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on October 23, 2010
I usually don't review stuff i got off here b/c that'd be too many.
BUT i believe this is an interesting thing right here.
I have no comments on how this USB works, because it works perfectly fine for me.
I like that this doesn't need a cap because it goes into itself like a turtle.
The thing i wanted to post was that it survived the washing machine.
No i didn't realize i had it in my pocket and until i took everything out of the washer, it was just right there.
I was like, crap, $15 down the wash and then i'd have to replace it.
Surprisingly it worked, every other electronic item just dies in there!
That is the total point to this review, so if you just happen to forget it in your pocket, it may work! *I don't advise you to actually purposefully put your USB in the wash now, but you forget its in your pocket.*
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VINE VOICEon December 8, 2012
This thumb drive works very well on my Mac. I've been able to transfer rather large video files from one place to another at a reasonable speed. It works, pretty much, like any other thumbdrive, though I really like the feel of the switch that pushes the USB in and out. It must be depressed ever so slightly for it to slide, but the motion is fluid.

It's missing one star mainly because I had hoped to put this on my keyring. It does have a tiny port which I can only assume was meant to house a small ring that you could place on a larger ring. As customer images show, there is no ring and I have tried many a time to place different types of rings and clips in this space, but it is very cramped and small and will be extremely difficult to DYI if not impossible.

I just keep it in my pocket or bag when I know I need to use it, and it handles basic knocks and drops. Though I don't use it everyday, I don't forsee it failing anytime soon.
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on October 26, 2011
Today I just recieved 2 SanDisk Cruzer USB Flash Drives, one with 4GB and the other with 8GB of space(SDCZ36 series).I was very dissappointed, because now after you put your favorite family pictures on one of them with the security code intact, you can only view one picture at a time after a lengthy and cumbersome procedure, with no editing or slideshow possibilities as was previously available on the SDCZ6 series.The instructions read as follows: "Your file will be opened as read only (one picture at a time)to edit, move file outside of vault, open, make changes, save, then drag the updated file back into the vault" Thats right.You have to reproduce them back onto your computer in order to see or edit any pictures that you put on these newer SDCZ36 SanDisk Flash Drives.

The older SanDisk Cruzer Flash Drives (SDCZ6 series)allowed you to view your pictures, edit pictures, or even have a slide show, while your security code is intact, without the requirement that they must once again be returned to your computer before any editing or multiple viewing can take place. This new version (SDCZ36 series) is a real dissappointment if you have lots of family photos that you just want to browse through, or edit, after they have been transferred to the Flash Drive, and it took me all day just to download a few pictures to the flash drive itself while the security code is intact.

The new SDCZ36 SanDisk Flash Drives can easily be recognized by their bright red, blue, or green slide bar.The older SDCZ6 series have a grey slide bar and are still available here on
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on February 17, 2012
One day at work,I saw this person using a device that he inserted into a port on his computer. Well back then let's say my knowledge about computers was very limited. It was no bigger than a pocket knife, but it had the storage power of some hard drives. Of course now when you think of bytes for hard drives and certain files, it's nothing but what it is--BYTES-- Well that was the day I learned about flash drives and how important they can be, especially if you are limited on your hard drive space.
Ever since I have tried different FLASH DRIVES, but I really like the Cruzer the best. It's space designed, lightweight, can be used with one hand and most important it's very reliable with a cost friendly price. I keep several on hand just in case my hard drive crashes or maybe I want to download something to it instead of my hard drive. Keeping your information stored and logged can be a time saver when something goes wrong with your system. I know there are other ways to back up information, sometimes you just might want to carry it around in your pocket and with some backup devices that would be hard to do.It's amazing that something so small can hold so much information.
So my thinking is this---If you are just beginning to learn about computers and want additional storage without having to update your computer then get yourself some of these. They go much higher in bytes than this one, but for me this is just right for now.
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on October 7, 2010
The photo you see is not what you are going to get!!! Check the user photos for the newer, more angular style.

This morning, while attempting to insert a key ring at the back corner so I could place this on a lanyard, this product broke. This broke because of the absolutely terrible design. I have an older Cruzer, where the metal rod for slipping on a key ring is placed nicely in the corner of the device. It works flawlessly. Who could have possibly approved this new design? It is impossible to secure to a lanyard or key chain. Impossible. I broke the device even being as careful as possible and using the smallest key ring possible. You simply cannot twist a ring around the metal rod at the back corner. Why even bother including it if it is not going to work? I am very disappointed in this product. I cannot return this, as I feel the breaking was a result of me trying to use the product in a manner that has worked fine in the past. Also, this drive seems much cheaper and flimsier than the older style.... DO NOT BUY!! I emailed Sandisk my concerns and will update the review if I hear anything back. I am considering it $16 down the drain. Yes, the drive works for storing files, but it is not functional at all if you can't keep it on a key-chain or lanyard.
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on January 19, 2011
This was a Christmas gift, so my limited exposure to this device is well... limited. The main attraction is the brand name SanDisk. I have plenty of SanDisk items in multiple cameras as well as musical keyboards, phones, and mp3 players. It made sense to buy a name I was familiar with.

Anyway, it works the way it should. Windows 7 detected it as soon as it was inserted into the USB port and loaded the drivers. Good to go. This drive is going to be used to transfer and backup files between computers. Read speed is pretty good. Just don't expect the write speed to be anything more than average, perhaps even slow.

For someone doing casual transfers such as video or large amounts of photos just so Auntie Em can see the kids, you probably won't notice the write speed. If you're someone who needs to get files to a location fast, you'll feel like it's slow motion. Amazing how 5 extra seconds can feel like forever when you're running late.

I have a 4gb version of this drive and it's about a year old. I'm a working musician and I use the drive to bring songs and ideas back and fourth to everyone's house/rehearsal. I've dropped it, left it out in the car overnight in the winter, left it in an uninsulated garage for a week in the summer, dropped it in the sand on a few Jersey beaches and it's still working great. Looks like crap but works perfect. If that's any indication on how the 8gb version will stand up, then it's a winner.
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For the price, this is a fairly good bargain for simple transferring of data. The 8gb version really can store almost 2,000 songs or over 2,000 photos. I've yet to try the video, but it claims to be able to store almost 16 hours. However, this driver is amazingly slow (hence the price). I transferred several 12 megapixels photos to it and then plugged it into my flat screen USB. The images were flawless, but the loading was excruciatingly slow. You watch as it slowly rolls out the photo from the top of your screen to the bottom. Ouch. However, for simple transference of files, it is fine. I was able to transfer several MP3's from my desktop to my laptop. Check out other brands and sizes for price and quality. SanDisk has a good reputation, so I imagine this device will last a while - it's just a bit too slow. But there is a two-year warranty, so its sort of a bargain.
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on November 30, 2010
So I read other reviews of reports of this item saying it was "slow" I've had no such issues. Maybe I'm just using it differently.
I use it for: storing video's, photo's, graphics, photoshop documents, indesign files etc....

I've had no problem at all thus far with its working capability.
However, because of the container It will not properly fit into my USB port Hub [external USB's] It does go in but I dont like how you can see part of it not in the port [cause of the slanted end...] It's width is too long causing it to fall into the ports [more then a regular sized one would]

4 start's because of it's awkward shape. Otherwise its perfectly fine. I'm just going to purchase a different USB port.

I would recommend this to a friend [Not that many people use external USB's anyway] It's cheap & works as it should.
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on April 30, 2011
The only reason I didn't give this 5 stars across the board is the trivial crap you really should delete/uninstall that comes on the flash drive.

When I got this, I immediately started to WANT to download my music library, but the "stuff" asked for registering, preferences and other garbage that didn't have anything to do with the downloading. That's the biggest problem I have with these companies, all the crap they add onto their products, but I like Sandisk so I'll just be better prepared for it next time.

Once I started the actual download (which totaled 7.4G) it went EXTREMELY fast.

Every time I plug it in, it loads fast and is ready in no time.
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on June 27, 2016
Bought this around two or so years ago and I still have it. I am currently using it for a bootable operating system and it's been running perfectly fine for the amount of time I've had it. I've put so much information on this flash drive and had it erased many times and it still runs like brand new. Great buy! 5/5
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