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on February 11, 2016
My experience with this Breville oven has unfortunately not been positive. Given the overwhelming number of positive reviews here, I must be having the worst luck.

I'm on my third oven, the first two were replaced by Breville support.

The first oven had temp accuracy issues - as verified by two thermometers: an analog oven thermometer as well as a professional thermoworks digital probe thermometer (rated to 700F). The oven was over 15 degrees off the temp I set it at. Further, it could not hit 400F.

The second oven was fine with temp control, but its internal fan didn't work. On both bake and roast settings, the fan did not come on. On the first oven, the fan worked just fine.

I'm now on my third oven. The fan works fine, but again, as verified by the attached pic, the oven is inaccurate in temp. I've had it running for over 15 minutes and it's over 15 degrees off from the target 400F temp.

Breville to this point has been supportive to keep replacing these ovens, but I've just had a very negative experience with a Breville support rep. She claims that the oven is working fine, and that the oven will never sync with the temperatures shown by home thermometers. This is incorrect, as the second synced perfectly, it's just that the fan never worked so I had to send that one back.

She transferred me to a supervisor, who again just repeated the party line, and dismissed the accuracy of the thermometers I used.

I love the capacity of this oven, and want to love the claimed performance. I'm just not getting the temps that the oven claims.

I recommend that you measure your oven temps and hold Breville accountable for their performance. Both the rep and the supervisor dismissed my claims as well as the possibility that quality control could be an issue. I very much appreciate their support policies to replace the ovens, but the bottom line is that each of the three ovens I've gone through have never worked as they should.
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on March 17, 2015
At first glance this looks to be a well made machine. Nice aluminum. After setting up and doing the 15 minute burn in I used the oven twice for some hamburgers and toasted buns. After the buns had finished I noticed that the LCD looks weird. It had already begun to mess up. It was displaying random stuff with the turn of the dials. After a 15 minutes unplugged the display has returned to normal (I have not tried to recreate the issue).

The dials feel cheap and flimsy. Sometimes when making selections the screen will move two choices rather then one at a time. So the dials are not calibrated very well.

The oven operates very well. I have seen reviews about the temperature being off. I have not yet noticed this.

This oven has been out for some time now. I would have thought the company to fix these issues a little more proactively.

So, my first impressions are not that high for a machine that cost this much. Price to quality of the product should be higher. 3 of 5 stars. It works well when you don't have to mess with glitchy LCD screens and over sensitive dials.


After some more time with the oven I decided to get a thermometer and make sure I was getting the right temperature to see if the other reviews had some truth. To my surprise there is. I have been frequently using the oven to bake between 400-450 degrees Fahrenheit. The thermometer I just purchased reads roughly 100 or more degree cooler than what the ovens display says it should be at when the preheat is completed. With this being said I am going to have to reduce my 3 star rating down to a 2 star rating.

Uploaded two photos.
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on May 29, 2014
Purchased in 2010 and it was in use daily, but today the side melted and caught on fire where one of the bottom heating elements meets the side. If my son hadn't been home and near the kitchen to smell the smoke, we might be homeless... but otherwise it was a nifty little oven. Door hinges broke a year before, so had to make sure it didn't fall down during operation. The lighted panel won't light up about 2 years ago. Would I buy again, NO
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on November 17, 2015
I've had this toaster oven since July 2014. The oven itself is good. We use it often. But the pans they included - a pizza sheet and roasting pan - within months they started cracking. The coating cracked I should say. So I put aluminum foil over it because it would be dangerous to cook with it otherwise. This is what it looks like currently. That's not dried food. It is the black non stick surface peeling off.
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on December 29, 2014
Has virtually replaced our traditional oven! We use this for anything that will fit. We baked a large chicken for Christmas, plus a huge cheesecake.

- Set time and temp and press the go button
- Beeps when preheated
- Beeps when cooking complete
- Heats up FAST!
- Cools down FAST! Something we really appreciate in the hot South.
- Rated for 12" pizza, but we cooked a 14" Papa Murpheys in ours yesterday, just bent up the pie in the front slightly.

Just plain works. We love it so much we bought one for my sister and my mom. My sister lives in the country and uses expensive tank propane for her oven. This oven is faster and far more economical. She hasn't used her big oven since. Unless we're cooking a turkey or large pizza, we use our little Breville.
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I’ve owned this little oven for 3 years now. It was bought for me as a gift and I have to say that it is one of the highest quality items I’ve ever owned. My wife asked my in-laws for a convection toaster oven for Christmas a few years back when we were interested in using it as a replacement for both our toaster and our oven (which didn’t hold temperatures consistently and was impossible to clean. We were living in a rental, so replacing the oven was out of the question.

As soon as we took this oven out of the box and started using it, I noticed the production quality was higher than any other toaster oven I’d ever seen. Not only is the design sleek and modern, but the polished metal is well crafted and the digital display is intuitive to use. This makes my parents’ toaster oven seem cheap and more like a toy than an appliance by comparison.

In this day and age, customer service is not always easy to find…often when products come with warranties, companies try to find ways to snake out of honoring them. Not Breville!

I moved across country, and stuffed into my car almost all of what I was bringing with me, so every inch of the car was packed. It was a big mess. When I moved into my new apartment and I unpacked all my stuff, I noticed that one of the heating elements inside the oven had broken. How it happened I don't know, there was a good chance that it had been my fault so I called Breville to ask if I could purchase a new heating element to replace the one that had broken. Instead the Breville representative offered to replace THE WHOLE OVEN at no extra charge. They sent me via email a label to mail them the broken oven, and within days I had a brand new oven at my doorstep. I didn't even have to pay for shipping! I was genuinely shocked... This is some of the best customer service I've ever experienced!

I use this oven every single day. From simple things like toasting bread, warming up a slice of pizza, to baking banana bread. Since I live in Florida, I love being able to use this little oven instead of heating up the kitchen with the big oven. In fact, with how versatile this oven is, I don’t really see a need for having a full sized oven at all!

Sure, you could buy a cheaper toaster oven. Will it be made with this level of quality? Not likely. Will it be built to last like this one? I doubt it. Will it allow you complete control whether you are cooking, baking, or simply toasting something? Probably not. Will it look as beautiful on your counter - no way! You get what you pay for, and if you want the best convection toaster oven, there is nothing better than this one. And if you don't want the best oven and think that an entry level or medium tier one will be more than enough, spend a little extra and still buy this Breville! You'll thank me later.

If you have any question let me know, I'm happy to help! If you found this review helpful, please consider saying so below.

I have noticed that several reviews I have written on items purchased through Amazon have had the "Verified Purchase" removed incorrectly and as a result are no longer visible, which is likely happening to other people as well. When you read reviews, be sure to sort by 'All reviews' since there is obviously a bug in the system and many helpful and detailed reviews are now hidden.
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As a chef, I love all kinds of kitchen gadgets but I ditched my toaster oven in the 90s and never looked back.


Recently some folks began talking about their toaster ovens and it made sense--they preheat in no time at all so you not only save electricity, but loads of time if you cook a bunch, they cook faster so ditto; I got one and discovered how they have changed in the years since I thought I didn't need one...Some may think they are just for the person who rarely cooks because it's just simpler and easy to clean but for someone who cooks a bunch this is really fantastic because you not only have an extra oven in your house for things like the holidays when you want more than a couple items cooking at once or you want items cooking at variable temps, but it also has a warming setting so that you can pre-make something and keep it warm for your guests or your honey who has to work late at the office and still wants a hot plate. Because it's convection, it also won't dry out the items as a normal oven would when you have it on warm. Even though I cook daily, I find myself now almost exclusively only using this one due to the time savings and the results. Because there is no large family here, it's perfect for almost everything I do and in many cases far better than my fancy-pants old school oven. It heats up so fast I have pretty much broken up with my oven and microwave.


And speaking of hot plates, the top of this one is a built-in plate warmer. So, like a restaurant that does not serve you a hot dish on a cold plate since that equals a tepid dish very quickly, put your ceramic or glass plate on top while you cook your dish and your plate is warm to the touch when serving.


So let's talk convection oven. Regular ovens heat by the heating elements whereas convection ovens also blow the heated air around the oven cabin to result in faster cooking with more even results and a crisp outside while retaining all moisture inside. That's great if you eat meat, but there is no better oven for baking because you get perfect crumb and crust like you just can't get in any regular oven that's not convection. Breads are moist and springy and perfect inside (perfect crumb) with a great crust outside. Cookies are tender yet have a bit of a crisp on the outside. True pro cooking. Because convection ovens also speed up cooking time, I often also lower the recipe directions by 25 degrees. The convection setting is optional. It's default for some cooking settings but if for some reason you want to ride out the baking time old-school cooking, just press the "convection" button and you can turn that on or off.


I ditched the toaster. If you take 2 pieces of toast and make a sandwich you get a very dry sandwich. However, you can put the entire sandwich in here and get melty cheese, hot insides, the most perfect crisping on the outside that I have seen in ages, and still not have it dry on the inside. This has become my addiction--fancy Sammys. There is a reason Subway uses toaster ovens for their hot sandwiches. You can't melt cheese in your toaster.


There are several pre-programmed settings but no matter what you set it on, it turns off automatically for you when it's done. Your regular oven can't do that trick. So if you want to go about your business and go upstairs and vacuum or do laundry and are away from the oven--no worries, when the timer goes off or the automatic cooking time goes off, so does your oven. Of course, if you want more time, you can just hit the start button again if something takes longer to cook but this is a safety and convenience feature.


If you are not aware of this part, and you are testing your oven temp, you might do it wrong. First, I want to point out that you have to leave an oven thermometer in for 30 minutes to get an accurate reading. As a chef I frequently check my ovens for accuracy both at home and work and this one never fails...always accurate. So back to IQ. What is it? It does things to ensure what you are baking exceeds expectations so if you do your part, you'll get great results. For example, on the toast setting it asks you how many pieces. If you input one you'll get the heating elements just in the center of the oven. Put in 4 and you get the whole oven but it pulses the heat in order to not overdry out your bread while toasting. Really the best toast ever. On toast it does this on the top and bottom of the oven, whereas you can put a bagel or English muffin in on the bagel setting and you get less toasting on the bagel bottom where it's already cooked so it does not dry out. Smart, huh?


Set this up wrong and you will always wonder why your oven is the wrong temperature. It has F and C cooking. What's great about that is that you can use any recipe you find online even if it's from another country and written all in Celsius. Push the button and all the temps are C. Push again and back to Fahrenheit . So it's an instant recipe converter. But if you feel your oven is running wrong temp, look for the F after the number and be sure you didn't push the button.


Are you cooking from one of the pre-set easy settings but your items is frozen? For example, if you want to pull a bagel out of the freezer to toast it? Just push the "frozen" button first and it automatically warms up the item and adds the extra time to your toaster setting so you don't get crispy outside and frozen middle or undercooked or undertoasted. You can add this to any setting like the pizza setting.


The outside of the oven door tells you where to position the rack for proper cooking. For example, if you are broiling, you will want a different setting than if you are toasting. It is easy to forget this on regular toaster ovens and get poor results because of it. Just look at the small guages on the right of the glass and you will never make a mistake. Top rack height position is for broil, middle rack is for toast, bagel, pizza, and cookie functions. The bottom rack height is for bake, roast, reheat and warm functions


Got leftovers but don't want to dry them out while cooking again? You don't have to. Choose the "reheat" setting. It will reheat your foods but will not brown the top since that has already been done.


Why didn't all oven manufacturers think of that? There are two magnets on the back side of the oven door, when you open the door, the magnets automatically pull the oven rack out for you so you don't have to REACH IN and grab your hot food or cheese toast. Really great if you have kids on the go grabbing something--safety first and no more burns and I usually don't even need an oven mitt if juts grabbing my toast or sandwich.


Pick how many slices and how brown you want your toast and it will automatically return to that setting the next time and display it. Should you vary the number of slices often, just one turn of the dial will give you a new number so it's easy to change that up as you cook. The pulsing ensures you simply can't get better toasting.


Top and bottom elements cycle on and off but you'll get a tad more browning on top where the bagel is totally uncooked with a perfectly crisped base where it's already browned. All other toast options are the same as the toast options as far as auto-memory etc.


It will default for cooking convection 325 for 30 minutes. It should be noted that that's 350 in a regular oven. The hot air circulates the heat so you get faster cooking so adjust all recipes by 25 degrees. You will far prefer the results of convection baking to a regular oven but that is why it defaults to 325 rather than 350. To increase temp or time, just one roll of the top and bottom knob does that. You can also turn off the convection baking if you want. Just push the "convection" button. I never turn that off while in the baking mode. Regular baking can't do what convection can as far as better results.


Top and bottom elements cycle on and off to get the correct temp overall but middle element is off so as not to dry out. It is suggested the max weight to roast be 4.5 lbs for best results. Also, many like to roast poultry in juices that contain lemon. Citric acid damages broiling pans of toaster ovens so line yours in foil if you use anything with citric acid or lemon juice.


While the top rack is suggested, this is a guide. You can also brown the tops of casseroles by having the wire rack lower. It still works. You can melt cheese on your sandwiches on broil, or crisp something up. You can even broil seatood, meats, and veggies. On this setting you want to use the broil rack. That's the rack that sits inside the baking pan that came with it. Use them both. It has slats in it but is not as open as your wire rack. This way, melting cheese, oil, etc that you have won't drip onto the base of the oven but air will circulate through those vents in the rack.


It does a really great pizza and I highly recommend the pizza stone that's an option for this oven. To use a pizza stone, don't ever wash it. It will wind up getting seasoned (black from cooking on it) in time but the high temp kills off bacteria...always scrape it after use, don't wash a pizza stone. The seasoning will make it non-stick eventually but until then, just throw a little cornstarch on it. You want to heat the pizza stone up WITH the oven. Don't put it in the oven cold with the pizza. It won't work. The point of a pizza stone is to crisp up the crust and so heating it up as you preheat the oven makes it do that. I have a pizza oven so I never thought I'd use my toaster oven for that. I thought I might use it for frozen pizza now and again so I bought the stone. But now I love it! You can put it on the "fresh" setting and use dough or your can put it on the "frozen" setting for store bought frozen pizzas. It asks you the approximate size in order to use it's smart technology to heat perfectly. I do recommend the pizza's suggested temperature of 450 at convection for great results. You can just pop it in and put the size and it will automatically tell you how long it thinks you should cook it at that temp., Of course you can always change that.


Use the convection on this one. It comes on as default but you can't get better cookies than your convection oven. It also does perfect biscuits, cinnamon rolls, croissants, etc. You can cook from frozen cookie dough simply by pushing the "frozen" button. I recommend getting some silicone baking sheets. You can cut them to any size you want and then your cookies never stick to the baking pans you use and you need no grease. I use them whether I make cookies in the oven or in the toaster oven but it's nice for the toaster oven since you need small pans and they often are not as well made so you get flawless non-stick from them.


The bottom pan pulls out so you don't have to do the cleaning by reaching into the oven. You can also line that with the non-stick foil but I have not found the need to as it cleans up easily. I throw the racks in the dishwasher for anything that drips onto those. You are not supposed to put the broiler pan in the dishwasher though. I handwash the cookie sheet because I want it to build up non-stick seasoning. It may be dishwasher safe though; I just know never to put any cookie pan in the dishwasher if you want it non-stick.


When I am having a dinner party I use this often. I can bake a loaf of bread or a side dish and have it done while I begin other dishes. I set it in the toaster oven on the warming setting and the heat cycles on and off with convection air That means it does not dry out the dish, but it keeps it hot until I am ready to serve it. I made jalapeño bread for a recent Tex/Mex party and the bread was in there a couple hours until I was ready to serve it. It came out hot and fresh and moist and perfect as though I'd just taken it out of the oven. You never have to worry about perfect timing again. Of course, this also means that you can cook dinner for the kids when your spouse works late, and keep their meal hot until they arrive home and everyone eats happy with hot fresh dinners.

That's my recap having been using mine for some time now. I had no idea how toaster ovens had changed and how invaluable one would wind up being to me. Cooking time is reduced considerably as is clean up and during the holidays I have a full extra oven for that casserole so all my foods are timed perfectly no matter what is in the other oven. I thought I'd use it some but I have rarely used my pro full-size oven since and I actually have nearly broken up with my microwave. I can preheat the whole oven in a couple minutes and since it's convection, everything cooks better so I now only use my regular oven for large baking for parties. Everything else is done in this one. Including meals I used to microwave.

Easy clean up, great features, this one is simply a winner.
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on May 25, 2017
I returned 2 other "toaster ovens" to local stores in two weeks (a higher end KithenAid - defective out of the box!, and a Cuisinart - that turned out to be a return put back on the shelf) so I was nervous about ordering this one online, but the reviews and sale price were too good to not try. I'm so happy that 3rd time was the charm for me! I love this oven. Yes, it does get hot on the exterior, but all countertop ovens will do the same- I did order the wooden cutting board for this oven afterward and happy I did.

I've been using this almost daily for the past 3 weeks and it is wonderful to not heat up my traditional oven for my single portions. I'm also very happy with how quiet this oven is when operating - even with the convection feature running. I broil, toast, bake, and roast primarily vegan, vegetarian and some seafood - this oven does it all better than my stove/range. Hummus pizza, reheating some spaghetti and sauce in a casserole dish, the best broiled shrimp I've ever made, roasted asparagus and toasting Ciabatta bread? All Perfect! I'm already looking at all the recipes I can adjust and make in this oven!

My only advice would be, READ the manual, make sure that it's the only appliance running on the circuit when operating, follow the clearance guidelines and unplug when not in use.
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on April 25, 2017
4 years later. Completely randomly and out of the blue, the entire piece of glass just cracked and shattered while we were using the oven. No impact, nothing. Never seen this happen on any other toaster oven I've ever owned. Completely unsafe. Had to keep the kids out of the the kitchen while we swept up pieces of glass that had fallen all over the floor. Will never purchase Breville brand again.
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on February 23, 2014
I have had my toaster now a couple of years.....seems like many are having the same issue I blue backlight works intermittently and the fan drives me crazy since it developed a noise after about a year of service. It still works.....and I like the oven.....but would be nice to be able to see what I am dialing in and would love it without the noise. Don't understand why Breville doesn't listen to their customers.....this is quite a common problem and is on their website as a known issues yet I couldn't get the unit replaced by them since I was "out of warranty".
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