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on November 9, 2009
This litter box is wonderful. my cat is larger than most cats he weighs at least 20lbs but he is not fat, just large. He doesn't fit in normal size litter boxes. Because of his size, in a normal litter box, he ends up hanging his butt over the edge and missing the box when he does #2 even though he is standing in the box.

My cat also likes to scrape his paws on the rim of the litter box and it gets very loud. On this litter box however, the rim is rounded so he doesn't make noise when he scrapes his paws on the rim of the box.

i recommend this litter box to anyone with a large cat, as well as anyone whose cat also has an annoying habit of scraping the rims of the box to cover their mess.
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on November 17, 2010
Around 6 months ago, I bought the "ergonomic" kitty litter box, and just now set it up for my Ginger. Well, no more stuff stuck to her behind. I happened to see what she was doing right.

SHE STANDS UP ON THE ROLLED EDGE OF THE BOX, AND LETS THE POOP FALL ONTO THE LITTER! This is at a near-vertical position, so there's almost no chance of it sticking! I sure hope she continues that. She noticed how upset I was last time she had it smeared throughout the house; I even locked her out of my bedroom to keep her off the bed till she cleaned herself!

I highly recommend it...its rolled edges all around are a good deal!

ALSO, easy for me to handle it; I'm in a wheelchair. Kinda pricey, but well worth it to avoid the usual hassles of stuff dropped in the house.


UPDATE: MY Maine Coon LITTLE GINGER DIED ON 6-30-11, from a stomach tumor complicated by FeLV...I didn't know she had it...she was only 5! I just got Savannah. After cleaning it up, I found that she also LOVES this box!
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on May 23, 2011
I purchased this litter box when we adopted 3 young cats in February 2011. I've been using it for a few months and am for the most part satisfied with it. I like the color, it's a nice change from the standard beige box. It's a good size, and the plastic material discourages stuff from sticking on the sides. I also have a Petco extra large box that is a standard shape; I have to wash it more often than the SmartCat. My cats use both boxes, but use the SmartCat more often. The only problem is that they are very enthusiastic with their litter scratching, and with the lower front lip they do manage to spray litter on the floor if they are scratching in that direction. But that is a problem with all litter boxes I've owned, no matter what the manufacturers promise.

Overall, this box is excellent. My cats like it, it is easy to clean, and it stays clean.
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on March 7, 2011
After adopting a new cat, we discovered she liked to poo right on the edge of the standard litter boxes, which often resulted in poo laying on the floor outside the box. I purchased two of the SC Ultimate Litter Box in hopes of resolving the problem. I also purchased this box because it was the largest high-sided box I could find, and my other cat is a big Maine Coone mix who doesn't fit well in the small boxes.

Results: This box has mostly alleviated the poo-outside-the-box problem thanks to its high sides. I do wish the font entry was slightly higher, because sometimes my cat will decide to poo there and it sits right on the edge of the box(I do use liners though)! Also, these boxes are smaller than expected. The measurements listed include the outside lip of the box, which adds an extra couple of inches of unuseable space to length and width. However, they do work and both cats have been using the boxes just fine.

In summary, the litter box does serve its purpose (in my household anyway), but I wish the boxes were a bit larger and had a slightly higher edge in the front near the entry.
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on April 27, 2016
I love this litterbox. I got it in a store years ago and I can only find it online now. I like the modern look of it and the heftiness. It is not heavy but it is very durable. I love that it has the high sides. The sides are very smooth (and sort of shiny), making it very easy to clean. I actively sought out this litterbox for a new pet after having the other one for about 10yrs. The litterbox was still going strong, but I wanted to start over brand new with a new baby after my other cat passed away. One thing about this litterbox that is a downside is the fact that it is rounded all the way around so when scooping pee out of the corners, it does not come off in a nice little clump. You sometimes have to sort of scratch it off of the side with the litter scooper. That has hindered my liking none at all. I would absolutely buy this box again!
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on December 14, 2013
I have a very long cat. He's not particularly chubby--just really long. A larger cat in general, weighing in at about 16 lbs. He didn't have any litterbox issues until just recently when he began pooping not outside of the litterbox, but just on the edge which would then fall out of the box. I figured that all he needed was a bit more room. He had been using a standard size litterbox.

Since switching to the SmartCat box a few months ago, he hasn't had any accidents with over-the-edge pooping. It seems to be the perfect size for him!

Pros: A good size. Hard to find litter boxes that can accommodate larger cats, but this one does and with room to spare. The plastic is very sturdy and I can't imagine it breaking.

Cons: Because of the large size, it needs a TON of litter to get the depth of litter that my cat needs to satisfy his digging instincts. This makes the box heavy to lift, but thankfully it stays in the same spot most of the time. And as other reviewers have noted, the curved sides of the box do present a challenge with scooping with a straight edged scoop (as more are). I'm considering investing in the scoop recommend in the reviews here.

All in all, we love this new litter box! Because it's solved a problem, it's very easy to look over any of the cons. Highly recommend this litter box!
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on January 19, 2011
As a breeder of Maine Coons cats I have had every litter box ever made.
I was looking for a pan where the clumping litter didn't stick like cement to the sides and bottom. I most recently used the large Rubbermaid containers but they have ridges in the bottom.

The actual floor space on this litter box is NOT as large as the regular Jumbo size cat boxes, and when it arrived I was a bit surprised as it looks larger in the picture. BUT having said that, it is large enough and deep enough. I don't know what it is made of but the wet litter just slides off, no sticking to the box at all, unlike what I was using. So it is serving the purpose I bought it for. It's also $10 cheaper than jumbo litterboxes and very sturdy.
The only problem is the lower lip in the front, where litter can still fly out of it. I solved this by putting the lip against the wall. As the cats still have no problems getting in and out the higher sides, and the sides are substantially higher.
I would recommend this litterbox.
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on July 11, 2012
I have one very large orange male tabby and his sister, a very small gray kitten-sized adult and one grumpy calico. My orange tabby had to have a large little box because, for one, he kept missing the box and two, he scattered litter everywhere. This put a stop to it all. And I don't know how this deep little box keeps my cats from scattering litter all over the place, but it does. I purchased two of these because we are a multiple cat family.

I also started using JONNY CAT Jumbo Litter Box Drawstring Liner - 5 Ct to help with the clean up. They fit perfectly and help immeasurably with the clean up. My kittehs occasionally puncture holes in the plastic but never enough to cause spills. They are pretty pricey here but my local Wal-Mart Supercenter now carries them at a much cheaper price.

I Highly recommend both products for multiple and/or large cat families.
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on December 17, 2014
I thought this would be bigger and easier for my cat to use, but it is not. She is older, and picky when it comes to her litter box as well as her food. She will go in the litter box only for one time, one business, and if she has other to do she does it outside the box. I tried to solve this by giving her two litter boxes, since I didn't want to send this one back. Now she will do one business in one litter box and another in the other, but if there is more it goes outside the box. I still have to clean up the floor after she goes to the bathroom, so this didn't help me solve the problem with her in the least. Other than that, I can say at least the color was nice. It is harder to get the waste out since it is round instead of square inside. It is a litter box, I'll keep it, and hopefully she will start using it on a regular basis for each time she has to go. Of course it's my cat and not the box.
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on April 19, 2010
Love it ... Being that the sides are tall, my cat doesn't kick out as much litter as before. It holds more litter so he has plenty of room to dig. In the old box my cat would sometimes dig to the bottom, wet and bury it. I would then have the fun task of trying to release the lump without breaking it so not to soil the remaining litter and keep it fresh. I don't have that problem any more because of the amount of litter that this box holds. I also don't have to constantly replenish the lost litter that used to be kicked out during the burial ritual.
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