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on March 28, 2009
Some may think this song is for 'tweens' only and dismiss this because it's 'Disney' and from the Hannah Montana movie soundtrack. Personally, I couldn't care less that this girl is only 15 or 16 or whatever she is...all I know it that I get chills every time I listen to this song.

Sure, it's cliche in a way, and obviously written to be a commercial success. But, the songwriters here have done a fantastic job of crafting an extremely inspirational tune...I love the fact you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out the message of keeping the faith, battling through our struggles and never giving up. It hits me right in the gut and the heart.

It starts soft with just piano and Miley's vocal and builds to a soaring chorus with full instrumentation. Although I've never liked a Miley Cyrus song before, she excels this time around and leans toward her country roots, passionately and sincerely delivering the message in a way that can make a 42-year-old man like myself almost tear up. Laugh at me all you want, but before you do, really give this song a good listen, because I believe many can and will be inspired by "The Climb".
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on August 28, 2009
I don't write reviews. Mainly because the other reviews are to the point. One of the reviewers said that they got chills when they listened to this song. I know exactly what they mean. This song makes you look deep at yourself and lets you look forward to your own "clime"!
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on June 8, 2016
This statement would've probably delighted miss Cyrus, but it truly feels like an other era where she was Hannah Montana. She's recently marked her tenth year anniversary in this business, but it certainly feels like another lifetime since she was known for being the fictional starlet and her persona was a world sensation (in more than one sense). Of course the public were wondering if Cyrus would've be able to step out of her Hannah persona gracefully. But it's not as her current, outrageous image is a complete surprise, though she sparsely hinted it during the time where Hannah was wrapping up (regardless of the flack she recieved for her sexual attempts at her teens, her current image certainly warrants it).

Released in the spring of 2009, The Climb was truly something of a transitional song for Miley Cyrus. It was the lead single for her "Hannah Montana The Movie" and frankly a song with a melody and a content that was more mature than her previous work. It was a song that was meant to be a transition to more adult material. So it's fair to state that The Climb was truly a departure for her. This semi-country power ballad had American Idol all written over it and was a huge hit for Cyrus, gaining her praise and respect. This ballad certainly gained a life of it's own. It's just too bad that it is one of Cyrus' weakest songs and one of the most overrated songs of the former decade.

The problem with the song is that it's given to the wrong singer and to the wrong content. The song was not specifically written for Hannah Montana The Movie, but still adjusted within it. But the problem is that it's aforementioned American Idol-vibes makes the song actually more suitable within that concept. Another problem is that the song, both melodically and lyrically, was at the time frankly too mature for both Miley and the movie. Being just in her midteens at the time, it certainly felt too deep and substantial for a youngster (without dismissing that teenage years being a dramatic and neglecting Miley's former traumatic events). The song was truly meant to be a epiphanic point in the movie and while the performance powerful in it's own merits, it frankly felt contrived in the movie. Despite the praiseworthy attempt to give the movie more substance and depth, this attempt was shoehorned in every single sense. It would've reasonated within a plot or a premise that would've been more harrowing or traumatic (or given to an artist with more substance and depth).

Another problem is simply how Miley's voice feels contrived here. It's not as she's completely out of her element, but she tries too hard to sing in a heartwrenching way, making the high notes too strained and forced. Cyrus is a talented singer and her voice definitively suites the country genre, but The Climb is never as adhered to the country as it wants to be. Miley was definitively in her midteens at the time and her voice had still not developed, which certainly proves it's limitations.

The third problem is how this ballad is produced to be way more sappier than it needs to be and in a way that it seems repulsing. To simply state it, the melody is frankly awful, tedious and not compelling at all. Especially in those parts right before the chorus. While the song builds up to be epiphanic as power ballads usually does, it's execution is simply unappealing. Considering my aforementioned remarks, the song actually made it's way as the winning theme for American Idol. And Joe McEldery's version of the song is a bit more tolerable. The lyrics themselves may not be as groundbreaking, but they fill the bill, more than the melody.

So The Climb may be one of Cyrus then-praised and beloved hits, but frankly it's her most overrated and overpraised song. It's frankly one of her worst songs. Regardless the stigma which labeled Miley for targeting to a certain demographic, it's fair to state that some of her songs with her own name could've been quite bloody awful, regardless of Miley being the one to blame or not ("Can't Be Tamed", "Fly On The Wall" or even recent stuff as "We Can't Stop"). This bad remark of mine certainly fueled a lot of hiss out of angry fanbase and while it's not meant to be an attack, The Climb truly is something of a misplaced song to a wrong artist.
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on August 12, 2012
This song is very meaningful because of people who need to remember the worth of thier life. Thanks, and I really am not a fan of Hannah Montana but can cross the span of many years. Beautifully performed.
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on June 30, 2014
inspiration song that reminds me NEVER stop moving ...and in continuing to move we allow ourselves the freedom to explore NEW avenues and road that our soul has waiting for us....surrender and trust in you soul....release what does not align with you ..THE TRUE YOU THAT YOU ARE...allow whatever is in your life to be a TEACHER to you...just STOP STOP ...and FEELING ....your life, your circuimstances and WHO you are bring with YOU on your all things around you SUPPORT you ..and who you really are....peace and love on your journey home to yourself.....
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on July 7, 2012
The music was fine but I was disappointed when I couldn't use it in the slide for my stepping up ceremony for the children I teach and their parents. This song is protected it seems. However, the message in this song is great and a wonderful encouragment especailly for the population I work with. Please buy this song. I cried when I first heard it and I also pray that others would find this song meaningful as well.
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on May 18, 2009
Miley Cyrus' "The Climb" is surprisingly good. After her lifeless take on Cyndi Lauper's "Girls just wanna have fun",it's nice to hear Miley Cyrus following in the footsteps of her mulleted father, Billy Ray. The lyrics are catchy and inspiring. True, it's country lite, but it's still a decent song. It's not sappy and Disneyesque. It's about going through life's struggles. Considering how many people are struggling now, people can relate to it. It's worth the climb!
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on January 8, 2015
Orlando, Florida (year 2009 via local radio) was where and when I first heard the song The Climb by Miley Cyrus. From my perspective, the climb by miley cyrus is a metaphoric song about embracing the journey towards life changes as well as the results, I also like the uplifting lyrics that accompany it where the message implies that it is fine if the dream/dreams take longer than planned to materialize and to be open to whatever is awaiting on the other side.
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on April 13, 2013
My mother called me one day. She was trying to tell me about a wonderful new song, but she was never good with lyrics or telling an artist by voice alone. It would be a month before I heard Miley's single on the radio for myself, and I was floored.

To someone who grew up with physical disabilities, this song brought tears. I reviewed my "mountains" that I'd made it through. I thank God for my mother by my side for all those uphill climbs.

Now, I'm on the other side of the most recent mountain. Mom has passed away. I nursed her until the end.

For this review, I listened to Miley sing again, and I had not had the heart to hear such a song of encouragement in a long time. I need to play it every day. It will remind me that I can keep going. Mom is still here, even if I can't touch her, and God is always here.

I have a collection of impowering songs. This one had to be included.

Artist: Miley Cyrus
Date: 2009
Track: #8 from

Hannah Montana The Movie

Other songs of encouragement:

Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)

You Gotta Be

When God-Fearin' Women Get The Blues

If You're Going Through Hell (Before The Devil Even Knows)
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on February 14, 2015
For some reason my Wife really likes this song. I don't even know why I bought it. This song is really annoying. At least Let it go is actually a good song, but this one wasn't even good the first time around
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