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on March 17, 2015
At first glance this looks to be a well made machine. Nice aluminum. After setting up and doing the 15 minute burn in I used the oven twice for some hamburgers and toasted buns. After the buns had finished I noticed that the LCD looks weird. It had already begun to mess up. It was displaying random stuff with the turn of the dials. After a 15 minutes unplugged the display has returned to normal (I have not tried to recreate the issue).

The dials feel cheap and flimsy. Sometimes when making selections the screen will move two choices rather then one at a time. So the dials are not calibrated very well.

The oven operates very well. I have seen reviews about the temperature being off. I have not yet noticed this.

This oven has been out for some time now. I would have thought the company to fix these issues a little more proactively.

So, my first impressions are not that high for a machine that cost this much. Price to quality of the product should be higher. 3 of 5 stars. It works well when you don't have to mess with glitchy LCD screens and over sensitive dials.


After some more time with the oven I decided to get a thermometer and make sure I was getting the right temperature to see if the other reviews had some truth. To my surprise there is. I have been frequently using the oven to bake between 400-450 degrees Fahrenheit. The thermometer I just purchased reads roughly 100 or more degree cooler than what the ovens display says it should be at when the preheat is completed. With this being said I am going to have to reduce my 3 star rating down to a 2 star rating.

Uploaded two photos.
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on May 29, 2014
Purchased in 2010 and it was in use daily, but today the side melted and caught on fire where one of the bottom heating elements meets the side. If my son hadn't been home and near the kitchen to smell the smoke, we might be homeless... but otherwise it was a nifty little oven. Door hinges broke a year before, so had to make sure it didn't fall down during operation. The lighted panel won't light up about 2 years ago. Would I buy again, NO
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on February 11, 2016
My experience with this Breville oven has unfortunately not been positive. Given the overwhelming number of positive reviews here, I must be having the worst luck.

I'm on my third oven, the first two were replaced by Breville support.

The first oven had temp accuracy issues - as verified by two thermometers: an analog oven thermometer as well as a professional thermoworks digital probe thermometer (rated to 700F). The oven was over 15 degrees off the temp I set it at. Further, it could not hit 400F.

The second oven was fine with temp control, but its internal fan didn't work. On both bake and roast settings, the fan did not come on. On the first oven, the fan worked just fine.

I'm now on my third oven. The fan works fine, but again, as verified by the attached pic, the oven is inaccurate in temp. I've had it running for over 15 minutes and it's over 15 degrees off from the target 400F temp.

Breville to this point has been supportive to keep replacing these ovens, but I've just had a very negative experience with a Breville support rep. She claims that the oven is working fine, and that the oven will never sync with the temperatures shown by home thermometers. This is incorrect, as the second synced perfectly, it's just that the fan never worked so I had to send that one back.

She transferred me to a supervisor, who again just repeated the party line, and dismissed the accuracy of the thermometers I used.

I love the capacity of this oven, and want to love the claimed performance. I'm just not getting the temps that the oven claims.

I recommend that you measure your oven temps and hold Breville accountable for their performance. Both the rep and the supervisor dismissed my claims as well as the possibility that quality control could be an issue. I very much appreciate their support policies to replace the ovens, but the bottom line is that each of the three ovens I've gone through have never worked as they should.
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on February 15, 2016
This little oven cooks more like a regular oven and not like a toaster oven. As such our big slow to heat gas oven got little use. But after just over two years the controls started to go wonky. Pressing the start button would change other functions rather than start the oven. After pressing it several times it would usually start the oven, and so we limped along for a few months, but it eventually completely stopped working. We contacted Breville and they offered to repair it for close to 1/2 the purchase price of the oven that included shipping both ways. We liked the oven a lot, so we paid to have it repaired. Just received a completely new oven (repair with extreme prejudice!) back from them, so I guess the old oven wasn't repairable. Hopefully they have upgraded the thermal resistance or protection of the electronics so that they don't deteriorate as fast as the original one did. If it fails again, we won't be repairing it or replacing it with another Breville.
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on February 11, 2014
The first BOV800XL I ordered had a little fan noise , not bad but seemed to make more noise than it should have. Then I noticed the door did not close like it should , it had a gap on right side. I called Breville service and they asked for pictures of gap then said they would replace it with a new one. The 2nd one arrived and I plugged it in per instructions to pizza setting and it started pre heating , then after a few mins it quit and displayed an error message that it was over heating. The instructions said if it continues to display the error message to call service. I tried it once more and it went completely dead. I called service again and was told to return it for a new one. The 3rd oven was delivered and it works like it should and very happy with it. For the rather high cost of the oven I think it should have been right the first time. I replaced a 10 year old Cuisinart toasted oven that still works fine but the Breville has more features that I wanted and it's larger. I gave it 3 stars for the hassle of shipping two back (pre paid) and waiting for replacements... however if the first one worked like the 3rd one does then I would have given it 5 stars.
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on January 5, 2016
Wonderful counter top oven. Baked everything from classic apple pie to classic pound cake to glazed salmon. After preheating, the circular pizza baking sheet is excellent for baking from scratch pie crusts in Pyrex pie dishes as it helps brown the crust's bottom.
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on September 10, 2016
This "Smart Oven" is rediculously expensive considering the other options out there, it's 1/3 the price of a basic full size wall oven and nearly 10 times the price of a basic toaster oven. It's not 10x better and that would be a rediculous expecation. The French laundry is not 100x better than McDonalds. It's still so much better you can't compare them without being rediculous, but that's never stopped anyone who doesn't understand how prices work.

That being said, it does make the best toast ever. You could serve the toast this thing makes at a Michilen star restaraunt without issue - it's seriously that good. In fact, this toast is actually better than toast I've had at one Michilen star restaraunts and comparable to 2-3. But if you're just buying this to make toast it's serrious overkill (But I did make the best PB&J on toast I've ever had on it, so I'll leave you to make your own life choices). I still prefer a cast iron grittle for Rubens & grilled cheese, but tuna melts fair better here.

For pizza this is a close second to a pizza stone.

I've been using it for a month I'm still impressed with how servicible it is. If I lived in a tiny home, this could easily by my oven. In fact I'd say that a full size oven is too big if you're not constantly trying to fit turkies and meals for 5 in it. When you're cooking for 1 or 2 this oven is the perfect size.

I admit that I'm worried about durability because I've had convection toaster ovens before and while they were great they only lasted a year or so with heavy use (why heat up your whole house when a toaster oven can basically do it all with comparably little effect on ambient temperature?).

Design is great. I could go into how the magnets in the door and the divots near them make the wrack come out and slide back perfectly everytime, but suffice it to say some smart engineer took a lot of time and made it perfect. Lots of thought went into every facet of this oven, just like it's price would indicate.

The interface needs to be fiddled with for a about 2 seconds to "wake up" the unit. I don't believe this thing could be turned on unintentionally, the delay is noticable, so I guess that makes it safer if you're clumbsy, in a tight space, or have small children. Personally I understand the feature, but I'd delete it if I had the option. The display seems to stay lit as long as the oven is hot. I didn't read this anywhere, but I strongly suspect this is the case.
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on August 6, 2013
There are just two of us and I was tired of heating up my whole kitchen just to brown a few tater tots. I wanted more than just a toaster oven (I have a decent toaster) and needed something that would cook fast-with convection. After reading reviews, I decided to spend the money and go with this oven. So far, I am very happy with it. I can cook a batch of tater tots in less time than it takes my big oven to preheat! Baked potatoes are fairly fast and taste much better than microwaved ones. Baked fish comes out nicely as well. I have not baked any cookies or cakes since both my husband and I are diabetic and we can't eat those things. It is nice to be able to sit a platter on top of the oven to keep something warm while the veggies finish cooking and you get the table set. The outside of the oven does get hot, so you do need to keep space around it. Still, my kitchen stays much cooler than when I use my conventional oven.

I did order the Polder KTH-711-47 Trivet, Stainless Steel Polder KTH-711-47 Trivet, Stainless Steel to put the oven on to protect my wood counter. It was big enough and sturdy enough to hold the oven and seems to work well.

Also ordered the pizza crisper Breville BOV800PC13 13-Inch Pizza Crisper for use with the BOV800XL Smart Oven which works well. Reheating pizza is fast and crust does not get soggy like it does in the microwave. May consider getting the pizza stone, but we really don't make that many pizzas from scratch any more. Already have two large baking stones collecting dust on top of my frig!

Did not order the bamboo cutting board as I have plenty of nice cutting boards and could not see a reason to add another $40 to my order. You can't store anything on top of the oven and the cutting board did not seem to serve any real purpose.

I did heat the oven without anything in it (as directed) before using it. There was a slight odor (as indicated) but it simply smelled like the furnace when it first comes on after being off all summer, or like an electric heater being used after standing for a few months. As indicated in the directions, there has been no odor whatsoever since. So far, I have had no need to clean the inside of the oven. I use the roasting pan which came with the oven and simply line it with a little no-stick aluminum foil. Have yet to need to wash the roaster.

It is also very quiet and the controls are exceptionally easy to use. The auto shutoff is great so I don't have to worry about leaving the thing running. Also, it is easy to change the time/temp during cooking if you need to.

All in all an excellent value for the money.
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on October 10, 2014
This is one of my most used appliances.

- it toasts bread and bagels perfectly
- it reheats my meals better than a microwave
- it has a "keep warm" mode so you can use it to keep breakfasts warm for larger families (I use this a lot)
- it bakes like a regular oven
- it has convection
- it has a cutout in the back for pizzas
- it has replaced my oven for smaller chores

- the top gets a bit warm, so consider getting the matching bamboo board that goes on top with silicone pads

I can't say enough great things about this. I loved it so much, I got a second one for my parents and they now can't live without theirs!
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on January 28, 2017
It thinks it is a big oven and it preforms just like one!!
This is my second Breville smart oven. I lost the last one to a kid who's oven went belly up in her apartment! I replaced it with in a matter of hours of dropping the other off at her place.

We travel a lot due to work and live for weeks at a time out of motel rooms that often only offer a tiny microwave. This oven is a life saver for our budget and waist lines. It keeps us from eating out too often. It is small and compact so it easy to haul around with us and set up once in the motel room. I can get it out when I need it and then tuck it away in a corner to gain back the space it was sitting in.

It doesn't kick off a lot of heat so it doesn't warm up the room it is in. In the summer, I use it at home to keep from heating up the whole area.
It crisps up left over pizza to the point no one would guess it was a left over. It makes perfect toast, bagels etc.

I use Fat Daddio's Anodized Aluminum Round Cake Pan, 4 Inches by 2 Inches to bake in. I load them up with side dish items and put them in to warm up, I can get three at a time in the oven which is perfect for a meal for my husband and myself.
We bake from scratch small cakes, small batch of cookies overall have the "comfort foods" that one would think would only come with having access to a large home style over.

The one we gave our daughter was right at three years old when she got it, she's had it over a year now and it is still going strong. It would be perfect for a dorm room, travel trailer or vacation home.
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