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on August 14, 2014
This is a gorgeous watch!

I received it as a gift for Christmas 2012. It keeps perfect time and really does hold up well to punishment. I've bumped and banged it on a few items and despite my immediate cringe after each time, I look and the sapphire crystal is completely flawless. The stainless steel is also of excellent quality though it has developed slight indentations from the abuse - it is completely unnoticeable unless you look very closely. The only other wear is around the clasp of the watch where my hands rest on a table. It has significant intangible scuffs throughout and on the nearby band. I consider it to be normal for a watch like this and I'm confident that when it comes time to replace the battery, having it cleaned & buffed will remove some to most of these scuffs.

As a tip for those with small wrists, this watch is surprisingly comfortable. I used to wear Skagen watches because I felt they were the only brand that was comfortable and didn't look ridiculous on me. This watch has multiple adjustment levels and not only fits well, but I've never had it pinch me once.

One very small annoyance is that the hands do not perfectly line up to the watch face. For example the large second hand is not perfectly centered above the 12 hours mark. Same with the smaller counting second hand. I viewed another watch in the store and it lined up perfectly, so my particular model must simply be faulty. Again, as a gift I wasn't bothered enough to replace it - the local Tissot authorized dealer verified that it appears genuine and may simply be a production variation.

I can see enjoying this watch for at least another 4 or more years. I would probably purchase another with a new design by then and switch them out. Although this watch costs more than I would normally want to pay, it's a worthy investment given that it is so solidly built. Prior to this Tissot, I went through Skagen watches valued total ~$150 in two years as they tend to wear out or break relatively quickly (the bumps and bangs to those watches usually ended up with serious damage). Cheap isn't necessarily a better value unless you compare this to a $5 Casio.
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on December 28, 2011
This is an excellent watch, and a good deal for a stainless steel watch with a sapphire crystal. It is not a big heavy watch, for a chronograph. If you are looking for a big, heavy watch in this price range, the Tissot V8 is a larger, heavier watch than this. PRC 200 feels solid and looks very good. The dial is a dark blue that looks blue under all lighting conditions, the chronograph sub dials appear to be different shades of blue under different lighting conditions. They vary from the color in the item picture to the same color as the dial. In some low light conditions, the silver sub dial hands can be difficult to see due to reflection from the texture of the sub dial face, the hour and minute hands are easily visible in all lighting conditions. Owners manual (located in a side pocket inside the box) covers setting the time, date, aligning the chronograph hands (if necessary). Initial date setting and adjustment can be slightly tricky, and require a couple of days to get straightened out. I received this watch 1st week in December, 2011. The watch was in excellent shape, the box was in good shape (very minor damage inside), watch wasn't secured inside box.

Update: I have had this watch for 2 1/2 years now. My band, clasp, and bezel are all scratched up. I knew this would happen because it is my only watch, and I wear it all the time, regardless of what I'm working on or doing. Tissot's sapphire crystal still doesn't have a scratch, and the watch is functioning perfectly, keeping excellent time. I have not had to replace the battery yet. I am still very pleased with this watch.
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on September 25, 2013
I hesitated in purchasing this watch because of all the reviews about it being fake and the box it comes in being old. I finally decided to go with it figuring that the price is good and probably a lot lower because it is just an old model rather than a fake. After receiving the watch, I think that this is true.

My box definitely looks older but is still in great shape. There was some documentation in the box with dates from 2010 and 2009 on it so it is most likely just a leftover older model. The watch itself seems to work and look great. Nothing wrong with it and not a scratch on it. One of the reasons why I don't think it is a fake watch is it seems as though if it were fake some corners would have been cut in producing the clasp and band and they are very high quality and durable on this watch.

Also, one of the reviewers said that the heads of all of the side buttons were painted blue and that fakes have this. Had this person examined closer, it was blue plastic covering those buttons so they do not get scratched. All you have to do is peel them off.

One thing I did notice though is that this watch is offered by many different sellers on Amazon, but only by one seller at a time. When I ordered my watch, I ordered it from Watch Outlet Germany for $289. Only a week or so later after I received the watch, it is now offered by Time and Beyond for $343.79.

All in all, I am very happy with the watch so far. I saved quite a bit of money getting an older model. The only thing I worry about is if it has been sitting around for a few years that the battery may go soon. I'm hoping they put new batteries in before they send them out.
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on February 7, 2013
I was a bit apprehensive about this purchase, but this watch is very nice, shipped quickly, all manuals and docs ( except factory warranty card which was anticipated) and a hardboard watch box. Everything arrived in pristine condition, 2-day delivery. The watch is a nice size, and easy to use, however the small chrono dials can be hard to read due to reflections on the face of the watch. If you have never used a chrono, read the manual before thinking the watch is defective. The chrono dials may need to be zeroed. The watch case is a nice weight, however the bracelet is a bit on lighweight side, although given the overall size/weight of the watch it is ok. The watch case and bracelet links are highly polished, so they may be suceptible to scratches as others have noted. Unless very deep, they should be able to be polished out.

Some reviewers have suggested, or raised concerns, that this watch is a replica. It is not. It is every bit genuine, G10 quartz movement with thermal compensation. At almost half the list price, I think this is an great value. Sure the warranty is through Amazon, but really if it works out of the box and is not abused, then it should run fine for the 2 yr warranty period. Batteries are not waranted anyway.Tissot Men's T17158642 T-Sport PRC200 Chronograph Stainless Steel Blue Dial Watch

I got what I ordered. Very satisfied.
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on January 6, 2011
Bought this watch for a cousin of mine and I have to say that I could not resist to open the box when it arrived.
Being already a fan of Tissot, I would say that this watch really rocks perfect for the money (around 300 $), very classic and sporty at the same time.

Would definitely recommend it and the Tissot quality is there as usual.

One point though but this is related to the seller not Tissot, the external cover of the box was not new and looks like used, however both the box and the watch are neat and new.

Great watch indeed for the bucks.
review imagereview image
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on February 11, 2009
I bought this watch for me as a birthday present.

I really like the Tissot brand, because the finishing in their products, looks, and precision.

The watch feels very nice in the wrist, a bit heavy (which for me is a very nice thing, because it gives you the sensation that you have something nicely built on you) and the way it fits after taking out as many as needed links.

i am a watch lover (cannot say a collectionist right now because i do not own enough yet) but two months ago i had no watches because i just gave away my two ones. After that a very good friend who knows my like for watches gave me one, then my mother gave me one and now i was able to buy this one for me, but in a nut shell this is my best timepiece so far (i have owned many watches from different brands and styles)

great construction, even better looks, highly affordable price, cannot say enough.

it is better and more elegant in person than in the pics

if you are looking for a robust yet elegant and sporty watch, with high quality construction, look no further, BUY IT
review imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on April 25, 2011
I bought this watch on Jomashop about 10 days ago and shipped it to Lebanon in the Middle East with UPS.

A small incident happened the night i received it.
A huge mosquito was passing next to the table where the watch was sitting.
I tried to kill it but i hitt the watch instead and it stopped working .

I took it to the repair shop next morning .
I had to leave it there and came back about 2 days later .

The main board stopped working so the technician had to go to the Tissot dealer to get a new one .
I have read some reviews on this page stating that the watch is a fraud and not an original
because of the price difference on AMAZON/Jomashop compared to markets on the street.

This is not case . As i stated above the tech guy had to buy the broken piece from the Tissot dealer in my country .
He has been repairing watches for the past 35 years and after asking him if the watch is an original he said YES DEFINETLY .

It's a beautiful watch ! Make sure you buy one !

Thank you Jomashop !
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on May 20, 2017
Heavy watch, but stands the test of time. Always get complimented on the look and appearance of this watch. Might come with more bands than expected, but easy and cheap (less than 10$ in most places) to get customized to your wrist.
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on November 1, 2009
The stock pictures used on Amazon and other sites do not do this watch any justice. The blue face SS looks absolutely stunning in person. I was really impressed with how sharp and sleek it looked. The PRC200 feels solid and has a bit of heft behind it. It is a little heavier than other pieces but it definitely adds to my perception of being a more expensive watch. As others have posted - it's a lot of watch for the money. My only call-out about the watch itself, more a personal preference, would be for it to have a slightly larger face. Other than that, it is an incredible looking time piece!

As for how it arrived - Almost everything was in the box except:

1. Missing the Tissot cinch-sack
2. Missing the Tissot warranty card

Even if the manufacturer's warranty is not valid because Amazon is not an authorized dealer, Amazon should not have removed the card. It's like selling an item with the UPC code cut out from the original packaging.
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on May 10, 2010
I spent a few weeks shopping for a decent dress-y watch, and I was looking at just about everything under $500. I've traditionally worn a sport watch, but needed something to class up the wardrobe a bit.

After receiving a positive reference from a friend, I started looking at Tissot, and this watch in particular caught my eye. It looks very nice in the online photos, but in person the face is the most gorgeous blue I have ever seen. The face is big and a bit heavy, but for someone with a medium-sized wrist, I think it works well. The bracelet is also extremely attractive.

As for function, my only complaint was that it took me about 10 minutes to find the user manual in all the packaging, and the print was so tiny I could barely read it! Once I was able to decipher that, setting the watch and learning the chrono functions was relatively easy.

Highly recommend!
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