
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on January 30, 2012
We have absolutely enjoyed the wine system! Until we had to call customer service. Unfortunately the system completely shutdown in the past week?? It seems silly that a $1000 wine system would stop working after just 1 year.

I've had it plugged into surge protector, so shouldn't have been a problem? I contacted customer service and they said it might be covered since I was close to the warranty period...not the case, as the service company told me repairs would be out of my pocket!

Would love to give this product 4-5 stars, but customer service and faulty product are lacking in my case...

UPDATE - Skybar customer service contacted me and has since agreed that my faulty product is just barely out of warranty. Skybar and Jarden Corp have gone well beyond my request to repair the product. They expedited a box to return my Skybar and are replacing the product. I must say it is great to see a company step up and take care of the customer!! Well done, hopefully they will do it from the get go with in the future. Thanks!
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