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on August 3, 2013
It is indeed wireless and has a pretty decent range to boot, as I'm currently typing this while about 10 or so feet away from the computer. Also, the battery life is amazing. The first two batteries lasted me well over a year (actually, more like two years) with almost daily use and I'm only on the second pair right now and still showing full charge. Speaking of, there's a nice little battery indicator that you can install on your computer to let you know when it's time for a fresh pair.

They keyboard itself is extremely thin and the keys resemble the flat style found on most laptops, which took some getting used to. But after a few days, I was typing just as fast as I did with a traditional keyboard.

So what's the problem? Why only 3 stars? Well, it would be 5, or at least 4, if it worked all of the time. Sometimes, for seemingly no reason at all, it just stops working. The light on the receiver lights up telling you the something is happening when you press the keys, but no letters appear on the screen. The only way to fix the problem is to mash on a few keys for a few seconds until key imputs start registering again, and then backspace whatever gibberish you just wrote. It doesn't happen all of the time, but it happens enough to be very annoying and warrant me subtracting 2 stars.

I really don't have any experience with any other wireless keyboards yet, so I can't say whether the problems with this one are normal for wireless keyboards in general or not. I buy things and expect them to work 100% of the time and this one works more like 95%, so I will be replacing it at some point. I don't regret buying this, but it's not a long term solution to my wireless needs. That being said, I've owned it for several years now so I'm obviously not in a hurry to replace it. Maybe your experience will be different based on your needs and circumstances, but I have a hard time recommending this given other options in the same price range.
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VINE VOICEon September 27, 2012
I am sorry to pan a product that I initially liked. It's great having a keyboard that has no wire encumbering it or cluttering your desk. The key action was fine. There was no hesitation, lockup or crashes associated with its wireless option.

But the paint on its keys started wearing off after only three months. It's seven months old now, and the letters on the N, A, S, and C keys is gone or unreadable. The C key has stuck for the last couple of months. Recently, one of the plastic feet that folds - allowing you to choose between a slightly inclined position on a flat surface, or a flat bottom if you're working it in your lap - broke. I stuck it back in there, but it's not solid anymore. I'll have to order another keyboard, and am trying to decide whether HP deserves my business on the next one. That today's electronics don't last forever is a given, but seven months, with problems cropping up at three months, is way too short a lifespan.
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on March 6, 2013
Need a wireless for the couch, last one I bought from ebay, all the letters rubbed off in 3 months, course u cant get your money back from good ole ebay after you been screwed, so you take your licks and move on. I have 2 nevo edge (logitech) keyboards that cost 150 bucks each, but they're way too heavy, plus you cant replace the damn battery in them when they go bad..imagine a company that makes a $200 Keyboard that has premature battery failure (read forum) and you have to throw the damn thing away..if you send it in under warranty they send you a new keyboard with the same battery problem lol. Some jerk got paid to design that clunker, plus its got plenty of other problems too. Anyways, back to this one, so far (1 week) it works perfect, hey for 15 bucks its amazing..only 2 light on caps key and the number pad makes it too long. They put the sleep moon in the upper left corner which is a pain but i fixed caps key light oh well..they save a fraction of a watt by not having one..other than that and the blue light (kinda stupid, but u can hide it) the keyboard is super quiet to use..get one you love it if you like to lay on the couch and type..even works for your laptop on your bed. Oh, it also has a mute button for those stupid utube ads and a volume bar..all in all, an amazing keyboard for the money..4 stars for no caps light. (use a short extension to hide the blue light).
Amazon is light years ahead of ebay on a lot of products, plus their review system is well thought out..sorry ebay..wake up.
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I recently bought this keyboard to go with my new desktop that I just built. Overall, I like it. The design is extremely sleek, it doesn't at all feel clunky or in the way on my small desk. It's thin and quiet and the keys are pretty shallow as well, if that's your thing. I felt that it was affordable as well. I'm currently using an older one that my boyfriend gave me, I gave him the new one. Basically, we liked it enough to get a second, that speaks for itself I think. The older version is still in very good shape, despite being over a year old. I honestly can't tell it has even been used. Installation is simply plugging it in, which is always nice.

However, the USB connector is fairly large for some reason. It's a full USB rather than a micro nub, which is sort of inconvenient, but it's in the back of my computer so I guess it isn't a huge deal. It just sticks out more than it should, and since it's plugged in full-time I'd like something a little bit more discrete and closer to the case for both looks and safety reasons. My other problem with this keyboard is that there are no indicator lights as far as I can tell. This means no caps lock or num lock signals, which is sort of annoying.
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on October 10, 2013
It has been almost 2 years, and this keyboard is still going strong. It has been transported around in a laptop bag quite frequently, withstood several spills, and has been abused by a baby.
The keys feel very similar to a laptop, and are relatively quiet. A couple keys on the number pad are a little but unresponsive due to a spill of Dr. Pepper a few months back. I could clean it, but it isn't too much of an issue, so I would rather not take it apart.
The keyboard is very slim, and sleek looking.
Comfortable, and natural feeling.
The reciever has excellent range.
Battery life is phenominal, despite heavy use. I can get about a month out of a pair of super-cheap china rechargable batteries - they claimed 1800maH, but turns out they are actually about 200maH, i got a pack of 20 for like 5 bucks, so I cant complain, they work well for this keyboard, remotes and the like. I estimate 6 months or more from a quality battery.
There is no humanly-perceptible lag at all.
The keyboard is quick to connect, and works during bios, not all wireless keyboards (especially some bluetooth ones) will work before the operating system loads.
Even though when I bought this, it was significantly higher in price, I would pay that much any day for such a quality product. I absolutely love this keyboard and highly recommend it, and have done so several times before.
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on August 26, 2011
This keyboard is near perfection. I spent a lot of time reading the reviews on this keyboard and can say that the complaints are not valid. Maybe in the later versions they fixed the sides but I am getting 0 creaking and the build quality is A+. I am getting no skipped keys or doubling of keypresses (and I type 180wpm+ according to Mavis). My USB dongle is under my desk in my computer and a heavy Ikea desk sits between us. No reception issues even with a wifi router, Android smartphone, Microsoft Wireless mouse, and wireless printer within 2 ft of the receiver.

The keyboard is very laptop like so if you're looking for a Steel Series mechanical switch keyboard, this isn't it (yes I have one of those and use it for gaming). This is just like a laptop keyboard. I spend all my day at a computer so typing comfortably is important to me. The keypresses take very little effort and unlike most laptop style keyboards I can still type fast regardless. And unlike most wireless keyboards, I can do 180wpm and have 0 lag from keypress to the letters showing up on the screen despite the desk between the keyboard and receiver. The keypresses are really quiet too. I am very impressed with this keyboard.

The USB dongle is brighter than a flashlight so be prepared to put some black tape on it or, if you're lucky like me, my front USB ports are upside down so it is not an issue for me.

I am so impressed with this keyboard that I've purchased another one as a backup for this one. (180 wpm speeds tend to go through keyboards quick). Will keep this review updated if I run into any issues. If you're looking at getting this, definitely get it. At $27, you can't go wrong for a wireless keyboard of this quality.
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on August 13, 2011
I'm a fast typer (been programming since elementary school), so I'm really particular about keyboards. Over time, I've come to love laptop-style keyboards, as they're "clicky" enough to actually match my typing speeds. My ideal keyboard would be one that is basically a laptop's keyboard -- my laptop gets hot though, so I needed an external keyboard. The HP Elite Keyboard comes pretty close to matching a laptop, which is super. I recently did a typing test on this keyboard, averaging 140 words per minute. Actually, I was surprised I was making less typos on this than on the laptop. At times this keyboard still feels a little large for my fingers, although I'd say it's "standard size" and most people would find it just fine. As other reviewers have mentioned, the USB connector has a bright blue light that shines every time a key is pressed - it is truly annoying, but I just covered it with electrical tape - an easy fix. All of the keys are in the right places - no strange placements going on here, and they don't add a lot of random keys either. That's nice, I like simplicity. But there are just a few additional keys like volume control, which is really handy. It's also wireless, which has helped clear up my desk. I've only had this keyboard for 2 weeks, so I'm still evaluating (especially battery life) but all in all I'm happy with this board. Given the price (I paid about $30), it's a terrific find.

Other keyboards to look at:
Fatal1tky Gaming Keyboard - This was the best keyboard I've come across, although it's discontinued now. It was clicky and small, basically just like a laptop keyboard. It also cost $70-100, which is quite high. I'd probably elect the HP Elite over that, being several times cheaper.

The Logitech Illuminated Keyboard - Not bad, very clicky... but that was a large keyboard and strained my fingers.
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I was looking for a full-featured Windows keyboard that was as similar to the Apple keyboards as possible. (I use an Apple wireless keyboard for my notebook workstation but I need a Windows keyboard for my desktop.) This keyboard has styling and construction quality very similar to the Apple concept. It is low-slung, with nice flat keys with wonderful tactile feedback, and thus does not require a huge amount of desk real estate like some of the big clunk keyboards around do. The fact that it is wireless adds to the flexibility of this keyboard; one less cable for the rat's nest, or to constrain placement of the keyboard. The special keys (such as the volume control for the soundcard) work, and are actually situated on the keyboard so that most users will probably take advantage of many of them.

The keyboard installed instantly on my Windows 7/64 Pro machine. I plugged the Wi Fi transmitter into a USB port and it installed with no further action by me in under a minute. Plug and play!

I might have preferred that this keyboard was curved as an ergonomic keyboard, but it is pleasant to use even without this. I might have preferred Bluetooth to Wi Fi to save a USB port, but most users probably do not use Bluetooth on their desktop computers and therefore will not care.

Another ding: this keyboard is powered by two AAA batteries. I would much have preferred the beefier AA batteries. Surely space was not a consideration? The much smaller Apple Wireless Keyboard manages to use AA batteries. I have not had this keyboard long enough to know how this will effect the interval between battery replacement. (I am using rechargeable AAA batteries.)

I am a good touch-typist and I am very particular about keyboards. This one enables me to type at my maximum rate, and as mentioned above has a nice tactile feel to it. The surface of the keys is very nice, with a slight corrugated surface that speaks to quality of construction. In fact the quality of the construction of this keyboard approaches Apple (although no metal chassis) which was an unexpected surprise. At the prices offered this keyboard is a howling bargain. Highly recommended.
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VINE VOICEon February 2, 2010
I've been hesitant to go wireless with my keyboard - something about tethering feels more secure, like I know I'll always be able to get into the BIOS or something...

But...I saw the other reviews on this item and I was in the market for a new keyboard so I gave it a shot.

Installation is a snap - no need to install any custom drivers with the associated CD, so you can skip that and save some disk space and memory. The keyboard works right out of the box on Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

No clutter. The layout of the keyboard is pretty common as compared to other keyboards - some people like larger or smaller delete buttons/etc. but after a day of using this I was familiar with the locations/sizes. There are buttons to manipulate the volume control which is nice as well. It's sleek, and doesn't take up much space on the desktop. Since it's wireless you can position it anywhere you want without worrying about cords.

The wireless module is about the size of a USB key and fits nicely into the back of my computer. It lights up so you know it's receiving signals from the keyboard as well.

The keys are soft to the touch, very quiet, and as others have compared it - it really does feel like you are typing on a full size laptop keyboard. I am able to type quickly with good tactile response from the keys.

When it comes to distance - I have been able to move it all over the room without interference or loss of keystrokes. I don't use a wireless mouse, so it's the only wireless device connected to the computer but there are multiple wireless networks around. Haven't noticed any interference from those or the wireless phones in the house. Looks like they did a good job on spectrum/frequency.

Overall I love the keyboard. Quality is high, aesthetics are pleasing, and if you also want the associated wireless mouse you can get that too (I prefer my wired gaming mouse so I didn't get the mouse package).

The keyboard DOES come with batteries included (just remove the tab to let them make contact). I also have a set of rechargeable batteries that I have put into the keyboard and they work beautifully.

Enjoy your keyboard!
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on August 8, 2013
When I first saw this keyboard I immediately recognized that it would solve the problems I always had with the big, upward thrusting keys of other keyboards. To me, this was the first one that accurately duplicated the presentation of keys on laptops. Unable to purchase one then from the local dealer, I just looked for the product identification here on Amazon and found it for about $60. It was the version that included a wireless mouse also. Later I purchased a second one for another computer. It was my fault that I crunched the earlier version's USB receiver, so I bought a third one. I bought the fourth one because one of the keys (which are removable and replaceable) fell off and I could not get it to stay. Finally I now have a fifth one which I bought because of its low price, $21.95. I wanted to be sure I still have v1 because I had a second version and the keys on it are not as flat and are more open to stuff getting under the keys, so I returned it. I rate this one a *Best Buy* among keyboards.
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