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on December 9, 2014
The reviews about this being cheaply made are just ridiculous. TVs now days are very light and dont require much support. You should always be mounting into studs and the lag bolts that are provided will do the job (hand tighten lag bolts). This was excellent and I fit a 65in vizio on it with ease.

The install was very simple and not very time consuming (maybe less than an hour for an avg DIY person). Youre going to need a drill and drill bits to drill pilot holes into the studs and then youll need a socket wrench for the lag bolts. Youll most certainly want a stud finder and I found it nice to just use my own level.

The cord is really long but I cant really comment on the quality except that its not a $50-$100 quality cord so dont expect anythings amazing from it (I didnt buy product for cord anyways)

"measure twice, cut once!"

Anyways, for the $25 I paid this thing does an amazing job and I trust it for my 65in TV

EDIT: I have now had for over a year. My tv has hung on just fine. It is very stable and I have no concerns. I have even removed the tv several times to paint or whatever.I should also mention that I've ran into the tv a few times not paying attention, just an example that this mount will keep it on the wall
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on June 23, 2016
Installation of this TV mount was quick and simple! I needed a wider based TV mount to span the poorly placed studs in my bedroom as they are not 16" apart and are more like 12"-20" apart depending on how drunk the builder was that day. When it arrived it came in a quite small box which worried me. After opening it I realized it would work perfectly, the back comes in 2 pieces and are bolted together using the included hardware and tools. Once I decided the mounting location on my wall I used the included magnetic mini level to level out the mount and securely attach it to the wall with the included hardware. Installation of the brackets on the back of the 48" TV went easily enough and hanging the TV onto the mount at that point was very simple. Once tightened down I adjusted the TV to the desired angle and I was done. It was a very simple install with basic tools and knowledge! The HDMI cable was unused as I had ordered shorter ones as well to give me less to conceal later.
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on October 5, 2016
For the price this is a great bracket. The first thing I noticed when it arrived was how small the box was. The bracket does come in two pieces and you have to bolt it together down the middle. I was concerned with how this would affect the overall feel of the bracket, but this thing is solid. Very easy to put together and my tv looks great.
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on August 29, 2016
If you want a low cost, straight forward wall mount then look no further. I was able to put this together and get my TV mounted securely in very little time. I have a 40" Sony Bravia. It's older so it's a little thicker and heavier than current TVs of the same screen size so I'm pretty confident it would hold much larger and thinner TVs.

My only complaint is that it took a few tries to get the tilt angle set up how I wanted. You have to remove the TV from the mount and manually adjust the sliding tilt angle. It would have been much easier if there were notches labeled with the degree of tilt or something to make it a little easier other than guessing an angle, then mounting it to see if it's good, then having to remove it from the mount and re-adjust, and repeat until you find the sweet spot...

All in all, I'm happy with the purchase.
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on July 30, 2016
Came packaged in a small box, easy to understand directions and came with all parts and pieces we needed to install it. The only downfall was the studs in our own wall. We weren't able to center it on the wall like we had initially wanted to, but, oh well. It took approximately an hour from start to finish to install the kit and mount the TV. Overall I am pleased with my purchase and would recommend this to others looking to mount their flat screen TV.
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on April 17, 2014
The included level and HDMI cable are handy. I have 20 HDMI cables sitting around the house so I wasn't really concerned with the free cable. But It never hurts to have an extra cable I guess. The cable is pretty thick, not like super cheap HDMI cables you pick up for $1-2 online.

The mount itself comes with different size screws for mounting to your TV. It's annoying that while the VESA standard dictates exactly WHERE holes for mounting your TV should be placed, but not the length and thread type of the mounting screws.

My TV used one of the smallest screws included, which were unfortunately too long to be tightened completely. I picked up a couple of small washers from the local hardware store (the thick washers that are included were too large, and would not allow the screws to reach the TV) and everything worked fine. I eventually got a newer TV and the screws that fit that particular TV worked fine without any additional hardware.

I don't really see this as a negative, with the large number of brands and models it would probably be impossible to include every possible size and length of screw to fit every TV ever made.

The bracket itself consists of two halves which are bolted together. It seems sturdy enough but I did notice that when I bolted the halves together, they were not completely flat with each other. I mounted the bracket to studs, but I worry that if I used this with sheetrock and the included anchors, that the slight bend of the two halves might put extra strain on my wall.

The tilt is not easily adjustable on the fly, don't expect to be able to constantly change the tilt if you need to. You have to loosen two bolts on each side, adjust the TV and then tighten them. If you just need to set the TV to be tiled at one angle permanently (as I did), it works fine and it won't accidentally change if you bump into it.

Overall this is a pretty great mount for the price.
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on April 16, 2015
I ordered one of these to mount a new 40" Panasonic. If you're not very handy, there's a couple of tricky aspects to the installation that aren't spelled out very well in the instructions. Assembling and mounting the rectangular wall bracket - pretty straight-forward (a stud finder makes life easier but the level that's included is a nice touch). Assembling and securing the vertical brackets to the VESA mounting points on the TV was also pretty straight-forward. You WILL need to reference your TV owner's manual to determine which screws to use. You will also go through a few iterations of "adjust the tilts, hang the tv, measure for levelness, take the tv down, adjust, hang, measure, repeat". Once you get that figured out, you'll want to do all your power and input/output connecting BEFORE you hang it again. Unless you have tiny arms and the dexterity of a jeweler, you're going to have a tough time cabling everything up with the tv hanging on the wall. And finally, to turn the bottom securing screws, you're going to need a long Phillips screwdriver and no obstructions below the bottom of the tv.

I'm all about a value play. I'd put this product in the "great value" category. The cost was a fraction of what you find in the big box stores, it's well built and, with it properly installed, I feel as though it would support MY weight if I were to hang on it (which I won't - why would I?)
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on March 7, 2017
Great price and very sturdy. It took about 30 minutes to install by myself. The hardest part was screwing the bolts into the studs in the wall. Luckily this kit includes a small wrench which made it possible, but it would be WAY easier if you have a ratchet. I have a 55" Samsung curved TV. This kit includes a variety of screws, including adapters for curved TV backs. I have 100% confidence is this mount. My TV is very secure and wouldn't fall off even if you ran into. Great buy.
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on July 3, 2016
I bought one of these to hold up a 46" flat screen tv, and the distance from the wall is perfect. Close enough to not feel like its jutting out from the wall, and far enough that you can reach the inputs in the back when you need to. This mount is great for if your studs are slightly off center, as you can hang the mount, and the tv hooks have about 5" to either side you can slide them. Its also adjustable so you can tilt the tv down a little and avoid glare. We mounted our tv a little high, but at about a 90% of the mount's tilt downwards leaves a great angle. The bottom of the tv is about 4" away from the wall and the top is about 9" to give you an idea of how far you can tilt it. I had an articulating mount for my larger 65" tv for the living room, but after a year of this mount in the bedroom we decided it just looks better and bought another for the living room.
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on November 2, 2016
A wall mount is hard to get excited about. However, this wall mount works for what I need in my home office to mount a 32" TV.

The good:
1. Price
2. It works and and was fairly easy to mount to the wall.
3. Included level was in line with my 2' level I used as a reference.

Could use improvement:
1. Requires assembly of the main mounting bracket before installation. Yes, I was aware of this, but this added time to the overall process.
2. Cut out in bracket for wall plugs behind the TV is meant for standard sized wall plate covers. It does not account for over sized wall plate covers. Easily solved by replacing the covers with standard covers I had sitting in the garage.

It worked well enough I bought another for our bedroom TV to be mounted.
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