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on October 7, 2014
Hitachi nailed this one. Price tag ✓ Ergonomics ✓ Durable, minus the battery tabs ✓ Fast recharge ✓ It's like putting on a tight leather glove that fits to your hand and is very comfortable. Most drills are top heavy or nose heavy. With this drill you never get tired from holding it, all the weight is in the battery basically. Pivot your wrist and move your hand while holding it and it feels like an extension of your hand / arm.

There is one drawback, the plastic that holds the battery on can be snapped off thus resulting in batteries sliding out from drill / light. It has these two tabs that the battery slips into and snaps on. How do these break off? If you drop the drill and the battery pack is what hits the ground or an object there is a 50/50 chance that a tab or both tabs get busted off. This is the only flaw I have run into on this awesome set. I now own two, my first set was bought back in 2007, second set 2012 because I broke the tabs on my first drill.
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on December 12, 2010
I'm a contractor. I use cordless screwguns every day in my work. I have used Makita, Milwaukee, DeWalt, Ryobi, and now Hitachi screwguns and drivers. I have had these Hitachi tools for just over a week, and have found that the manufacturer has incorporated the best features of all the above drivers. First of all, the battery slides into the handle horizontally as opposed to vertically. This eliminates the post on the top of the battery, which makes the grip more ergonomic. It also makes the battery connection more secure, as the plastic clips aren't holding the weight of the battery in. There's nothing more frustrating than breaking one or both of those clips and having to tape a battery in place to hold it. That's never going to happen with the new Hitachi system. And speaking of weight, these guns are much lighter than all my old cordless tools, partially due to the lithium ion battery. When carrying a tool all day, the weight becomes an issue, whether it's in your hand or on your belt. The batteries also have much more staying power, and charge faster than the old technology. I spend much less time switching out batteries than I used to. There is ample torque in both drivers, as well. I typically drive 3 inch screws all day, and so far, am changing batteries only once per day. The case is large enough (and compartmentalized) to allow me to carry drivers and drill bits inside, so they're always handy. The included flashlight is handy, and is quite bright and maneuverable with it's swivel head. The hooks on the drivers are a real plus. They're metal, not plastic, which allows me to trust them more when working in high places. They also are movable to either side, allowing convenient use for left or right handed folks. The impact driver is a real wrist saver, as torque is not an issue when driving lag bolts. Overall, I'm quite pleased with this purchase. As time goes on, if something changes with what I've written here, I'll update my review.
I'm also quite pleased with my experience in dealing with Amazon. Their customer service is everything I would want, shipping is quick and comprehensive, and the prices I get from Amazon are usually the best around. I also appreciate Amazon's good communication...tracking is provided right from their website. I don't have to go to the shipper's website and enter the tracking number. I will continue to shop with Amazon whenever possible.
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on October 11, 2017
I've been buying a lot of Dewalt products lately and keep eyeing the newer Dewalt drill/drivers to stick with one battery brand, but my Hitachi set just keeps going and going. Not only that, they are every bit as good as my buddy's top end Milwaukee- we work in the garage and use both brands. So I looked up my Amazon history and I've had the Hitachi's for almost 6 years! Thought that was worth sharing. Great products at a great price.
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on January 1, 2013
My older NiCad cordless drill's batteries were starting to fail and considering the cost of buying a new battery, I decided to purchase a LiON set. I saw this set at a good price on Amazon and after reading the reviews I decided to buy it. I have had the set for a few months now and have been happy with them. I am just a regular home owner who does minor jobs and repairs around the house so no big construction jobs or heavy abuse. The drill and driver have performed well.

As some have stated not having the bit holder is a little draw back but not that bad. I would have given them 5 stars but I did have one problem. One of the two batteries that came with the set failed to charge the second time. I followed the instructions and charged both batteries before I actually used the set. Then after about a month of on and off use (just before I started a small repair job) I decided to charge both batteries again. The first charged fine, the second didn't. I emailed Hitachi power tools and got no response so I called them directly. They said it sounded like the batter was defective. I had to pay to ship them the battery and then about a week after receiving it I received a replacement. This battery seems to be working. I am a little disapointed that the battery failed and it seemed when reading reviews before purchasing that other have had similar issues. Even thought this happened I would still purchase the set again. If you purchase this set and when you attached the battery to the charger the red LED goes off instead of blinking then you have a bad battery and should contact Hitachi.
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on April 13, 2013
It came with 2 batteries which I consider a + the lithium ion batteries are light and last longer than ni/cad, I haven't used the drill to full potential yet, but has plenty of power. The impact wrench surprised me with the torque it delivers. The impact wrench uses the standard quarter inch bit drive. I bought the the piece extension bit set that has a quarter inch, three eights inc, and half inch square drive for your sockets, I think these adapters should be standard considering that they are needed to use the tool for sockets.
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on May 17, 2013
I purchased the Hitachi KC18DHL drill/driver set at a big box store several years ago. Since then I have used it extensively during the remodeling of several homes. The driver is absolutely fantastic for driving lag screws, even heavy 1/2" screws into landscaping timbers! It just handles it all effortlessly. Be careful though, it has enough torque to twist the heads right off a typical screw! While screwing down a subfloor prior to laying tile my strip-fed screwgun failed, so I had to go back to the Hitachi driver. On a single charge I was able to drive in over 180 2" screws! It wasn't as convenient as the screwgun, but it sure did the job.

The drill also has excellent power and balance. My only gripe about the drill is that the torque selector ring is easily knocked off the 'drill' setting, which then allows the drive to slip while you're drilling with it. The battery life is excellent and the charger is quick. I like this set so much that I purchased another one today as a gift.

If you really need longer battery life or greater torque, you may consider the "big brothers" of the driver, the WH18DBDL or WH18DL. They have the larger 3 Amp-Hr LIon battery, (instead of the 1.5 Amp-Hr battery used in this set) but then they also cost double the price of this set and are heavier.

I personally have not really used the flashlight much. It seems pretty bright, but it's usually more convenient to use one of my LED flashlights and not tie up one of the LIon batteries.

Bottom line, this is a great tool set at a great price. And, I have had zero problems with the batteries in my set not charging or not holding a charge as others have reported. I have left the drill & driver sit (after being fully charged) for a couple of weeks in their case and they appeared to still be fully charged when I needed them. I suggest fully charging your batteries before their first use, immediately after each day's use, and definitely before storing them for any extended period. Mine have provided years of flawless service so far.
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on November 6, 2014
Bought a second set for my dad after he liked mine so much. These are fantastic tools. My contractor likes using them. They're light and powerful. The impact driver is a joy to use, you can be up on a ladder with your arm stretched all the way out to the side, and with no leverage be able to sink a 3&1/2" screw into the framing. It's stubby too, which comes in handy for tight spaces. Lasts a curiously long time on a charge.
The drill is great as well, there is a good range on the clutch, and it can get very delicate, putting small screws into wood or sheet metal without stripping them. Even the flashlight is handy, I thought it would be worthless, but end up using it all the time. It is great because it can stand up on its own, and be aimed where you need it. The light seems to last about an hour on a charge. Having the multiple batteries is key as well.
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on February 25, 2011
These are the first Hitachi tools I've purchased, and I must say, they're awesome. I am old-school, having been using Makita cordless products (when they were built to last) for the past 27 years. Anyway, I didn't want to buy anything built in China when I needed an impact driver replacement. That ruled out most manufacturers. In my research, I found that Hitachi is very highly regarded for their quality. They are the only ones I know of who offer lifetime warranty on their cordless tools (at least the models I was looking at.) So I discovered this sweet deal for a combo set and I really needed them at the time, so I went for it. NO REGRET!! I love these damned things. Even though mine are refurbs (like new), and don't carry the lifetime warranty, I don't really care because they are working so well for me now.
The only issue I have is that my tools are the slide-in battery type and most of the cordless I see from Hitachi are the plug-in post-type, and therefor they are not interchangeable. But I am so impressed with the performance and build quality* that I'll go ahead and buy other Hitachi models if I find a sweet deal on them sometime. (*Exception: The batt charger kind of sucks. It could stand to be built better and clearer as to battery state of charge and readiness. It just blinks a red LED and I never know if it's charging or charged. But it does work regardless.)
So all in all, as a high end builder, I can vouch for the Hitachi cordless. They look cool and work extremely well, and I have every reason to suspect that they will last a LONG time. Oh, but it turns out that these models WERE INDEED MADE IN CHINA. Had I known that for certain, I probably would not have ever purchased them, but went for Bosch or possibly Makita. But it's a crapshoot with that. Even Bosch builds tools in factories spread all over the world. I figure that since it's a refurb set, at least they didn't build a new one from scratch for me. I'll probably stick to refurbs in the future. So far, I'm having great luck with them.
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on March 11, 2011
To start off I give this 5 stars for the value vs performance and 4 stars as compared to everything else on the market.

I am very pleased with this product. It is very light weight compared to my old craftsman 14.4v setup. It's also a lot smoother and stronger. I kept giving the guy across the shop from me crap about how I was going to destroy his Makita impact gun when my Hitachi finally came in the mail. Well, I was sadly disappointed lol. It is still a very strong gun, but not quite as strong as the Makitas. For the money I saved I really can't complain. The belt hook is actually quite handy as well. I thought it would be a useless feature, but I hang it on the side of my rollcart instead of throwing it on top of everything. The drill is great too. I was using an air drill before with a chuck and it would always slip on my bits. This Hitachi grabs the bits strong and hasn't failed me yet. As for the light, I don't really use it as I already have a LED light, but it works fine and seems like it would be good for around the house. Overall, I am very happy with this kit.

Update. After owning this product for over 4 years I have to say it is still great. I have recently retired it to home use as I have upgraded to brushless form another brand, but man this Hitachi kit is great! I'm happy I have a great kit at the house to work with now. The light is actually quite useful as I have had a chance to use it around the house a few times now.
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on November 4, 2012
This is a great drill/driver combo with a nice bonus flashlight. I can't speak for durability yet but it has performed flawlessly for the month that I've had it.

*Good ergonomics - they fit well in the hand, and everything is where you would expect it to be
*Batteries charge quickly: I think they charge in 40 minutes but I've never checked in less than an hour
*Nice weight - not too heavy yet not too light
*Great Value - I have several friends that have paid more for just one of these tools from big yellow that haven't performed as well. The drill with just one battery was $100 at Costco. Got an extra battery, driver, and flashlight for an extra $60.
*Good power - Both have been able to do what I expect. More power and longer run time in a lighter tool that my old ni-cad Makita 12V.
*Nice to have the right tools for the job. Driver works great for screws. Two batteries are essential to finishing any job that you start. Flashlight is really nice to have.

*Don't know about long term durability although brand is generally well regarded.
*Run time - batteries may not run as long as some of the hi-capacity lithium-ion batteries out there but there are two of them and they are relatively light.
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