Customer Reviews: Tissot Men's T17158642 T-Sport PRC200 Chronograph Stainless Steel Blue Dial Watch
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on June 11, 2006
Large, heavy man's man watch. Gets plenty of looks and the bracelet is just beautiful. Keeps excellent time as most quartz movements do. I use it as an everyday casual watch and have banged it numerous times, the sapphire crystal remains scratchless. Thought about buying another or collecting all three colors.

This watch could be improved if the night illuminators didn't take so long to charge. Also it lacks a perpetual calendar but the date is easy to change and only has to be done once every two months.

Try this before spending $2000 - $5000 on breitling, tag, omega
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on November 11, 2010
At first, I thought this is a really nice deal since Amazon is selling this watch for $200 less than the retail price, and Amazon is a very reliable website. However, I am kind of disappointed after I received the package. Here are the things I am not satisfied with.
1. The Tissot package seems to be pretty wear out, not like in new condition. So if you plan to give this out as a gift, it may be a concern.
2. The booklets in the package aren't printed in very good quality, and the user manual isn't even in rectangle shape, so I was surprised that Tissot actually allows this kind of package to go to the market.
3. I actually checked out the watch in Tissot Authorized Dealer and also looked into some detail information on the web. When comparing this watch to the current model that's sold in the Authorized Dealer, the watch doesn't seem to be exactly the same. You basically won't tell the difference unless you check a lot of details, such as the pin on the steel band is longer and thinner on this watch than the one in the retail store. Some website suggests that this may mean an older model.
Also, as you should have noticed from the product information, you won't be getting the original factory warranty when you purchase this watch online.
So given all these disappointment, I decided to return this watch. I guess you get what you pay for. Tissot PRC200 itself is still a very nice watch, but whether it's worth to save the $200 by giving up somethings you will get through the Authorized dealer, you may have to think about it carefully.
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on October 27, 2010
Just wanted to add another review of this great watch. I researched different watches for a bit, wanting a sporty, chronograph watch with a stainless band. Most important on my list: sapphire crystal. This watch fits the bill. The blue is ultra sweet and really looks nice. For me, the size of the dial is perfect. So many companies are making dials HUUUUGE. Not this one. It is big, but not too big.

For anyone looking at this watch or other nice watches at Amazon: word of caution. And please don't misunderstand this, as we should all know that Amazon is a GREAT company. However, you do NOT get the Tissot warrranty when you purchase this at Amazon. In their defense, Amazon does state this clearly on the page for this watch (under the picture and price information). Again, you do not get Tissot's 2 year warranty. In its place, you get a 2 year warranty provided by some 3rd party company that Amazon contracts with.

Now, if you can know for 100% sure that the watch is authentic, then this shouldn't be a problem. As long as you get a great watch and a 2 year warranty, it shouldn't matter who provides the warranty. However, although Amazon is a reputable company, there are shady companies out there, especially in the watch market (selling fakes). Amazon could easily be duped into buying and then reselling fakes, thinking they are the real thing. Several customers have reviewed Tissots purchased from Amazon and have stated they are fakes. They had issues, sent them to Tissot for service, only to find out the watch was a fake and not servicable by Tissot.

If you order this watch from Amazon, will it be fake? Hopefully not. But is it worth taking the chance in order to save some money? Perhaps it is for some.

But it wasn't worth it to me. If I was going to spend this much, I wanted to be sure it was real with a real warranty from Tissot. I wanted the assurance that mine was the real thing. So I went to Tissot's website, found one of the few local, authorized dealers, which happend to be a Jared's, and I purchased from them. Paid a LOT more money though: instead of the $300 that Amazon sells it for, I paid $445. Yeah. WOW. A lot more. But to me, it was worth it.

Also, there is another benefit of this. For these watches, you can't just replace the battery through Zales or other small shops, and the cost isn't the small 8 or so bucks. Rather, a one-time battery replacement can cost up to $100 bucks. Crazy right. It is so high because of the water resistence and the gaskets needing to be checked. They watch has to be pressured sealed. So it is a process. When you get it from Jared's (and perhaps other authorized dealers), I purchased an additional warranty for only $70, which INCLUDES LIFETIME battery replacement. Mind you, I NEVER EVER EVER buy extended warranties on products...just feel they are a waste. But in this case, you do the math: one-time battery replacement costs $99, but a lifetime of battery replacements costs $70. That is what we call a NO BRAINER. So my total bill out the door was around $540ish. A lot? Hell yeah! But well worth it for the peace of mind of having an authentic and with the knowledge that it comes with lifetime battery replacements.

One final note, I actually just called and spoke to a manager at Jareds to ask other questions regarding the watch and the warranty, and they even said that the warranty includes have the band buffed up to once per year...for free. After wearing this thing just one day, I have small scatches on the band, which is bound to happen since it is stainless steel. So a once-a-year free buffing sounds sweet to me.

All in all, GREAT watch. If you want to save the $150, get if from Amazon. They are a great company. For me, I wanted the assurance (and the extra warranty is awesome), so I purchased elsewhere. Regardless of where you purchase, you will be happy with the watch. Hope the review helps.
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on February 11, 2009
I bought this watch for me as a birthday present.

I really like the Tissot brand, because the finishing in their products, looks, and precision.

The watch feels very nice in the wrist, a bit heavy (which for me is a very nice thing, because it gives you the sensation that you have something nicely built on you) and the way it fits after taking out as many as needed links.

i am a watch lover (cannot say a collectionist right now because i do not own enough yet) but two months ago i had no watches because i just gave away my two ones. After that a very good friend who knows my like for watches gave me one, then my mother gave me one and now i was able to buy this one for me, but in a nut shell this is my best timepiece so far (i have owned many watches from different brands and styles)

great construction, even better looks, highly affordable price, cannot say enough.

it is better and more elegant in person than in the pics

if you are looking for a robust yet elegant and sporty watch, with high quality construction, look no further, BUY IT
review image review image review image review image review image
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on August 1, 2009
I bought this watch while I was in Dubai from a Tissot Dealer in the Emirates Mall and have had it for about 2.5 years now. I work overseas and this watch has seen a lot of abuse during that time however it still looks great. It needs to be cleaned thoroughly and the battery died a few weeks ago but up until that time it always got plenty of compliments. This is my first Tissot watch and I cant put into words how pleased I am with the purchase. I do have to say though the illuminators do not stay charged long so night time use in a dark environment is difficult and the calendar has to be reset if you dont get it exactly set right, but all in all its a great piece. I highly recommend this watch.
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on August 14, 2014
This is a gorgeous watch!

I received it as a gift for Christmas 2012. It keeps perfect time and really does hold up well to punishment. I've bumped and banged it on a few items and despite my immediate cringe after each time, I look and the sapphire crystal is completely flawless. The stainless steel is also of excellent quality though it has developed slight indentations from the abuse - it is completely unnoticeable unless you look very closely. The only other wear is around the clasp of the watch where my hands rest on a table. It has significant intangible scuffs throughout and on the nearby band. I consider it to be normal for a watch like this and I'm confident that when it comes time to replace the battery, having it cleaned & buffed will remove some to most of these scuffs.

As a tip for those with small wrists, this watch is surprisingly comfortable. I used to wear Skagen watches because I felt they were the only brand that was comfortable and didn't look ridiculous on me. This watch has multiple adjustment levels and not only fits well, but I've never had it pinch me once.

One very small annoyance is that the hands do not perfectly line up to the watch face. For example the large second hand is not perfectly centered above the 12 hours mark. Same with the smaller counting second hand. I viewed another watch in the store and it lined up perfectly, so my particular model must simply be faulty. Again, as a gift I wasn't bothered enough to replace it - the local Tissot authorized dealer verified that it appears genuine and may simply be a production variation.

I can see enjoying this watch for at least another 4 or more years. I would probably purchase another with a new design by then and switch them out. Although this watch costs more than I would normally want to pay, it's a worthy investment given that it is so solidly built. Prior to this Tissot, I went through Skagen watches valued total ~$150 in two years as they tend to wear out or break relatively quickly (the bumps and bangs to those watches usually ended up with serious damage). Cheap isn't necessarily a better value unless you compare this to a $5 Casio.
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on December 28, 2011
This is an excellent watch, and a good deal for a stainless steel watch with a sapphire crystal. It is not a big heavy watch, for a chronograph. If you are looking for a big, heavy watch in this price range, the Tissot V8 is a larger, heavier watch than this. PRC 200 feels solid and looks very good. The dial is a dark blue that looks blue under all lighting conditions, the chronograph sub dials appear to be different shades of blue under different lighting conditions. They vary from the color in the item picture to the same color as the dial. In some low light conditions, the silver sub dial hands can be difficult to see due to reflection from the texture of the sub dial face, the hour and minute hands are easily visible in all lighting conditions. Owners manual (located in a side pocket inside the box) covers setting the time, date, aligning the chronograph hands (if necessary). Initial date setting and adjustment can be slightly tricky, and require a couple of days to get straightened out. I received this watch 1st week in December, 2011. The watch was in excellent shape, the box was in good shape (very minor damage inside), watch wasn't secured inside box.

Update: I have had this watch for 2 1/2 years now. My band, clasp, and bezel are all scratched up. I knew this would happen because it is my only watch, and I wear it all the time, regardless of what I'm working on or doing. Tissot's sapphire crystal still doesn't have a scratch, and the watch is functioning perfectly, keeping excellent time. I have not had to replace the battery yet. I am still very pleased with this watch.
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on May 1, 2008
REALLY love this watch, big face, easy to read because of the placement of the numbers and the luminous hands. I can glance at it and know what the time is.
So, great watch...I really wish there was an automatic version chronograph version, with EXACTLY the same face. The Le Locle comes kind of close ( I own one of those but that does not have luminous hands and does not have the numerals, so it can be difficult to read at a glance).
The PRC200 is by far my favorite quartz watch.
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on May 2, 2012
This watch gets looks and comments for its classy look. Looks like a much more expensive watch, at about 1/4 the price. If you are looking for VALUE, this is your watch. Best looking watch I've ever owned.
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on August 22, 2010
I was recently on a caribbean cruise and became aware of Tissot watches because they were sold on the ship (Norwegian Epic). After looking at hundreds of watches from a dozen or more producers I came to the conclusion that this was a great brand for me - a well made but reasonably priced alternative to Tags, Omegas and similarly expensive watches. However, I didn't pull the trigger because I was unsure of the price, but I was really torn because of the beauty of this watch. Well, lo and behold the research I did when I got home showed that this was, in fact, a great watch and it WAS a great price on the ship. I was lucky to find it at a similar price at Amazon so I bought it.

I could not be happier. The weight of this watch is perfect. It's hefty but not too heavy. You feel it enough to know it's there, but it never comes across as being to heavy. The first thing you'll notice is the bright polished stainless steel case and band, and the gorgeous dark blue watch face. This watch is much more beautiful in person that in any pic you'll see of it. The face is the perfect size for my large hand and wrist. I'm not a fan of the popular huge watches that I see more of, but this watch isn't small either. Again, it's hefty and solid.

The only thing that makes me mad is that I received the watch loose in the Tissot box. It was not mounted on the "pillow" inside, plus the warranty card and storage bag were missing. Clearly someone at Amazon took these items and didn't even bother to put the watch back correctly. No harm to the watch, but irritating to say the least. I'd also like my dang carry bag, Amazon. There's no good reason for you to take this.

So I give the watch a 5 across the board, but I'm deducting one star just because of the packaging and the theft of my warranty and bag (shame on you guys)
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