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Rome: The Complete Series [Blu-ray]
Format: Blu-ray|Change
Price:$59.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on October 15, 2016
I have seen this series before and love it so much I wanted to own it and share it with my husband. There is much detail (graffiti, costuming, sets, props, and more -- rich, and appearing to be historically accurate (as far as we -- or at least I -- know). The story is well-told and comes to life, bringing to life also an historical period that has had great influence on our lives since. The characters are multidimensional and well-acted and scripted. Parents should be aware that there is nudity and sex as well as violence. Unlike one reviewer, I did not find any of these (the nudity, sex, or violence) to be pornographic or gratuitous -- they served the story and were appropriate to the times and characters. But many parents would absolutely consider this series adults-only fare. The depiction of the religious practices, and their role in the state, was fascinating and rich.

I ordered this boxed set of the series in April of this year, and am finally (in October) getting a chance to share it with my husband, who really likes what he has seen so far. Unfortunately, disk 3 of season 1 is defective and does not play, so we are stuck, with appetites just whetted. I cannot find how to get a replacement, so I am writing this review to see if I can get some help with that. Another problem I want to mention is that several of the disks were stuck in their sleeves and came out finally with gummy glue along the edge where they were stuck. This is a truly wonderful series, and I would certainly give it 5 stars if the problems with the dvd set itself could be corrected. We at least need a working disk 3 of season 1 -- how do we go about getting a replacement?
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on January 17, 2016
This is my second attempt at purchasing ROME. Have only gotten into the first episode on this set, had subtitles which blocked lower third of picture. Went back to main menu, took several try's before got English turned on. Went back to movie, all went well for several minutes but when the scene changed the sub-titles switched to French!. It's not worth the reduced price. Apparently quality control is not one of the manufacturer's professional capabilities. I don't know what I'll find in the remaining series...tune in later.

P.S. I'll keep it as am interested in the history of ROME, want see how accurate that history is portrayed, in spite of the poor recording (so far).
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on June 13, 2014
If you don’t think you can stomach gross violence and much more gross sex and sodomy then don’t even consider it. However, that is the way the world was.
If you are interested in appreciating milieu of the world of Jesus of Nazareth then closely watch the career of the rather pretty boy Octavian who will grow up to be the mighty Caesar Augustus that rules the world and as notably, commands the Jews to be counted and so causes a very humble family to get caught-short at the roadside at Bethlehem. He is the one that did it and they depict his childhood very well.
If you are interested in how a democracy can decay into a dictatorship, as Shakespeare obviously was, then this series is a presentation that will almost explain it all. (And might help if you have to learn it at school--- the video series is certainly more graphic.)
If you wish to know as nearly a true story of Shakespear’s “Julius Caesar” and “Antony and Cleopatra” as we are ever likely to have then you should probably watch this .
I thank the constructors of the narrative for offering a plausible and satisfying explanation of what happened to Caesarion. It’s probably not true but it’s as good as any I have seen before.
Overall, I suggest you buy it, especially if you haven’t properly seen it before but a reminder; please beware of the top sentence of this review.
Yes, its as good as they say.
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on June 7, 2017
I was very happy to see this at a reasonable price. I watched the entire series when it was on HBO, It is an impressive story wrapped around actual history. My wife is enjoying it too. There are enough OMG moments to keep anyone waiting to see what happens next. Sort of like politics today, if you know what I mean.
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on January 13, 2013
I'll admit that I got this 2 season series strictly for James Purefoy, and he is superb in it, but it was other characters that caught my attention immediately and kept it. Kevin McKidd and Ray Stevenson were sublime in this. I've been a fan of Kevin McKidd for quite a bit now but Ray Stevenson was a revelation. I think the writing was brilliant and the acting was fantastic and it more than kept my attention throughout. I was very upset when I finished the series and plan on re-watching it very soon. Absolutely brilliant show. Plus the price here at is spot on, everywhere else in the stores that I've seen this at the price for this version is over 80 dollars! This isn't so much for the younger amongst us though, there's full frontal nudity of both male and female characters and vivid sex scenes and it's very violent but that's how things were back then I guess, violent. Still that shouldn't make you skip this series, it's absolutely magnificent.
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on April 21, 2013
This is perhaps merely a soap opera in costume, but I loved it. Among other things, it sent me back to read Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar" and to watch "I, Claudius" again, which despite -- even, perhaps, because of? -- a lack of production values, remains the great televisual introduction to Rome-based drama. "Rome" lacks Graves's Livia -- she lived later in history, but I am not sure that any other fictional character can ever match her -- but it is full of interesting characters, whom a viewer can vilify or with whom identify. It is also self-revealing, in that I found myself pulling for Pullo, the sociopath, instead of Vorenus the prig. Well-written, well-acted, beautifully filmed. Highly recommended for adult audiences.
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on February 23, 2013
For Thanksgiving of 2012 we went to Denver, CO. to visit two of our children for the holidays. We split the visit between the two homes. While staying at our daughters home she asked if we had seen HBO's Rome Mini Series. We hadn't. She asked us if we would like to watch it, since she had the first DVD and hadn't seen it yet. We decided that would be great since we are all interested in the Roman empire and between us we had probably read almost every book we could find on it (my husband has Edward Gibbon's "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire", and read it). For those who have not had the opportunity to see this mini-series...BE FOREWARNED!! IT IS VERY GRAPHIC!!! FROM THE BATTLE SCENES TO THE BEDROOM SCENES (some scenes weren't even in the bedroom, but you get what I mean). This leaves NOTHING TO THE IMAGINATION!! For about the first thirty minutes or so of watching we were all rather embarrassed. Not that the whole first thirty minutes was only gore and sex, but it wasn't long into the first DVD before both areas seemed to be covered very well. It took us awhile to adjust and since we aren't prudes we made some comments and continued watching the show. Then the actual quality of the mini series started becoming more and more evident to us. The actors all performed superbly. Each seemed very believable and almost were the characters they played. The building friendship between Lucius and Titus was the core of the series, their loves, hates and day to day problems made this series not only about the rich and powerful, but equally about the ordinary people as well. I've seen several Hollywood productions about Rome, Caesar, the Senate and of course Cleopatra. Those productions showed the city as spotless with white marble buildings and columns gleaming in the sun, while the citizens, both rich and poor, wore white tunics that looked as if they had just come out of a modern day laundry. THIS ROME IS DIFFERENT! You see the crumbling columns, the garbage in the streets with wild dogs and children fighting for scraps. Graffiti covers the walls of most of the buildings and is used to express the attitudes of whomever wants to have their say, or hurt an enemy. This series shows Rome in a much more realistic and human way. You will identify with at least one of the characters, if not more. You will love and hate any number of them depending on which episode you are watching. You will probably both love and hate them within the same episode. This shows the political intrigue that seems to be learned at birth. Women display their talents in this arena as well as men. The subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, battle between Servilia and Atia is a prime example. As I mentioned our daughter only had the first series. Before we left Denver I had gone on line and ordered the entire series. It was delivered before we got home. I'm glad I bought the complete series, we will watch it numerous times. In an excellent production like this there are always things you miss in the first or even second viewing. No wonder it won 7 Emmy Awards. It deserved every one if not more.
JUST REMEMBER THIS IS A VERY GRAPHIC SERIES!! However, in its defense it doesn't use sex and violence just to add to the selling angle. It appears that during this period their attitudes where different.
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on November 15, 2010
I am not going to retread what tons of other people wrote here. If you like intelligent, well-acted, thought-provoking, kind-of-somewhat but not-really-accurate "Historical Epics", then Rome is the best series of its kind in television's history. True, "I, Claudius" offers a better script, but the production is light-years apart, and Rome's sheer breadth and attention to detail trump "I, Claudius" as the one Roman series to rule them all.

In Blu-ray, which is the only way to get everything out of this series, you will feel a true part of Rome. The acting is exceptional all around. It's not fair to single out one great actor amongst a true ensemble cast. The story is well-known to most, the "Dawn of the Empire". The same 25 years of Roman History that manages to miss the other 1000 years like almost every other Roman-themed series of late.

I recommend that if you do "Rome", do it the right way the FIRST time, or you will be spending more money later on. Nab a Blu-ray version on sale. It's worth every penny over the DVD, and the transfer and mastering are outstanding. So, suck it up and spend a couple extra bucks now. You will never make it through from Netflix or Video On Demand. Plus, a series this great will be watched multiple times. Look at it like a Gift from Jupiter.

Like any good Roman, beg, borrow, steal or kill to own this. (Just kidding about the begging part).

Rome: The Complete Series [Blu-ray]
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on July 31, 2011
I'm obsessed with Ancient Rome. It just amazes me how they were so ahead of their time with their innovations, yet so violent. Having traveled to Rome twice in my life and given the opportunity to see their achievements and destruction in person makes me appreciate their history. I never had HBO, so I didn't even know this series existed until I searched "Rome" here on Amazon just to browse items related to Rome. When this box set came up, I searched it on Youtube to see some clips. Then I read the reviews on here and it seemed like I'd enjoy it. Well, when it arrived I began watching it right away. They did a GREAT job making these discs. First off, just the box design alone is nice. It's not cheaply made or too bulky. My favorite feature is the option for "All Roads Lead to Rome". While watching the episodes, if this feature is selected, small pop-up windows will appear with explanations or historical facts that are related to the scenes or dialogue you are watching. And certain words or facts are further elaborated on with an interactive selection. Once you press ENTER, when prompted to do so, it will give even greater detail on the subject. I just can't believe they only made two seasons.
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on August 17, 2008
I'm trying this one again. I'm not sure why certain Amazon reviews don't seem to make it into print but this is one that didn't. In any event and in my humble opinion, "Rome" is one of the best things ever put on television. Because I chanced on an HBO episode, I subscribed to HBO. Now that HBO has cancelled this wonderful series after only two seasons, I will cancel my subscription to HBO.

The series takes us through some of the most climactic events of the Roman Empire i.e. the ascension of Julius Caesar, his corruption of the Republic, his assasination and the events up until Octavian's consolidation of power. The story, in its own way, is an 'upstairs, downstairs' kind of thing. We watch the aristocrats in their battles for power and status. At the same time we see lesser figures engaged in parallel power struggles.

Rome is, at the same time, a society familiar and alien to us. Motives of love and wealth are similar but Roman society, at all levels, is a complex of Mafia families vying for power. If you and your family win, there is a chance of securing the wealth of the world. Lose and you die, probably horribly.

Slavery is as common and unquestioned as is the brutality that accompanies almost everything. There is one fascinating scene in which the 'heroine' is having passionate sex with Marc Antony. She asks her elderly slave...who is watching patiently in the corner...for a glass of water. The slave, without changing expression, complies as the sex continues. Death is commonplace and life cheap. One soldier, ordered to murder Cicero, comments after the act what a pleasant and decent man Cicero was.

This video is great. Yes, there is soft core porn and violence but at least it isn't gratuitous. It adds to the genuine strangeness of the tale.

Ron Braithwaite author of novels--"Skull Rack" and "Hummingbird God"--on the Spanish Conquest of Mexico
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