Customer Reviews: Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven 1800-Watt Convection Toaster Oven with Element IQ
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Like just about everyone else in the free world, I grew up with a GE Toast-R-Oven. I cooked everything from toast (of course) to pizza bagels (a great discovery back in the 70s) to TV dinners and even baked fish in it. When the one I received as a gift when I bought my first house finely gave up the ghost, I replaced it with a $100 Hamilton Beach tabletop convection oven could bake a whole loaf of bread, two pies or a meatloaf. It even had a rotisserie with a spit you could impale a chicken on, though I never tested this feature. I used it for several years, and it did everything you would expect of a compact toaster oven- except make toast. The burners were just too far apart.

Enter the Breville. Rather than the mechanical timer and temperature control of the Hamilton Beach (and the GE before it) this unit has fully electronic control that promises to be more accurate in both functions. It can handle (they say) a 12" pizza, and 4 slices of toast. So how does all this work in practice?

As a toaster, it's great. It toasts more evenly than my $20 Target toaster, and the slide out crumb tray makes cleaning easy. Repeatability if excellent, and of course you can watch the bread/bagel/whatever as it toasts, keeping an eye out for burning. It compensates for heat buildup when you toast multiple items in sequence- a major help. Still, for close to $200 you expect more than just toast from a machine like this.

I haven't tried baking a pie yet, but I did do some miniature muffins, and they came out fine. I haven't done any bread yet, as it's just too small to handle a standard loaf of the size I bake. Maybe I can make some buns or rolls in it.

The timer function is a bit annoying in the way it works. You set the time and temperature, and when it comes up to temperature, it starts the countdown. This is fine for frozen pizzas and TV dinners, but less helpful for bakers trying to control the baking environment. I'd prefer something that would come up to temperature and then wait for me to start the timer.

Half the functions on the main knob are for preset cooking programs- like the microwave ovens in lunchrooms that have buttons labeled "soup", "sandwich", and so forth. There's a "cookies" function, but I have dozens of different cookie recipes with different time and temperature settings. This program is useless to me.

So: A great toaster, and a useful oven for baking very small items. It's a little deeper than the old Toast-R-Oven, but still not big enough to handle more than a quarter sheet of cookies or a small pie. Useful, for what it is, but given the price, it's getting close to being a luxury easy bake oven. I think the Breville BOV800XL The Smart Oven 1800-Watt Convection Toaster Oven with Element IQ, which adds convection and a somewhat larger oven is a better deal overall, and if you really want a useful secondary oven, something like my Hamilton Beach 31197R Countertop Oven with Convection and Rotisserie is a lot more flexible.


After a little over three months of using this oven, I'm more convinced than ever that this is a superb (if expensive) toaster. Unlike the pop-up toaster on my counter, you can precisely set the actual toasting time- very handy- and you can watch until you get the precise shade of browning you're looking for.

I'm also becoming more favorably inclined to its use as an oven, too. It's still a bit small for most baking uses, but it's big enough for roasting peppers or baking a few potatoes, or even a tiny batch of cookies. I still think the larger version is a better all-around appliance, but for a tiny apartment kitchen this may be a good choice.

Six month update:

I find I've been using this oven more and more for all my toasting and small baking needs- it's even taking over some of the tasks I used to do in my microwave. It's still reliable, easy to maintain, and the accurate electronic timer is a great improvement over the mechanical timers in cheaper ovens in both accuracy and reliability.

Update: It's now three years since I wrote this review, and I find myself using this toaster oven almost every day. I toast in it, I bake, and I broil. In hot weather it gets more use than my oven, and it still works as good as it did the day I received it.

Five year update: Still going strong, although one of the lower quartz heater tubes has broken. Doesn't seem to affect the performance of the oven, but I'm going to see if I can't find a replacement on-line.
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on January 1, 2015
We have had this for about 9 months now and have been very happy with it! We've had no issues, clean up is a breeze and it's simple enough that my two daughters (8 and 11) can both use it with no issues. The pan that came with it is fine but I bought a set of pans separately that I like much better that included a sheet tray, rack, muffin pan, pizza stone, and roasting pan. We have toasted, baked, reheated, broiled and roasted all with great success. I love not having to run the "big oven" for small things and what a help at Thanksgiving!

I personally do not find the beep overly annoying or too loud as other reviewers have stated and I am actually sensitive to loud or high pitched noises (I have retracted eardrums making some sounds painful). In my opinion it's better to be loud than too quiet for this application anyway. Maybe it's because I have two young girls or a barky chihuahua...but it's better to hear it than not...and really, it's not like it beeps for a long time...a second or two and it's over...not worth complaining about it in my opinion.

I also don't have an issue with the handle sticking out too far. It certainly doesn't stick out past the edge of the counter or get snagged on anything and I'd rather there be room enough that my children (or me) don't accidentally hit the door with our fingers and get burned. There is room enough that that is not a concern.

The rack not coming out automatically when you open the door is actually a feature I prefer. I am not incapable or lazy enough that I can't slide the rack out on my own when necessary and it only takes a second to accomplish. I find it annoying when you just want to pop the oven open to check what you are cooking that the whole thing slides out...and in my experience in the past it would sometimes catch and the door wouldn't close nicely when you wanted to close it back up...esp with a pan of food on it. You'd have to wiggle and jiggle it to get the process started....granted that was a long time ago, maybe they make em differently now, but either way I prefer my rack to stay in place until I pull it out. I actually bought a little red silicone tool made to push and pull the hot oven rack in and out with and I store it in a small metal magnetic basket that is stuck to the side of the oven. Handy and ready whenever I need it.

The only thing I would want to make this better would be that Breville made one of their bamboo boards that fit the top of this oven. Since they don't I found my own solution. I bought a board that fits PERFECTLY on top of this little oven...the Architec Gripperwood Gourmet Sheesham Cutting Board, 10 by 15-Inch ( and a set of 2 Silicone Baking Sheet Mat Liners 8½" X 11" ( that I placed underneath the board for heat protection. Works WONDERFULLY....adds counter space, looks great, and it prevents the problems involved with my children turning the oven on when they've left something on the top of the the book my oldest was reading while making herself some toast a while back!

Overall, I am happy we chose this unit. We are a family of four and it's a great size for us! I do wish the price were lower but I wish that about lots of things, LOL.
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on February 2, 2012
When our trusty, cheap, Black and Decker toaster oven started spewing smoke out of its side, we began a quest for something that would fit on our cramped counter. There were few choices garnering any consistently high reviews so we opted for a new Breville product hoping that the price would somehow be justified. And it IS!

We've never had an oven that cooks so perfectly. My husband loves it and now makes all his own toasted and baked items; that alone is worth five stars.

I have only two complaints. First, I think the handle is a Breville design signature with the intention of giving the oven aesthetic substance. However, it's just too big and sticks out too far. I think it's the same handle they use on much larger ovens. It eats up needless space and when inches count, it matters.

Second, and this bothers me so much I knocked off one-plus stars, the buzzer that alerts you when the oven comes to temperature, when the oven time has finished, and seemingly whenever it has any excuse whatsoever to go off, sounds like a five-ton truck backing up right in your kitchen. I swear, every time it goes off, it nearly gives me a heart attack. One would think that a very small oven would be designed for a very small room and not need an alarm that could wake the dead.
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on April 12, 2014
I was a bit disappointed when I opened the box, pulled out the oven, and saw a black mark on the left side of the oven. I suspect it was a spot where the power cord rubbed against the side during shipping. I was able to wash much of the darkness off, but a faint line remains. Check out the photo I posted and look for the dark perpendicular line in the middle. I'm already over it but wanted to warn you just in case it's a deal breaker for you. Ignore the other colors in the photo. Those are just reflections.

Now to the cooking: First thing I did after following all the directions to prepare the oven for first use, was broil a 1.5" thick filet mignon. That thickness put it very close to the quartz cooking rods and I was a little nervous about how that would work out. As it turned out, it worked fine. The toaster oven's broiling setting out-performed my stove's broiler by far. I went by Omaha Steaks' cooking chart to determine the time and got a perfect result. Unlike my stove's oven, the door should be all the way closed when using the Breville's broiler. There was flaming a couple of times, but that had no adverse effect. Next time I'll remember to add some water to the broiler pan.

After cooking the filet, I wiped the inside of the oven and the glass door to remove grease. It came right off with just a warm, damp cloth. I also wiped off the oven's rack and pulled out the crumb tray to see if it had any grease on it. I didn't expect to find any, but there was a strip of it along the outer lip. That, too, just wiped right off. I think that little bit of maintenance is all that's needed and it takes just about a minute or minute and a half.

Speaking of the crumb tray, some here have mentioned how hard it is to get the tray into the oven. It's really not hard once you know the trick: make sure the handle on the tray is positioned with the wide part of the black handle on the bottom. It may feel counter-intuitive, but it's the right way. Then do not do what I did (I kept trying to find a groove to slide it into under the door). I was trying in the wrong spot. It's not easy to see, but right under the glass door (in the closed position) there's a narrow slit where the tray slides in -- and I mean RIGHT below the glass door, almost touching it. Not lower, which to me felt like a more intuitive place for it.

The second thing I made in the oven was thick-sliced sourdough toast. I set the oven for #5 darkness and one slice. It came out perfect, though visually it could fool you. The toasting can look a little spotty and the underside is not as dark as the top side, but the proof is in the eating. If I'd closed my eyes and eaten the toast, I would not have noticed the spotty look or the paler underside. The toast was delicious (Panera Bread) and here's the thing that surprised me: the toast held its warmth even after I applied very cold butter. That is a huge plus for me because toast so often turns cold after the butter is put on it.

I haven't baked anything yet. If I have less than stellar results when I do, I'll update this review to reflect that.

Some have mentioned their fear that the heat of the oven will harm the power cord. I do not share that fear. There are protrusions on the back of the oven to keep you from pushing too close to your back splash, and I pulled it out even a little bit more than those spacers allowed. The cord is not near the oven's surfaces. Another thing about the cord is its design: it's kind of hard to describe, but it's made so you can put your finger through a loop to pull the plug from the wall. My Breville toaster's plug was made the same way and, though it seems like a minor feature, I appreciated it a lot because I was often unplugging the toaster to plug in my bread machine. I've posted a photo of the plug on the product page.

Someone also mentioned the open areas around the door as if that meant there was a poor fit. Those open areas (tiny though they be) are necessary during broiling because they let smoke escape. They are not a flaw; they're a benefit.They also allow steam to escape when moist foods are prepared.

Those who mentioned the loud beeping alerts must have ovens different from mine. Yes, I hear the beeps even a room or two away, but I wouldn't call them loud. I like being able to do other things while waiting for pre-heating or while waiting for cooking to finish, so I appreciate being able to hear a beep without staying in the kitchen. The sound is no louder than the beeping from my microwave oven.

The odor someone mentioned is to be expected. It's a burn-off you're told to expect when prepping the oven for first time use (the oven is supposed to bake -- while empty -- at 425-degrees for 16 or 17 minutes before you use the oven for food preparation).

As for those who worry about burns, I see the threat as no different than experienced with an ordinary stove. I wouldn't put my hand on the stove top or door when baking or broiling something. Use some common sense, and use a pot holder. Let the oven cool before touching it with your bare hand. Cool-down does not take long.

Be aware that the rack will pull all the way out if you tug it long enough because the oven has no built-in stops like ordinary ovens do. My former toaster ovens were made the same way. It takes very little time to get used to that and act accordingly when removing food from the oven.

After toasting, don't worry about the darkness and number of slices section remaining lighted after the toasting is finished. It will eventually shut off. It appears to be in standby for a while in case you want to toast or cook "a bit more". The light stays on for a few minutes with the other settings, too.

I was disappointed that Amazon does not offer the broiling pan and rack for this model (the oven comes with a baking pan, but that's all in the way of cookware. I had to go to Breville's website to order the broiler pan and rack (I wasn't pleased that the shipping costs more than the item). Since I didn't have it yet when I broiled the filet, I used Nordic Ware's broiling set designed for toaster ovens (sold here on Amazon). The Nordic Ware product turned out to be pure junk and I'm returning it. On that product's page, I've posted a photo of the unfixable mess I had after one use.

I have no children in my house, but if I did, I wouldn't let them use the oven until they're mature and have been carefully taught the rules to follow to avoid burns. Before they reach that maturity, I would make sure they understand they're to stay away from the oven when it's in use -- just as you would keep them away from regular ovens when they're in use.

Finally, read the manual. Really. Some complaints I've seen in a few reviews indicate the customer did not read the instructions before firing up the oven. There are warnings and tips throughout the few pages of the manual that should be checked before using the oven. There are also some troubleshooting tips, plus a few recipes (none of which tempted me to make them).

UPDATE: I just baked some chocolate chip cookies and they came out perfectly. Didn't stick to the bake pan (I used the pan that came with the oven; there was room for nine cookies).

There's an item I recommend you buy along with the oven: Winco 3-Prong Star Ice Tong, Stainless Steel. Amazon sells it. The reason I recommend it is because it's awkward to pull out the rack using a pot holder, so I use the tongs to grasp and pull the rack. Works great and I think you'll be thankful you have it.

ANOTHER UPDATE: It took me a month to notice that the door handle on my oven was a tad crooked. Up close to it, I didn't notice it, but one day I glanced at the oven from across the room and it jumped out that the handle wasn't straight. There was no way for me to adjust it and it wasn't a big deal, but I did email Breville to tell them they had a quality control issue. I didn't ask for anything when I sent that email off late one night. The next day a Breville rep called and told me they were sending me a new oven. They wanted the old one back to study the problem so they sent me a label for return postage. I consider that excellent customer service.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon December 23, 2008
Color: Silver|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Breville Smart Oven is a must-have kitchen appliance. In many/most cases it can serve as a replacement for it larger cousin the conventional oven/range. However, the Smart Oven is much more energy efficient (using roughly 50% less electricity) and can fit into the smallest of kitchens

Things that we enjoy

+ Depending on the setting (Broil/Bake/Toast) you have the ability to manage the temperature zones in the oven. This helps to ensure perfect cooking depending on you individual requirements.
+ The magnetic door helps to prevent any burns (see video)
+ Door seals nicely - reducing energy waste and the unneeded heating of your home.
+ 9 programmable settings - HOWEVER - you also have the ability to tailor the settings to your individual needs.
+ Nice Stainless steel finish will look nice in all kitchens.
+ Despite being stainless steel the surface of the oven does not show too many fingerprints.
+ Three pans included - Pizza - Baking - Broiling
+ Great operating manual
+ Not just a standard toaster oven - this is also a convection oven!

Areas to improve

- The cord is a little short (less than 3 feet) - while many people may appreciate a short cord it does mean that you have to have outlet near a space where you plan to use the oven.
- You may not be able to operate other appliances on your electrical circuit - At full heat the Smart Oven will pull between 15-20 amps - make sure that you have at least a 20amp breaker on the plug that you are using.

Final Verdict.... this is an easy 5 stars - purchase with confidence.
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on May 7, 2010
It's a shame you have to spend over $150 for a good toaster oven, but if the cost is not an issue, this is an excellent one. This is not a convection oven, but is exactly what I wanted and it fits perfectly where the cheap one it replaced was.
This oven is well made, the door opens smoothly, the rack comes out easily. The pan that comes with it is heavy and enameled, not cheap sheet metal. The control system is excellent. The display is illuminated while setting or cooking, but dims out when not in use. I found it very easy to use. Toasting is a single touch and it compensates for the hot oven with multiple toast cycles. I've used the bake cycle and the muffins turned out great. It remembers your last setting for each cycle, so if you determine the 'perfect' setting for your favorite bagels or pizza, it's preset and ready to start when selecting the cycle. The crumb tray pulls out the front and is very easy to clean. This is vastly superior to out the back or from the bottom that most of the others I looked at have.
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VINE VOICEon December 19, 2008
Color: Silver|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I am totally in love with this toaster oven! It is a heavy, quality appliance, with numerous handy, smart features. I just got it today, and I will update my review later if needed. I cooked some *perfect* cupcakes in it a little while ago, so I'm going on that experience.

1. The instruction book (with about 30 recipes & ideas) is very easy to understand and follow. We had it up and going in minutes, doing the initial heating for 15 minutes to rid the heating elements of a protective coating. There was some odor (no smoke) with this process, but not that bad, and I just opened a window slightly. After this, there was no smell at all when I cooked.

2. The oven door has magnetized areas that pull the oven rack about half way out when you open the door. It's a great concept, and guess what? -- it works! Makes it so handy to get your food out without reaching in and risking a burn.

3. The interior has .8 cubic feet of space. A 12" x 12" enamel baking pan, with broil rack, and a 13" non-stick pizza pan are included, and fit snugly inside -- a pan any bigger wouldn't fit. I made 12 cupcakes at a time on the pizza pan (using silicone muffin cups) and had plenty of room. (The pizza pan didn't buckle or warp, so it's obviously a sturdy piece.) My 1/4 sheet pan and several other pieces I have fit nicely inside, which I'm so pleased about. This thing fits 6 pieces of toast! (I want to mention that they don't advise using glass baking dishes in the oven. I'm scared of breakage that I've read about, so I don't use glass anymore anyway.)

3. The glass door has markings on it to tell you which position to put the rack in (bottom, middle or top), depending on what you're cooking.

4. The LCD display is very easy to read (esp for someone who needs reading glasses like me). The temperature, function, and time controls are knobs -- similar to stereo control knobs -- and I like that you don't have to keep incessantly punching a button to go up or down; you simply twist to get where you want, and you can go slowly or quickly. Also, there are a minimum of icons (there are 3 buttons for frozen food, convection, & temperature conversion) on the controls -- most functions are spelled out so that you don't have to use a "cheat sheet" to figure out what picture stands for what!

5. The convection feature is very quiet with this oven and you can barely hear it. Some settings such as "bake" are programmed to switch on the convection feature, which keeps down the need to fiddle with several controls to get what you want. I made cupcakes today on bake, and they were done a full 3-4 minutes quicker.

6. The large door handle is easy to grab and open, and stays cool to the touch.

7. The top of the oven gets hot during cooking, so you can keep food warm on a ceramic plate(s) on top while other food cooks. There is also a "cutting board and tray" that can be used on the top but I was unable to find it on Breville's website so I will call them later. (You can also get a pizza stone and pizza crisper.)

8. The crumb tray fits snugly into the front of the unit, and not in the back like other toaster ovens I've had, so removal and cleaning is easy.

The only suggestion that I would have is that a small interior light would be helpful.

As I have always liked about toaster ovens, you don't have to heat up your large oven to bake or cook a meal. And I don't think most of us have convection ranges, so having this feature on a toaster oven is great. I really do have to give this oven 5 stars because it is designed so incredibly well. I may never use my stove again -- except for a full-sized turkey!

UPDATE 12-27-2008: I received an email back from Breville, and they say the accessories for this oven (see#7 above) will be available April 2009. I have been using my Breville daily for a little over a week now, and I can see myself years from now doing the same. Still extremely impressed with this work horse!

UPDATE 3-29-09: According to the Breville website, a pizza stone and a pizza crisper for the Breville Smart Oven will be available for sale 5-9-09. The cutting board and tray that fit on top of the oven has a "TBA" availability date. And I am still considering this toaster oven one of the best I've ever come across!

UPDATE 6-08-09: *Another* delay from Breville for the cutting board/tray and the pizza stone -- those will be available at the BrevilleUSA website (and here at Amazon, I suppose) this month (June 2009), unless they change the date once again. A pizza crisper will be available in July 2009. I continue to use my SmartOven daily, and it has a prominent place in my kitchen.

UPDATE 12-21-09: Looks like all the accessories mentioned are now available at the Breville site. Hope they are soon available on Amazon and available with Prime shipping!

UPDATE: 5-23-10: I see that the accessories for this oven are now available on Amazon. I must say that the prices seem outrageous, and similar accessories at lower prices are made by other manufacturers, which I would explore if I needed/wanted them. I have the Petite Broil and Roast pan by Chicago Metallic (one of my favorite brands of bakeware) and it works wonderfully in this oven. C.M. also makes a whole toaster oven set, including a muffin tin.

It's 1 1/2 years later, and I still use my Breville almost every day -- still love it and not one hint of problems. Crumb tray in the front is SO very easy to pull out and to keep clean.

UPDATE: We are still going strong! Because it is a toaster and a baker and a roaster and more, I use it almost everyday. Don't know if Breville ever worked on the interior light thing, but if installed somewhere at eye level with good lighting (which I don't) , wouldn't be an issue.
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VINE VOICEon December 30, 2008
Color: Silver|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )|Verified Purchase
I love this product - it is a pleasure to use, functions beautifully, and is beautifully designed.

The other reviewers have already said much of what I would have written. The 'Out of Box Experience' is superb. As another reviewer noted, the packaging is quite a bit like Apple's (see photos) - attractive graphics on an inner box protected in an outer, recyclable box. The oven itself, when compared to the Cuisinart TOB-165 that we have been using (or even the stainless steel TOB-195 model), is like comparing an Apple Mac to a Dell: visually more stylish and appealing, better engineered 'guts', and once operated, functionally very well thought out.

A few years ago, our old toaster oven died and we migrated to the Cuisinart which, like this Breville BOV800XL, is a convection oven / toaster / broiler. We liked it so much, that we gifted several more to friends and family. Ah, if only this Breville had ben available then...

The Breville is so vastly superior in every way - function, capacity, ease of use, and ease of cleaning. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

The timer on the Breville turns the oven off at the end of any kind of cycle as you would expect - toast, bagel, bake, broil, pizza, etc.This is hugely wonderful compared to the Cuisinart unit which only turns itself off after toasting - you have to remember to turn it off when in any other mode. (The Cuisinart's timer is 'dumb' - just a beeper.) Also, each Breville cycle has smart default settings, and can remember your own settings for temperature and time, or slices (toast) and darkness, etc.

The BOV800XL accomodates a 13" pizza pan (included). We made two pizzas tonight to test the oven, one fresh (deli) the other frozen. I dialed the 'pizza' setting, dropped the default 450 temperature to 425, accepted convection mode, and accepted the default 12" size for the fresh pizza and pressed the on button. Once preheated, the oven beeped for the pizza to be inserted. At the end of the timed cycle, the oven turned off and beeped again: perfect pizza!

I then did a 9" frozen Amy's pizza. Similar procedure as above, but dialed the size knob down to 9" and pressed the 'frozen food' button. Again, perfect at the end of the cycle.

Toast setting works great - up to 6 pieces of toast, as does the bagel setting, which toasts the top at a higher temp then the bottom to make the top crispy and the bottom warm but still soft. Frozen waffles come out great - crunchy outside and moist inside, instead of all dried out.

For baking, a 13" x 9" baking pan easily fits inside as does, of course, the larger pan that comes with the unit, loaf pans and small muffin pans.

The glass door conveniently labels the three rack positions for broil, toast/cookie/bagel/pizza, and bake/roast/reheat/warm.

The crystalline-looking heating elements (three on top, two on the bottom) seem to heat faster, and more evenly, than the metallic elements in other counter-top ovens. Depending on the mode/cycle, the oven enables or disables certain elements, and changes the wattage of others.

The crumb tray in the front answer another of my big complaints about the Cuininart. No effort to pull the tray out at any time to brush off crumbs, or wash off accidental spills. (The Cuinsart's crumb tray slides out of the rear of that unit, requiring minor gymnastics - enough to put it off until it is really gross.)

The stainless finish and assembly is of high quality, and the oversized handle and control knobs give a feel of quality as well (and match current upper to high end major appliances).

No doubt I'll have more comments after we use the Breville BOV800XL for a few months, but for now, I can only sing its praises.


Boring details:

Dimension Comparison to Cuisinart TOB-165/195:

The Breville being slightly larger permits it to be used for items that otherwise would have to go into a regular oven. The interior of the Breville is 13 1/2" x 11 1/2" x 5" high (to clear the elements), with a curved recess in the back so that a nearly 13" pizza pan fits. The Cuisinart is 11 1/2" x 9 3/4" x 5" which cannot accommodate pizza, nor a 13 x 9 pan and toasts only 4 pieces of bread.

The small increase in interior space which results in so much greater versatility is at the expense of only an inch of counter space required. The Breville exterior is roughly 18 1/2" wide x 16" deep x 10 3/4" high compared to the Cuisinart 17 1/2" wide x 14" deep x 10" high.

Electrical Notes:

As others note, the oven uses a maximum of 1800 watts, which is basically all that a 15 amp circuit has to offer (most home kitchens will have either 15 or 20 amp circuits). So, you shouldn't use other power hungry appliances on the same circuit as the BOV800XL. As noted in the owner's manual, you must have a grounded 3-prong outlet, which any modern home will have. Even though my kitchen is 20 years old, I'm fortunate that the electrician had included three circuits for appliances so no problems here.

With regard to those concerned about the short cord: do note that electrical codes require that outlets on kitchen counters be serviced by a minimum of two separate circuits and be no more than 2 feet from one another (4 feet at a corner). Even under older codes that permit outlets up to 6' apart, the 3' cord is adequate.

Installation note:

This is a countertop oven. When operating, nothing should be within 4" of any side. Because some people are accustomed to GE/Black and Decker toaster ovens that mount under cabinets, do note that that is NOT an option here because of the high heat and clearances required. You really do need to have enough counter space to accommodate the unit.

UPDATE November 2014: the door spring broke today, so the door flops open. That mine lasted almost 6 years of daily use is remarkable as I read many reports of other people's springs breaking after 3 or 4 years of use. This is painful to so many screws have to be removed and contortions with the dangerously sharp metal case performed. Steps can be found online. Heading to a hardware store tomorrow to find a close match to the spring. My old spring broke on BOTH ends. Given that I got 6 years out of the oven, I won't reduce my 5 star review, although I feel that an item this expensive should be easier to repair.
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on May 29, 2014
Purchased in 2010 and it was in use daily, but today the side melted and caught on fire where one of the bottom heating elements meets the side. If my son hadn't been home and near the kitchen to smell the smoke, we might be homeless... but otherwise it was a nifty little oven. Door hinges broke a year before, so had to make sure it didn't fall down during operation. The lighted panel won't light up about 2 years ago. Would I buy again, NO
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on December 15, 2012
After reading many toaster oven reviews I decided to try the Breville. It arrived yesterday in great shape and I've already experimented with a few dishes. All went well but there will be a short learning curve with getting used to our first toaster oven in several years. Our home is all electric and I grew tired of seeing so much electricity wasted with the large oven; our daughter using it for a few slices of garlic bread, for example.

Some of the reviews here raised questions about temperature accuracy so I decided to test it so there would be no doubts. I used a new Norpro oven thermometer sold here on Amazon and rated 5 stars. All temps were done on the Bake setting and started at 350 with the Norpro sitting at the center of the rack in the middle position. Here are the results:

Set at 350 degrees, temperatures by the minutes:

4 minutes: 250 and the chime sounded to indicate pre-heat was complete. Temp was still steadily rising.
5 minutes: 300 degrees
6 minutes: 330 degrees
7 minutes: 340 degrees
8 minutes: 350 degrees
9 minutes: 355 degrees
10 minutes: 360, then held steady.

So, it's true, the pre-heat chime does sound early, but with the temperature steadily climbing the oven will be near ready by the time you respond to the chime and get the dish in the oven. Not an issue for me if it takes an extra minute or two to reach temp setting.

Then I turned on the Convection fan and noted the temp dropped 10 degrees over the next couple of minutes, then remained steady. This works well with the oven's actual temps being slightly warmer. The convection fan provides a sufficient breeze to circulate the air well.

I then tested other temps for accuracy. For these tests I lowered the rack to the bottom position because it placed the thermometer's center/sensing coil at mid-height in the oven. Here are settings followed by actual temperatures:

250 250-255
300 300-305
400 405-410
450 455

I did not test any higher or lower temperatures.

I have to say, I'm impressed so far with everything about the Breville oven including the temperature accuracy. Being a few degrees warmer is good in my opinion.

The power cord is 3 feet long and originates 2 inches from the right rear of the oven.

I also checked the outer surface temps by hand. With oven at 450 I could hold my hand against the right side surface easily. Left side for about 3 seconds. Top...just long enough to know you don't want to touch it there. There are vents near the top of each side and using an infra-red thermometer measured venting air around 150 degrees.

I'll update this post if any issues come up but for now I'm quite pleased with the purchase. Speaking of which, the price just dropped from $249 to $192 today on Amazon, so buy one quick. See my photos, too.
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