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Flavor Name: Original Bone|Change
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Enthusiast: Petson December 14, 2016
I have two very big chewers in my house, -a Rottweiler and a Pitbull. They destroy toys so quickly it makes my head spin! We've tried brands like kong, but even most of their toys don't last very long.
I had heard good things about Nylabones so I decided to give them a try. They last much longer then the average toys we had been purchasing. The dogs have loved every flavor we have bought and could spend all day knawing on them. We had to buy two so that the two dogs didn't have to share! They last us about 3 or 4 months, which in my opinion is very good for a dog toy if you have tough chewers.
That being said, the reason they don't last longer for us, is because they end up turning into a "shank" as my husband refers to them haha. They get pretty jagged and rough after about a week or 2 of chewing and after a couple months turn into little sharp and pointy daggers. That's when we toss them. My husband and I don't mind them when they are rough after a bit of chewing, we just try not to let them rub up against our legs with the bone, and try not to step on them... we haven't found that the toughness hurts the dogs at all but worry when it gets smaller and sharper.
In the end I would definitely recommend this toy to a serious chewer, but with reservation. I don't think it would be very safe if you had a baby or young child around. As long as there are no youngins and you are willing to watch where you step, it's a great toy! I will keep repurchasing.
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on December 3, 2015
I'll keep it short; I have two 35lb pit-mix pups. They just turned a year old. They absolutely LOVE chewing these bones down... I get them the Souper bones (for the bigger dogs) because they chew like 130lb beasts.

These bones last a little over a month.. I let them whittling these down to about 30% before I take them away, because I'm paranoid about them choking / trying to swallow them whole... But for 30 days they go to town. I've never had an issue with large chucks coming off, and my vet says they're fine to treat these things like rawhide. The manufacturer makes the flavor throughout every molecule of this product; dogs are meant to get to the center of it!
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on January 8, 2016
Opened package and dropped it on the floor and it broke in half... Not sure if it's supposed to be that brittle. It's about 70 outside too.. So cold wasn't a factor..
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on March 11, 2016
I ordered two of these for my two dogs who seem to love to chew things they shouldn't - twigs outside, the handle of my recliner, my wife's straps on her dress!

One of my dogs is flat out not interested and just leaves it there on his bed. He's never been the biggest chewer so I'm not surprised. The other loves this thing and hasn't put it down for about 30 minutes. Just non-stop chewing and he shows no signs of stopping. Therein lies the problem, I guess. In 25 minutes he's already damaged the exterior of the bone and is ripping and tearing pieces off the edge of this thing like he was born to do it. And maybe he was. Now I understand no chew is indestructible but considering I bought the "Durachew" version of this in "Souper" size (for dogs over 50 pounds) I didn't expect my 15 month old, 20 lb dog to do the damage he has. At this rate, I expect the bone won't last another two days before he starts taking off bigger chunks than I feel comfortable with.

In summary, dog loves it but he's tearing it to pieces faster than I would have expected given his tiny size and the bones "Durawchew" (for powerful chewers!) and "Souper" description.
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on September 25, 2012
I just want to see that the "Most Helpful Critical Review" is NOT what you should go off of. At the time of writing, this person claims warnings and that your dog can die. If you read your review, she states her dogs chew at these until nothing is left. For the record, the instruction manual in the packaging and common sense say that if large chunks are breaking off or the nubs on the end get too worn, then THROW IT AWAY. Not doing so can very well kill your dog, but thats because hes not using it properly. People die from ladders too, doesnt mean I'm gonna stop using it so long as I follow instructions.

On to the item itself. I love Nylabones. My Husky loves Nylabones. I usually get just the regular basic ones, but my dog is coming up on a year old, weighs 43 pounds, and chews like crazy. So I purchased the Dura-Chew Large, rated for dogs over 50 pounds. I looked at pictures, read reviews and thought "I can't wait; he'll actually be able to use it for more than a week". The item arrived, and by the next day large gashes were on one side, and the other was already bristling (it's supposed to, see my above paragraph if you don't read instructions). By the middle of the next week, I threw it out.

So I give it three stars. It's a great product, my dog loved it, and he used it. However, I certainly would not call this "Dura-Chew", nor rate it at 50 lbs+. Perhaps the weight rating is only for the size of the bone. A good product, but powerful chewers look elsewhere.
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on April 6, 2017
I waited to review this because I wanted to see how long it would last. My dog is a chewer and has went through the large cow bones in less than 2 hours. $20 gone in 2 hours! He has chewed through a minimum of $250 worth of chew toys in less than 2 months. The Nylabone was recommended to me by a person at the grocery store who has a husky (mine is a husky-terrier mix). She said he will most likely never quit chewing. She said she tried the Nylabone and it was a lifesaver for her. I tried it. It has been almost 2 months and he hasn't chewed through more than 1/4 of it and he chews on it daily. Everyday, I pick it up out of the floor and put it in his toy bin and he immediately takes it back out. It's not like he doesn't chew on it because he does. Well worth the money and it has saved my baseboards!
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on April 18, 2017
Nylabones are great if you have a big dog that likes to chew. They last long and only little bits break off that, if the dog swallows, supposedly passes through the dog without causing any problems. The price is very reasonable when compared to the useful life of the product. The souper size is great for big dogs (we have a pit mix).

The negatives:

1. The little bits get all over the floor and stick to your feet or get into your slippers/shoes (not the bone's fault).

2. The bone will get chewed into a sharp, spearhead-like shape, which will hurt if your dog sticks you with it while running around, so exercise caution.

3. If the dog chews on the bone for a long time, her lip might start to bleed a bit. His lip will also tend to get stretched out.
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on March 4, 2014
Our 2 year old retriever/shepherd mix has loved Nylabone's products since she was a puppy.

I thought they were great; they never upset her sensitive stomach (passed harmlessly), didn't split or splinter, and I always thought they were at least soft enough to not cause dental damage. Every 6 months or so, we'd just replace it as it wore down and became gross.

Unfortunately, she just broke an incisor on one last night.

I'm pretty shocked. Her teeth are perfectly healthy. She's an active chewer, but never chews for more than 15-20 minutes several times a day.

I honestly wouldn't have believed it was the Nylabone that caused it if I hadn't seen it happen.

Your mileage may vary, but seriously consider if it's worth the vet bills.
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on June 23, 2016
I read great reviews for this bone, and I read horror stories involving broken teeth and hundreds of dollars spent on dental surgery. My experience was ok - by which I mean my dog kinda likes the bone and hasn't broken any teeth.

I can't say that this bone is my dog's favorite chew toy, nor is he overly obsessed with it - he chews on it for a few minutes a few times a week.

Final verdict:
Me: five stars. Bone isn't smelly, is tough to destroy, arrived fast and was inexpensive.
Dog: 2 stars. Doesn't smell, is tough to destroy and not worth the hassle.
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on March 24, 2017
I have two very strong chewers and these are seriously the best products. They last about 4-6 months depending on how often my dogs chew on them. They both love all the flavors I've given them and they seem to help clean their teeth a bit when I am unable to get in there with a brush. Overall, I would highly recommend, especially for big chewers who destroy every other toy. *I would also recommend watching your dogs as they chew these. I always throw them away before they get too small and pose a risk of choking.
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